Never challenge an Indian

  • Ajoutée 13 sept. 2022

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  • Mr. Average Goat
    Mr. Average Goat Il y a 2 mois +15017

    "He'll be very glad to hear from you...NUMBU!"
    Numbu: "HE ACTUALLY WAS!"
    Edit: 🤯 15k likes? I've been top comment before but never with this many likes. Also I'm shocked by the 85k the other guy got, just wanted to thank you all ☺

    • Papia Saha
      Papia Saha Il y a 19 jours

      @AVENGER Rocketry the Nambi effect

      AVENGER Il y a 19 jours

      Movie name

    • Electric Angel
      Electric Angel Il y a mois

      Its called being a scientist
      Being wrong is learning something new

    • Ayona Chauhan
      Ayona Chauhan Il y a mois +2

      @McScrotie imagine being a mistake done by your parents at that night sikeeee😂 I bet they still regret that day oh I mean night

    • McScrotie
      McScrotie Il y a mois

      @Ayona Chauhan imagine being born in a third like yours yikes, now that's punishment

  • Savidi Fernando
    Savidi Fernando Il y a mois +3806

    Im not Indian but I swear Indians be roasting people in the kindest ways

  • Nandeesh Agrawal
    Nandeesh Agrawal Il y a mois +450

    When Farhan starts Studying 🤣🤣
    Edit: Thanks for 445 likes!! Can we get more..

  • thiruvetti
    thiruvetti Il y a 2 jours

    People are fighting here over petty things but failing to credit the amazing direction of Madhavan. He lived the character and made an awesome movie one of the most important rocket scientists in the world - Shri. Nambi Narayanan.

  • Oracool
    Oracool Il y a mois +3067

    This happened to me in English class once. Thing is the other students look at you like "just shut up."

    • Aman Kumar
      Aman Kumar Il y a 4 jours

      @Piyush Rahi r u mad go and see whole movie ,the thung written was its converse

    • Genius Minds
      Genius Minds Il y a mois

      Other people suck

    • Shadow Enz
      Shadow Enz Il y a mois +1

      First lesson in life you should learn about human beings is "Don't worry about the other students. They don't exist in the realm of what matters."
      Be yourself. Be ungovernable. It's better to be perceived a fool than to follow fools.

    • Diego Clark
      Diego Clark Il y a mois

      Lmao. Fr. But I will enjoy that shit tho. It's at least 15 minutes where the lecturer stops speaking jibber jabber

    • NOISETVNK 界王
      NOISETVNK 界王 Il y a mois +1

      Same! dude was reading an outdated book

  • Vibha Verma
    Vibha Verma Il y a 2 mois +87402

    He says ''I'm only human, i can make mistakes'', like Ascher is not a human 😂
    Edit: oh god i just checked and these many likes and comments lmao 😂
    And those who are fighting if it was a mistake by Ascher or by the publication, the comment simply meant that no matter who made the mistake they are also human just like the professor and even if the textbook goes under rigorous reviews and cross checkings, just like numbu pointed out the mistake by checking the textbook, the professor could have also cross checked the book instead of just teaching what's written. It's not about whose mistake it was but about owning up to it (like Ascher did) and not being rude about being corrected (like professor) and thank you for the likes ❤️

  • Simran
    Simran Il y a 24 jours +91

    The way that professors acted while speaking is justtt sooo true...the teachers exactly make face and head movements like this while taunting 😂

  • Shreyas A S
    Shreyas A S Il y a mois +568

    A small change: "Never challenge an intelligent human".

    • Mr. Fahrenheit
      Mr. Fahrenheit Il y a 15 jours

      ​@Jacob Ekker Indians are Asians.

    • Shreyas A S
      Shreyas A S Il y a mois +2

      @Puwarin You're not getting the point. Even if Nambi is Indian and this is an Indian movie, that doesn't make the title of this video ("Don't challenge and Indian") justified. In this video, Nambi is portrayed as a brilliant mind, but the makers of this video are channeling the 'Indian emotion' by portraying him as 'Indian'.

