Chris Martin surprising his daughter đŸ„ș

  • AjoutĂ©e 20 sept. 2022

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  • Bonnie Lass

    That's what as parents want kids. "The I love you Dad!" makes All the crap we go through behind the scenes worth it! It's amazing how it melts your heart. Love this story so pure.

  • Syed Zaidi

    that's a real Dad. I can see the real love and affection in his eyes as he telling the story. makes my eyes cry.

  • Pauline
    Pauline  +2

    We could tell how proud he is with his daughter and how much he loves her.

  • Meemee Zong

    The best part about this is, “My daughter works in a clothing store”. Good to know these celebrities are teaching their children to learn how to work and get a job like a normal person and not use their parents celebrity status to get ahead. Good for you Chris.

  • Airo
    Airo  +486

    They way his eyes lid up when he said “I’m so proud of her” đŸ„č

  • D Leung
    D Leung  +114

    This story just kept getting more and more wholesome 😭

  • Lemon Tea

    The way his eyes started to shine when he talked about his daughter, how happy he looked when he said she found a job, I will never know this from my parents, how does it feels to have such parent, very wholesome.

  • TravelWell

    😂 I can’t believe how much American English he had to use in one short story and how conscious he was to do it.

  • Mary Bell
    Mary Bell  +104

    He is one of the most famous musicians in the world and he loghts up with a simple ILY from her daughter and is so proud of her first job. Appreciate good parents!

  • Chips Fries

    He has a very soothing voice. He probably killed it in the lullaby game when she was a baby

  • Jasmine M
    Jasmine M  +50

    you can tell he's a genuinely nice person, he has such a good vibe about him

  • Al1
    Al1  +43

    Chris’s smile is like a little kid is so wholesome

  • Felina Fler

    Chris Martin gives a totally different vibe off stage... adorable as a dad, amazing as a performer!

  • May
    May  +63

    omg he has the sweetest soul ever.

  • Neal Golbin

    Hes so adorable. Always had a crush on him. Great dad makes him even more attractive. ❀

  • 666Etnies666

    His face when he said “I’m so proud of her” that was pure joy and pride! Lovely guy!!

  • E Ekiane
    E Ekiane  +88

    You can hear the love in his voice and his expression ❀❀❀

  • Kinga Gorko

    He is so down to Earth, I love this storyđŸ€©

  • grapes are purple

    Aww the ending was really cute. As a teenager, a lot of things are "embarrassing" and I love how even if she felt embarrassed she shouted "I love you dad".

  • Mystique Self-Care

    I watched this wayyyyy too many times now 😂😂 just for two parts 😅 1- when he says she’s 16 and it’s her first job and she’s making her way into the world đŸ˜ŠđŸ„°đŸ„° so heart warming nd joyous
 then the “I love you dad!” Took the cake cause those damn onions 🧅