DO TEENS KNOW 2000s MUSIC? (REACT: Do They Know It?)

  • Ajoutée 7 avril 2016
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    The teens give their reaction to hearing popular 2000s Music, but do they know the songs?
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Commentaires • 10 345

  • Holly Smith
    Holly Smith Il y a 2 ans +112

    Omg when he said this song is so old Avril Lavigne Complicated..... he made me feel old. I remember when this song first came out

  • madheadmadDAZ
    madheadmadDAZ Il y a 2 ans +4


  • DisasterWarning
    DisasterWarning Il y a 3 ans +5086

    He said by Beyonces group! Lmao they might as well have been called that!

    MADISON SCHICKER Il y a 3 ans +10

    4:02 -Totally Agree-

  • Johnny martinez
    Johnny martinez Il y a 3 ans +6

    5:40 in most racing games lol

  • PrototypedEli II
    PrototypedEli II Il y a 3 ans +8

    do a do they know 70s music and make one of the songs staying alive, it was made in 1977

  • Jessica K
    Jessica K Il y a 3 ans +209

    Do "Do they know ANIME OPENINGS?" Please?

  • Metalhead999
    Metalhead999 Il y a 3 ans +36

    Why Isn't 'DMX-X Gon' Give It To Ya' Here?

  • Esparza512
    Esparza512 Il y a 3 ans +385

    Dude said Linkin Park for Nickelback... Smh

  • luis duran
    luis duran Il y a 3 ans +25

    in 8:25 that song they represents my school bulldogs lol

  • Pizzapopcandy Girl
    Pizzapopcandy Girl Il y a 3 ans +34

    I love Avril lavigne

  • Bobguy255
    Bobguy255 Il y a 3 ans +7

    Teens play fallout 1

  • Lucy L
    Lucy L Il y a 3 ans +10

    2003 kids where you at !?

  • Zzz
    Zzz Il y a 3 ans +1457

    This stressed me out so much! Im younger than all of these and knew all of this! Omg

  • Bibi Hood
    Bibi Hood Il y a 3 ans +90

    I was born in 98, which means I was really young during the 2000's and I still remember most of these songs and I know the artists so it's kinds surprising how so many of the kids in the video didn't. Maybe the fact that I have an older sister made me more familiar to music?

  • Martin The Martian R.
    Martin The Martian R. Il y a 3 ans +35

    Where are the 1999 kids at?¿

  • taylor kennedy
    taylor kennedy Il y a 3 ans +3

    lmao i'm so young. any other 2000 babies?

  • Sergio Soto
    Sergio Soto Il y a 3 ans +43

    Can you guys put teens to react to skillet please

  • LostInADaydreamxxx
    LostInADaydreamxxx Il y a 3 ans +3344

    I'm the same age as them and I have no idea how they didn't know all the songs and who sang them.

  • Jesus Barrera
    Jesus Barrera Il y a 3 ans +313

    Who overeacted when who let the dogs out by bahamen?

  • cabat
    cabat Il y a 3 ans +1


  • Arish P
    Arish P Il y a 3 ans +101

    kids these days....

  • Zoie Sellers
    Zoie Sellers Il y a 3 ans +214

    Do an Elders React to The 1975 please!

    • Als G
      Als G Il y a 3 ans +8


  • NeXoSs-_X
    NeXoSs-_X Il y a 3 ans +2

    why they didn't put gangsta paradise

  • Molly Carol
    Molly Carol Il y a 3 ans +1

    Chop suie song I knew because my dad it's really intense

  • Lilly Sinnot
    Lilly Sinnot Il y a 3 ans +1

    I want 1000 likes please

  • spacedad
    spacedad Il y a 3 ans +7215

    These kids are so embarrassing

  • Tazification
    Tazification Il y a 3 ans +42

    Watching this makes me feel so old....
    I'm only 20 fml

  • blue kryptonite
    blue kryptonite Il y a 3 ans +2907

    "It sound like my mom when she is angry"

  • Moustashlyn
    Moustashlyn Il y a 3 ans +24

    Haha it actually is my birthday😹😹

  • ClassifiedBOOTY
    ClassifiedBOOTY Il y a 3 ans +7

    I'm 12 and know all of it

  • HighlandCutty
    HighlandCutty Il y a 3 ans +3569

    so much nostalgia im getting chills haha

  • Tia dee
    Tia dee Il y a 3 ans +284

    omg i knew all these songs

  • LameBostonian
    LameBostonian Il y a 3 ans +7

    Do they know disco

  • kostas Tsiamperas
    kostas Tsiamperas Il y a 3 ans +3

    is it taylor swift ?
    no no no

  • Moesha Brand
    Moesha Brand Il y a 3 ans +17

    I know all of these

  • Julia Oborska
    Julia Oborska Il y a 3 ans +432


  • Chad Bishop
    Chad Bishop Il y a 3 ans +5

    oh my goodness these kids

  • ben clarke
    ben clarke Il y a 3 ans +53

    homie said snoop dog

  • 10 hour 10 minute
    10 hour 10 minute Il y a 3 ans +16540

    "Avril Lavigne."

  • DahzConcepts
    DahzConcepts Il y a 3 ans +71

    Wow no sum41

  • jong1210
    jong1210 Il y a 3 ans

    react to 500 mile!

  • Rick Canty
    Rick Canty Il y a 3 ans +1933

    Where was 1,2 step by Ciara?

  • ELFarah | @siwonvoice
    ELFarah | @siwonvoice Il y a 3 ans +2477

    Avril Lavigne 💕

  • sheila 58
    sheila 58 Il y a 3 ans +75


  • Rafi Manzur
    Rafi Manzur Il y a 3 ans +48

    The nostalgia is real.

  • Arielle Victoria Wood
    Arielle Victoria Wood Il y a 3 ans +206

    As someone born in 1991 I would have to have lived under a hole not to know these

  • xRay
    xRay Il y a 3 ans +92

    When she says she's pregnant @ 4:00

  • ShakSterTV
    ShakSterTV Il y a 3 ans +62

    This was awesome

  • xfrenz93x
    xfrenz93x Il y a 3 ans +386

    I screamed when Chop Suey came on.

  • timdella92
    timdella92 Il y a 3 ans +28

    I was born in 92 but I think I'm a 2000's kid coz I know so little about the 90s but this one, very spot on!

  • Amber David
    Amber David Il y a 3 ans +138

    Okay respect for putting chop suey in here that is my song 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • Yolanda Stargaze
    Yolanda Stargaze Il y a 3 ans

    Do they know Kpop songs?

  • me_ ugh
    me_ ugh Il y a 3 ans

    I do still love the videos though.😊

  • DudeSerious777
    DudeSerious777 Il y a 3 ans +24

    Who else had T-Pains "Buy You A Drank" bump in 5th Grade..

  • Julia Watkins
    Julia Watkins Il y a 3 ans +2

    do does teens know 70's music 😻

  • Grass Worm
    Grass Worm Il y a 3 ans +59

    Do one with Paramore

  • Daniel Knox
    Daniel Knox Il y a 3 ans +1

    what you guys should do next is do teens know 90s rnb or 2000s rnb

  • Asia
    Asia Il y a 3 ans +1

    Why does that one guy look like sgcbarbarian

  • Aya
    Aya Il y a 3 ans +9080

    Hardcore= Sk8r boi?