Fort Worth protestors say the name “Atatiana Jefferson”

  • Ajoutée 14 oct. 2019
  • Jefferson, a 28-year-old black woman, was shot and killed by a white Fort Worth police officer inside the home where she was living after a neighbor called for a welfare check

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  • intelligence wisdom
    intelligence wisdom Il y a mois

    You're all just racists and hate white people. None of you say anything about the 7500 black people who are killed by other black people every single year. 75000 homicides. This is one extremely rare occurrence. You're all a bunch of hateful hypocrites. Why don't you all leave the country then if you don't like it. No one will miss you. The woman shot had a loaded gun pointed at the officer as stated by her own nephew.

  • watchlighter
    watchlighter Il y a mois

    Blacks need to buy bulletproof vests, helmets and ballistic plates at and buy body cameras on Amazon.

  • I Am a Child of God Handmaid of the Lord

    Romans 12:19 Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

  • Marc Maddock
    Marc Maddock Il y a mois

    Atatiana is a bad name even by black American standards

  • Golden Brown
    Golden Brown Il y a mois +1

    Sounds about white💊💉😂😳😡😈🐷🚔

  • Jai Norman
    Jai Norman Il y a mois

    Justice better be served

  • Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Diaz Il y a mois

    If you are afraid of everything dark, if you lose control everytime the wind blows, why do you join the police force. Carrying a gun does not make you brave. Carrying a gun and firing it on unarmed victims only make you a bigger coward. LAW ENFORCERS STOP HIRING THESE COWARDS TO BE POLICE OFFICERS.

  • MsIvory Seattle
    MsIvory Seattle Il y a mois

    1/2 second he murders

  • JP Landscaping
    JP Landscaping Il y a mois

    the neighbor was the one who said there was a burglary or break in happening

  • Pretty Woman
    Pretty Woman Il y a mois

    I am glad that 🐷 is facing MURDER charges. FORT WORTH people give yourself a pat on the back for staying on top of this CASE. Y'all are the ones who are making the JUSTICE SYSTEM and the 🐷 DEPARTMENT move quickly and work fast on that CASE... 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  • Leonard Viltz
    Leonard Viltz Il y a mois

    Cowboys Fans boycott the City

  • Aaron Parker
    Aaron Parker Il y a mois

    Just looking for money.

    NATHAN L Il y a mois

    There goes the neighborhood

  • Good Looking Honkey
    Good Looking Honkey Il y a mois

    See, here's the thing...He didn't just go and shoot to just shoot her. Something more to this....and you niggas know it!! Stop acting like he just murdered her. More to the story. ...but we will find always

  • Deizalll TV
    Deizalll TV Il y a mois

    She deserved it. Change My Mind.

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman Il y a mois

    #44 on trending

  • famous brillance
    famous brillance Il y a mois

    Worst welfare check ever. Seriously though, there is no excuse for what this man did. Atatiana probably thought she was going to get robbed or someone was lurking in her backyard. She never knew it was the police. And who shoots through a house? He wasn’t in any danger.

  • Rosa Andrade
    Rosa Andrade Il y a mois


  • Rahman Jamall
    Rahman Jamall Il y a mois

    another ten verdict or get away with it

  • Rahman Jamall
    Rahman Jamall Il y a mois


  • A friend To Judy
    A friend To Judy Il y a mois +1

    This would have never happened in an affluent neighborhood. People of wealth are living on an entirely different planet.

    • A friend To Judy
      A friend To Judy Il y a mois

      sean tellier Did you just aggressively agree with me? Weird flex bro, shhhhh

    • sean tellier
      sean tellier Il y a mois

      Duh, what a genius. 🙄

  • Vito Anderson
    Vito Anderson Il y a mois +1

    They shoot my sister they wont have to worry about resigning!

  • V Hinton
    V Hinton Il y a mois

    The coward timidly reacted to circumstances that did not require his weapon to be drawn. Shameful behavior fwpd. Poor training

  • Branden Byrd
    Branden Byrd Il y a mois

    Maybe if y'all stopped acting like gangsters you wouldn't be getting shot. Clean your homes and stop living like animals. Huge respect for the boys in blue. They do a great job so that I dont have to👍

  • Pedro Keane
    Pedro Keane Il y a mois +1

    *Dogs are trained to bite*

  • Ian
    Ian Il y a mois

    Black Woman....