    • prerna
      prerna Il y a mois +4

      true, it's not like every indian is super intelligent

    • Puwarin
      Puwarin Il y a mois

      @Shreyas A S _Probably not hollywood either but im not sure_ but nambi is indian and the movie
      Rocketry: the nambi effect
      Is a movie about the story of nambi
      *Edit* : the movie is an indian movie

    • Shreyas A S
      Shreyas A S Il y a mois +1

      @Ashish Why though? 🤔

  • Or Jay
    Or Jay Il y a mois +22

    I love how all the professors I’ve met were eager to have students find mistakes, so they can be corrected. Like they always want the best information, and not the one that makes them favourable.

  • Shuͥ多hͣaͫm
    Shuͥ多hͣaͫm Il y a mois +27

    Teacher and student rivalry has always been the part of Indian movies 🤣

  • CJ Rodriguez
    CJ Rodriguez Il y a 2 mois +9608

    The fact he came in and threw the letter at him like the text book was thrown at him makes it so much better 😂

    • Rane Atharva
      Rane Atharva Il y a mois +1

      @indu ki duniya 💕 But what he did was completely fair !

    • Deadshot-0-
      Deadshot-0- Il y a mois

      I guess even the comments are human

    • Charles Levy
      Charles Levy Il y a 2 mois

      @ANiKET because it’s bait and everyone knows it

    • Charles Levy
      Charles Levy Il y a 2 mois

      did you and I watch a different video?? he politely placed it under the professors stuff so it wouldn’t blow away or interrupt the professor’s place in the book he had on the podium… we must have watched a different video with a alternate ending.

    • ANiKET
      ANiKET Il y a 2 mois

      How come he has 9k does anyone even watched the video?

  • Ramakrishnan T
    Ramakrishnan T Il y a 23 jours +1

    I had a math teacher in my school who took revenge on a parents-teachers meeting for pointing out a mistake while she was solving a problem. The entire year was like hell for me. Even my father trusted my teacher. To make matters worst, my chemistry teacher also joined hands with her and reduced my internal mark.

  • armatian
    armatian Il y a mois

    Reminds me of philosophy class with a strict teacher, reading his plato translation the statement was exactly the opposite of the copies we students had. I pointed it out, he raised an eyebrow and younger students around me exchanged looks like "u are dead!". The thing is he was strict, but in a fair manner, since he loved things precisely defined so he thanked me for pointing an important translation error in our books.

  • Arthur Garcia
    Arthur Garcia Il y a 8 jours +2

    it took 7 days from when the letter was written to when he received a response, but all that week of scowling from the professor finally paid off 👏🏼

  • Dick Grayson
    Dick Grayson Il y a mois +61

    This is what I hated about some of my professors too. The unchecked ego is the biggest issue.

      SV COMEDY Il y a mois

      Which movie

    • Petaurista
      Petaurista Il y a mois +1

      And most shitty fact is that if this professor was actually expert on what he's teaching he should notice error himself

  • Triston Cavedo
    Triston Cavedo Il y a 2 mois +4062

    I remember in chemistry we had a test and one question I was stuck on forever. I raised my hand finally and said "Sir question X is impossible to answer." He goes "I doubt it but I'll check."
    After 5 minutes or so of writing he finally looks up and says "class please skip question X."
    That was the most satisfying day ever. It did bother me he never actually admitted I was right though.

    • Wolfrum Gaming
      Wolfrum Gaming Il y a 2 mois

      @Peligro De Frío I won't lie, I had a tough time too cause I had just woken up when I typed it lol.

    • The King of Debates
      The King of Debates Il y a 2 mois

      This whole comment section and the video is nothing but cringe

    • Nutborn
      Nutborn Il y a 2 mois

      At least he was nice enough to check

    • Peligro De Frío
      Peligro De Frío Il y a 2 mois

      @Wolfrum Gaming i was thinking the same, glad you said it else my dutch ass wouldn't be able to type it that good. See? I got bad english, or nah i'm just high, shit.

    • Kosmo Tactical
      Kosmo Tactical Il y a 2 mois

      Ah this has happened a few times before, but I used to be low-profile enough to the point of near invisibility. Most students never even recognized my contributions. Oh well, as my never being in a single school for more than 1 year also catalyzed this incognito attribute of mine.

  • Daniel Kelley
    Daniel Kelley Il y a mois +1

    It all comes down to pride. Even as a Professor, you are never above learning new things.
    Always lean towards humility. This could be wrong, but this is what I have at the moment.

