Shane’s Beauty Room Makeover Surprise!

  • Ajoutée 11 juin 2019
  • I hope you guys love how the room turned out as much as we do! Thank you Impressions Vanity for the beautiful mirrors! Check them out! (not sponsored)
    Rich lux's Lipstick (we Love it so muchhh)
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Commentaires • 21 367

  • new_number whodis
    new_number whodis Il y a jour

    I LOVE how Roland whole heartedly does things like this for Shane, supports him and is genuinely excited for him and his new journey in the make up world 😭 so cute

  • Lout mah2
    Lout mah2 Il y a jour

    Frick I missed the squad 😭

  • Danielle Tripoli
    Danielle Tripoli Il y a jour

    "Rich Lux, christen my beauty room." hahaha

  • Celestia Cox
    Celestia Cox Il y a jour

    ryland is so fucking good at designing

  • Shawna Durocher
    Shawna Durocher Il y a jour

    Shane’s skin is looking really good!!!!

  • Puff Belle
    Puff Belle Il y a jour

    10:20 minecraft music

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    李善德 Il y a jour

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  • natalie villa
    natalie villa Il y a jour

    every girls dream beauty room !! 😍😍

  • Marq G
    Marq G Il y a jour

    The fact that Shane has all that makeup!!!

  • Xochitl Gonzalez
    Xochitl Gonzalez Il y a jour

    Shane’s makeup is the makeup collection all beginners wish to have😂😍😭😍😭😍😭

  • Kris
    Kris Il y a jour

    23:42 I know it's stuff that hasn't been launched yet, but it totally looks like there are sex toys in that drawer. LOL

  • anjaf92
    anjaf92 Il y a jour

    Love how the room ended up! You did amazing Ryland!🥰❤️❤️

  • Ben Phillips
    Ben Phillips Il y a jour

    Y'all need Mr Kate!!!!
    Once she's off maternity ofc

  • Daniel Studart
    Daniel Studart Il y a jour

    Morgan is getting really unhealthy, you guys are not helping her by getting her to be okay with being this unhealthy.

  • n a m j o o n
    n a m j o o n Il y a jour

    damn morgan is getting thic

  • King Reaper
    King Reaper Il y a jour

    Me when I clean my room for once

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose Il y a jour

    saving all my money up to spend it all on shane’s makeup when it comes out😭😭😍💞

  • AstroCanceled Bean
    AstroCanceled Bean Il y a jour

    I think I’ve finally understand why Shane made such a big change when it comes to his interests. Just a year ago he said he hated wearing makeup after all. So I think this is his way of trying to hate himself less if he made a difference in his appearance.
    Ok Where’s my PHD in phycology?😂💀

  • Kaitlyn Elizabeth
    Kaitlyn Elizabeth Il y a jour

    Ryland is going to be such a good fucking husband and anyone who disagrees can eat it. This video was so cute and wholesome. My heart is fucking FULL.

  • Monica Yanza
    Monica Yanza Il y a jour

    I STAN a new shame but keep up the content

  • Serasesera
    Serasesera Il y a jour

    OMGodzilla!! That room came out so fricking amazing!

  • Arizona Knowles
    Arizona Knowles Il y a jour

    y'all should have a sign on the door that says "Shane's Beauty Guroom"

  • Shellie Newago
    Shellie Newago Il y a jour

    I'm excited to see your makeup and skincare videos Shane 😂 we both have super sensitive skin so I feel as though I will be able to find new products through you that dont trigger my skin

  • That_Lame_Girl 9000
    That_Lame_Girl 9000 Il y a jour

    Get yourself a Ryland ❤

  • michaela zelinová
    michaela zelinová Il y a jour

    You did an amazing job ❤️

  • Jeff Keil
    Jeff Keil Il y a jour

    I guess there are no more men in the world. Everybody has turned girly.

  • Laura Melgaard Bering
    Laura Melgaard Bering Il y a jour

    Please clean the mirror omg

  • jasper booth
    jasper booth Il y a jour

    That piggy bitch should be taking hooks to the face while sucking a prick off 😆

  • JesseDaveTV Official
    JesseDaveTV Official Il y a jour

    I’m so jelly! I wish I had everything handed to me on silver platter to help me become a success entrepreneur! He will be successful I am sure.

  • Bat Baby
    Bat Baby Il y a jour

    My dream is to one day have as much makeup as Shane

  • Chloe Miller
    Chloe Miller Il y a jour

    for a school project i named my island rylantis

  • Chloe Miller
    Chloe Miller Il y a jour

    best designer = ryland

  • Miss Jewells
    Miss Jewells Il y a jour

    I legit love the room, but I got legit Motion Sickness watching the video!! 🤢 lol

  • Autumn S
    Autumn S Il y a jour

    This was so sweet ❤

  • thejanaxax
    thejanaxax Il y a jour

    You should do more of these makeover videos! You’re really good at it.

  • Shannon Moorefield
    Shannon Moorefield Il y a jour

    Ryland you are AMAZING. You and Shane are soooooo good to each other. Hey... wanna come remodel my house? Just kidding. AWESOME job,great taste as well.