  • mei li
    mei li Il y a mois

    ) A Minghui article earlier this year reported that the U.S. Department of State would tighten visa approval and border entry to human rights violators. The article listed several applicable U.S. laws and a presidential proclamation that allow those who persecute religious belief to be denied visa or entry.

    There is actually another law as described in 8 USC 1182f that directly applies to perpetrators in China involved in coerced organ transplantation:

    FRZ FAB Il y a mois

    Chief of police or commissioner should not be an appointed seat chosen by the mayor. It should be an elected post decided by the people. This tiny change will make the biggest difference in criminal justice reform.

    FRZ FAB Il y a mois

    This type of violence, the kind that claims a life, perpetrated by one sworn to protect the victim not end their life, should immediately take center stage. Why do we afford cops leniency when they commit a crime? IMHO it should be the exact oppposite. It should be a heavier penalty because they are given more freedom to use violence and deadly weapons on a daily basis. This is not a dig on police officers 95% of them are excellent human beings. The complications arise because of that tiny percentage of dirty cops who enjoy the protection of the "blue wall of silence" and drag the other officers down because they are bound by an unspoken code to never incriminate their fellow officers.

  • Baraborn
    Baraborn Il y a mois

    Weak Old people get Young people killed.
    If you see something strange in your neighborhood have the courage to check it out yourself OR MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS. #MYOB
    It is the old man's fault, through ignorance or cowardice. He's either ignorant of the "gang in blue" or too cowardly and lazy to check out her home himself. #BlueGang

  • Bob Beaudreault
    Bob Beaudreault Il y a mois

    Really wish they would stop making this a black / white thing
    This is a case of a cop that panicked and made a horrible horrible mistake
    That is what accidents are made of
    YES it is absolutely horrible but it still was an accident

  • mercurialspiral
    mercurialspiral Il y a mois +1


  • michael lopez
    michael lopez Il y a mois +1

    were pig supporters at?Bet they say its "justified"

    • DT23J
      DT23J Il y a mois

      Only God is Just!

  • Bizarre Boy
    Bizarre Boy Il y a mois

    Why are they saying its racially motivated? I didnt hear the cop use the N word

  • Gerald Colgrove
    Gerald Colgrove Il y a mois

    And to the recently fired chief's attorney saying that woman would be alive if hids client was still there. You are a lying snake who should be disbarred.

  • Ron W
    Ron W Il y a mois

    This FUCKED UP COP Should be adjudicated exactly the same as the other trigger happy cop who killed another unarmed citizen peacefully enjoying being in their own home.

  • Taipan 1 2 3
    Taipan 1 2 3 Il y a mois +1

    I see a number of RACIST COWARD who thumbs down this video....

  • Ribshok Productions
    Ribshok Productions Il y a mois

    Hang this killer cop

  • Johnny Parker
    Johnny Parker Il y a mois

    Robert Paulson is a scared coward who really needs mommy right now.

  • Jason Genova
    Jason Genova Il y a mois

    This never happened it is fake

    • Jason Genova
      Jason Genova Il y a mois

      Bakugo Ktski nice grammar...

    • Bakugo Ktski
      Bakugo Ktski Il y a mois

      Jason Genova 300 IQ, I see you’re the true intellectual here

  • Veronica
    Veronica Il y a mois

    Its not a coincidence the system needs an excuse for martial law

  • Snacky Chan
    Snacky Chan Il y a mois

    Yall toxic as hell in the comments

  • silky johnson
    silky johnson Il y a mois

    That officer did a fine job.

  • si sla
    si sla Il y a mois +1

    Yankee cops are kunts

  • #1 ratbag
    #1 ratbag Il y a mois

    Before you judge the cop put yourself in their shoes. They were told that multiple doors were open in the middle of the night. They assumed it was a home invasion. The cop was definitely scared as anyone would be. This has nothing to do with race and it has to do with poor judgement. He shouldn’t have shot first but you could see how someone would be scared for their life. Also this is only news because she’s black if she was white nobody would care. White people are unfairly killed more than black people by police but the media won’t tell you that because they want to spoon fed the uneducated masses propaganda