  • C MW
    C MW Il y a mois +169

    When anyone uses nasty sarcasm and a withering look, they don’t have a decent argument, they’re just defending their own dearly treasured opinion.

    • JUNG Somewhat
      JUNG Somewhat Il y a mois

      Are the punch you in the face ....argument won ..nose brocken 😬

  • Sanchita Shrivastav
    Sanchita Shrivastav Il y a mois +2

    He's right that humans do make mistakes..... but can we trust others when they have logical proof to prove themselves!?
    Even big scientists were proved wrong and now we do trust those replaced theories. That time those scientists were also questioned but still we believe them now....... Let's rebuild those trusts on everyone ❤️

  • Shamira Lakhani
    Shamira Lakhani Il y a 25 jours +3

    The look on the professor’s face 😂😂

  • Maya Ryom
    Maya Ryom Il y a 2 mois +2339

    I love this. Mostly because it reminds me of one of my 2nd graders who found a book about kangaroos lacked some facts. So I asked him what he would do about it, and he decided to write the publisher who got in touch with the writer....who replied and promised to look into and include the fact next time it went to the printer. ♥️ And ..the writer sent my 2nd grader a copy of every book he ever wrote.

    • Venkatesh Gunda
      Venkatesh Gunda Il y a 2 mois

      The legend says, the kid is still in second grade to receive those books.

    • Tots H20
      Tots H20 Il y a 2 mois +1


    • Coyote Kakakaway
      Coyote Kakakaway Il y a 2 mois +4

      Aweeee!!!! That's amazing! I did something very similar with a history lesson about the North American indigenous studies because I myself am Cree First Nation. I got in touch with one of our Elders who is known as a Wisdom Keeper. They then scheduled a visit to our school and taught every classroom about what was missing from our textbooks. Mostly about Residential Schools and the things that the government and armed forces had done and are still doing to our communities. I love hearing about children that have independent minds like your student. ❤️

    • Harsh Vardhan Sharma
      Harsh Vardhan Sharma Il y a 2 mois +2


    • Andrew o'shea
      Andrew o'shea Il y a 2 mois

      And the 'facts' today are mainly lies and distortions beyond anything I've ever read

  • Honest Music
    Honest Music Il y a 23 jours +10

    In future this movie inspires every indian ..❣️🇮🇳 underrated movie

    • ༼ཆ༽
      ༼ཆ༽ Il y a 16 jours +1

      It's underrated because it's a South Indian film

  • dontdo
    dontdo Il y a mois +13

    A fool gets angry when he or she gets corrected
    A wise, smart person always accept mistakes and learn from it.

  • Soma
    Soma Il y a 8 jours

    The professor’s expression while asking him to write to Shapiro to correct it was hilarious. 😂

  • Krystal Kubai
    Krystal Kubai Il y a mois

    The professor's face after the letter was read😄priceless

  • thefourshowflip
    thefourshowflip Il y a 2 mois +2887

    The most unbelievable part of this…that the professor would be shocked to learn that a mistake made it into the textbook. In my time studying physics at uni, literally every textbook I used had at least one error in the text and the professors were always aware of them…shit happens lol

    • thefourshowflip
      thefourshowflip Il y a 2 mois

      @Moonv Sam
      That’s a shame

    • James Topoleski
      James Topoleski Il y a 2 mois +2

      Yep can't tell you how many professors I had who flat out said that's wrong ignore the book. Even had one photocopy the section out of a older edition because the misprint wasn't in that one.

    • The King of Debates
      The King of Debates Il y a 2 mois

      I just wanna state a fact every single one who things this is being smart, is truly the opposite

    • Moonv Sam
      Moonv Sam Il y a 2 mois +1

      Not in my uni. My lecturers dont think but only teach whats in the book they were handed to. So yeah if this happens in my uni, it would be possible.

    • Nathaniel Robles
      Nathaniel Robles Il y a 2 mois

      well like in general it is always "not all" like not all professors 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sourav Guha
    Sourav Guha Il y a 25 jours +5

    Only two words for you dude:
    Savage and iconic

  • Dream Strider
    Dream Strider Il y a mois

    Love that he just did what he was told is all 😂

  • Aman Upadhyay
    Aman Upadhyay Il y a mois

    When you have set standards it's hard to believe that there could be a mistake.Being an Indian we know it as we see it often- "cultural disadvantages/advantages".

