Just One Question: Star Wars Edition

  • Ajoutée 14 déc. 2019
  • Director J.J. Abrams and the cast of "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" take time out of their busy movie junket to answer questions from the staff at The Late Show. #Colbert #StarWars #RiseOfSkywalker
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Commentaires • 437

  • Simon Belanger
    Simon Belanger Il y a 7 heures

    RIP Jim Anchorton/Gary Nanafanafoferry

  • kerryav
    kerryav Il y a 9 jours

    Anyone who refers to Jedi as wizards really doesn’t understand SW. No wonder the new trilogy was trash.

    • kerryav
      kerryav Il y a 9 jours

      It’s like one of those summaries told by children yet they’re adults. Unreal. You’re ruining the franchise.

  • kerryav
    kerryav Il y a 9 jours

    Pretty terrible.
    Hope ppl know the audience gets cued to laugh.

  • hoylemd
    hoylemd Il y a 13 jours

    RIP Tibadoo

  • Hobbs LockPickerofThievishBookSmarts

    Hey, man, fiction is an old drug from the Middle Ages. It's an insanity. It only leads to more and harder fiction. Oh, and on "The Bible," why don't you just do your chores for once? You aren't dying just yet, unless brain plasticity out of whack is a form of death. Is it?

  • Barbara Bryon Wisdom
    Barbara Bryon Wisdom Il y a 24 jours

    Ooohh Billy Dee Williams looks great!!

  • CheeseDip
    CheeseDip Il y a 24 jours +2

    why is that lady wrapping a pumpkin in wrapping paper?

  • Yogesh Paudel
    Yogesh Paudel Il y a 27 jours


  • Star Butterfly
    Star Butterfly Il y a 27 jours +1

    Anyone who hasn't seen Star Wars at all, you're an endangered species!

  • Noah Cohen
    Noah Cohen Il y a mois

    this is so unfunny

  • jaaa17
    jaaa17 Il y a mois +1

    I have one questions for jj:

  • RatedZeus
    RatedZeus Il y a mois

    How do I know this is a fake interview...………………….. Someone asking for Rose actress' signature.

  • Mares Fillies
    Mares Fillies Il y a mois

    Yup incest in Star Wars xD

  • Kevin Royal
    Kevin Royal Il y a mois

    JJ and Disney have ruined Star Wars. Episodes 7 & 8 were crap. Terrible cinematography, dialogue, and a fixation with generated computer graphics, and terrible close ups. I remember ep. 8 being a majority of close up shots. They really messed up the boldness and genuine quality of the original trilogy. Also, the script is simply derivative and lacking the imagination necessary to deliver a performance worthy of the Star Wars Franchise.

  • Sophie P.
    Sophie P. Il y a mois +2

    "I am the guy who plays POO"

  • Caterfree10
    Caterfree10 Il y a mois +1

    That’s the best summary of Star Wars I’ve ever heard and I love everybody involved.

  • CommonSense8102
    CommonSense8102 Il y a mois

    J.J. shows such hate and disrespect for the Prequels. It's pretty disappointing. But then again, he did make 2 of the worst Star Wars movies, and is responsible for this mess of a trilogy that has allowed actual Star Wars fans to realize how great the Prequels really are.
    Thanks J.J.! Not for making great films, but for showing everyone how much better the Prequels are compared to your movies.
    "Ok so we'll make another Death Star, only this time, it'll be a planet! But it'll also be easier to blow up than the original Death Star. Yeah, that's a fucking great idea. I'm a genius"

  • Eldexo
    Eldexo Il y a mois

    I would not expect to say this, but Daisy Ridley seems nice and intelligent here.

    • Jules
      Jules Il y a mois

      Because she is?

  • Telly Vin-a
    Telly Vin-a Il y a mois +1

    that was a perfect description of episodes 1 to 8

  • Ascender
    Ascender Il y a mois


  • Adam Burdick
    Adam Burdick Il y a mois +4

    JJ to everyone before the interviews, "No one remind them of Jar Jar."