    • Bakugo Ktski
      Bakugo Ktski Il y a mois +1

      #1 ratbag It was supposed to be a wellness check. The neighbor dialed the non emergency number and stated the front door was open but their cars were in the driveway. Pretty sure a knock on the front door instead of creeping around the backyard with a flashlight with guns drawn would’ve helped in this situation. They did walk up to the front door but apparently they didn’t knock or announce they were with the police department. Also, the gate to the backyard was closed in the bodycam footage. Pretty sure opening a gate to access private property without a warrant isn’t standard procedure. Sounds like being a police office wasn’t the right job for him if he was as “scared as anyone would be”

  • steven armstrong
    steven armstrong Il y a mois

    Body cams are suppose to make EVERYONE feel safe, accounted for and accountable for the actions happening during police involvement. Does anyone feel safe? Does anyone feel that the police are held responsible for their actions? We can only say that we do feel accounted for because our dead bodies are hard not to be noticed even if when alive, we were not seen as equal, important or even as people. This country is headed toward CW2 (I know that it sounds like the Arrowverse is expanding) Civil War 2 is upon us and we all need to be careful because by the time we realize that we are fighting that war, it will be too late to stop it. This will all be on the government for not holding officers at a higher standard and the body count will be on them. Everyone be safe and to the people who want to ensure domestic tranquility, maybe you want to punish law enforcement the way that you would punish a criminal that does this. Maybe we should stop calling the police? That won't solve the problem but if I don't call the cops to my house I won't get shot by them.

  • J Jags
    J Jags Il y a mois

    This is how cops get paid vacations without using any of their own time. Shame on the system

  • Christopher Webber
    Christopher Webber Il y a mois +1

    I keep a close eye on these incidents and 99.9% are bs. This one is not. Everything I have seen the cop is in the wrong. With that said, all police aren't bad, and this one should be dealt with accordingly. This does not waiver my support of the police at all.

  • Russ
    Russ Il y a mois +2

    Please tell us the whole story instead of creating another White / Black thing again

  • Josh Gonzales
    Josh Gonzales Il y a mois

    So now they coming to your house just like Uber but instead of food they deliver dead and misery whoever made. That call also took part in the killing

  • pale horse
    pale horse Il y a mois +1

    The clown of Fort Worth Betsy Wright she's an idiot she's too busy trying to make her name all over Fort Worth as mayor when she should be fired I'm bringing back the police chief it had the Fort Worth Police Department under control this is what you get when you take good leadership out of the police department and put a clown for mayor Betsy Wright who's trying to run the police department

  • Matt Renfro
    Matt Renfro Il y a mois

    This will certainly bring out the racists and cop haters. No I’m not defending this cop, it would appear he was certainly in the wrong. But if all you are going to do is spit hate then FRclip should take away comment sections.

  • Monty Chronik
    Monty Chronik Il y a mois

    Next time I see a cop I guess I should shoot first and ask questions later because my life may be in danger.

    GREEN GHOST Il y a mois

    Since it's a police officer his crime needs to be doubled enhanced you need to be charged with double murder because if you're the citizens of the United States and you have 1 oz of anything on your background they automatically enhance your crimes will since he supposed to be in the role of the eyes of the public all police officers crimes should be enhanced the first time double and that's what needs to be done to this guy what he done was flat-out murder one day the police department's going to trigger the fall of the United States one day the police department's going to trigger the biggest riots they could ever imagine although I won't like that they'll be hiding and running home to save their families it while they won't make it home

  • Monty Chronik
    Monty Chronik Il y a mois

    Cops are criminals

  • Brian James
    Brian James Il y a mois

    Let the investigation happen.

  • Chris M
    Chris M Il y a mois +1

    This is not a race issue, it is a poorly trained and/or scared to death cop. A white person would have got shot the same way.

    • Chris M
      Chris M Il y a mois

      @Jordan Hutton - The racist think white cops leave the house thinking they want to shoot a black person each day? It is BS that the cop just shot because he saw someone in the window, but to think he took the time to think this is a black person so I need to shoot them is nonsense. So many cops have been getting shot, many of them panic when they see movement (poor training).

    • Jordan Hutton
      Jordan Hutton Il y a mois

      Name one.....

  • BC _
    BC _ Il y a mois

    473 racist or cop loving people dislike this. Smfh

  • Hello there Friend
    Hello there Friend Il y a mois


  • adams eve
    adams eve Il y a mois

    Repeat this one. We are gunna get jobs?!?! No?