Presidential Election (Social Experiment) Donald Trump Debate!What if Trump Died? rally

  • Ajoutée 25 juin 2016
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    Who will the next president be. Well in this social experiment we wanted to test the people who are in the trump debate. Will They change their opinions once we say trump died? We wanted to find out
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  • Andrew Denis
    Andrew Denis Il y a 2 mois

    I worked for him for two summers as an intern in 1981-82 in college. As bad as some of these people’s opinions seem, it’s the tip of the iceberg. Although widely acknowledged and discussed then at the company, it has been somewhat covered up more recently you should refer to Malignant Narcissist and Covert Narcissist disorders to best understand the deep inherent dangers.

  • antonio f dasilva
    antonio f dasilva Il y a 4 mois

    Lmao you got my friend Gabrielle lol

  • Jon DGAF
    Jon DGAF Il y a 5 mois


  • Northern Lighting
    Northern Lighting Il y a 8 mois

    This video proves that people are so emotional and think with their emotions not with their minds if I was interviewed and he told me Donald trump died I would still say good riddance

  • 808 Maya
    808 Maya Il y a 8 mois

    Ohh Boobies 😂

  • SleepY _YT
    SleepY _YT Il y a 9 mois

    I love trump :) pls reply to me

    • SleepY _YT
      SleepY _YT Il y a 9 mois

      Fuck trump

    • SleepY _YT
      SleepY _YT Il y a 9 mois

      Why do u need to build a wall?

    • SleepY _YT
      SleepY _YT Il y a 9 mois

      Loook at his face

    • SleepY _YT
      SleepY _YT Il y a 9 mois

      Trumps hairline is made out of his ass

    • SleepY _YT
      SleepY _YT Il y a 9 mois

      Trump is a asshole why would I like him here racist I’m fucking half Muslim like 50 percent Muslim and. 50 percent American but I still hate that racist bitch

  • Northern Lighting
    Northern Lighting Il y a 9 mois

    People are awesome they actually ready to change their statement just because they felt sad for him hahahhaaa

  • Yellor Hammer
    Yellor Hammer Il y a 10 mois

    People r stupid so two faced trumps the best

  • Bill Mackberrry
    Bill Mackberrry Il y a 10 mois

    Dude you where at revere beach when you where with that I guy that had no shirt on

  • Buckeye4life 440
    Buckeye4life 440 Il y a an +1

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  • Mario Martinez
    Mario Martinez Il y a an

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  • Eric Willan
    Eric Willan Il y a an

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  • 2JShorty
    2JShorty Il y a an

    This is how people need to act like think if he died u would feel bad on what u said before

  • James Cline
    James Cline Il y a an


  • Andy Yarbro
    Andy Yarbro Il y a an

    I woulda been caught cheering... but so what there are lots of people I'd like to see pass on.

  • NewWorldAhead
    NewWorldAhead Il y a an

    If only LOL

  • kyle boudreau
    kyle boudreau Il y a an

    can you say tits

  • Jaden
    Jaden Il y a an


  • Cailou
    Cailou Il y a an

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  • Cailou
    Cailou Il y a an

    I'm just here to fap to those titties
    Who else ?

  • Tac0 Man
    Tac0 Man Il y a an

    People 😂 !!! it tells you how they all get Brian wash and follow media just because they say jump it’s cool thing to do . And they do it . ... They should just bend over and say I like it in the ass dry

  • OH Yea yea
    OH Yea yea Il y a an

    Funny thing is all these things they said were wrong

  • Trump Grass
    Trump Grass Il y a an

    Trump 2020! I'm from CT my trump sticker catches lots of hate 🤣

  • yeet skeet
    yeet skeet Il y a an

    0:58 PIKACHU

  • laratta
    laratta Il y a an

    I just love those fat tits.

  • helpme helpyou
    helpme helpyou Il y a an

    that picachu man *he is great man nice guy* 😁😁😁😁😁😱

  • jeff Hardin
    jeff Hardin Il y a an +2

    I want to be slapped around by those tits.

