PLAYING A PRO IN CHAMPS!!! ULTIMATE RTG #31 - FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road to Glory

  • Ajoutée 20 oct. 2019
  • FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road to Glory
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Commentaires • 179

  • Fuji
    Fuji  Il y a mois +54

    ONE LAST PUSH!!!!!!!

    • Svetoslav Dechev
      Svetoslav Dechev Il y a mois

      What's next? 5 min episode?

    • Marko Radovanovic
      Marko Radovanovic Il y a mois

      8:55 u need to do ball roll at these type situations

    • TheBourbonArmy 1
      TheBourbonArmy 1 Il y a mois

      Fuji can u do like a full settings video so like custom tactics and camera angle ?

    • RCT Bloggsss
      RCT Bloggsss Il y a mois

      Fuji I was 17-2,... now 17-5!

  • preston northey
    preston northey Il y a mois

    he's aint bad its you he's broken on this game

  • Luis Martínez
    Luis Martínez Il y a mois

    Golovkin is overrated Fuji

  • Haberdon
    Haberdon Il y a mois

    I got 10-20 beautiful aint it

  • Zico Don
    Zico Don Il y a mois +1

    eder milly tayo

  • Joseph Abiodun
    Joseph Abiodun Il y a mois

    I got lenglet in the scream packs and he is 100k

  • Personifizierte Relevanz
    Personifizierte Relevanz Il y a mois +2

    "LIGA ÜN" please pronounce Ligue 1 properly, it triggers so much.

  • Brian Canales
    Brian Canales Il y a mois

    Yesterday I packed SCREAM Aguero & SCREAM Otamendi through my Gold 1 Squad Battle rewards💰 Absolutely sold both players💵 Its on my I.G story for proof 😁

  • Frank Daniele
    Frank Daniele Il y a mois

    was watching your stream late, cos I live in Australia, noticed that felipe anderson seems a bit slow, try out get someone like ousmane dembele in, and try get Mertens

  • Athletic Excellence
    Athletic Excellence Il y a mois

    12-17 🤢🤢🤢🤢 I’m so bad this year 😂

  • Osa Igbinovia
    Osa Igbinovia Il y a mois +1

    its pronounced osi-men

  • Evan Dipasquale
    Evan Dipasquale Il y a mois

    Those icon swap objectives are a luxury compared to doing the dzeko objectives. I tried and gave up after losing 5 rivals games straight and making zero progress on any of the segments. Lol

  • Hadrien C
    Hadrien C Il y a mois

    Fuji you gotta stop calling osimhen « osiehn »

  • TGD - FIFA
    TGD - FIFA Il y a mois

    Bakayoko is quality in this years game

  • Alex Iley
    Alex Iley Il y a mois

    For that first sbc you could use all bronze instead of a full gold team 😅

  • Craig
    Craig Il y a mois

    This gameplay is the same as what I get along with poor responsiveness I can’t cope 😂

  • Aaron Curtis
    Aaron Curtis Il y a mois

    yo fuji...its osimhen bruh not osian.LOL

  • thatchillkid07
    thatchillkid07 Il y a mois

    So I’ve completed all 12 icon swap objectives and I want to know when the other objectives are going to be released

  • Logan Naquin
    Logan Naquin Il y a mois

    I’ve straight up gone 7-23 this weekend league I’m about done with this game I’m trash

    • ibrah Kande
      ibrah Kande Il y a mois

      And the game also fucked you a bit.

  • Guillermo Zaina
    Guillermo Zaina Il y a mois

    Conection in south america sucks big time, still playing rivals to qualify, it's disgusting

  • V 4lpha V
    V 4lpha V Il y a mois

    I just packed Bernard

  • Oliver Solberg
    Oliver Solberg Il y a mois +4

    You need to see runthefutmarkets video fuj, I’m pretty sure you would be a big target for the sniping discord’s. Keep up the great work!

  • N0t Harry
    N0t Harry Il y a mois

    Am I the only one who pissed themselves at 12:56

  • JW989
    JW989 Il y a mois +1

    GHOSTROBOT26 playing like a pathetic virgin. Playing a full team against someone doing objectives, gets lucky and shushes you on every goal. Complete douche

  • rubenccnv
    rubenccnv Il y a mois +1

    Who should i buy van basten 89 or crespo 87?? Lmk Fuji

  • nicklas thrysøe
    nicklas thrysøe Il y a mois

    Fuji, my Ligue one squad is shit to...