  • Cole Edits
    Cole Edits Il y a mois +1

    That actually made me spit out my drink HOW DID THE AUDIENCE NOT LAUGH AT THAT LOUDER?!😂😂😂

  • Red Hunteur
    Red Hunteur Il y a mois

    Harrison Ford: I killed four men in Okinawa.
    Oscar Isaac: W.W. Two.
    Harrison Ford: And that was two weeks ago. The point is, this is a very demanding job.
    Oscar Isaac: Yes.

  • Alyssa Torres
    Alyssa Torres Il y a mois

    2:23 lmao 🤣 I would ask the same! Lol I want a baby yoda soooooo bad!!!!

  • Jacob Zondag
    Jacob Zondag Il y a mois

    I have a question: "Are they finally done?"

  • w3t80y123
    w3t80y123 Il y a mois

    why no midichlorians?? no respect for Lucas

  • MarySuzy Perla
    MarySuzy Perla Il y a mois +2

    That was a cruel joke about John T.

  • Sinister Cinema Reviews

    Who are Rey’s parents? They are nobody. Junkers. We already know this. This isn’t a lie. Ugh. Let it go.

  • jfkdotcom
    jfkdotcom Il y a mois

    its too bad jj just now was briefed on the story of star wars...

  • Simon Kendra
    Simon Kendra Il y a mois

    this was pathetic and not funny... or maybe i don't get american humor anymore.

  • Dragomir Marinov
    Dragomir Marinov Il y a mois +24

    For a second I took the "In Memoriam" seriously.

  • Tom SK
    Tom SK Il y a mois +2

    These scripted "interviews" feel forced and trying too hard.

  • JayCzzzYa
    JayCzzzYa Il y a mois

    Wait, Jim Anchorton died? How?!

  • Daya Singh
    Daya Singh Il y a mois

    What’s really stupid is those stupid actors think they made a good career choice doing this shit hahaha!

  • Potion Seller
    Potion Seller Il y a mois

    Wow this was so bad. It almost seems ironic, but the tone is hard to interpret

  • Graf Zorba
    Graf Zorba Il y a mois +1

    this *isnt* star wars, morons, and neither are these teenage actors part of the stars wars legacy. for fucks sake, do i have to explain everything

  • Luu Sapphire
    Luu Sapphire Il y a mois

    Yeah! Fuck Midichlorians!!!
    And this video is the closest thing I'll have to seeing Rose use a lightsaber.

  • jpdemer5
    jpdemer5 Il y a mois +1

    Never, ever actually think about the overall plot.

  • R Ehalt
    R Ehalt Il y a mois

    You guys could've warned us about spoilers... I wasn't really sure how the trade agreement would go.

  • mev202
    mev202 Il y a mois

    American audiences clap and cheer at the opening of a packet of crisps, the reaction when Stephen says "Star was ....etc." Says it all. It's been ruined and really everyone is just waiting to see what pointless things are in it just to sell more toys.

  • Grumpy Viking
    Grumpy Viking Il y a mois

    20th?? lol poor americans I'm going on the 18th!

  • Glen Strong
    Glen Strong Il y a mois

    I really like your monologue, and some of your segments, but, some are rediculous, and not in a good or funny way. (And everything doesn't need to be a segment, or subsegment) Just one question would be good, if you had your people just ask a question. Not this scripted back and forth, IT'S NOT FUNNY. Usually there some funny stars you're asking questions of, and you could even script SOME funny questions, but scripted replies, and force choking and... not funny. Could've been a great segment.

  • W P
    W P Il y a mois +2

    3-CPO reveal woot

  • Jussi Raitoniemi
    Jussi Raitoniemi Il y a mois

    "original saga"

  • discipleofsakura
    discipleofsakura Il y a mois +2

    Nooooo! They killed Jim Anchorton! Nooooooooooo!

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M Il y a mois

    Its jokey but not funny. I was interested in actual star wars questions and this seemed like it was making star wars into a joke. Missed the mark. Did not like.

  • siniaura
    siniaura Il y a mois +4

    Thank God John Thibodeaux is really alive..that end really scared me. Not fun!