  • Mr. Magoo
    Mr. Magoo Il y a an

    I feel like people would still say fuck dtrump

  • Rick James
    Rick James Il y a an

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  • menma
    menma Il y a an

    He will make every state turn on us

  • menma
    menma Il y a an

    Trump will cause ww3

  • Joe D. Chartrand
    Joe D. Chartrand Il y a an +1

    I Wish that donald Trump get's shoot in the head by a sniper rifle bullet in the middle of one of his racist gay ass retarded speech. That would be HILARIOUS!

  • Jeremy Mullens
    Jeremy Mullens Il y a an

    who is the big tit girl. want to touch the hinny.

  • Pony Boy
    Pony Boy Il y a an

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  • Younes 3li
    Younes 3li Il y a an

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  • I know Something You Don’t Know

    I will celebrate the anniversary of trumps death every year! Fuck trump

    JOSH LUCERO Il y a an


  • Scott Atwood
    Scott Atwood Il y a 2 ans

    Fuck Donald trump

  • Gamer With A Gun
    Gamer With A Gun Il y a 2 ans +8

    Is the guy in the Pikachu shirt still alive? or did he stick his head in a pool of liquid hot magma

  • roguexxrenegade
    roguexxrenegade Il y a 2 ans +3


  • Armando Guerrero
    Armando Guerrero Il y a 2 ans

    Fucken dumb ass people

  • Yahawashi Yahweh77
    Yahawashi Yahweh77 Il y a 2 ans

    repent accept Jesus Christ

  • Doggo mando
    Doggo mando Il y a 2 ans

    Jesus she has some nice cans

  • Eric O
    Eric O Il y a 2 ans +1

    These people are all Liberal idiots. I live in Boston too and were a stupid Ass Blue State. He is NOT Racist. He is NOT Sexist and he is NOT Prejudice towards Muslims. The reason he wants to build a wall is because he Wants to FIX THE BORDER. The Original intention if the border was to keep illegal. Immigrants out, but it hasn't been working. So he wants to fix it to keep illegals out because they are coming in and taking Americans jobs. They aren't paying income taxes and then they send 90% of their paychecks back to Mexico. They are helping to cripple our economy. It has NOTHING to do with the color of their skin. It just has to do with them being Illegal. If WHITE Canadians were illegally coming into this country instead of Mexicans. Then he would want to build the Border to Canada. See, it has nothing to do with their race. It had to do with them being Illegal and helping to cripple our economy. He is perfectly fine with LEGAL IMMIGRATION. Which leads me to the Travel Ban. IT IS NOT A BAN STRICTLY ON MUSLIMS. IT IS A BAN FOR TRAVEL FROM 7 COUNTRIES THAT ARE RANKED THE HIGHEST TERROR THREAT LEVELS AND IT JUST SO HAPPENS THAT THOSE COUNTRIES ARE MOSTLY MUSLIM. BUT IT DOESNT MATTER IF SOMEONE IS CHRISTIAN OR JEWISH, THEY STILL CANT TRAVEL FROM THOSE COUNTRIES. ISIS has straight up said that they plan to infiltrate the US and European countries through the Muslim Immigration. I know that it sucks that these countries are banned. But he is trying to keep us safe. It is a drastic measure but it will help keep us safe. But what pisses me off is that all of the people protesting him will NEVER be happy no matter what he does. They are the ones with hate in their hearts. NOT TRUMP. They are protesting and complaining about the ban. But if Trump never put the Ban in place and then there was an act of terror and thousands of American Citizens died. Then ALL OF THOSE SAME EXACT PROTESTERS WOUlD BE IN THE STREETS PROTESTING AND COMPLAINING THAT HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING TO PREVENT IT AND KEEP US SAFE. Smh. No matter what he does. These idiots will never be happy. All of these stupid people just read BULLSHIT PROPAGANDA online and they mistake it for facts. And instead of doing further research on it. They believe it and spread it around even more and then go protest about it, when its all just lies spread to hurt his reputation. He is NOT Sexist either. I'm sick of these stupid Feminists trying to say that he is trying to take away women's rights. What the fuck is wrong with you? He is NOT trying to do that at all. Feminists are just crazy and impossible to reason with. Even when you hit them with facts. They will still sit there and try to tell you that you're wrong. Trump is our President. GET OVER IT AND GIVE THE GUY A CHANCE. HE IS A GOOD CANDIDATE AND WAY BETTER THAN THAT LYING CUNT HILLARY. She belongs in jail. Not in office. Smh. Give Trump a chance. He is NOT Racist or Sexist or Prejudice. The only people with hate in their hearts are the protesters in the streets that hate him. They are the hateful, racist and sexist ones. Not him. Smfh. I know that this comment was really long. But I needed to rant and put all of these idiots in their place. I'm sick of people hearing lies and propaganda and thinking that its factual when its completely bullshit lies just distributed to hurt Trumps reputation...

