My Response To The Copystrike Allegations / PewDiePie / Dark Side Of Pokimane

  • Ajoutée 13 janv. 2019
  • Hey guys! I hope this video helps clear things up about the copystrike drama, as well as the other recent videos made about me. I think it's important to own up to my mistakes, but also defend myself when need be. I appreciate those who watch the video in its entirety and thank you to anyone who's been kind / constructive about the situation and those who have patiently waited for a response. 😀
    PewDiePie's video:éo.html
    Dark Side Of Pokimane:éo.html
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Commentaires • 27 951

  • Pokimane
    Pokimane  Il y a 8 mois +3872

    Hey all, I see a lot of people talking about watching videos on stream and hypocrisy regarding that, I wanted to say I am almost always commentating / reacting to stuff when I watch it on stream (if anything my chat says I talk too much during it LOL). There’s some short clips that try to make it look like I just let videos play but I rarely ever do that, and will continue to do my best to add value to the content that I react to.
    You can watch a good example of what I’m like when I watch/react to things on stream by watching the video I posted right before this. Hopefully you can all do your research and form your own opinion. Cheers ❤️

    • JasonIsSo ProudOfYou
      JasonIsSo ProudOfYou Il y a 27 jours


    • stani iliev
      stani iliev Il y a mois

      At least you have more integrity than the others

    • Ny theFry
      Ny theFry Il y a mois

      RisingAssassinFN Do you still happen to be a guy and are you so happen to be over the age of 30 if so then Please leave the video

    • Ny theFry
      Ny theFry Il y a mois

      Big Jake-O ok in that case that means that they can all Sue her

  • Munkrano
    Munkrano Il y a 2 jours

    shut up stupid twitch hot of shit

  • knowledgeiskey0110
    knowledgeiskey0110 Il y a 7 jours

    Disabled likes/unlikes .. how scummy

  • Hola123
    Hola123 Il y a 11 jours

    I want to hatefuck her so bad lads

  • peru ubillos
    peru ubillos Il y a 11 jours

    This shit hurted my brain

  • Jake B
    Jake B Il y a 12 jours

    "My mom doesnt like seeing it on youtube" you are a fucking ADULT. If mama can't handle that move back in baby girl. My mom didn't like learning when I was fucking but now we talk about our relationships together, its called being a fucking grown up 😑

  • Samuel Fournier
    Samuel Fournier Il y a 14 jours

    No mercy

  • SoulsGG
    SoulsGG Il y a 16 jours

    I don’t really dislike you ( I don’t Watch your streams) You seem like an okay person . But what you did was overkill. You could have asked the guy about deleting the video.

  • Fillet O Shit
    Fillet O Shit Il y a 16 jours

    I always knew there was something off about her. My brother tried to make me like her, but I just couldn't. This was when she was playing LoL.

  • GamingWithWolfy 1223
    GamingWithWolfy 1223 Il y a 18 jours

    Gotta live how she didnt kiss her cat at the beginning :)

  • SG55HA TM
    SG55HA TM Il y a 18 jours +2

    She said sorry and she didn't blame anyone or shift blame she took the blame Why is everybody mad?

    • SG55HA TM
      SG55HA TM Il y a 15 jours

      @GravityStrike987 what do you mean i heard her say shes sorry

    • GravityStrike987
      GravityStrike987 Il y a 15 jours

      Because it is apparently hard for her to apologize. Just say sorry and agree you’re in the wrong. She just wants to prove she did nothing wrong, which she obviously did do something wrong.

  • Josh Allison
    Josh Allison Il y a 19 jours

    The like to dislike ratio on this vid is hilarious

  • Wandering Coconut
    Wandering Coconut Il y a 19 jours

    Whoever did your Botox did a beautiful job. Your forehead is perfection lmao. Not one wrinkle at anyyy face you make

  • Trinity 99
    Trinity 99 Il y a 25 jours

    You had no legal right lol fucking admit your mistake

  • sir diddles
    sir diddles Il y a 27 jours

    What was the point of this. Damn twitch thots

    WINDEX ORIGINAL Il y a 29 jours

    pokimane bad keemstar gud

  • Dan Marave
    Dan Marave Il y a mois

    Wait what did she do wrong actually can someone clarify?

  • SrLemo
    SrLemo Il y a mois +1

    Jesus Christ everyone is such a dickhead

  • foxy foxy
    foxy foxy Il y a mois


  • Nanjing Mapping
    Nanjing Mapping Il y a mois

    False DMCA claims are illegal

  • Nanjing Mapping
    Nanjing Mapping Il y a mois +2

    Wait please forgive me don't copyright me.