    HUNKY FUNKY Il y a mois +2

    One thing I wanna tell to world after this...Never mess with indians... 😍

  • Thnickaman
    Thnickaman Il y a 2 mois +4897

    True story: in Abstract Algebra class in uni, a friend noticed a mistake in one of the initial theorems. It was grammatical, but it left open the possibility for a counterexample. He wrote the author and was credited in the next edition, which helped him get into a doctoral program since he now had “publication experience”

    • Raamupirkaashu Satiraamaanee
      Raamupirkaashu Satiraamaanee Il y a 22 jours

      ​@Ginger Derp .

    • Ahmed Hassan
      Ahmed Hassan Il y a mois

      @whimseyOFC r/whoosh

    • samir m
      samir m Il y a mois

      Publication experience just by that? Damn in my stupid cuntry you could have engineering diploma and your employer still wouldn’t trust you with a trumeter 🫤

    • pjdstarduffstar
      pjdstarduffstar Il y a mois +2

      @whimseyOFC I believe that the janitor was Will from the movie good will hunting. Totally fictional but good movie with Robin Williams and Matt Damon.

    • Stonehaven228
      Stonehaven228 Il y a mois

      @Imperator Caesar Augustus the commenter is just fuckin wit u

  • captain fazl
    captain fazl Il y a mois +21

    I'm from Pakistan but still Indian education system is the best.
    And my dream is to study in India as well☺

    • Patrick Bateman
      Patrick Bateman Il y a mois

      im from pakistan too but india is getting more ahead than pakistan day by day, they have opened world famous iit and iims. india and pakistan are going to be superpower, i pray..

    • sakshi pal
      sakshi pal Il y a mois

      @Akash you are right to some extent.

    • Akash
      Akash Il y a mois +1

      Brother its not like that all
      India is having the worst education system. Everyone knows, no one tells!

    • sakshi pal
      sakshi pal Il y a mois +2

      Well, you don't have to dream for it! You can study from online resources provided by Indian teachers. Infact you can get the same for free on FRclip.
      All the very best 😊🙏

  • Marissa M
    Marissa M Il y a 27 jours +9

    I find this funny because my professors have confessed to writing authors telling them to fix their mistakes in textbooks

  • Andrea Morris
    Andrea Morris Il y a mois

    I love an intelligent man that doesn't bite at sarcasm (the lowest form of wit) Gold

  • Abdul Shakoor Shaikh
    Abdul Shakoor Shaikh Il y a mois +1

    This is what exactly happened to one Maths professor in my city Prof. K. D. Soomro. He also pointed out one mistake in a maths textbook while in America. Interestingly he was put in jail for 3 months and she proved right, he wasn't just released but his name was printed as one of the authors / editors of the book.

  • Abhinav Kumar
    Abhinav Kumar Il y a 2 mois +36957

    Why he remained underrated in India by being so bright?

    • Jaideep Shekhar
      Jaideep Shekhar Il y a jour

      @hi vishal Brahmins ARE the illiterate fools! That's why South India is FAAAR ahead of Bimaru North India.

    • Shiva N
      Shiva N Il y a 7 jours

      Nambi Narayanan is an South Indian Aerospace scientist he developed VIKAS rocket. He was brutally beaten by politics because of international politics. He was arrested and faced extreme degree police treatment almost to death. There is biopic made on him ROCKETRY THE NAMBI EFFECT.

    • Apetite life
      Apetite life Il y a 19 jours

      @Bull Rider thankyou

    • Bull Rider
      Bull Rider Il y a 19 jours

      ​@Apetite life - He was actually nothing? Okay Einstein 🤣🤣🤣

    • Popat sahab
      Popat sahab Il y a 27 jours +1


  • 88AspieGirl88 [Ariana Hale]

    This was so savage, I cracked up! 😂💖👏

  • Melvin Mayfield
    Melvin Mayfield Il y a mois +2

    I've actually done this a few times, in both college & trade school. BRAVO!!

  • Barracuda Boi
    Barracuda Boi Il y a mois

    Well, I would go the extra mile to laugh like Bryan Fury after this.

