2 Chainz Tours One of the Most Expensivest Vineyards | GQ & VICELAND

  • Ajoutée 21 août 2019
  • 2 Chainz hits up Napa Valley to tour Promontory Winery, one of the most expensivest vineyards in the area (let's just say it's probably somewhere in the range of $80M-$150M for 80 acres of land out there). He's joined by expert winemaker Will Harlan, who shows him the winemaking ropes.

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    2 Chainz Tours One of the Most Expensivest Vineyards | GQ & VICELAND
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Commentaires • 404

  • John Smith
    John Smith Il y a jour

    Tru Tips ROFL IM DEAD

  • Luke Horwood
    Luke Horwood Il y a 11 jours

    Who ever edited this video should get a raise

  • michael jackson
    michael jackson Il y a 13 jours

    Chains is dressed with old lady clothes on this episode

  • Jackson Goss
    Jackson Goss Il y a 13 jours

    I don't get why whoever edits this intentionally makes it awkward like that's funny.

  • Crystal Rico
    Crystal Rico Il y a 17 jours

    2 chains really out here looking like somebody’s auntie in this video 🤣

  • Quentin Williston
    Quentin Williston Il y a 19 jours

    2chainz dresses like my grandma.

  • Nocashmoney
    Nocashmoney Il y a 19 jours +1

    2chainz plz come over my place and make video of The Most cheapest drink in the world, Lol

  • Samulayo
    Samulayo Il y a 21 jour

    2Chainz, please keep exposing these con artists. FRclip need people like you.

    MrMrGREGORY Il y a 24 jours

    I love how 2Chainz just comes out with the hard FACTS. Wine kid was just dragging that question on for too long.

  • naruto uzumaki
    naruto uzumaki Il y a 25 jours

    GQ yall wrong for that montage man lmfao

  • TSM
    TSM Il y a 28 jours

    2:45 other rappers making fun of 2chainz for drinking wine instead of hard liquor is the funniest take away of this video

  • Peshon Vanburen
    Peshon Vanburen Il y a 28 jours

    2 chainz was looking at that guy like😳😳?😂😂

  • Jake vs. the world
    Jake vs. the world Il y a mois

    I could watch these forever I swear, never gets old

  • LuCiette
    LuCiette Il y a mois

    Cone liquor sounds lit 🤣👏🏽

  • JAPAN ‽
    JAPAN ‽ Il y a mois

    Who's son is this...my man's has no type of knowledge on anything that's going on there😂😂😂

  • Chomba Ranks
    Chomba Ranks Il y a mois

    $200 for wine taste, not bad for locals

  • Olliepants
    Olliepants Il y a mois +1

    Post production is the best. This one was weak. That dude was boring and lame



  • Terrence Frazier
    Terrence Frazier Il y a mois

    At 4:21 what’s that beat in the background pls???

  • 222222e
    222222e Il y a mois

    2 chains is looking more like his momma Whoopi Goldberg everyday.

    SKYFALL SOUND Il y a mois +3

    Lmao the editor went off, give the guy a raise

  • 88Roshan
    88Roshan Il y a mois

    I want some 2 chains cone liquor STAT!

  • Quota
    Quota Il y a mois

    So awkward

  • abel carreon
    abel carreon Il y a mois

    This "wine maker" says so much, but at the same time says nothing at all.

  • Stetson Edwards
    Stetson Edwards Il y a mois

    1:15 that real vid had me deadd😂😂💀

  • Fly by Night
    Fly by Night Il y a mois

    This hurt to watch, dude was annoying! Thought he was smart🙄

  • Vince Rodriguez
    Vince Rodriguez Il y a mois

    2Chains is dressed like a 1980s futon

  • Vittorio Hf
    Vittorio Hf Il y a mois

    whoever the editor is they a king

  • Cristofer Hernandez
    Cristofer Hernandez Il y a mois +1

    watchn dis high asf bout funny ash

  • Roxanne Trombetta
    Roxanne Trombetta Il y a mois +3

    they hardcore shaded my man will with the editing hahaha

  • Cheryl Ametewee
    Cheryl Ametewee Il y a mois +8

    my nanny dressed like 2chainz once her mind started to go...she was worried we'd steal her stuff so she'd just wear everything.

