BTS (방탄소년단) 'Not Today' Official MV (Choreography Version)

  • Ajoutée 26 févr. 2017
  • BTS (방탄소년단) 'Not Today' Official MV (Choreography Version)

    Music video credits:
    Music Video by GDW
    Choreography & performance direction: Sungdeuk Son
    Choreography by: Keone Madrid

    BigHit Entertainment. All rights reserved.
    Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws.
    Manufactured by BigHit Entertainment, Seoul, Korea

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Commentaires • 35 493

  • Slime D
    Slime D Il y a jour

    Ааааа я втюрилась

  • Mamatha Sandesh
    Mamatha Sandesh Il y a 2 jours +1


  • Nurfarhana So FarAway
    Nurfarhana So FarAway Il y a 2 jours

    That's it, ARMY+BTS!!!

  • Sugar Coated Yoongi
    Sugar Coated Yoongi Il y a 2 jours

    I didn't know this exist omggg

  • Kpop Music
    Kpop Music Il y a 2 jours

    Great music

  • Yanelbys 17
    Yanelbys 17 Il y a 2 jours

    17 M

  • Jung Kook
    Jung Kook Il y a 2 jours

    You know what’s heartbreaking? I usually recognize the era out of their outfits but like jin‘s outfit was so unknown for me till I saw pictures and this video

  • Jung Kook
    Jung Kook Il y a 2 jours

    But like namjoon‘s purple hair owned this era

  • M ulas
    M ulas Il y a 3 jours


  • Rukhsana Tariq
    Rukhsana Tariq Il y a 3 jours

    I just love Jungkook's voice when he says "Chong , Jojun ,Balsa"

  • Priyani Deori
    Priyani Deori Il y a 4 jours +1

    BTS: Armys atleast take a rest..You didn't sleep after stre77ing..

  • Monie kawaii
    Monie kawaii Il y a 4 jours


  • bts army
    bts army Il y a 4 jours +1

    Who is here?
    [1 like = 1 person]

  • Mohamed Hammami
    Mohamed Hammami Il y a 5 jours +1

    مين عم يشاهد بعد أغنية boy with love

  • Lulu BangtanGirl
    Lulu BangtanGirl Il y a 5 jours +1

    No Not today💘💘💘

  • Ranee
    Ranee Il y a 5 jours

    I live for Tae's look in this era.

  • kashiichan m
    kashiichan m Il y a 5 jours

    "crow tits" ?? XD;;;;;

  • Red Raven
    Red Raven Il y a 5 jours +1

    *Not Today will forever remain superior*

  • cammibannani xd
    cammibannani xd Il y a 5 jours +1

    I think I know why bighit put Jin in a Waldo costume....

    He is so hard to find because he is always in the back!!!!!

  • Bir Tha
    Bir Tha Il y a 5 jours

    Am i th only one playing spot the Lee Know?

  • Tika Sari
    Tika Sari Il y a 5 jours

    Omg Jiminn...

  • Fatima_ Fa97821
    Fatima_ Fa97821 Il y a 6 jours +1

    Yt: *Delete 10M vi3es*

  • Adora Isha
    Adora Isha Il y a 6 jours +3

    This songs never gets old

    TAEHYUNGS JAMS Il y a 6 jours +2

    Back after boy with luv

  • Thiên Vi Lãnh
    Thiên Vi Lãnh Il y a 6 jours +1

    Boy with luv: I'll go to 100M today
    YT: no, not not today

  • Bangtan Oho
    Bangtan Oho Il y a 6 jours

    after boy with luv

  • Night Wish
    Night Wish Il y a 6 jours

    Sizi çoook seviyorum

  • Jing Jacob
    Jing Jacob Il y a 6 jours

    Just passing by because YT deleted 10M from Boy with Luv. Gotta try harder again..

    ARMY BLINK Il y a 6 jours

    Bighit: knew you want this

  • Tasya Lamatenggo
    Tasya Lamatenggo Il y a 6 jours +3


  • Aulya Shabrina
    Aulya Shabrina Il y a 6 jours

    love it so muchhhh

  • Angel Panis
    Angel Panis Il y a 6 jours

    'KNEW YOU WANT THIS' everyone!

