Rammstein - Puppe (Live Video - 2019)

  • Ajoutée 7 août 2020
  • Welcome to Rammstein Live, by TheKeyboardfucker.
    Today's video : Puppe (Moscow 2019)
    This video is taken from my project "Feuer Im Stadion".

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  • A.
    A.  +466

    This song should be released as a single. Best song of the album. I can imagine how epic this musicvideo would be.

  • Pieter Goosen

    Everybody gives credit to Till for the way he sings this song and in the matter his voice change brings out the darkness of this song, but I think we have to also credit Paul & Richard's guitar work for making this song for what it is, their guitar work here is absolutely mind blowing. They set the tone for the song right from the start. Even if you don't know the lyrics and without Till singing, you know this song is really dark and disturbing by just listening to the guitarwork.

  • schpiedie
    schpiedie Il y a an +712

    This song is so dark an sinister. I listen to Rammstein since their first album but there is no other song as sad as this one.

  • AGreyDawn
    AGreyDawn Il y a an +947

    It's always amazing to think, in this crowd there are people who have never listened to or heard of this band before. They got dragged by some friend who had an extra ticket or asked out on a date and pretended to know who the band was and this is the first time they're hearing this music. This video from this exact performance included.

  • music4meh
    music4meh  +23

    Till's feeling for rythm is insane. There are so many examples of this, how he falls in with his vocals, always on time, it's fucking perfect. But pertaining to this clip, just look at the way he and Paul move from

  • Lee Sutton

    I saw them perform this last night in Cardiff and it was incredibly powerful, even though at the time I didn't understand the lyrics. After reading the translated lyrics and rewatching the performance, I'm even more disturbed by it. I love it

  • SeanB1009
    SeanB1009 Il y a an +298

    This has to be some of Tills best live singing

  • Dennis M.
    Dennis M.  +17

    In English:

  • Archmagos Dominus Belisarius Cawl

    Its so amazing that other bands get new members and say goodbye to old ones every year or month, and Rammstein has the same lineup since they started 😍

  • Matúš Chamko
    Matúš Chamko Il y a 2 ans +219

    Listening to Rammstein for almost 20 years. Love all of their albums and songs as well!!!

  • Alexander Docter

    My favorite song from this album. The rage is so overwhelming

  • Людмила Пасечник

    Живые концерты Рамштайна это целый спектакль,никогда не угадаешь что впереди ещё тебя ждёт!!!

  • Benny Wood

    From my personal experience of seeing this song live at Coventry Stadium this year, Ive always loved Rammstein but hadn't heard this song before, when those cannons went off it filled the air with honestly what looked liked locusts, combine that with the music It was an experience I will never forget ❤️

  • Karima Bikmametova

    Единственная песня у Раммов, которой мне не хочется подпевать и колбаситься, а хочется сесть в уголочке, обняв коленки, и смотреть в одну точку 😦😢

  • Анастасия Сверлова

    The guys just won’t get old. Even though I’ll rank Deutschland as the best on the new album, this one is GREAT!!! 👍 and it‘s not just another banger, you don’t need no drugs with them :)

  • Mari Mendes
    Mari Mendes Il y a an +235

    This album is great... I'd love to be there live. Amazing!

  • Hornbacher

    Mein Gott diese unglaubliche Power seiner Stimme während des Refrains... Gänsehaut.

  • Ya Not
    Ya Not  +9

    На концерте во Франкфурте было точь в точь все, только еще стало резко темно, а потом с подсветкой изо рта этой огромной головы вылетали мыши летучие. Прям на пару секунд реально страшно стало😂😂 красавцы, знают как удивить

  • NotSoDork
    NotSoDork Il y a an +74

    I was saying to myself that this baby carriage better start spitting flames and as expected Rammstein didn't disappoint.

  • Bill Indorf

    i saw this song performed live at Gillette stadium last week... hands down one of the TOP songs ever by Till... you can tell every bit of anguish in his voice... it's just absolutely brilliant wordplay... fucking awesome to see live!