the tiktok bathroom character arc we NEEDED

  • Ajoutée 3 oct. 2022
  • If Grace had to destroy the bathroom to find the love of their life then so be it..
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  • @alyssestone7636

    The funny part is that the saga isn’t even over yet because I guess grace hired a professional to do the bathroom. He works a little bit on it and then never to be seen again I guess. He literally ghosted her so she had to hire another person to come work on the bathroom.

  • @francisca6437

    the Grace chronicles are actually so iconic but I do hope that bathroom finds peace one day

  • @pedbr07
    @pedbr07  +523

    Haven’t finished the video yet but imagine this: Mia goes to remodel and fix this girl’s bathroom 😂

  • @caitlincarreon1418

    As an interior designer this series makes me want to scream!!

  • @nushratmoumita

    Ok.. But is it only me who thinks Mia would be a really great reaction youtuber..

  • @calamitycasey8159

    This makes me want Mia to play Sims again, but download houses off the gallery and renovate them.

  • @monicadomingues326

    You should review some of your old reno videos and talk about how much you learned and your change in style. It would be interesting to see your perspective on your evolution

  • @derekkabaker8537

    From what I understand Grace was in a car accident and has brain damage so she has trouble with some things. The first contractor she hired apparently ghosted her in the middle of work and she had to find another one.. I hope she finishes one day

  • @kalliehennigar8005

    I hope grace can finish her bathroom so she can move on I just feel so bad

  • @taniaaalopez17

    honestly would love to see you do more reaction videos or id love to see tate back again for a craft wars like you did with mama maples i think that would be hilarious!

  • @jessicab7059

    Mia saying she would be such a bad friend to have at that point urging her to keep going, when in reality you know she would have been over there helping her do it right and making it look amazing!

  • @user-sn1iz1nt1p

    Mia can react to ANYTHING on this channel and we will love it! I’m here for hearing about anything this queen has to say Lolol

  • @Boef4
    @Boef4  +2

    Mia, we need more of your Sims content, it is amazing!

  • @ilona4827

    This channel brought me to your main channel and let me just say. I'm obsessed. Would love to see more nostalgic content on this channel like the gaming you previously did.

  • @stacieshooter5711

    LOL, this is my half brothers’ first cousin…my step-cousin technically, though she is younger than both my children. Grace was hit while walking across the street by a drunk driver. She’s truly a miracle. Her videos were for real, no joke here. She is a sweetheart! Ps..she is a Pisces

  • @Kennylovessandwiches

    After you said a couple of other FRcliprs reacted to this bathroom, I immediately knew which bathroom you were referring to and I already knew you were gonna be way nicer than the other FRcliprs 😂

  • @emilycarlone5257

    Ok but the comment about doing your best with diys really hit home today because today was the day I finished a year long diy inspired by Mia 😂

  • @user-sr6to5wo4b

    She just needed to put the paint brush down and walk away! Sell the house! Move! Something other then keep coming 😂

  • @LittleMissPrettyful5

    I went to high school with Grace, don’t know her personally anymore but her story is such a miracle. Awesome to see you cover this!

  • @lindsayvicars9676

    I audibly gasped when I saw a new Mia Maples video ON A TUESDAY!! 😆