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    In this Liverpool Career Mode we will be challenged by the new FIFA 20 gameplay.
    The goal is to win the titles Liverpool have failed to win in the last season and create a squad that can live on as Legends forever!
    Can Salah Firmino and Mane take us there? Lets see!
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Commentaires • 568

  • Ahmed Waleed
    Ahmed Waleed Il y a 16 jours


  • Ahmed Waleed
    Ahmed Waleed Il y a 16 jours

    No you have punched me I will take revenge for that

  • Boltz The Kamodo
    Boltz The Kamodo Il y a 23 jours


  • chris schneider
    chris schneider Il y a 25 jours

    Playing with mods and blames EA for the game crashing 😂😂

  • Fuckbojs
    Fuckbojs Il y a 26 jours +1

    I mean EA has Done maybe a too good job, when the season was over Barcelona had won 37 games and lost 1. And i wasnt even manager for Barca!

  • Jan Kanđera
    Jan Kanđera Il y a 27 jours

    That prediction didn't age well

  • Hitanshu Gokani
    Hitanshu Gokani Il y a 29 jours

    Lol Cani
    No one is scared of your shit Liverpool and it's shit tactics 🤣
    Stop acting like it's the best team of all time or even rn because it's not
    Klopp has only one way of playing and nothing else

  • Juzt David
    Juzt David Il y a mois

    where does cani go in the cheat engine to edit the players nationalities and stats in the game itself? Instead of doing it through the editor?

  • FuryInferno
    FuryInferno Il y a mois +1

    Hugo saavedra has 37-39 potential wtf, 26:53

  • Jordan Evans
    Jordan Evans Il y a mois

    How do I play this mod

  • Filip Hesser
    Filip Hesser Il y a mois

    Bit lozano

  • Dries Mf
    Dries Mf Il y a mois

    Buy emil audero

  • frisbyflossba 69
    frisbyflossba 69 Il y a mois

    What if it’s not EA abut the mod is the cause of the crash

  • BackYardFooty HD
    BackYardFooty HD Il y a mois

    Episode 31 is thirty one in English

  • Lord S8on
    Lord S8on Il y a mois

    game crashes all the time if you have Nvidia GPU ....,makes the game un-playable :(

  • Enes Demir
    Enes Demir Il y a mois

    Hey cani, you make great vids like always! In my opinion you shouldn't go live on your wedding, let it be a special day only for you, your wife, your family and friends! I am so happy for you!

  • Kepa Arrizabalaga
    Kepa Arrizabalaga Il y a mois

    request funds used to be in fifa years ago...

  • Tom Hunter
    Tom Hunter Il y a mois

    Il be honest your lord of the rings reference sounded more like count Dracula lol

  • steven bell
    steven bell Il y a mois

    united should have won today

  • Lynval Goacher
    Lynval Goacher Il y a mois

    Is the requested transfer funds on the pe4

  • Theo Kram
    Theo Kram Il y a mois

    It is the mods that are crashing your game

  • Abem S
    Abem S Il y a mois +1

    Happy your mom is okay

  • Hugo short Story videos
    Hugo short Story videos Il y a mois +1

    Is this for everyone

  • Pritam Das
    Pritam Das Il y a mois

    Sign Justin kluivert

  • nikolas miko
    nikolas miko Il y a mois

    Can't believe you sold salah dump

  • Md. Faraaz Nasir Hosain

    just stop with the predictions cani. Just tick to your career mode in FIFA you twat.

