• Ajoutée 18 oct. 2019
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, Scream Team Promo
    - 91 ST Scream Aguero
    - 88 ST Scream Ibrahimovic
    - 88 CAM Scream Muller
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Commentaires • 418

    ALI SOLIMAN Il y a mois

    Packed Müller out of a two players pack

  • Dec Anderson
    Dec Anderson Il y a mois

    Anyone remember when nepethez was racist

  • ッLord539
    ッLord539 Il y a mois

    Anyone else notice that Jesus Navas had 99 stamina?? What a card that is. I might actually get him...

  • Himesh Nag
    Himesh Nag Il y a mois

    I thought you were aguero

  • Ryan Jackson
    Ryan Jackson Il y a mois

    Gonna unsubscribe soon if you keep saying hames ffs

  • Jamie
    Jamie Il y a mois

    91 rated Dries Mertens?!?!?

  • Lovish Gupta
    Lovish Gupta Il y a mois

    I pity people who ask u a out gameplay.... U and all fifa creators shd be banned.. U Hve spoiled fifa for players like us... I hope all teams move away from fifa..

  • tom kennedy
    tom kennedy Il y a mois

    I opened all these and I didn’t get anything

  • Oliver Watremetz
    Oliver Watremetz Il y a mois

    I'm sorry but milner has 99 penalties

  • Ziggy
    Ziggy Il y a mois +1

    I literally haven’t packed a player over 83 rated. Fuck EA.

  • ryanator_109
    ryanator_109 Il y a mois

    Hey Nep could you make a video on how to complete dzeko like you do for the weekly objectives!!

  • Eren Asal
    Eren Asal Il y a mois

    My friend did a sbc and got a rare mega pack, and inside was 91 scream aguero and 88 neuer, he made 1.7 million

  • matt B
    matt B Il y a mois

    Sounded like your dog was saying LETS GOOOOO

  • david diaper
    david diaper Il y a mois

    Hey Nep! How can we stop the guessing game that is shooting? Just had a FUT champs match i had 24 Shots 12 on target with Son and POTM Pukki against Gulacsi (Leipzig GK) and he had 4 shots 2 on target all with Coman against Alisson and he won 2-0. I could not have done more to score.

  • Swiftyxclan __
    Swiftyxclan __ Il y a mois +1

    Nepenthez talking about cancer
    Also nepenthez: this pack is so dead ☠️☠️

  • Brad Mihai
    Brad Mihai Il y a mois

    I always thought the most stupid humans on earth play shooters. But lately i understand they share that place with FUT players

  • Oliver Rickwood
    Oliver Rickwood Il y a mois

    Is epl english premier league

  • Joe Brion
    Joe Brion Il y a mois

    Done all the promo’s yesterday and got a couple IF’s for my troubles 😂 love it

    • Rodrigo Pereira
      Rodrigo Pereira Il y a mois

      Joe Brion if? I got like guys from galatasaray

  • Freddy Saliba
    Freddy Saliba Il y a mois

    I wish they did gk screams

  • Elliot Gregory
    Elliot Gregory Il y a mois

    I didn't even get a walkout from 10 Prime gold player packs, shocking game

  • Unknown Plays__
    Unknown Plays__ Il y a mois

    Whilst you packed a scream I packed messi and VVD >:(

  • Flatz_ Christus
    Flatz_ Christus Il y a mois

    My packluck is insane

  • Tim Beerens
    Tim Beerens Il y a mois

    Hames Milner realllyyy 😬😬

  • Stewart Gofford
    Stewart Gofford Il y a mois

    How is Ibra for you mate ?

  • Jacques Pienaar
    Jacques Pienaar Il y a mois

    Your mic gives some sound distortion, thought it was my headset but its your videos.

