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    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
    🔵 JJ (KSI)
    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
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Commentaires • 35 026

  • Cobrazz _
    Cobrazz _ Il y a heure

    Those hot dogs looked better than the steak tbh

    ABIGAIL Il y a heure

    harry is not a gen z lmao

  • the rock
    the rock Il y a heure

    Is it me or when tobi is in the back of the car the only thing I see is his white teeth

  • Lapasii PathanHD-
    Lapasii PathanHD- Il y a 11 heures

    33:45 song?

    • SNA
      SNA Il y a 6 heures

      Lapasii PathanHD- crab rave

    DANGEROUS 10 Il y a 12 heures

    Do a road trip in Europe

  • Willam Millar
    Willam Millar Il y a 13 heures

    53:54 such a joke from the hazza

  • jack fill
    jack fill Il y a 13 heures

    JJ: your hurting me
    ME: your a boxer

  • Monofonik Muzk
    Monofonik Muzk Il y a 14 heures +1

    I think Simon's trip was much better. The anticipation built up to a decent little place out in the middle of nowhere with a cool themed hotel. I'd take that one over the big house personally. The food the green team had looked amazing though!

  • Marius Armando
    Marius Armando Il y a 14 heures

    Harry dabbing

  • PieLover- Joe
    PieLover- Joe Il y a 14 heures

    Harry hit himself bad, damn. That hurt. That made me sad

  • iiKieran_421
    iiKieran_421 Il y a 15 heures

    28:08 ive been to that service station a few times

  • Thingz
    Thingz Il y a 15 heures

    Am I the only one who gets the stacey and Barry thing?

  • Ian Dalgliesh
    Ian Dalgliesh Il y a 17 heures +1

    Poor harry

  • It's Kax
    It's Kax Il y a 17 heures

    9:52 LMAO

  • Ensar X
    Ensar X Il y a 20 heures

    My mums name is Stacy

  • 2timesss
    2timesss Il y a 23 heures

    harry vic and tobi were so happy they were in a lambo lmao ksi owned one hahahaha

  • Random Kiwi
    Random Kiwi Il y a jour

    I don’t actually know who won xD, the “losing team” had a pretty sick setup, but a mansion doe. Think I’d prefer the bad teams road trip and place to sleep lmfao

  • Random Kiwi
    Random Kiwi Il y a jour

    Should do one where he says it’s $100 vs $100,000 but it’s actually $100 vs $100 and not tell anyone xD

  • Cooper and Jake
    Cooper and Jake Il y a jour

    aight bet

  • Eric Pickens
    Eric Pickens Il y a jour

    1:23:48 what's the background music?

  • Evy Lalalalala
    Evy Lalalalala Il y a jour +2

    29:26 Simon’s shuffling is mad

  • kayle gerreyn
    kayle gerreyn Il y a jour

    should of voted for vik to go to the trash team because hes annoying and should suffer

  • kayle gerreyn
    kayle gerreyn Il y a jour

    vik thinks he is so funny even though hes just a loser, and a no one in the group #ihatevik

  • Papa Asian
    Papa Asian Il y a jour +4

    Am I the only one who actually wouldnt mind being on the bad team

  • DJ Fraze
    DJ Fraze Il y a jour

    Welcome to Barry lads what's occurring 😂😂

  • Kit Peters
    Kit Peters Il y a jour

    i am actually worried about harrys head.

  • TTVToxic_ Panda
    TTVToxic_ Panda Il y a jour

    This made me really jealous 😂

  • Aidan Rouse
    Aidan Rouse Il y a jour

    Harry as much money as he has

    Still has wired earphones😂😂😂

  • Gabe Lars
    Gabe Lars Il y a jour

    Toby did hit the crossbar

  • Tac
    Tac Il y a jour +16

    JJ: "He's got a Tesla"
    Simon: "It's definitely a Renault"
    Me: "No... It's definitely a Citroen....."

  • Phantom Rhyds
    Phantom Rhyds Il y a jour


  • Phantom Rhyds
    Phantom Rhyds Il y a jour

    Do it in brazil

  • Staf Joumani
    Staf Joumani Il y a jour

    45:33 Harry deserved that, such karma XD

  • Phil Hayles
    Phil Hayles Il y a jour

    The number of likes this gets equals the number of times jj says Fam

  • LeeTeeArr
    LeeTeeArr Il y a jour

    29:50 The car is actually a Citoren C4

  • Meghan Hill
    Meghan Hill Il y a jour +1

    Beerus chain = uno reverse card

  • Brendan Moten
    Brendan Moten Il y a jour

    It’s not a Renault it’s a citroên

  • _Rishiツ
    _Rishiツ Il y a jour +1

    Get this to 1 mil likes

  • Orla Rowley
    Orla Rowley Il y a jour


  • Tyrell Prasad
    Tyrell Prasad Il y a jour +2

    VIK is trying to act cool when there holding the drinks

  • Harrison Brough
    Harrison Brough Il y a 2 jours +1

    just re-watching and I can't help but get annoyed at Simon calling a citron a reno.

  • IrtiZA HSN
    IrtiZA HSN Il y a 2 jours

    Clearly harry was meant for the green team lol

  • Dapperman 21
    Dapperman 21 Il y a 2 jours

    Not even a Renault

    It’s a Citroen

  • Just Norx ALT
    Just Norx ALT Il y a 2 jours

    Omd Simon called it a Renault after jj called it a telsa

  • ragam vaibhav sai ram
    ragam vaibhav sai ram Il y a 2 jours

    they should make a show out of this concept...

  • Nathan B
    Nathan B Il y a 2 jours

    1:23:34 jj had flashbacks

  • Blitz Volcanos
    Blitz Volcanos Il y a 2 jours +1

    Vick is drunk

  • ragam vaibhav sai ram
    ragam vaibhav sai ram Il y a 2 jours +1

    The thing is it does not seem fake as most videos like these are.. that's why i like the sidemen...

  • Harold Talbot
    Harold Talbot Il y a 3 jours +4

    JJ: 'thats a tesla'
    *is a citroen*
    Simon: 'nah thats defo a renault'
    *is STILL a citroen*

  • TheWordh Is My Name Boi
    TheWordh Is My Name Boi Il y a 3 jours +1

    Tbh the small poor car looked comfy, I think i'd rather be in that

  • Pilot Note
    Pilot Note Il y a 3 jours

    23.39 - i swear ksi looks like he is gonna cry

  • Youzy Games
    Youzy Games Il y a 3 jours

    I actually started crying when harry fell

  • H2D
    H2D Il y a 3 jours

    936k likes nearly million mad thing init?

    MARSHALL 3 Il y a 3 jours

    Harry had the amount of alcohol in one video as normal people have in 5 Christmases 😂

  • BEYOND hunting
    BEYOND hunting Il y a 3 jours

    This made me want top trumps

  • Morgan Prosser
    Morgan Prosser Il y a 3 jours +3

    Does Harry’s gf know he jumped on top of stacey

  • Haidar
    Haidar Il y a 3 jours

    Why am I still watching this

  • Attack helicopter
    Attack helicopter Il y a 4 jours

    55:30 Toby is literally a

  • Petar Uzelac
    Petar Uzelac Il y a 4 jours


  • El Magnifico
    El Magnifico Il y a 4 jours

    Surely I’m not the only one that got the Ethan’s reference 1:01:35