New App Store Games #2 (iOS, iPadOS, tvOS & Mac)

  • Ajoutée 30 nov. 2019
  • New App Store Games from 24th-30 November!
    New App Store Games Playlist:
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    1 - Table Top Racing: World Tour
    Download on App Store ($4.99 USD):

    2 - Figment: Journey into the Mind
    Download FREE trial on App Store (Full game $4.99 USD):

    3 - Steven Universe: Unleash the Light
    Download on App Store (apart of Apple Arcade:)

    4 - King Tactics
    Download on App Store ($2.99 USD):

    Real Racing 3 updated to version 8!
    Download for FREE on App Store:
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Commentaires • 47

  • Eóin Fay
    Eóin Fay Il y a mois +10

    It's pronounced grand pree.

    • SoloNerfherder
      SoloNerfherder Il y a mois

      MrMacRight LOL, Maree me laugh hearing you keep saying Prix😁 What a buncha Prix! 😜
      Love the videos, just wondering are you doing your weekly Apple Arcade videos and app store videos into one thing? Would be nice to have even a short thing in the App Store video that highlights only what's new on Arcade, or just have a dedicated video for that.

    • MrMacRight
      MrMacRight  Il y a mois +3

      My bad!

  • Richard Walker
    Richard Walker Il y a mois

    Anybody help me. When I game on Mac with Boot Camp I just got one FPS I laggy

  • unitedsoftmedia
    unitedsoftmedia Il y a mois

    Thanks so much for the Shoutout MrMacRight! This is USM the publisher of King Tactics writing. We hope you've been enjoying playing the game and that you've been able to beat the later levels of the King Tactics as well! Additionally to the local multiplayer there is also online multiplayer in the game and just as an fyi the game is not iOS exclusive in case any lost android souls are stumbling on this video.
    See you around and have a nice day everyone!

  • JuicySaint
    JuicySaint Il y a mois

    How don't u have 1m subs yet?

  • dong horsestix
    dong horsestix Il y a mois

    how about this time making an best free games for mac os catalina it is because some games doesn't wok for my mac

  • p3chvog3l
    p3chvog3l Il y a mois

    Try my new games for iOS :) all for free

  • Hi-Fi Haven
    Hi-Fi Haven Il y a mois

    Thanks for another great video. I am going to have to check out some of these games. I will be playing on iPad, and my Apple TV 4k. I really liked how you pointed out controller supported games.

    • MrMacRight
      MrMacRight  Il y a mois

      Thank you. Many requested for me to take note of controller support for games :)

  • Mustafa Husham
    Mustafa Husham Il y a mois

    Keep up the great work ✊🏼

  • De Wereldreizigers
    De Wereldreizigers Il y a mois

    Thanks from a very happy subscriber!😃

  • Paul Fairgrieve
    Paul Fairgrieve Il y a mois

    Nice one Mr M
    Ima new Apple convert
    iPad Pro 11 inch 2018
    your videos help me
    Table top racing looks like I’ll be downloading
    I’ve got grid
    So real racing not so sure

    • Paul Fairgrieve
      Paul Fairgrieve Il y a mois

      MrMacRight thank you for your great iPad iOS videos
      Really made me choose an I pad pro
      I can now game in ultra at 120 FPS

    • MrMacRight
      MrMacRight  Il y a mois +1

      Thank you. I much prefer GRID than Real Racing too.

  • Larry Marvin
    Larry Marvin Il y a mois +1

    Thank you, again, for another one of these updates.

    LIL CRAPUF Il y a mois

    Keep making appstore game videos because i have steam on the new mac os and i cant play a handfull of games

  • Silver812
    Silver812 Il y a mois

    thanks for these videos man, I really enjoy them :)

  • Gustavo Parrado
    Gustavo Parrado Il y a mois

    Downloading Steven universe right now on my iPhone. Thanks

  • Abdul Arshath
    Abdul Arshath Il y a mois

    Great video...thank you

  • Lenny Face
    Lenny Face Il y a mois

    13th 😜
    Good videos! Always stay on the run for new games!
    Edit: I have a request for a new video. Try running Red Dead Redemption 2 on your Mac with bootcamp.

  • Glaucio Tavares
    Glaucio Tavares Il y a mois

    Firstly, thank you for your amazing videos, is always a pleasure to watch. Why the same game use to be more expensive on Mac App Store than iOS devices? Would be great if u could make a video about this topic.

    • Alan
      Alan Il y a mois

      Glaucio Tavares i think it is because mac has less players.

  • TJB 132
    TJB 132 Il y a mois +1

    Sorry I’m late but THANKS FOR FEATURING ME!
    Edit: Will u also show Steven Universe on the new New Apple Arcade Games episode?

    • MrMacRight
      MrMacRight  Il y a mois

      You're most welcome. Not sure when the next Apple Arcade games episode will be... as Apple are releasing the games very slowly now.

  • Monetize Bot
    Monetize Bot Il y a mois +1

    I would really love to see your recomendations to some reflex-fast thinking kind of games. I really recomend „Jumpgrid and „I‘am the ping pong king :)“ but sadly I cant find some more games like these two. I really love these two games and wish there were more that kind of games. Maybe you can find some kind of these games and put in it in a video. I would really love to it
    Btw. Good video

  • Me llaman Geek
    Me llaman Geek Il y a mois

    Love Your videos

  • Muhammad Amaar
    Muhammad Amaar Il y a mois


    • Muhammad Amaar
      Muhammad Amaar Il y a mois

      MrMacRight hi I am a big fan I can’t believe it that u replied to my comment and thanks 🙏🏻 for telling about the best games.U are the best and this is the first time that a celebrity replied to me I am very happy😃.

    • MrMacRight
      MrMacRight  Il y a mois


    GRATZ GAMING Il y a mois +1


  • Dustin Rhodes
    Dustin Rhodes Il y a mois

    I’m second, yay, awesome vid mrmacright good job!👍🏻😍

    GRATZ GAMING Il y a mois +1


  • DisplayaanKendov
    DisplayaanKendov Il y a mois

    ah yes the classic app store