This pastry is amazing! Everyone thought I bought it from the baker!

  • Ajoutée 26 juil. 2022
  • Can you imagine that nobody believed me that I baked it at home? It was so amazingly delicious and at the same time so impressive that I didn't want to believe it myself. Try this recipe and you will see that your family will appreciate it! Your kids will love it the most.
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    20 grams of yeast
    100 ml (⅓ cup + 1 tbsp) lukewarm milk
    100 ml (⅓ cup + 1 tbsp) lukewarm water
    pinch of salt
    1 egg white
    80ml oil
    2 tbsp sugar
    500 g (4 cups + 2 tbsp) flour
    powdered sugar
    For smearing:
    1 egg yolk
    1 tbsp milk
    Bake: 180°C / 356°F 25 mins.
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  • 7000 Feathers

    You’ve done it again! You’ve made yet another, home-baked treat that is a beautiful work of art! Your recipes don’t only belong in the best cookbooks of the world…they should also be admired in the best art museums! I can’t wait to bake this! Thank you for sharing yourself with us through your very talented hands. I can’t wait for your next creation! ❤️😀❤️🇺🇸❤️😀❤️

  • Adennative
    Adennative  +120

    I love the old fashioned or vintage touches you add , and the colors of the woods. It takes me back when your bakers were your grandmother, mother, aunt, older sister, and your neighbors sharing food and recipes. It seems people like you are bringing baking with natural ingredients back.

  • mirisplace
    mirisplace Il y a 5 heures +1

    MEGA geniale Idee - da will ich am liebsten auch gleich wieder in die Küche hüpfen und losbacken!!!!😁

  • Melissa Green

    I love your countertops and all of the old-fashioned utensils you use. Also, it feels like baking ASMR. Love it.

  • Norma Bishop

    Of course, your videos inspire me to make the recipes--and my mouth waters as I watch them. But the meditative quality of the videos takes me to a cozy place away from any worries! If I never make the recipes, I will still feel as though I've been given a gift. Thank YOU!

  • Aldona Tarka

    😋😋😋 Już bym jadła do niedzielnej kawuśki 🤗🤗 dziękuję.

  • Pauline W

    So therapeutic and refreshing to watch the slower pace without voice over. My kids hate store bought cakes in the US and we bake at home a lot. I'll definitely will be baking some of your cakes for Birthdays!

  • steve doolan

    Beautiful, this reminds me of pastries that my mother made when I was young. I have a suggestion though. Some of your pastries were rising before you were finished forming the rest. This ended up giving you pastries of different sizes. Refrigerate the folded pastries until they are all folded, then give them another 15 minutes so that they are all the same temperature, then let them rise. 😎

  • Food Recipes by Kitchen Queen

    This looks so delicious and flavourful 🤤 I love how you prepared 👏

  • Democracia Vive

    "Nem é necessário experimentar pra se ter certeza de que ficou maravilhoso! É o pastel mais surreal que já ví, lindooooo!" hummmmm com um chazinho e um suco natural, combinação perfeita tb!

  • SpiritInes

    Dziekuje za video i juz sie ciesze na prace i wypieki 😍 Uwielbiam drozdzowe ciasta. 🤓👍🏻

  • Sue Coelho

    It’s so peaceful watching you create your recipes. Thank you 😊

  • MAYGLI. Грибы и Грибники.

    Оригинально! Очень аппетитно выглядит этот кулинарный шедевр!😀

  • Муся Мусечкина

    Это булочка )) выглядит очень аппетитно 😃👍

  • KimMy OMy

    Idk what these are called, but they’ve been a favorite of mine since childhood. It made me so happy watching you make them, I must try these myself ❤️

  • Wieslawa Kolatka

    Na pewno wypróbuję...😋POZDRAWIAM 💖

  • Наталья М

    Я бы всё-таки назвала это булочками с повидлом! А вот такой процесс формовки булочек, я не видела! Спасибо за идею! Красиво и вкусно! С меня подписка и лайк!

  • Mary DiFede

    Can’t wait to try this recipe. They turned out beautifully! I love jam donuts especially.

  • Live Out LOUD

    This is soo irresistible. I have never seen a pastry so beautiful 👌👌❤

  • Claudia Boschi

    These pastries look beautiful and delicious! Will surely try! I love the sounds coming from the preparation... so peaceful... great video!