  • maroeatsbabies
    maroeatsbabies Il y a mois

    Casually wrapping a pumpkin

  • Jane Clark
    Jane Clark Il y a mois


  • geniusfool the irrefutable

    You're excited, Stephen? Somehow, when you're saying it, your face says otherwise.

  • T3RRY
    T3RRY Il y a mois

    01:16 Ummm....?

  • Il Giallo
    Il Giallo Il y a mois

    I mean yeah that's the simple Star wars Story , and that recap is what holliwood feels like in these years , just explanation and plain simple story, I mean doing dumb thing for dumb people is probabily the best way to make money , except some dumb people likestar wars fan want to feel something watching the film and not having all explained , u know we like to dream , and even at 28 yo I still like to dream ... A plz someone tell that nazifeminist producer that in Star wars/nerdy ambient there are no sex difference. But that robot thing of Landon was akward as fuck , you cannot fall in love with dildos right? I mean writing to Americans that fucks bridges /car/fences and old metal machineri , but still we need to draw a line . Sorry bad English here , I'm Italian.

  • K Kroeger
    K Kroeger Il y a mois

    Gave up hundreds of hours of my life as a Star Wars fan to follow the Skywalker family saga only to find out Rey is a Palpatine and no Skywalkers survive to the end. Screw U JJ & Disney

  • noswonky
    noswonky Il y a mois

    So John Thibodeaux is not dead, but it seems there is a real guy with the same name who died Nov. 18th. www.goldengatefuneralhome.com/notices/JOHN-THIBODEAUX

    • noswonky
      noswonky Il y a mois

      Not only that, his tribute page on legacy.com is full of messages referencing Colbert's writer. www.legacy.com/obituaries/name/john-thibodeaux-obituary?pid=194518843

  • dmed
    dmed Il y a mois

    Remember when Avengers Endgame was fresh in the theaters, and people were screaming at all the character reveals, like when spider-man came back, when Cap took the hammer? Remember that shit that went down in the theater. I guarentee none of that will happen for Star Wars. No body really gives a shit about the adventures or well-being of Rey, Fin, Poe, the Asian rebel girl. Secretly, I think we all want to see this movie fail.

  • Know Thanks
    Know Thanks Il y a mois

    you ruined star wars

  • Scott Whatever
    Scott Whatever Il y a mois

    One thing is for sure, Disney is in the process of killing off Star Wars entirely, and Star Trek was pretty much wiped out by a combination of Les Moonves of CBS and JJ Abrams here. Also, don't look to the MCU for good movies in the next few years. Disney is going woke, and very broke. They aren't selling toys (most of their profit right there), Disneyland is a ghost town because of SW land, and they keep throwing woke nonsense like the upcoming Thor Love and Thunder where Thor is replaced by a skinny 40 year old tiny woman. No exaggeration. The same stunt was tried before by Marvel Comics, and it flopped hard. Jar Jar Abrams here is a HORRIBLE director/writer. He cannot produce anything original, he just makes copies of older material and does it badly. I have seen far too many flicks of his, and worse, this episode 9 is being reshot as we speak because of the massive woke factor. Go check out Midnight's Edge and Nerdrotic if you want to learn about more of SW and ST madness here on youtube.

  • Rohan Channel
    Rohan Channel Il y a mois

    Just not funny at all. Just so silly

  • Krešimir Jurilj
    Krešimir Jurilj Il y a mois +1

    You have nothing to do with Mandalorian, cause Mandalorian is actually good, unlike his last movie.

  • Jr new
    Jr new Il y a mois +4

    I dare to say what nobody wants to say here: The new Star Wars saga is pure garbage and this scripted
    "interview" with the actors in the best television night show is pure damage control.
    Star Wars is already dead but Disney doesn't know it yet.
    R.I.P. Star Wars.

    • Aaron Robinson
      Aaron Robinson Il y a mois +2

      I hope it's not true. I've still imagined a way this series could still be good, though the options are getting limited. The Mandelorian is already a bit of a disappointment to me, and if this doesn't show well then that might be it. I've heard good stuff for the Jedi: Fallen Order game, but I just can't shell out $60 for that right now.