  • captain kiddd
    captain kiddd Il y a mois +1

    No look we all still don’t like you but you are a big bad of FRclip how did you get this many subs oh right there all Pity subs also the cuts make me know it was a script srry not all of us have pity

  • Deez PG
    Deez PG Il y a mois


  • mj jm
    mj jm Il y a mois

    You queer

  • mj jm
    mj jm Il y a mois +2

    No one gives a fuck. I hope you die

  • Javier Sandoval
    Javier Sandoval Il y a mois +1

    FUck you

  • RLG
    RLG Il y a mois +1

    I love how she cut out fainted’s points so she seems innocent

  • Faze Kid TSB
    Faze Kid TSB Il y a mois +4

    Wow pokimane you said the n word now this oh my god👎🏼



  • Aryan Kumar Singh
    Aryan Kumar Singh Il y a mois

    Well this is not apologising 😂😂

  • CGZ_Banana
    CGZ_Banana Il y a mois +3

    And now Fainted is gone. Poki can you help support him in getting his channel back?

  • Jayden Johnson
    Jayden Johnson Il y a mois +3

    Die in a fucking fire please

  • Franklin Zhu
    Franklin Zhu Il y a mois +3

    Gross titles are called misleading content. Viewers report that crap, you don't strike them for it. And why the hell would you strike a video with TWEETS in it? Avoiding people's righteousness (Fainted, PewDiePie) instead of just apologizing for it just made your whole audience turn against you. Congratulations. Never even watched your content, luckily I never did.

  • David Csiki
    David Csiki Il y a mois +5

    Tbh James Charles did a better apology video then this...actually this isn't even an apology video or a response...just a sugarcoated "F*ck you, but have a nice day". S H A M E O N Y O U

    • mynameiscontrary
      mynameiscontrary Il y a mois

      Hey shut the fuck up motherfuckers you all don't know shit

  • WombleCracker
    WombleCracker Il y a mois +3

    Shut the fuck up stop playing victim

  • Terpo 90
    Terpo 90 Il y a mois


  • His I am jeff
    His I am jeff Il y a mois +2

    That Check she got.

  • Blitz Lazerboi
    Blitz Lazerboi Il y a mois +2

    Bro I feel like If I have a argument with her shell delete my chanel. I call this abusing power

  • Arusuto96
    Arusuto96 Il y a mois +2

    If I had a dollar for every time you copystriked someone's channel I would have a fucking vault

  • Quantityx4
    Quantityx4 Il y a mois +2

    Oh and u cut the vid immediately before the barfing noises were made

  • masterprime 101
    masterprime 101 Il y a mois

    Decode this if you
    !\?,@$$ ;[÷

  • JcGoCrazy
    JcGoCrazy Il y a mois +2

    For all of the white knights out here defending Poki when she is clearly in the wrong and can’t even apologize, shes not gonna bang you, so stop trying

  • CloudySuperStorm CSS
    CloudySuperStorm CSS Il y a mois

    I know they think its wrong but poki im on your side

  • Bino
    Bino Il y a mois +1

    This isn't an apology

  • zion chan
    zion chan Il y a mois +1

    2:04 lol did u open the drawer and then close it and kept recordning

  • interesting girlwithglasses

    You cut out some of fainteds words he didint( 6:21)

  • Rєαpєr
    Rєαpєr Il y a mois +1

    I think it’s alright to give copyright strikes to videos that harasses you, but it isn’t alright to take down all the videos of just moments about you. Anime artists can’t fucking get married from hours of work. And all that quality fucking work gets posted and moments of anime get posted on FRclip. Shitheads be getting views out of that.

  • Death Lord
    Death Lord Il y a mois +1

    Poki pls admit that you are mess up person

  • Jaden Weddington
    Jaden Weddington Il y a mois +1

    U suc at lying cause fainted said more than that and u cant say u didn't make fun of him when u did also u do take down videos all the time

  • Surajit Saha
    Surajit Saha Il y a mois +2

    She knew that she cant fight with pew.Thats why she fell back to safe zone

  • XxZoomxX 316
    XxZoomxX 316 Il y a mois


  • SandyWandy
    SandyWandy Il y a mois +1

    And also the only reason she said subscribe to pewdiepie is to stop his fans from absolutely tearing her to little bits

  • SandyWandy
    SandyWandy Il y a mois +2

    She cut the dark side of pokimane video to disprove the mans point. And then acting like it was ok to do it

  • John Paul Balisado
    John Paul Balisado Il y a mois +2

    You are infuriating as all hell! You cannot take criticism at all!

  • Brandon Samaroo
    Brandon Samaroo Il y a mois +1

    just fuck off and apoligize to that guy u exposed

  • Brandon Samaroo
    Brandon Samaroo Il y a mois

    its ok the pediepie fans are already here

  • Ny theFry
    Ny theFry Il y a mois +9

    All cap No cap We need to put this thing back in area 51

  • northern Dale
    northern Dale Il y a mois

    Your bad dont hate dark side of you its ture

  • triplesunn
    triplesunn Il y a mois

    its sad that she still has a ad on this video when fainted talked about the ads during someone elses videos.

  • cloudy_memez
    cloudy_memez Il y a mois +1

    I feel like you still do this I don’t watch your streams at all mainly because they’re absolute garbage.