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  • Riverdale Season 4 reaction
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Commentaires • 80

  • Laura Wang
    Laura Wang Il y a 9 heures

    8:18 i cannot stop laughing

  • Sausige17
    Sausige17 Il y a jour

    Why did he jump out the window???

  • Maggie Wen
    Maggie Wen Il y a jour +1

    Even the teacher couldn’t handle Riverdale anymore

  • SunnysFilms
    SunnysFilms Il y a 2 jours

    Jughead: *reads a line that sounds like the closing line of a Hardy Boys mystery*
    Teacher: Yeah, you're so good congrats you win contracttttt new ghostwriter

  • Jarl Hague
    Jarl Hague Il y a 7 jours +2

    Hearing about the “plot” of this show makes me want to give myself a lobotomy

  • Pug Love
    Pug Love Il y a 10 jours +2

    I’m sorry jug head
    Proceeds to yeet himself out a window

  • Girlfriend
    Girlfriend Il y a 11 jours

    Pleeeeeease do a video about Disney's Stargirl. Please Please Please.

  • Addison Black
    Addison Black Il y a 12 jours +1

    First Season:OMG this is great and binge worthy!
    Second season:Ooh that’s cool!
    Third Season:hUh?!
    Fourth Season: Why do I even bother?😞😪🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Clar .a
    Clar .a Il y a 13 jours

    5:09 what is the thing she found??

  • Ni Vortex
    Ni Vortex Il y a 15 jours

    I can't stop laughing at the guy who jumped out the window

  • MJ Caboose
    MJ Caboose Il y a 16 jours

    Jughead’s teacher is Darth Maul

  • Charles Chungus
    Charles Chungus Il y a 16 jours

    Oh My Christ Riverdale, you destroy Alice! The one Parent in Riverdale who actually had brain cells to work with

  • Madelyn
    Madelyn Il y a 16 jours

    I honestly hope this show has at least 10 seasons. It's so absurd, I can't get enough.

  • GIOReEpnO
    GIOReEpnO Il y a 17 jours

    wtf is the devils tango???

  • Sans
    Sans Il y a 18 jours +3

    1.33: my grades

  • Caramel Cotton
    Caramel Cotton Il y a 19 jours

    I choke on my chocolate cake

  • Hamster Lord
    Hamster Lord Il y a 19 jours

    Why is nobody?...He created and sang a song of criticism about Riverdale.

  • Rachel is SWAG
    Rachel is SWAG Il y a 19 jours

    The funniest thing is no one hates riverdale more than lilli reinhart

  • Kathy Bibang
    Kathy Bibang Il y a 19 jours

    I stopped watching Riverdale in first part of season 3, It should’ve ended in the first season🙄

  • ariel armstrong
    ariel armstrong Il y a 20 jours

    this is by far the funniest video ive ever seen

  • Suçons
    Suçons Il y a 20 jours

    Wait so veronica gets off on her dads neglect?

  • Natalia Madison
    Natalia Madison Il y a 20 jours

    Cheryl's arc is ridiculous and it makes no sense, but it is surprisingly well-acted

  • Natalia Madison
    Natalia Madison Il y a 20 jours

    Pop tate over here by himself 😂 oh my god he said the truth lmao

  • rafick jarjous
    rafick jarjous Il y a 21 jour

    i dont have to watch the show if i watch your videos! 200000 iq , you perfectly explain everything in a very funny way which is why we all love ya !

  • Nicaninja
    Nicaninja Il y a 22 jours

    6:35 I think i died

  • GN Rashu
    GN Rashu Il y a 23 jours

    I bet Jughead's "death" is faked to get him out of the Secret Cult thing, but my knowledge of Riverdale is literally limited to your videos, so I could be wrong

  • Elisa Renggli
    Elisa Renggli Il y a 23 jours

    y’all remember when river dale was about jason

  • fagout100
    fagout100 Il y a 23 jours

    Alex. you better hope they don't cancel RiverDale is your bread and bnutter.

  • Edward Gil
    Edward Gil Il y a 23 jours

    Y'know... I hate that Jughead and Betty got together in the first place. But I respect the show for sticking with it and not doing any on-and-off, will-they-won't-they crap.

  • Lord Tubbington
    Lord Tubbington Il y a 24 jours

    Ok. I haven’t actually seen s4 yet, but didn’t go say that his dad dies or something in the midnight club episode?

  • Nerd And Geek
    Nerd And Geek Il y a 24 jours

    Uncle. The word you are looking for, it's UNCLE

  • Yamato no Ryuujin
    Yamato no Ryuujin Il y a 25 jours

    Why couldn’t Cole just play Archie I mean they already gave Archie’s detective story to freakin Jughead I feel like these Writers really just want to screw with the original Comic.

    JD EXPERT Il y a 25 jours

    You should start doing CW The Flash.

  • 1496blake
    1496blake Il y a 26 jours

    5:08 😂😂😂

  • •Strawbuwu•
    •Strawbuwu• Il y a 26 jours

    Is it wrong to like this show...

  • Fer Cárdenas
    Fer Cárdenas Il y a 26 jours

    You should see a series called 'This Is Us'. Soooo good, deep, life-problem-solving, time travelling, blowning-mind scenes and super good storyline.

  • noah thewright
    noah thewright Il y a 27 jours

    Why does river sale remind me so much of Harry Potter

  • Bailey Blank
    Bailey Blank Il y a 27 jours +1

    The first season of Riverdale was good but then it just got really bad. I don't watch it anymore.

  • Eli Martinez
    Eli Martinez Il y a 27 jours

    What was that item that bettys mom found?