    SRISHTI Il y a mois +11

    Every students dream to outwit over-proud and arrogant teacher in style and swag atleast once :)

    • COOL Man
      COOL Man Il y a mois +1

      Yes... And i made it

  • Kai223noa
    Kai223noa Il y a 2 mois +3864

    When I was getting my MS degree I sat next to a guy who would sleep through most of the class. A few times he would wake up and raise his hand to point out mistakes in the professor's math.

    • Akshay 
      Akshay  Il y a mois

      The guy in his dream: oh just a sec Rhodes, lemme correct my prof by showing him the exact 90 degree

    • TheWhiteFamily
      TheWhiteFamily Il y a mois

      He slept because he was bored, I'd bet. I say this because I did this in a math class. The assistant teacher pulled me aside one day & asked why I didn't pay attention in class. I told him, "I'm bored. I know I can do better." They put me in a higher level class, which I maxed A's in...

    • Rolex Yt
      Rolex Yt Il y a mois

      I used to do this in my history classes but now i took science and everything changed

    • Amar Singh [IIT Varanasi]
      Amar Singh [IIT Varanasi] Il y a mois

      I'm the only guy who studies instead of sleeping and then scoring perfect in exams? 🥲

    • Kokiri Mido
      Kokiri Mido Il y a mois

      Most Savage guy in history.

  • Joel Echenique
    Joel Echenique Il y a mois

    To be human is to have regrets because making mistakes is a universal experience.

  • Sean Ray
    Sean Ray Il y a mois +6

    When someone actually reads the homework🤣

  • heena goswami
    heena goswami Il y a 4 jours +1

    The fact that he almost fell down the stair and still want to diss and show off
    Like dude just 😂😅🧐
    Almost tripped over

  • GodEmperorDoge
    GodEmperorDoge Il y a mois

    I'm sorry to whoever has had one of these professors. I hear about them a lot but I've been blessed with professors that actually are the ones complaining about how often there's mistakes in the text books lmao.

  • TonyaStark121
    TonyaStark121 Il y a 2 mois +1739

    As someone in academia, this shit happens all the time no matter how many people were appointed to review the book before publishing and every author loves a letter with a question / pointing out a mistake or ambiguity / just general excitement about having solved an exercise, it's literally an academic version of a fanmail, and getting those from 'mere' students is somehow all the more special.

    • James Mayle
      James Mayle Il y a mois

      The Bible is truth. Please take your salvation seriously. If you haven’t already, please read at least three books of the Bible, Genesis Mathew and one book you chose yourself. As you do this, you must remember to put Jesus Christ’s teachings into action in your life. That’s the key that makes it all click. Start with forgiveness. Parents are easiest. They’ve loved you. Look inside for those grievances you still cling onto and truly let them go. Forgive genuinely from within. Doing that shows God something important. It’s an act of faith and love. Please, break down before Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness. It’s not too late. God loves you.

    • David Mason
      David Mason Il y a mois +1

      @TonyaStark121 that's a shame to hear that. Hope that Happy is still doing the right thing. 🙂

    • TonyaStark121
      TonyaStark121 Il y a mois

      @David Mason we are not on speaking terms 😐

    • David Mason
      David Mason Il y a mois

      Do you have a friend by the name of Steve, or even Bruce? Just wondering... 🤔

    • DJ MonLi
      DJ MonLi Il y a mois

      You mean, those professors who don't want their students to be smarter than them is always there and it happens.

  • BOSS😎
    BOSS😎 Il y a mois +7

    He is one of the underrated actor of bollywood.

  • Bill Tree
    Bill Tree Il y a mois +49

    This is the moment Numbu became Heisenberg

  • formorri
    formorri Il y a mois +1

    We have this fantasy of correcting teachers in our movies, but the only time it ever happens is when it's the exam results and we're hunting for extra marks.

  • Rob The Squire
    Rob The Squire Il y a mois

    I love these moments.

  • Joce C
    Joce C Il y a 2 mois +2626

    That was so good!!!
    The fact that the writer himself admitted his mistake, is GOLD !

    • Nagesh Sontakke
      Nagesh Sontakke Il y a 2 mois

      @Utsav Dhyani moive name?