  • Rado Satur
    Rado Satur Il y a jour

    Toxic Shane and his rent boy have always wanted a TV career, but it's actually Morgan and her aircraft carrier sized ass who's going to hit it BIG! On "My 600-lb Life"...

  • Elsa Lillibridge
    Elsa Lillibridge Il y a jour

    love it!!
    awesome job!!!
    you deserve it Shane!!

  • Chloe Wiggins
    Chloe Wiggins Il y a jour +1

    Shane needs to do a give away
    Like if you agree

  • sonerscorner
    sonerscorner Il y a jour

    Shane walking into the room in a robe while cracking open a diet root beer is a mood.

  • Rado Satur
    Rado Satur Il y a jour

    Good to see this unemployable rentboy at least making himself useful around the house, even if it all is hopelessly below par...

  • Jenisis Love
    Jenisis Love Il y a jour

    Ryland this is awesome! You've done an amazing job! You should do more of this sort of content! 🥰🥰

  • sonerscorner
    sonerscorner Il y a jour

    Shane is launching his own beauty product? Whaaaaat?!

  • Rado Satur
    Rado Satur Il y a jour

    There appears to be a morbidly obese, severely brain damaged beached whale going by the name of "Morgan" in these videos... Why?

  • Kaitlyn Sutherland
    Kaitlyn Sutherland Il y a jour

    Love your room Shane well done to everyone who worked on it

  • hayden peebles
    hayden peebles Il y a jour

    i’m obsessed with them

  • Amie Carrere
    Amie Carrere Il y a jour

    DID AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • domonique casanova
    domonique casanova Il y a jour

    On another note help me out n subscribe 😂😂🎉

  • Rado Satur
    Rado Satur Il y a jour

    I'm just going to leave this here, because this pathetic shitshow doesn't even deserve an original comment:

    "Everyone need to stop trying SO. FUCKING. HARD. to make Shane "Beauty Guru" Dawson happen.
    It's less believable than a monkey dressing up as a prima ballerina and trying out for the principal role in Swan Lake.
    He is not and will never be one. Dear god I can smell him just by looking at him, and it's gnarly.
    What he actually needs in his house is a car wash to walk through on a daily basis, not a fecking beauty room for all that colourful facepainting crap he doesn't even give a shit about.

    So basically Shanes whole 'squad' is now just a Jeffree promo group. Cool.
    Also how stupid to so obviously disregard products just because they are from brands that Jeffree dont like, like hiding things, and Ryland saying "This is my favourite!" until Shane tells him "We don't like that brand". So fake.

    I wonder how Ryland will react when Shane has his following out with J*? He felt very protective over his J* bought face product in the video. I get the feeling the grown ass sugar baby is going to have a lot less Gucci once Shane moves on.

    The only good thing I can see coming out of this cash-grab of a makeup "guru" roleplay is shane maybe cleaning himself up more often?? Like he's seriously disgusting to look at, but maybe if he went a bit more into the beautuber role he'd have to shower and dress properly to maintain that new image of someone who cares about what they look like? IDK.

    The more I watch of Ryland the more I realize he is just a brand whore sugar baby."

  • AliGomie
    AliGomie Il y a jour

    Did he say where he go the mirror from??? I need to know so I can buy it lol

  • Brittany Merriman
    Brittany Merriman Il y a jour

    Wow u did this ryland it’s beautiful

  • Chelsea Joyner
    Chelsea Joyner Il y a jour

    I kept waiting for Jeffree to pop up somewhere

  • AliGomie
    AliGomie Il y a jour

    Ok but I LOVE the tan chairs

  • KasieJGaming
    KasieJGaming Il y a jour

    You took Andrew out of the thumbnail 😭

  • Hannah Spence
    Hannah Spence Il y a jour

    I wish Morgan was gay. Just another crush on a straight girl. wah.

  • Sonia Ortega
    Sonia Ortega Il y a jour

    I’m so mind fucked 😂 that was a huge transition you did a great job

  • gabrielle elizabeth
    gabrielle elizabeth Il y a jour

    and my friends think my 20 whole products is a lot

  •  Il y a jour +1

    this is so sweet and thoughtful and it just makes me happy (:
    also uhmm who even disliked this video??

  • Ninja Kellin
    Ninja Kellin Il y a jour

    Get Ryland a show on HGTV please

  • Sarah Grace Herring
    Sarah Grace Herring Il y a jour

    Didn’t realize how much I missed Shane until this video😭❤️❤️

  • Rosey Sbeve
    Rosey Sbeve Il y a jour

    When Shane picked the right person to be with

  • Gam3r Barbie
    Gam3r Barbie Il y a jour

    "you can do that on your own channel...?"
    Shane: "dont worry guys, i wont"

  • Amanda R
    Amanda R Il y a jour

    Is morgan getting bigger or is it just a bad photo? I swear she was smaller.