  • Jackie Gacha
    Jackie Gacha Il y a 28 jours


  • Debosmita Pal
    Debosmita Pal Il y a 28 jours

    I don't watch Riverdale bt seriously at this point I thot Alex would have been immune to all the non sense.. I mean I am...

  • Cw fany SHOWS Edits
    Cw fany SHOWS Edits Il y a 28 jours

    Because it's has good ratings and haves over million people watching that's why

  • Project 2501
    Project 2501 Il y a 28 jours

    With the first episode of Riverdale season two I couldn't take the stupidity anymore. Shit show.

  • It’s a me Mario
    It’s a me Mario Il y a 29 jours

    1:33 ~ Well, huh.

  • Winter Rhino
    Winter Rhino Il y a mois

    Yeah I stopped after season 2. I could not keep up with it. Plot was boring.

  • Nik Tri
    Nik Tri Il y a mois

    Riverdale makes absolutely no sense and everything that can possibly happen to these characters will happen to these characters.
    ....And then there's Cheryl.

  • E W
    E W Il y a mois

    Alex! Please if you could make the 'Hurrrk' animation (just when jugg n betty say I missed you) into a shirt print? Me lub u lon time and I buy your merch. I make this noise and face everyday would be great to have a shirt to say it for me.

  • nab 6215
    nab 6215 Il y a mois

    I loved it when you left the world. Riverdale is from outer space.

  • Alan Tran
    Alan Tran Il y a mois

    I have a theory... The Riverdale world is going to shit because Sabrina is upsetting the balance of the world by becoming the queen of hell 🧐

  • sirmontyrock
    sirmontyrock Il y a mois

    Yeah, Riverdale is going downhill.

  • Blacksnowlilly101
    Blacksnowlilly101 Il y a mois

    I actually watched the 1st - 3rd seasons of Riverdale then watched this series but I faceplant just watching clips so...

    YOLO I'm gonna just watch this XD

  • gyeomiebearjohnny
    gyeomiebearjohnny Il y a mois +1

    what's with the obsession with incest?

  • gyeomiebearjohnny
    gyeomiebearjohnny Il y a mois

    even teen wolf wasn't this confusing and weird

  • some random girl
    some random girl Il y a mois

    no one:
    veronca: dada *-*

  • jose fernandez
    jose fernandez Il y a mois

    Bc it deserves to be.......

    EBRAHIM Il y a mois

    dude we all know this is the dumbest show ever made!!!!
    i mean really how is it going on really .... i mean what's wrong w the casts really
    R3d !!!! 16 yr old fucking superhero....piece of shit!!!!
    16 yr old running a fucking bar....
    it's just unspeakable.
    btw dude still u r really kind n soft on em

  • Gabby Wardlaw
    Gabby Wardlaw Il y a mois

    i loaf riverdale

  • Moon Wolfet
    Moon Wolfet Il y a mois

    This show gives me the vibes of Joanna Ceddia’s aunt’s brother’s pet snake’s babysitter’s 5th cousin’s little sister-in-law’s pet ant’s babysitter’s t-shirt’s Pop Tarts box.

  • Crazy_girl
    Crazy_girl Il y a mois

    Me: watches Video
    Also me: .... how does my sister like this show !!

  • Draq Nova
    Draq Nova Il y a mois

    They dragged poor Sam Witwer into this didn’t they

  • thepunocalypse
    thepunocalypse Il y a mois

    Everyone: "Where is this plot going?"
    Writers: 1:32

  • erin the egg
    erin the egg Il y a mois

    why do we even watch it anymore

  • PaulBeen
    PaulBeen Il y a mois

    That "STOOOOP" is perfect, Alex

  • The.Salty.Sarlacc
    The.Salty.Sarlacc Il y a mois

    Is this show an anime?

  • Trace C.
    Trace C. Il y a mois

    I feel sorry for everyone who watches Riverdale, especially Alex. 😂😂😂😂

  • Diseased Whale
    Diseased Whale Il y a mois +1


  • Alex Alvarez-Milch
    Alex Alvarez-Milch Il y a mois

    6:54 STOP!

  • broodingveil 803
    broodingveil 803 Il y a mois

    I'm glad I stopped at the Jughead episode and when Cheryl found out she had another brother phewww.

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Il y a mois +2

    That "wut" from planet Earth 😂😂😂

  • Ashleigh Rudd
    Ashleigh Rudd Il y a mois


  • Danni Katherine
    Danni Katherine Il y a mois

    Tbh, if your watching this show for anything other than to see what more crazy they can put in a season, then you're clearly watching Riverdale wrong!

  • Omega XD
    Omega XD Il y a mois +4

    Riverdale Producers: People HATE the show. WHAT SHOULD WE DO??
    Random dude: We could get Dylan
    Riverdale Producers: GOOD IDEA

  • De tv kantine Fragmenten


  • txlix _
    txlix _ Il y a mois +4


  • txlix _
    txlix _ Il y a mois +1

    the fact that alex’s “crazy prediction jokes” for riverdale actually make sense at this point is just

  • Dex Dizznee
    Dex Dizznee Il y a mois

    Pop Tate: Am I a joke 2 u?

  • Hugh Fraser
    Hugh Fraser Il y a mois

    Didn't realize that Riverdale was located in Alabama

  • Emily Mclean
    Emily Mclean Il y a mois +1

    My school is in a program called Quill & Scroll.. lmfao we have “Quill & Skull” I am in secret nerd society.

  • Kevin Rudd's Dirty Spud

    What the fuck is Cheryl's storyline. Like oh my fucking god.

  • Scoped Relic34
    Scoped Relic34 Il y a mois

    I agree with you, Riverdale is garbage