How to Make Prosthetics at Home

  • Ajoutée 28 nov. 2018
  • Hey there!! Thanks for checking out my video today!! I really wanted to show you all a quick way that I make my prosthetics at home. This is a brush latex technique that is effective and easy to it doesn’t take a lot of expensive materials, which is always nice 😁
    Chavant Oil based Clay
    Basic Sculpting tools
    Balloon Latex
    Baby Powder
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    Credit: Green Screen edit pack
    FRclip channel- iSabrina
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    I'd love to try this, where can I get these items?

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      Oh yes I think Amazon has all the materials also 😁

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      @Crystallized I'll have to see about mail order, I'm in central New York

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      Awesome!! I get all my materials at Nigel’s Beauty in North Hollywood, they also have an FX department ❤️🙌🏼

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    this was easy and then u can do the makeup u want which went I thought u first time u had a scarf I was amazed how real it looked

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    Wow, this is super cool! I need to try this for my Halloween looks next year! Thanks for sharing!


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    You made it look so easy! Great job!!

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    This is so informative!! Looks very easy, I'm definitely going to try to do this thank you 👍

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      Thank you, I’m so happy it motivated u ❤️

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    i don't need this but I found it really interesting to see how u made this i watched the whole video, yes it was very easy #thumbsup