What is the Earth building!?

  • Ajoutée 30 sept. 2022
  • The Earth is afraid of the Sun's insanity... BUT he has an idea: to create a NEW SUN!!! Yeah... is that gonna work?
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Commentaires • 1 684

  • Jaraya Black

    I like how each episode is a continuous story from previous ones.

  • Penguino Presentations

    I love how Jupiter has been getting more attention lately

  • VariusMayhem

    I would love to see the planets discuss something like a Dyson Sphere, only to get anxious about Earth's humans getting that far and stripmining them for materials. 🤣

  • Karina See’s

    I love how this one and the previous one focus on Earth, Mars, and Venus’s sibling like relationship.

  • Sam-Miner

    i love how the moon is silent and yet they express intense emotion

  • UltraNovva

    Fun fact: You'd need around 80 Jupiters to make a Red Dwarf, but they're solar wind is more aggressive, and solar storms are much more common compared to our sun

  • Penguino
    Penguino  +421

    Previous Video,

  • Science Nerd

    Thank you Solar balls for the video. I had a really bad week this week as many people do too, but that's why I'm thanking you.

    CCABP  +132

    I would like to see more of these types of storyline’s, ones that span 2 videos. That concept actually works well for SolarBalls

  • Nick Roblox

    I love these so much! SolarBalls should have millions of subs!

  • Max Soal
    Max Soal  +18

    I love how hillarious yet esucational these series are 😂 keep it up

  • Nazare Andrei-Cristian

    Love the videos!

  • Over Moon
    Over Moon  +69

    excited for the new video!! from the looks of the thumbnail it looks like he is gonna use the entire asteriod belt to create a new sun

  • Sticks
    Sticks  +16

    This needs its own show🔥🔥

  • Kani
    Kani  +6

    I love these animation’s keep making it I enjoy it so much 😍☺️

  • Muhammad Izaz Pradipta

    The description says: "The Earth is afraid of the Sun's insanity... BUT he has an idea: to create a NEW SUN!!! Yeah... is that gonna work?" so earth is probably trying to make a new sun

  • RUGER5264

    Welp. I’ve binge watch all of the episodes. I WANT MORE!

  • Richard hoxha

    There should be a episode where Earth's moon meets Jupiter's moons since we don't realy get any episodes of the moons it would be a great way to show what they're doing

  • Astronaut Kazaplier

    I like how Jupiter appears, when Mars talks about a super massive planet.

  • Dream Cream

    I love Jupiter. He's just so wholesome.