    • Vishnu K
      Vishnu K Il y a 2 mois

      @NSG commandos Zero were long discovered by Mayans. And also mathematical formulas were discovered or invented by Egyptians and Greeks.

    • NSG commandos
      NSG commandos Il y a 2 mois

      @Vishnu K alot of science theories are our bitch, the atoms, the atomic stability, cv ramans works, etc

    • NSG commandos
      NSG commandos Il y a 2 mois

      @Vishnu K and bro, u do realize that majority of big startups and companies are run by indian origin ceos?? And u do realize that this is based on a fucking real story which u just fucking said it was false.
      And to top that, that dude was tortured mentally for 19 years and tortured physically for a fucking month by the state.

    • NSG commandos
      NSG commandos Il y a 2 mois

      @Vishnu K bro, complex hydraulic machines, the number zero, several mathematical formulae, plastic and cataract surgery, and any other inventions were made by fucking us

  • dgugic1
    dgugic1 Il y a mois

    I did this once myself. The book author was grateful and surprised how they overlooked a big mistake... It was a cytology atlas...

  • AlberTesla
    AlberTesla Il y a mois +2

    So, in my school days, my maths teacher asked a question to everyone, I have the answer spontaneously, the question was what is Tan(90+theta) I said -Cot(theta)
    Everyone started laughing. Then teacher said, he gave a genuine answer. Everyone went silent.

  • stoagy mahalo
    stoagy mahalo Il y a mois

    Happen to me with some kid when I was speaking Tlingit, where she wanted a moment like this like "oooo got you" but because we're raised NOT to cause a scene when checking our elders and peers, it just made the whole situation with the 200 tourists awkward and it only irritated me that she blamed me for being wrong and not that it made a ton of tourists receive a refund. Why I don't have that white privilege, so I learn fast to adapt and attempt to have folks work together, which sucks because everyone else wants moments like these because they never tried in life and don't want to bother working hard to that moment. Why that Teacher shows how some just slip through the cracks in science and effort.

  • David Laursen
    David Laursen Il y a mois +1

    I love people who don't take sh*t from people. Just, matter-of-factly solving their issues

  • WHYbhavi
    WHYbhavi Il y a 2 mois +3510

    When I corrected what was written wrong on the board you know what my teacher said?
    I made that mistake on purpose to see who corrects me 😂😂

    • You are soul
      You are soul Il y a 2 mois

      I sometimes purposefully make a mistake when I write on the board. I ask, "Is this correct?"
      It not only helps the students focus, but it brings the whole class's attention to the board.
      Plus, children love finding errors.

    • Arman Singh
      Arman Singh Il y a 2 mois

      Same here2

    • Billy Hanfrans
      Billy Hanfrans Il y a 2 mois

      classic 😂

    • huang douglas
      huang douglas Il y a 2 mois

      Smart teacher

    • Royal Crew Nepal
      Royal Crew Nepal Il y a 2 mois


  • Freddy Wizowski
    Freddy Wizowski Il y a mois

    This pretty well sums up the current state of affairs with many college professors.

  • Melissa Dunton
    Melissa Dunton Il y a mois

    When my son was a Jr in high school he corrected his physics teacher. He wasn’t condescending or rude, just said to his teacher that he may be wrong, but isn’t this….etc…? She was thrilled and had him fill in for her when she had to leave the classroom for an emergency…and had him tutoring the other students who were having trouble.
    My son decided that it was more a pain in the butt so never corrected a teacher again. 😂

  • dertreffer
    dertreffer Il y a mois

    the disbelief at the end was priceless

  • Muneeba Maryam
    Muneeba Maryam Il y a mois +3

    My people(indians) are the most intelligent creatures alive

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix Il y a 2 mois +12520

    He respected teacher even though teacher disrespected him
    Damm something to learn

  • Mayaavi Baalak
    Mayaavi Baalak Il y a mois +2

    It's a brilliant scene from Rocketry

  • LagavulinMTG
    LagavulinMTG Il y a mois +2

    "How fake do you want your skits..."