  • jenna m
    jenna m Il y a jour

    Oh he LOVE loves him

  • Stephanie Dias
    Stephanie Dias Il y a jour

    Omg Shane, I thought I had a lot of lipsticks!! Lol I’m so jealous

  • Rene’s Content
    Rene’s Content Il y a jour

    you have to name it the piggy pallet

  • Ruka Suna
    Ruka Suna Il y a jour

    Whoooaaa Shane looks so different o.o groomed looks good on Shane 🤘btw HE IS A GURU... guru of life

  • Stephanie Dias
    Stephanie Dias Il y a jour

    I need that avocado blanket!!! Where do you get it Ryland??

  • Emma Bolduc
    Emma Bolduc Il y a jour

    Can you donate the jefree star cosmetics concealer in shade C7 or C8 to this poor college student?

  • Danimara Makeup
    Danimara Makeup Il y a jour +1

    you did an amazing job ryland!! I wish you could decorate my beauty space 😂 this inspired me to redo mine

  • NerdiiSage
    NerdiiSage Il y a jour

    Me: has been doing my own makeup for 13 years. has one bag and one eyeshadow palette.
    Shane: ehhh I guess I’ll do makeup. Two months later has an entire store and is making a line.
    Me: WHY AM I POOR 😂

  • Brooke Williams
    Brooke Williams Il y a jour

    You need to redecorate my beauty space, damn!! Jealous!

  • Marys Vlogs
    Marys Vlogs Il y a jour

    Any video with Shane and Ryland in it hands down is amazing and better than everything.

  • Hannah Lightner
    Hannah Lightner Il y a jour


  • Tierany Schoenberner
    Tierany Schoenberner Il y a jour

    Honestly I would love to see a video of Shane reorganizing it!!

  • Cameron Jenkins
    Cameron Jenkins Il y a jour

    shane has more makeup in the past month than i’ve had in my entire life

  • Ashli Blasingame
    Ashli Blasingame Il y a jour

    You need to come to my beauty room and re do it you did such a good job u need a reward

  • Malia hbu
    Malia hbu Il y a jour

    andrew just being shook the whole reveal lolol

  • Krisley Hilera
    Krisley Hilera Il y a jour

    That was so sweet of him, it turned out perfectly! Like if i had a room like that i would never leave it haha

  • marni
    marni Il y a jour

    How many people thought of Roman holiday when he was measuring the room

  • Amelia Carey
    Amelia Carey Il y a jour +1éo.html

  • Bat613 Reborn
    Bat613 Reborn Il y a jour

    27:17 Shanay Nay resurrected?

  • Sabina Rodriguez
    Sabina Rodriguez Il y a jour

    You're such a talented designer! That's such a thoughtful thing to do for Shane

  • isaela Lopez
    isaela Lopez Il y a jour

    I will like to know where he buy the paperwall

  • heather moomaw
    heather moomaw Il y a jour +2

    when morgan said “⏳” i didn’t feel that because i’m “📦”

  • Ilovewaffles099
    Ilovewaffles099 Il y a jour

    i want that painting tbh

  • move I'm gay
    move I'm gay Il y a jour


  • Zoe T
    Zoe T Il y a jour

    mermaid of rylantis doesnt suit the room but oh well

  • Queen Serenity
    Queen Serenity Il y a jour

    Lmfao! That rich lux snip after he lit his candle 😂🤣

  • Sarai’s Random channel

    Shane’s gonna mess it up in 2 seconds 😂

  • Rainbow kittypals
    Rainbow kittypals Il y a jour


  • Elyse Marie
    Elyse Marie Il y a jour

    ummm can ryland redecorate my room

  • Helen K
    Helen K Il y a jour

    Shane’s skin looks sooo good!!!!’

  • Gerald Johnson
    Gerald Johnson Il y a jour

    You people??? Make real mankind look pretty Stupid, only you are the ones that look stupid, pull your head out of the dark hole that has you looking into your future of a dead life in Sin, God,(YEHOVAH) will forgive you if you ask His living Son, Jesus
    (Saviour) to open your eyes and think about what you are really doing to your life!!!

  • Hernandez Olivarez
    Hernandez Olivarez Il y a jour

    Also Shane did you wax your eyebrows?

  • Hernandez Olivarez
    Hernandez Olivarez Il y a jour

    Shane please send me some makeup I live in Texas. I’m poor but I’m also looking into becoming a beauty guru 😞

  • Hernandez Olivarez
    Hernandez Olivarez Il y a jour

    Remember when Shane helped Jeffree now it’s his turn LOL

  • Bernice Ayala
    Bernice Ayala Il y a jour

    I'm going to faint...what the heck? So many makeups
    Yup, this is wow
    I'm cosplayer, I do need makeup and this is amazinggggg

  • EquiiAngie
    EquiiAngie Il y a jour

    This was incredible! Inspires me to redo my room 😂😭

  • TheLoudMute
    TheLoudMute Il y a jour

    The husband and I are doing some stuff to our house and I'm in charge of the decorating. Thanks for some inspiration guys! :D WHOO