  • cherlee patcher
    cherlee patcher Il y a 6 jours +1

    Found out this only after *BOY WITH LUV* WHTS RONG WIT MEH

  • Iyanne Alexa Apanay
    Iyanne Alexa Apanay Il y a 6 jours +1

    'KNEW U WANT THIS' 🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏💜💜Well done BIGHIT

  • Davina nazwa
    Davina nazwa Il y a 6 jours

    Indomy : come to indonesia please
    Bts : Not,not today

  • Acy Arctic
    Acy Arctic Il y a 6 jours

    Lol I got jungshook when I saw that "knew u want this". Is Bighit some kind of physic now? Hahaha lol

  • YINES __
    YINES __ Il y a 6 jours

    *mom I miss this era so much :(*

  • xingou
    xingou Il y a 6 jours

    I can't remember if I saw this when it came out or not. I can't believe I would forget something this epic!

  • An Lương Thanh
    An Lương Thanh Il y a 6 jours

    I love it, how can it be sooo good!!

  • ash
    ash Il y a 6 jours +1


  • Pokemon Hack
    Pokemon Hack Il y a 6 jours +1

    muito lindos

  • Shyne P.
    Shyne P. Il y a 7 jours

    i remember crying bc i cant see jin twas before back in the old days

  • Thúy Nguyễn Thị
    Thúy Nguyễn Thị Il y a 7 jours +1

    After such a long time, this tune still amazes me♡

  • Angela Landa Valdez
    Angela Landa Valdez Il y a 7 jours


  • Angela Landa Valdez
    Angela Landa Valdez Il y a 7 jours +1

    ¿Quien esta aqui despues de Boy With Luv?

  • Lovely Ness
    Lovely Ness Il y a 7 jours


  • Amee Nanie Lanuza Furio
    Amee Nanie Lanuza Furio Il y a 7 jours +6

    Who here is str3amlng Boy With Luv and alternating it with other BTS videos like this one? Fighting!

    • 팬걸민윤기
      팬걸민윤기 Il y a 6 jours

      Amee Nanie Lanuza Furio and its already 84M VIEEEWWSS

  • Jungkook Oopa
    Jungkook Oopa Il y a 7 jours +1

    Not today

  • Ly Nguyen
    Ly Nguyen Il y a 7 jours +1

    I love you bts

  • 라첼
    라첼 Il y a 7 jours

    이예에에ㅔ에~낫투 데이~

  • Rush Ind
    Rush Ind Il y a 7 jours

    Cool dance

  • Kookmin's Fairy Under The Moonlight

    i was like why is the video too long then i ended up saying "Gago" while laughing

  • park jimin park
    park jimin park Il y a 7 jours +1

    Bts bts bts 😘😘😘😘😘

  • Meryem Turgut
    Meryem Turgut Il y a 7 jours


  • kevin Alarcón Goler
    kevin Alarcón Goler Il y a 8 jours

    Es lo mejor😍😍😍

  • Manish Dasgupta
    Manish Dasgupta Il y a 8 jours +1

    Bighit knows what we want. But we also want more lines for jin oppa.

  • тэ тэ
    тэ тэ Il y a 8 jours

    2019... мы всё ещё ждём, когда настанет "сегодня"
    и вы скажите нам ыздрабствуйте
    мы реально ждём
    бигхит, ну пожалуйста? у меня тряслись колени, когда я смотрела запись концерта, этого, чёрт возьми, недостаточно

  • Why Are Men?
    Why Are Men? Il y a 8 jours

    Tae should have BEEN in the dance line tbh. He really did the damn thing here.

  • laxmi sardar
    laxmi sardar Il y a 9 jours +3

    Ok in this choreography video I found Jin for a sec unlike the original mv😅
    Our worldwide handsome guy😍💜

  • Luna 08 Luna 08
    Luna 08 Luna 08 Il y a 9 jours +1

    2:18 jimin trying to be a zombie.

  • Jesy Nelson
    Jesy Nelson Il y a 9 jours +3

    Well,Bighit knows what he knows

  • Maxpein Lhor
    Maxpein Lhor Il y a 10 jours +2

    me: where's jin line? big hit do something
    BTS: not today

  • Maxpein Lhor
    Maxpein Lhor Il y a 10 jours

    jin lines where are you??😢

  • gina nabila
    gina nabila Il y a 10 jours

    *2019* uwuuu

  • Siena Gu
    Siena Gu Il y a 10 jours

    got my eyes searching for Jin like wat

  • Oana Caty23
    Oana Caty23 Il y a 11 jours

    7:38 just look at Kook and Suga and you will see their ice breath omg i totally think that there was very boys UwU i am proud of you all

  • نسمة حزن
    نسمة حزن Il y a 11 jours

    Army Arab

  • Ayana Prakash
    Ayana Prakash Il y a 11 jours

    2019 anyone???

