House confronts a woman who has been poisoning her husband | House M.D

  • Ajoutée 22 sept. 2022

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  • @snehnaik6337

    she was caught purple handed

  • @fuadnebir4950

    What I truly hate about this show is that no matter how many times House proves that Humans aren't as simple as they appear, those doctors still choose to remain gullible and naive.

  • @bradlynch6911

    Every House episode…

  • @promazter

    "I didn't have a problem with you going to the bathroom. I just didn't want you to wash your hands." Is the creepiest shit I've heard out of context.

  • @user-qo5vk8um6r

    he is the doctor version of sherlock holmes

  • @SpendingAddict

    I read somewhere that this episode was the most medically accurate of all of them.

  • @TheFounderUtopia

    This is such a legendary scene because it's the only time House, who was modelled on Sherlock Holmes, actually solves a crime in the show. You can see how natural he would be at it!

  • @Yaboidavey

    Not only did he catch her for poisoning her husband.

  • @kingalex2372

    “She got caught red handed”

  • @carlanderson2110

    She's not a gold digger, she's a gold sprinkler boys🤣🤣

  • @murderwolfgamingyt9494

    Bro straight up held a ladies hands after she went to the bathroom

  • @hehebwoy4132

    Crazy how all the peaky blinders clips turned to sopranos clips, turned to shameless and now we are at the house clips.

  • @subhasreepanda3916

    when you wanted to be a detective but you have asian parents

  • @cocorthritis6462

    I have arthritis maybe I should give it a try

  • @joec6108
    @joec6108  +66

    House right about something for the 4896th time*

  • @wyattodowichuk5174

    I love this show I have seen it so many times

  • @nastynolife5714

    My man on every single episode decides to roast the living hell out of them on a passive way

  • @ARMYStrongHOOAH17

    They call her a gold digger, not cuz she's looking for money, rather, because she used gold to dig her husband's grave.

  • @ananyaneralla5382

    The satisfaction I get when Cameron gets proven wrong everytime is just

  • @scottgames.favella3871

    I love this show