Playing a 72 Hr Game of Tag Across Europe - Ep 3

  • Ajoutée 27 sept. 2022
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    Created by Adam Chase, Sam Denby, and Ben Doyle
    Motion graphics by Lili Pereira, Dom Burgess, Max Moser
    Audio by Graham Haerther, Donovan Bullen, Henry Ariza
    Artwork by Simon Buckmaster
    The production has offset 10x its estimated carbon impact through a cookstove replacement program in China certified by the Gold Standard:

Commentaires • 1 865

  • vlogbrothers

    I feel like I should win Jet Lag because I found y'all with no trackers whatsoever? -John

  • Vailskibum

    I love how Adam's curse of no phone actually made him do better, since no one knew what he was doing or where he was going

  • Jojo
    Jojo  +6

    To anyone wondering, the old French lady was asking him what he was filming for. She seems so sweet bless her soul🥺<3

  • Sweeper
    Sweeper  +1

    Adam outplaying himself by bringing a disguise then not using it while getting off the train was so sad yet so hilarious to watch

  • Jojo
    Jojo  +4

    Adam bringing a disguise was low-key genius

  • MDMajor
    MDMajor  +3

    I feel like a lot of Adam's problems came from him misinterpreting the curse card. The card only said he couldn't do research with his phone. It even specifically said that it could be used to verify challenges and for accounting. So he could've used it for the mile challenge and for calling his bank.

  • TimeBucks

    John being in this video is absolutely unbelievable

  • Alexis H.

    The John Green cameo was the best thing that could've ever happened. Please get him and Hank to be on Jet Lag!!!

  • first last

    It was so funny that they couldn't even conceive that he was waiting out a penalty at the start when talking about why he wouldn't get on transit

  • Teo Koev
    Teo Koev  +893

    TOTAL RESPECT FOR ADAM! The guy could not use his phone, had his debit card blocked, was in one of the biggest cities in the world, without even speaking the language. A lot of people would have given up, but it took a train genius to get him caught. BRAVO, SIR.

  • Drewski McGrewski

    The John Green cameo was INSANE!!!

  • Penta 5
    Penta 5  +552


  • mt_xing
    mt_xing  +2

    Deep down I know it wouldn't have made a difference since he got stuck at the fare gate for as long as he did, but damn I really wanted to see Adam put the wig on for the train station. How long do you think he would've confused Sam and Ben?

  • Akaviral
    Akaviral  +537

    I can't even comprehend the CHANCES of finding John Green not only in the same place, but time, street, intersection, everything, AND being able to spot them, then have the ability to be heard while stopped at the right time and be filming... Wow

  • Krizzel96
    Krizzel96  +860

    After this episode I feel the best strategy for this game is to randomly change your plan and go somewhere weird

  • Le Derp
    Le Derp  +352

    The disguise idea was genius, what was not so genius was not wearing it when he got off the damn train!

  • Elon Wissing

    Litteraly finished the 2nd episode for the first time 4 minutes before this episode dropped. What a gem of a channel this is

  • Bob The Great

    Adam had so many good ideas, but made one fatal error - forgetting how good Sam is at trains, and specifically French trains.

  • Grifdail
    Grifdail  +748

    As someone living in paris, there was nothing as stressfull as seeing Adam pointing toward the direction where Sam and Ben would be coming from....

  • SongForEverything

    The way i was SCREAMING for Adam to put his wig on, haha. What a good ep!