  • Yufie _v
    Yufie _v Il y a 11 jours

    Not today 💜

  • Cake
    Cake Il y a 11 jours +1

    UWU yoongi

    BTS NEWS CR Il y a 12 jours +2

    In the thumbnail they look like the mattel versions

  • Robert Riku
    Robert Riku Il y a 12 jours +2

    *This & Mic Drop Hairstyle is the BEST Hairstyle of V* He looks Damn Handsome ....
    DNA was the WORST

    • Red Raven
      Red Raven Il y a 3 jours

      I don't know. For me DNA hair suited Taetae the best, but that's just opinions

    • Robert Riku
      Robert Riku Il y a 4 jours +2

      Red Raven
      Naa... Maximum people don't think that .. actually DNA was worst in terms of looks for all the members...
      *Fake Love and BST was the best*
      And V's Not today and Mic Drop with bandana

    • Red Raven
      Red Raven Il y a 5 jours

      Why? DNA hair suited him so much

  • Lulian Camilly
    Lulian Camilly Il y a 12 jours +1


    Kook...jungkook meu utt

  • the none sense sisters
    the none sense sisters Il y a 12 jours

    I can watch this 1000 times and not get tired

  • Chubby Suga
    Chubby Suga Il y a 12 jours

    Is it me or RM looked so pretty in there! 😍😍

  • Аденбек Фирдаус

    I love BTS

  • Julianne ChoiKim
    Julianne ChoiKim Il y a 13 jours

    2019 ? 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • محمد
    محمد Il y a 13 jours


  • Princess KG
    Princess KG Il y a 14 jours

    N a m j o o n
    A n d
    P u r p l e
    H a i r

  • Dayana Desire Sánchez Amaya

    like si eres ARMY de corazón siq eu te gusten las coreografias de BTS

  • Rina Kamila
    Rina Kamila Il y a 15 jours +1

    Whats the difference between loop 1 and loop 2?

  • Ange LoveBuilo
    Ange LoveBuilo Il y a 15 jours


  • Lv.199 댬슐
    Lv.199 댬슐 Il y a 15 jours

    2:30 총주준 발싸

  • Riyj
    Riyj Il y a 15 jours


  • Wahyuni mulfand
    Wahyuni mulfand Il y a 15 jours

    BTS will BTS will always be in the hearts of the army

  • nha hô
    nha hô Il y a 15 jours

    I love they dance

  • Ami Nizaliloh
    Ami Nizaliloh Il y a 15 jours

    1:14 new dance line already formed since early 2017

  • JungJung MinLee
    JungJung MinLee Il y a 16 jours

    Why am I watching this in a pool im-

  • Stine Van de Putte
    Stine Van de Putte Il y a 16 jours

    I love BTS and the backup dancers!! especially Lee Minho/ Lee Know from Stray Kids!!!!!!!!

  • kim taehyung owo
    kim taehyung owo Il y a 16 jours

    i libe for how cute jimin runs at 1:11 UWU

  • Patricia Merces
    Patricia Merces Il y a 16 jours

    vamos bota pra subir

  • Jazmin Ochoa
    Jazmin Ochoa Il y a 17 jours


    LOS AMO 💕

  • قنات ميوش
    قنات ميوش Il y a 17 jours

    مين عربي أو كردي

  • ارمي مستأذبة
    ارمي مستأذبة Il y a 17 jours


  • Prim Assavaniwest
    Prim Assavaniwest Il y a 17 jours +1

    Suga is like Kumamong hahaha

  • Alina 9
    Alina 9 Il y a 17 jours

    Army, lo*k at the DNA! Need to overt*ke BP! S*ream the DNA clip !!!

  • Hee JOY
    Hee JOY Il y a 17 jours

    이거 원래 이 버전에.. 뮤비가 두 번 나왔음..???? 나 왜 이제 알았어??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Jeon Jungkookie
    Jeon Jungkookie Il y a 17 jours

    Bro: hey unnie what the namjesus are u doing?
    Meh: U shut up and join me pray at Namjesus so Jin can have more FREAKING LINES. I DIDNT EVEN HEARD HIS VOICE LIKE *bai just search for yoongi cursing jhope ;)*

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips Il y a 17 jours

    Siempre que escucho esto me dan ganas de entrar a la guerra xdxd

  • yeybish
    yeybish Il y a 17 jours

    4:07 knew u want this haha