CPAC 2018 Live Stream Day 1

  • Ajoutée 22 févr. 2018

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  • Mike B
    Mike B Il y a an

    This video SKIPS the first half of Wayne LaPierre’s speech. Find the whole speech-it’s worth it.

  • Mike B
    Mike B Il y a an

    Clearly the LEFT likes mass shootings so they can ban the 2nd Amendment.

  • Mike B
    Mike B Il y a an

    That Schumer has a gay handshake.

  • Peter Mullen
    Peter Mullen Il y a an

    Disgusting, filthy lies, cowardly ignorant, despicable delusional, reprehensible, and the exact sack of garbage that will deliver a tsunami of defeat to the Republican criminal cartel in November. Keep it up you degenerate reprobate morons

  • Bramble Q123
    Bramble Q123 Il y a an +1

    Instead of talking about "socialism" they should be talking about "totalitarianism". But, they dont, cause just like libs, they dont mind it if it is with _them_ in charge. Socialism is not the only kind of social overreach there can be. Smartasses on all sides.

  • DAN Buster
    DAN Buster Il y a an +1

    Dude Ben Shapiro is Greeeaaatttt!!!

  • Charles Dickerson
    Charles Dickerson Il y a an +2

    Yeah, I can't get a Hi-def picture. Thank goodness the sound is good and that's what counts.

  • FACTS-Ovr-feelz BiRcH GoLD

    Awesome speech by Shapiro!!! I wonder what kind of BS the media will spin about it? If they report on it at all...😂

  • J M
    J M Il y a an +1

    Time stamp for Ben Shapiro?

  • Dale Thompson
    Dale Thompson Il y a an +9

    What's with the absolutely terrible video quality?

    • Greg Adams
      Greg Adams Il y a an

      I'm guessing it wasn't compiled fully. It was good live.