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Commentaires • 15 510

  • Noemi De La Torre
    Noemi De La Torre Il y a 12 jours

    I appreciate your doctor being so comforting for you but it’s not totally true. My body is strictly csection. I had a 13cm tumor in my uterus (i just had it removed, I’m fine) which weakened it so much that I don’t have a choice other than to not have kids. Having my stomach muscles sliced open and having 8+ week recovery absolutely was not my first choice but it’s fine, at least I can still have children.

  • Michelle Medina
    Michelle Medina Il y a 20 jours

    She talks wayyy too much!!!

  • Squirrel Mode
    Squirrel Mode Il y a 21 jour

    Are you guys sitting in the vehicle with the garage door closed?

  • William Estrada
    William Estrada Il y a 24 jours


  • digitaldirtnap1
    digitaldirtnap1 Il y a 25 jours

    I was gonna write... ya, les-bian....that got shot down quick.

  • digitaldirtnap1
    digitaldirtnap1 Il y a 25 jours

    Stop talking so fast chica

    MD. HUMAUN KABIR Il y a 26 jours

    what do you say

  • Monica Gallardo
    Monica Gallardo Il y a mois

    I also got induced at 39 weeks just because my doctor & I thought it would be best for my baby but while I was in labor my baby’s heart rate kept dropping with the pitocin! My baby’ didn’t like it 😔 they were getting ready to take me to an emergency c section pero gracias a dios it slowly started going back to normal and I was able to have him naturally 😭❤️

  • Star ⭐
    Star ⭐ Il y a mois

    Can you slow down. Ya talk hella fast

  • Eva-Marie Recollet
    Eva-Marie Recollet Il y a mois

    Someone tell me how to schedule a "Cesarean birth" because I didnt know this was a thing ??

  • cookie1lily
    cookie1lily Il y a mois

    I have 7 beautiful kids all were at 38-39nweeks except for my 7th 1 he waited 41 + 1 weeks my water broke at home but no contractions got to the hospital they started me on pitocin he is the second 1 to be on pitocin and those contractions with that make them hurt so much more but I did it with no pain meds for 6 of them the oldest 1 I did get pain meds. But I'm happy my baby boy is here.

  • Vanessa Santiago
    Vanessa Santiago Il y a mois

    Super proud of you Les! You kept saying “you suck at explaining yourself” but you actually were very clear on your birth plan and what you envisioned for YOUR experience. And clear on your boundaries.. that can be super hard to establish with families alone, Much less with a whole platform of people. You handle yourself well! Which is why you’re one of the few influencers I actually follow. I’m so happy for you guys! You did an amazing job mom! Best wishes for you Alex and baby Gael! He’s perfect BTW ♥️ 👶

  • Maria Life
    Maria Life Il y a mois

    Im finna get drunk until she posts a video 😒🙁 I’m so upset 😭 I want to see a video already 😤😐

  • Irene Gutierrez
    Irene Gutierrez Il y a mois

    patiently waiting for birth Vlog :-)

  • The Hernandez Crew
    The Hernandez Crew Il y a mois

    Here still waiting for you to upload
    Ya me aburi, aver a que horas!!!! 🥰

  • Maria R
    Maria R Il y a mois

    Omg I love your channel I cried when you cried and Gael is so beautiful❤️

  • blackwolf 44
    blackwolf 44 Il y a mois

    i hope it goes well doing natural
    and at least its a bit big baby and not a small one like i was
    i was born to early because the doctor my mother had was new to his job and forced my mother to have me to early and i was born underweight