    YXNG SLAYER Il y a moiséo.html

  • Senonthon
    Senonthon Il y a mois

    Congrats on your no. 1 trending for gaming. You beat someone who has 12 million subs

  • sam anoniem
    sam anoniem Il y a mois

    Video begins at 10 minutes

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson Il y a mois

    Refs in this fifa are so broken

  • Alex Stobo
    Alex Stobo Il y a mois

    Tell me this, I did the Milner scream SBC and just out of curiosity I tried to send him on the transfer market. Guess what it worked 🤷🏻‍♂️ some glitch or what. His price was 9500-500k
    He sold instantly for 500k😳

  • Da cool One
    Da cool One Il y a mois


    UND34DGAMING! Il y a mois

    great pull dude so proud of what you doing for cancer with my parents both being diagnosed its a charity close to my heart

    INSANE FIFASKILLERZ120 Il y a mois +1

    Nep I haven’t been getting my rare gold packs every week from the ultimate edition pre-order have you and do you know why this is? Your a great FRclipr keep up the good stuff my man

    • IMJM06
      IMJM06 Il y a mois

      Put the code from the disk case into the store on Xbox/ps4

  • ClixYT
    ClixYT Il y a mois +1

    I really like your videos I find them enjoying but can someone pls sub to my channel pls

  • J1 •
    J1 • Il y a mois +1

    They’ve made a lot of unusable cards usable so fair play!

    ITSYABOYLEWIS_7 Il y a mois

    Bernard and Theo straight out wide

  • Antonios Harvey
    Antonios Harvey Il y a mois

    Wtf theses cards aren’t as good as last year I preferred the 99 stat ones

    👇like if u agree

  • meanwhileonplantzog
    meanwhileonplantzog Il y a mois

    Fucking game is destroyed by drop back,, fucking waste of time.

  • scott jones
    scott jones Il y a mois

    #1 on trading

  • The jammy Sloth
    The jammy Sloth Il y a mois +1

    Y u bulli toby :(

  • Felix Arzberger
    Felix Arzberger Il y a mois

    Harit is fucking OP

  • Jordan Wright
    Jordan Wright Il y a mois

    hey look everybody look what spending inordinate amounts of money gets you yay

  • william beck
    william beck Il y a mois

    I got ibrah in the Halloween sbc

  • Craazy
    Craazy Il y a mois

    Spent 50 bucks trying to pack someone and barley got anyone

  • Sirsanya Bandopadhyay
    Sirsanya Bandopadhyay Il y a mois

    Got 88 Scream IBRA & MODRIC in same Rare Electrum players Pack. My season is set now.éo.html

  • K85T
    K85T Il y a mois

    After each time that two of their stats get a crazy upgrade, those same stats get slightly better even after right?

  • Pranav Bhagwanani
    Pranav Bhagwanani Il y a mois

    Does the stat requirement apply to the base player card only? Does it ignore the chem style?

  • wertigo04
    wertigo04 Il y a mois +1

    Packed screamer aguero and cancelo im the same pack today from division 5 rewards. Sold aguero for 1.725m. Bought de gea, baby ferdinand, ramos, marcelo, kante, otw de jong, had mertens, kept cancelo, screamer bernard, packed rashford before and kept willian atm and currently have 170k what Rw should I buy nep?

  • Saj DjCobra
    Saj DjCobra Il y a mois

    Spent 12k fifa points not even a player over 83 😭

  • Mitchel K
    Mitchel K Il y a mois

    Spent about 30 pound got nothing until my last pack. Packed scream deli Ali in a 25k pack!!! Sold him for 400k 😛

  • Kapunology
    Kapunology Il y a mois

    I packed suarez and dembele in 1 pack. Both barcas. Both 75k sold each

  • UNR34L Gaming
    UNR34L Gaming Il y a mois

    Hands down the biggest nob on FRclip

  • Fat Zeus
    Fat Zeus Il y a mois +1

    Just packed scream sabitzer in untradable pack he’s worth 100k

  • WTF111
    WTF111 Il y a mois

    Shout out to mint hairdressers in Bournemouth

  • Haydn Slater
    Haydn Slater Il y a mois

    Packed Roy Keane out of one of these

  • Kyle Stephenson
    Kyle Stephenson Il y a mois

    Why he say Hamez Milner, Milner is english lol who else did that annoy

  • Ronald Reagan
    Ronald Reagan Il y a mois

    “If you want to stop racism stop talking about it”
    Morgan Freeman
    Something Fifa doesn’t understand

    ATES5MAN Il y a mois

    I dont care what u tell me nepp. When there are lot of players using stupid amound of money and not getting a shit and most of time u packing good players. This is not luck, this is extra bonus of luck to u from ea. Bro u r defently red listed shut ur mouth.

  • Ballnuts
    Ballnuts Il y a mois

    I packed messi and kdb today

  • Daniel Turner
    Daniel Turner Il y a mois