  • Theodora Johnson
    Theodora Johnson Il y a 28 jours +1

    Put professor in check by actually writing to textbook author! 😄🤩

  • Harveyx
    Harveyx Il y a mois +4

    I was waiting the "I'm Ascher" twist xD

  • Tofuu
    Tofuu Il y a 2 mois +2313

    This really takes the saying:
    "FINE I'LL DO IT MYSELF" to another level 😂

    • ma mind 's a stereo
      ma mind 's a stereo Il y a 2 mois +1

      @LIFE OF S Rocketry the Nambi effect

    • LIFE OF S
      LIFE OF S Il y a 2 mois

      Movie name

    • wan syafiq
      wan syafiq Il y a 2 mois +3

      at that moment, that professor glad that he didn't bet his job if he did that

    • ma mind 's a stereo
      ma mind 's a stereo Il y a 2 mois +3

      @ArmanZzz11 its his true story

    • ArmanZzz11
      ArmanZzz11 Il y a 2 mois +3

      This was good but the actual scenario IS the maximum level

  • juanita viernes
    juanita viernes Il y a mois +2

    This is when your teacher is “bookish”.

  • stormrage
    stormrage Il y a 24 jours +2

    I always roast professors like this while taking shower.

  • Royal Charama
    Royal Charama Il y a mois

    You deserve my subscription ,you made my day

  • Peds Concepts
    Peds Concepts Il y a mois

    Mayowa was a student in my class back then in sec school.....this guy ALAWYS corrects our math teacher....boy is brilliant more than our math teacher

  • Vsevolod Medvedev
    Vsevolod Medvedev Il y a mois

    Amazing! It's awesome! You can write to the known person and get the response, this is insane!

  • mogo mogo
    mogo mogo Il y a mois +1

    Toatal change of character 😂
    at 3 idiots He's bad at studying
    And here look at the savage answers 😳😳

  • Peter Jackson
    Peter Jackson Il y a mois

    This is a truly lovely snippet.

  • unq gamer
    unq gamer Il y a mois +11

    Madhavan's super movie Rocketry 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Edcel jems Calapiz
    Edcel jems Calapiz Il y a 2 mois +1478

    "Don't argue with fool people in words, show them by actions"

    • seaweed is vegetable
      seaweed is vegetable Il y a 2 mois

      @Butterfly Monster right, using gun isn't safe anymore, we should change to nuclear.
      in fact, every household should have 1 tactical nuke command

    • The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
      The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer Il y a 2 mois

      Just don't argue with fools in general

    • Butterfly Monster
      Butterfly Monster Il y a 2 mois +1

      @seaweed is vegetable oh yeah why would anyone want safer gun laws with safe upstanding citizens like these am I right /s

    • seaweed is vegetable
      seaweed is vegetable Il y a 2 mois

      so use action like gun? ok got it, thanks for the tips stranger on FRclip

    • Simon Rief
      Simon Rief Il y a 2 mois +3

      @Solinoctis you just made this comment to start a discussion XD

  • Raycert07 channel
    Raycert07 channel Il y a mois +1

    Bro was like
    "Wait, that's illegal"

  • *•Blight•*
    *•Blight•* Il y a mois

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  • Yaseen Jan Alchemist
    Yaseen Jan Alchemist Il y a mois

    Exactly me and my professor 😂

  • krishna sarda
    krishna sarda Il y a mois +2

    When i corrected one of professor in degree college she got crazy mad on me and left my journal unsigned so i literally failed that subject in the semester exam😅🥲

  • dillon nicely
    dillon nicely Il y a 2 mois +128

    I had a friend in high school who noticed a reference to a war in a history book he had never heard of. He spent months researching and even went to the local university. Eventually he wrote to the author of the book asking him for his references. The author wrote back saying he could not find any reference to the war in any historical text and removed it from the textbook. My friend was credited as a contributing author in the next edition.

    • Gabe Morehouse
      Gabe Morehouse Il y a 2 mois

      @hs game WWII

    • hs game
      hs game Il y a 2 mois +1

      Can you be more specific?
      What was this "invisible war"

    OXBRIDGE STAR Il y a mois

    Professor was "Chatur"
    Nambi was "Rancho" and he will later he "Wangru"🔥

  • Douglas Brock
    Douglas Brock Il y a mois

    This shows the problem with Colleges today. Students dont question their professors now, they just accept what they blindly.

  • husky3g
    husky3g Il y a mois

    One thing you can say - Indian and Pakistani doctors both are insanely dedicated and educated. Definitely the top students in their fields because of crazy overbearing parents and insane dedication.