  • Mara Rodriguez
    Mara Rodriguez Il y a mois

    So I’m 4’11 I’m super short . And when I was pregnant the whole time they told me he’d be 7 lbs . Which I was okay with . Also for some reason my Ob Gyn wouldn’t not allow me to get Induced he wanted the baby to come naturally which I totally hated because my husband is military and he was on his 10 day boot leave . So we had to go through a struggle to try and get this baby out because he was too comfortable and my husband actually left to his next training. Luckily I was able to make some calls and they got to him and they brought him back to me just in time for this baby to want to arrive . I gave birth at 40 weeks + 5 by which that point I was just ready . I was super big and super uncomfortable . So I went in August 18th at 4pm and had him at August 19th 8:24am . And it took me so long to push him out . I thought something was wrong with me because it took me 3 hours . Well the reason why it took me 3 hours was because he weighed 9lbs 4oz and he was 22 inches long . (His dads 6ft) . Keeep in mind I’m super petite at 4’11 but luckily had not complications . It was super hard and afterwards I felt like I had been hit by a trailer . It was the most sore I had ever been in my life . But yeah that’s my story lol .. it was a world of crazy and he’s still measuring at the 95th percentile in height . Not so much in weight it’s slowed down to 75% since he is walking and being more active . But I’m so happy you decided to do what’s best for your baby. Also I have a niece named Jael and every time I see your baby’s name it reminds me of her ! I love those names ! ❤️

  • Maria Narez
    Maria Narez Il y a mois

    Patiently waiting for the labor And delivery!!!! ❤️❤️

  • Anahi Garcia
    Anahi Garcia Il y a mois

    Girl!!! Lol my baby is 5 months right now but when I was pregnant they told me the baby was weighing 8 lb and 12 oz but when I gave birth my baby weighed 11 POUNDS AND 12 ounces! And yes I had to get a c section cause I wouldn’t dilate more than 7 cm .

  • Vianney Barraza
    Vianney Barraza Il y a mois


  • Harumi Amezcua
    Harumi Amezcua Il y a mois

    Girl u STRESSING too much!! Ur Dr was Obviously so OFF on the weight.

  • Jessica Trejo
    Jessica Trejo Il y a mois

    Hola les y Alex.. como estan como salio todo con el parto. Ya quiero conoser a su muñeco 🍼👼💙

  • Ana Ferman
    Ana Ferman Il y a mois

    Oh you know just here waiting for that labor and delivery video lol💁🏻‍♀️🥰

  • Sergio Gracia
    Sergio Gracia Il y a mois

    When are you uploading the video we all want to see it already 😍💙- Vanessa

  • Osiris Pineda
    Osiris Pineda Il y a mois

    Your lucky they gave you those options my baby weighed 10lbs and I went all the way to 42wand 5 days they didn’t want to induce me until they put me on the monitor and saw that my babies heart beat had stopped and picked back up again

  • Cin Dee
    Cin Dee Il y a mois

    Any update?

  • Tarah Jean
    Tarah Jean Il y a mois

    I'm dying to see this L&D!!!! HURRY UP WITH THE EDITING, ALEX!!!!!!! 😂❤

  • Ralphy_Tootie_Wavecreators

    Good morning Les and Alex, " I am praying you and your family. Praying and hoping you have a safe and sounds delivery. Check every day for update. God bless you, Alex, and Baby G".☝🙏💝

  • Irene PAntoja
    Irene PAntoja Il y a mois

    And he weighed 7.14Ibs

  • Lee lee
    Lee lee Il y a mois

    I’m so happy for you guys! God bless y’all! And baby G is soooo adorable!! ❤️

  • Yarely Flores
    Yarely Flores Il y a mois

    Patiently waiting for new video😭

  • Maria Aguilar
    Maria Aguilar Il y a mois

    When are u having your cute baby . i love u. You channel

  • jose BLENDZ
    jose BLENDZ Il y a mois

    Congrats on your baby boy!
    Triple G 🙌

  • kk pp
    kk pp Il y a mois

    Anyone else here waiting on the delivery vlog!!???!!