  • Jack Mounsor
    Jack Mounsor Il y a mois

    I finished 23-5, so pleased

  • Keegan Watt
    Keegan Watt Il y a mois

    I finished good 2 17-13

  • ZNR Plays
    ZNR Plays Il y a mois +1

    Pin This if you love ur subs Fuji also wish u best of luck to get to 500k subs! #ThroughThickandThin

  • Toffe
    Toffe Il y a mois +3

    Osihen is class, 9 goals in 5 games for me

    • Toffe
      Toffe Il y a mois

      XxExtreme PlayerXx yeah he is quite poor on the ball, but he is so clinical and fast and quite strong aswell

    • XxExtreme PlayerXx
      XxExtreme PlayerXx Il y a mois

      didn't like him on the ball

    • XxExtreme PlayerXx
      XxExtreme PlayerXx Il y a mois

      He was a waste of coins for me lol

  • FC Symezzo
    FC Symezzo Il y a mois

    Bernard is trash ‼️‼️‼️

  • Eske Esketiititiitt
    Eske Esketiititiitt Il y a mois

    i love how i did ligue 1 with worse side than yours in div 5 with only 3 games

  • Dad to glory
    Dad to glory Il y a mois

    I did the new sbcs for very cheap and got some cheeky packs on my Dad to glory channel nice

  • Addison Post
    Addison Post Il y a mois +1

    19 wins and 11 loses

  • Hamza Khan
    Hamza Khan Il y a mois

    This games bullshit, i was 10-5 and now ive ended up 11-10 and my passing i so shit

  • Ashley Edwards
    Ashley Edwards Il y a mois

    Camera angle and height please?

  • Edvin Behn
    Edvin Behn Il y a mois

    Who should i buy as a CAM in a 4231, Lucas or Firmino

    L.D BEATZ Il y a mois

    With the Ligue 1 objective inform Benedetto is insane he helped me through it

  • nadeem hoque
    nadeem hoque Il y a mois

    Camera settinngs

  • Mark Larsen Nassif
    Mark Larsen Nassif Il y a mois

    any good formations you can recommend?

  • ItsJust Muz
    ItsJust Muz Il y a mois

    I did dzeko he’s a absolute beast

    • Connor Axon
      Connor Axon Il y a mois

      Agree, shoot near the box and it's in

  • KB
    KB Il y a mois

    Finished this weekend on 14-7 don't have time to finish my games. I am so sad as it is my best champs run so far

  • Louis Davies
    Louis Davies Il y a mois +1

    I always seem to get to the final third lose it get countered I try and do the same stuff as u like strafe dribbling but I always seem to lose it any help?

    • Jimmy Race
      Jimmy Race Il y a mois

      I've started using the L2 R2 a lot more as I abused the L1 too much.
      Helps you turn with closer control

    • Louis Davies
      Louis Davies Il y a mois

      He isn't gonna answer

    • xAndreas
      xAndreas Il y a mois

      Commenting if he answers

  • Cameron Cruickshank
    Cameron Cruickshank Il y a mois

    omg seriiously stop doing that with your hands

  • Oscar Buck
    Oscar Buck Il y a mois +1

    It’s osimhen not osian

  • TheLionSaidMeow
    TheLionSaidMeow Il y a mois +5

    If you haven't already, Dembele is an absolute God!

    • TheLionSaidMeow
      TheLionSaidMeow Il y a mois

      @Bilal Majid Yup, that's my front 3. Martial, Ben Yedder and Dembele.

    • Tunined
      Tunined Il y a mois

      @Bilal Majid Ben yedder is the goat.. should be getting an inform this week as well

    • Kai
      Kai Il y a mois

      @Frank Daniele he didnt like Lucas's finishing when he first tried him but now he does so its worth trying dembele out again

    • Frank Daniele
      Frank Daniele Il y a mois

      @Bilal Majid Try out sterling best player Ive used tied with lucas moura, both players are similar to dembele

    • Bilal Majid
      Bilal Majid Il y a mois

      TheLionSaidMeow his finishing is so much better than he it says also have I tried Ben yedder he actually got icon stats if you check his in game and plays so smooth

  • Brandon Guerrero
    Brandon Guerrero Il y a mois

    I'll glad I didn't buy fifa 20 the gameplay looks horrible

  • Mark Blacoe
    Mark Blacoe Il y a mois

    That looked like standard fifa 20 gameplay to me. Maybe it’s having a shit team. The bouncing through tackles happens to me every single game. Almost broke my controller with the bs last night

  • Hafeez Imran
    Hafeez Imran Il y a mois

    18-4 in my first wl since fifa 18

  • T4 Tomster
    T4 Tomster Il y a mois

    U should try fabinho

  • XX LilYisus XX
    XX LilYisus XX Il y a mois

    I finish my fut champions 3-27

  • Charlie Sullivan
    Charlie Sullivan Il y a mois +9

    The ligue 1 team was the hardest but once I brought in Osimhen he made all the runs and he was never gonna miss. Fuj it’s the gameplay, it’s felt crap all weekend trust me the guy is op

  • Lucas Peres
    Lucas Peres Il y a mois

    That pukki blinders was toxic asf

  • Ned Lee
    Ned Lee Il y a mois

    What badge do u use? it looks sick! keep up the good work love your vids

  • Fifa_harry29
    Fifa_harry29 Il y a mois

    Has any one got any tips for overplaying

  • Freddie Smith
    Freddie Smith Il y a mois

    What camera do u play on ??

  • Damy HD
    Damy HD Il y a mois +2

    packed Varane from zombies sbc!!!

  • Brandon Francis
    Brandon Francis Il y a mois

    The ligue 1 team took me so long to do for some reason and I went down 1 division while doing it

  • Shafi BinFaisal
    Shafi BinFaisal Il y a mois


  • Ian Ames
    Ian Ames Il y a mois

    Osi the 🐐🇳🇬🐐🇳🇬🐐! Come on Fuji!