  • Mariam Patel
    Mariam Patel Il y a mois

    Not liking the edit!!! Just keep it simple

  • Kolby Bryant
    Kolby Bryant Il y a mois

    2 Chainz looking like an Auntie 😂😭😭

  • Mohammed Abdou
    Mohammed Abdou Il y a mois

    this editor is a legend

  • paulogonzalezpg
    paulogonzalezpg Il y a mois

    I forgot about the grape fall video 😂

  • Romanian Shadow
    Romanian Shadow Il y a mois

    This guy is full of crao 😂

  • Scrumptious Red Beans
    Scrumptious Red Beans Il y a mois

    Promontory is corrupt why they are in regulators business

  • Steven Flores
    Steven Flores Il y a mois

    Lmao that editing at 2:30 was so funny

  • Timofey Radchenko
    Timofey Radchenko Il y a mois

    It's more hyped than it actually is. Wondering since when USA wine is a high end product

  • Kailash Shanker
    Kailash Shanker Il y a mois

    Will is the posterboy for all white males.

  • Denis Ho
    Denis Ho Il y a mois

    the editor deserves an emmy.

  • MrBukoGrows
    MrBukoGrows Il y a mois

    This guy reminds me of Shooter Mcgavin lol.

  • Rachel Lawrence
    Rachel Lawrence Il y a mois

    Loooooveee how they edit this

  • Jack
    Jack Il y a mois

    Wait a minute... This ain't Europe

  • ST Tracks
    ST Tracks Il y a mois

    He didn't even try any

  • abcwow
    abcwow Il y a mois

    Berry by berry. This editor is a genius

  • tito crimecity
    tito crimecity Il y a mois

    I like 2Chainz,but these comments are pointless

  • Diego
    Diego Il y a mois

    I love how these videos get more vague every time and tell you nothing about whatever they’re reviewing, I be laughing tho 2 chainz and these edits are great

  • Nick S.
    Nick S. Il y a mois

    2,000 chains. Goodness.

  • Dxnt Trxp
    Dxnt Trxp Il y a mois

    Wheres the dumbass that says "protect and promote this editor"

  • Erratic Profit
    Erratic Profit Il y a mois

    The edit for this is legend 🙏💯

  • Jovan Stepic
    Jovan Stepic Il y a mois

    Well, this two chains fella managed to stay stupid during the whole show and not give us that wine tasting experience. I wasted 5 minutes watching this Whoopi Goldberg stunt double doing his thing, the wrong way. Wow

    NYCADVENTUREs TV Il y a mois

    I like the special machine

  • M Musashi
    M Musashi Il y a mois +2

    He showed that guy, letting everyone know the price of that land! haha

  • J 3x
    J 3x Il y a mois

    I love me some 2 chainz 😍

  • Eduardo Gonzalez
    Eduardo Gonzalez Il y a mois

    2 chainz looks like someones ghetto bushy aunt that still drinks old english quarts.

  • Mario on the Moon
    Mario on the Moon Il y a mois

    He didn’t even drink it

  • Andy Olson
    Andy Olson Il y a mois

    I didn’t know frank reynolds owned a vineyard

  • Rachel Prosise
    Rachel Prosise Il y a mois +5

    2 chains is soooo adorable! My roomate works for him, Im so jealous...

    • Djoseph11230
      Djoseph11230 Il y a mois +1

      Yo can I send u a copy of my resume so u can pass it on to your friend

      hmu asap

  • CHANNEL 432
    CHANNEL 432 Il y a mois

    These fuckers didn't even let him tatse there wine so wats the point of promoting them on this show .....baby mad