  • Sariah Jackson
    Sariah Jackson Il y a mois

    Hey hows baby

  • cxrrvption
    cxrrvption Il y a mois +2

    bruh she's so annoyingggg 💀💀

  • Luci Barrientos
    Luci Barrientos Il y a mois

    i was big for my size too, my belly was huge! i didn’t think he was going to be as big but he was 9lb 15oz! it was suppose to be natural, my doctor never mentioned a c section & i never ask for one because again i didn’t know my baby was going to be big. the day i was at the hospital the nurses & the doc told me it was just going to be natural so everything was normal so we just waited until my water broke.. it took later than expected so the doctor checked how much i was dilated after being in the hospital for more than 12 hours & she made my water break, after that we waited an hour to see if i felt him push down but nothing he was still up there literally not moving... so to not cause any complications she decided on a c section, i wasn’t ready or expecting one, i was scared at first but i honestly had the best support from my fiancé & the nurses. they did say i was going to lose a lot of blood so they order two bags & brought in other doctors specialized in that to keep a look out while they do the c section. it was painful & scary but it’s so worth it! i think about my delivery every single day & wish to go back. but anyways my baby boy was huge! but healthy!
    i’m so happy for you guys, you guys are blessed with a beautiful baby. 💙💙

  • liz yebra
    liz yebra Il y a mois +1

    Omg baby g is so cute😍 he was born dec 16 and weight 7 lb 15 oz

  • Marie Valenzuela
    Marie Valenzuela Il y a mois

    Your hunny reminds me of king lil G

  • Marie Valenzuela
    Marie Valenzuela Il y a mois

    Only god knows what’s best for you

  • Marie Valenzuela
    Marie Valenzuela Il y a mois

    Do what’s best for you & baby G

  • Marie Valenzuela
    Marie Valenzuela Il y a mois

    I’ve had 5 c-section babygirl

  • Tiffany Garzaxo
    Tiffany Garzaxo Il y a mois +6

    Who else just saw gael on her Instagram?💕😍

  • Nikkiee Acosta
    Nikkiee Acosta Il y a mois

    Re watching you old videos patiently waiting for your new baby delivery video🥺🥺🥺

  • Aleida Trevino
    Aleida Trevino Il y a mois

    Nada más te asustan my primer baby was 9 pounds no medicine natural si se puede

  • Monce Xoxo
    Monce Xoxo Il y a mois

    Declaro en el nombre de Dios que ese bebe va naser sin nungun problema, No tengas miedo babygirl. Todo va estar bien. ❤

  • Lulue
    Lulue Il y a mois


  • Lorena Bejaran
    Lorena Bejaran Il y a mois

    Awe you are such a beautiful person may your family always be blessed ❤️

  • Stephanie Romero
    Stephanie Romero Il y a mois

    Omg post the video of baby g please and the birth video !! 😊🙏 we want to see baby G

  • Maritza Limon
    Maritza Limon Il y a mois +4

    Im patiently waiting for the labor and delivery video😭❤️

  • MT R
    MT R Il y a mois

    Updated it's been to long hope tomorrow is the day like my birthday...... best wishes girl!

  • Yasmin Hernandez
    Yasmin Hernandez Il y a mois

    Congratulations Less & Alex ❤

  • Brittany Ramirez
    Brittany Ramirez Il y a mois

    Pretty ❤️

  • James Kruse
    James Kruse Il y a mois

    Have u had the baby

  • Elena Nunez
    Elena Nunez Il y a mois

    We love you Les! Dios tiene control!

  • Sanjuanita Bravo
    Sanjuanita Bravo Il y a mois

    Ya mire a Alex passing out..

  • Felicia Valencia
    Felicia Valencia Il y a mois

    1.1 mill 👥👥👀

  • K C
    K C Il y a mois +6

    I feel like your pregnancy went by sooo fast!! I remember when you surprised Alex you were pregnant with his shoe box lol 😆😊

  • Miriam J Huerta
    Miriam J Huerta Il y a mois

    Here just waiting for a video to come up ! 😫