  • Prajith Prasanth
    Prajith Prasanth Il y a mois

    Buy pulisic

  • Prajith Prasanth
    Prajith Prasanth Il y a mois +1

    Cani elvedi cant play bcoz he is 24 yrs so cani can see

    THE LIGHTING 7 Il y a mois +2

    What is your thoughts on the north west derby when liverpool draw against man United?
    Like so cani can see

  • Huba Vizkeleti
    Huba Vizkeleti Il y a mois


  • Alexander Miletic
    Alexander Miletic Il y a mois +1

    I think its a 1-1 draw

  • 21st Century Falcon
    21st Century Falcon Il y a mois

    31 is thela thini na moja

  • 21st Century Falcon
    21st Century Falcon Il y a mois

    arsenal career mode please

  • Sukaina Zaidi
    Sukaina Zaidi Il y a mois

    EA:fixing career mode is impossible
    FIFER:hold my beer

  • Andy Hackett
    Andy Hackett Il y a mois

    The tune at 24:00 sounds very similar to the instrumental of Between Angels and Insects by Papa Roach

  • YugaRaj Balar
    YugaRaj Balar Il y a mois

    Cengiz Under might be fit in your squad and btw "tiga puluh satu" is 31 in Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia). Like so cani can see.

  • MeowOf DeDesert
    MeowOf DeDesert Il y a mois

    How you download this modes? Plz tell me I'm still using old Fifa 20 and still Putting hashtag #savecareermode

  • Vascoles, the boy
    Vascoles, the boy Il y a mois

    6:05 wtf is that breath animation. Its terrible, i wish it was good just so I could say its breathtaking, but its terrible

  • Aiman Najmi
    Aiman Najmi Il y a mois

    episode 31 in malaysia is tiga puluh satu

  • Ori Cohen
    Ori Cohen Il y a mois

    the realizm mode made 90+ potential players more rare to find so dont blame your scouters

  • Honda Agamy
    Honda Agamy Il y a mois +1

    The issue is that catalonia doesnt want to be in spain

  • Dark Bomber30
    Dark Bomber30 Il y a mois

    6:12 Cani said Man United not Spurs

  • Marit Fagerheim Wiik
    Marit Fagerheim Wiik Il y a mois +1

    In the fan objectives it is not just Alison that have to get clean sheet
    Like so cani can see

  • Henny God
    Henny God Il y a mois

    I don’t think it’s EA’s update that’s causing you the problem of crashing it might be the realism mod you have on the game because my career mode is fine without mods

  • Marit Fagerheim Wiik
    Marit Fagerheim Wiik Il y a mois

    #elcasico Barcelona is going to smash them

  • Dom Kemp
    Dom Kemp Il y a mois


  • Lorenzo Colella
    Lorenzo Colella Il y a mois

    szoboszlai is a great talent, but you put him in a wrong position on the field. Put him CAM or CM.

  • Oreratile Mangena
    Oreratile Mangena Il y a mois

    if you are a real career mode gem then you would know that “request funds” was there in other fifas like fifa 14

  • Karzan Qasim Hussein
    Karzan Qasim Hussein Il y a mois

    I wad so hyped to watch mane and salah. I havent watch for 12 episodes. Now im only watching your 2nd channel

  • Pratik Kar
    Pratik Kar Il y a mois

    Episode 31 in hindi is 'ektees'.. Come on cani say that😁

  • Yo Kobra
    Yo Kobra Il y a mois +1

    9:02 Cani: Go on what are you waiting for

  • Duarte Martins
    Duarte Martins Il y a mois

    Episode 31 in Portuguese is "Trinta e um"

  • EA is a Joke
    EA is a Joke Il y a mois

    he is a world class st so put him on the bench

  • F4jki -
    F4jki - Il y a mois

    Adam Hložek for u23

  • abdulrahman alali
    abdulrahman alali Il y a mois

    Hey Cani

  • Pizza Playz
    Pizza Playz Il y a mois +1

    cani when u drawed against Burnley 2-2 u said "I'll take that win"

  • Boylers Boulders
    Boylers Boulders Il y a mois +1

    Cani sell firmino and buy kane because you never use him. Or son even Joa felix

  • ziad abdelrahman
    ziad abdelrahman Il y a mois

    please CANI sign adama from wolves !!

  • Hugh 09
    Hugh 09 Il y a mois +1

    Trocha haon is 31 in Irish ☘️ like so Cani can see🤑🤑

    IGNITEx GAMING Il y a mois +1

    Hey cani go and buy malcom, he is 21 (22) in ur carrer mode and has a potential of 90 , compared to szobalazi, he is beast with 90+ dribbling