Dschinghis Khan - Moskau (Live 1979) [HD]

  • Ajoutée 1 août 2021
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    Music video by Dschinghis Khan performing Moskau (Live 1979) [HD]. (C) 1979 Jupiter

Commentaires • 18 948

  • @bigbalu6905
    @bigbalu6905 Il y a an +51

    i will tell my kids - these were the original power rangers

  • @28rollsroyce

    No drugs, no guns

  • @swack7551

    I was born in Germany and raised by a russian family. This was literally the first song I’ve heard as a kid and it was my absolute favorite and still is

  • @lynkcrafter8923

    Can we take a minute to talk about how mesmerising their dancing is? They're all so perfectly in sync and have perfect control of their movements, yet they manage to stay away from looking/feeling robotic in their moves. That's not even mentioning the fact that the moves themselves flow so fluidly from one to another, despite requiring vastly different poses/ranges of motions.

  • @murphy9095

    Если ты это слушаешь, то у тебя потрясающий музыкальный вкус! 🎵👍😁

  • @kingcalz2278

    No drugs, bad language, or guns

  • @iamrory7611
    @iamrory7611 Il y a 14 jours +88

    I will bring this song to my family and pass it down from generation to generation 🙂

  • @loganramses8501

    Can we talk about how much fun they’re having, those aren’t performance smiles, they’re genuinely having a blast.

  • @user-qn3yp1vo6f

    Existe um factor psicólogo quando escutamos uma música do passado, de uma sensação de que éramos mais felizes. 😆

  • @ksushavasilyok4598

    Вечная песня!!! Спасибо, Чингисхан!

  • @marcello9937
    @marcello9937 Il y a jour +19

    no puedo dejar de escuchar esto 🎵

  • @eloisaaguay4818

    ¡Acá en Ecuador esta canción es infaltable en fiestas y bailes hasta el día de hoy! Creo que nunca pasará de moda.

  • @user-vt7ij3jn9p
    @user-vt7ij3jn9p Il y a 28 jours +85

    No hace mucho que escuché esta canción pero me encanta demasiado. Viva Rusia!❤️ algún día la visitaré, saludos desde Guatemala🇬🇹🙌

  • @skyrim-clips-german3221

    This song will always have a place in my heart.

  • @evangelos9275

    Que hermoso. Conocí este tema porque lo pasan por la radio zonal de Ezeiza, Buenos Aires, Argentina, lo busqué por todos lados y no la encontré hasta hoy. Ahora sí a ponerlo a todo volumen en las fiestas.

  • @milagrosramosmacedo6648

    jamás me cansare de esta música incluso si me rompa la espalda intentando la hermosa coreografía ajajajaja la melodia y los tonos de voz son waoo 🛐

  • @jeeohh8540

    Their dance when they start singing the chorus is so addicting to watch and so beautiful

  • @user-lp1it6ok8q
    @user-lp1it6ok8q Il y a 4 heures +10

    This song never gets old !

  • @iranball2961

    Song - Russia

  • @djurgarden8017

    Только сейчас понимаю, какое время у меня было тогда счастливое...и такая музыка...увы, ничего не вернуть... только музыка вечна 🎶🎵👍😃