  • achmehd
    achmehd Il y a mois

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  • Kyle Aegis
    Kyle Aegis Il y a 2 mois +2295

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    • Kyle Aegis
      Kyle Aegis Il y a 2 mois

      @Techie Shivansh Rocketry: The Nambi Effect

    • Techie Shivansh
      Techie Shivansh Il y a 2 mois

      @Kyle Aegis I don't know.

    • Kyle Aegis
      Kyle Aegis Il y a 2 mois

      @Techie Shivansh Which movie? The one that this scene is from?

    • Kyle Aegis
      Kyle Aegis Il y a 2 mois

      @AAAR Completely unscripted and the confused reactions from everyone on set were genuine.

    • Kyle Aegis
      Kyle Aegis Il y a 2 mois +1

      @olstar18 Absolutely my point; spot on! I believe the actor portraying the professor actually stumbled as his reaction seemed too genuine. It adds to the authenticity of the scene.

  • One piece
    One piece Il y a mois +1

    Morel: don't try to act smart infront of Indias
    Because they are true definition of SMART

  • Sadaf Amin
    Sadaf Amin Il y a mois

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    SHORT FACTS Il y a mois +1

    R.Madhvan be like : Sir ji hamse🇮🇳 panga nahi😅😅😅

  • Carl Bianzon
    Carl Bianzon Il y a mois

    I corrected my English teacher on an Acronym quiz. She asked me for proof. I showed her an Almanac.
    I lost honor roll status

  • mehendiran boy
    mehendiran boy Il y a mois +7

    Madhavan 🔥🔥

  • Benjamin Morris
    Benjamin Morris Il y a mois +4

    I hate teachers/professors who are like this "I'm the professor/teacher, and you're the student so I'm always right and only you can be wrong"

  • Adhesion 10
    Adhesion 10 Il y a 2 mois +2548

    Bro said, “ok, bet”, and returned WITH RECEIPTS edit: damn

    • Amulyā Asṃi ~💙
      Amulyā Asṃi ~💙 Il y a 2 mois

      Fr lmao

    • Somebody
      Somebody Il y a 2 mois

      @Car TM well yes it's a fiction, all unreal. But this scene is only to show how intelligent Nambi Narayan was.

    • Krish P
      Krish P Il y a 2 mois

      @Car TM well yeah its a movie

    • Car TM
      Car TM Il y a 2 mois +1

      This scene is pure fiction. First thing I was told in college was that textbooks and revision books always have mistakes. We were told to pay an extra 20% if we wanted the double checked textbooks with presumably less errors.

    • Austin Teal
      Austin Teal Il y a 2 mois

      @Krish P Duuuude 😂

  • Leo
    Leo Il y a mois

    This is extremely common. Publishers have an errata section on their website which list all of the known mistakes in their books

  • john England
    john England Il y a mois +1

    Good on you and make the teacher eat his silly words 😜 🤪 well done 👏 ✔ 👍

  • Enriquez
    Enriquez Il y a mois

    "Never challenge an Indian". Imagine finishing high school and work as scammer at Kolkata or anywhere else. Bruh

  • Rishith R
    Rishith R Il y a mois

    Don't mess with a guy who has lot of knowledge 🤣

  • TriXJester
    TriXJester Il y a 2 mois +2874

    The author of my Psychology textbook literally put his email in the first chapter and asked people to email him. These things get updated every year for a reason.

    • Kougeru
      Kougeru Il y a 2 mois

      The reason is to milk money

    • Logan Stroganoff
      Logan Stroganoff Il y a 2 mois +1

      @olstar18 exactly. They make new editions every year bc its a never ending cash cow. They're usually just reformatted old editions with perhaps a Sprinkle of new information,maaaaybe a error or 2 corrected but not necessarily,and a snazzy new cover and supplemental online courses that of course require authentication codes you can only get with the newest edition. It's a racket.

    • Nibbonbon
      Nibbonbon Il y a 2 mois


    • olstar18
      olstar18 Il y a 2 mois

      @ッAzubi_Meatball4349ッ Be better if they used math books from the 60s.

    • olstar18
      olstar18 Il y a 2 mois +2

      Because the publisher makes more money that way.