  • Lepuffproductions
    Lepuffproductions Il y a 2 ans

    This looks like David alvareezy

  • Dusmile Lemus
    Dusmile Lemus Il y a 2 ans

    name girl? Bi tits girl!

  • Mahyar K
    Mahyar K Il y a 2 ans


  • Infamous Numero Uno
    Infamous Numero Uno Il y a 2 ans

    Came here for those juicy tits in the thumbnail

  • hollow lightbulb
    hollow lightbulb Il y a 2 ans

    iv rewound like 4 times to to look at those tits! yummy I'd grab her by the pussy

  • Yourdailytrending '
    Yourdailytrending ' Il y a 2 ans +1

    Rape and kill that slut ! Fuck trump I am black we hate trump-!

  • It's Johnnyboy
    It's Johnnyboy Il y a 2 ans +1

    1:17 Look in the top right corner if you hate Trump

  • *up7002
    *up7002 Il y a 2 ans

    Lol 360

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith Il y a 2 ans

    That chick has huge titties.

  • XpertFusion
    XpertFusion Il y a 2 ans

    People are so dumb

  • XpertFusion
    XpertFusion Il y a 2 ans

    Just because he doesn't believe in abortion doesn't mean he doesn't believe in pro choice

  • Bernie Love
    Bernie Love Il y a 2 ans


  • Justin Hofmann
    Justin Hofmann Il y a 2 ans

    If Hillary died I wouldn't change my report

  • James Kazuma
    James Kazuma Il y a 2 ans

    well better stick your head in magma kiddo....

  • ApeOwnage
    ApeOwnage Il y a 2 ans

    these are all the silent trump supporters

  • snellavision
    snellavision Il y a 2 ans

    You could've encouraged them to make the annoying "R.I.P." status updates on social media as well ... just so their social networks could see how full of crap they are as well

  • Robert Mancuso
    Robert Mancuso Il y a 2 ans

    Her boobs r huge

  • Jon MacDonald
    Jon MacDonald Il y a 2 ans

    Love Gabriale Damn She is One Hot BBW👍 Now That's a Real woman Right There!!!! Lady's if you are like her hit me up please!!!!!

    GREAT GOD MARS Il y a 2 ans

    trump is a god you fools

  • michael Jacobs
    michael Jacobs Il y a 2 ans

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  • johan baez
    johan baez Il y a 2 ans

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  • Dre Suavee
    Dre Suavee Il y a 2 ans

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  • bumble bee
    bumble bee Il y a 2 ans

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  • Teluthagon Studios
    Teluthagon Studios Il y a 2 ans

    I wonder if any of these people are still alive

    • Jimbodawg
      Jimbodawg Il y a 2 ans

      Teluthagon Studios Alive and kicking 👍🏻

  • AWSniperKid
    AWSniperKid Il y a 2 ans +1

    I would tity fuck the shit out of her

  • littleredy
    littleredy Il y a 2 ans

    reply if you want trump to not be prez like if you want him to die

  • Kimberly Vu
    Kimberly Vu Il y a 2 ans

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  • Death Guy
    Death Guy Il y a 2 ans +3

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  • Mystic Steroids
    Mystic Steroids Il y a 2 ans

    Ha Hilary should have deleted her campaign like she deleted those emails

  • no hassle
    no hassle Il y a 2 ans

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  • Emperor Sheev Palpatine

    Fuck Trump dead or not

  • Savage 101
    Savage 101 Il y a 2 ans

    I hate Donald Trump

  • leo escpbar
    leo escpbar Il y a 2 ans +6

    Like if u hate hillary

  • Mega Therion
    Mega Therion Il y a 2 ans

    I d rather have a racist for president than a subhuman who believes that the term "racist" is an argument.

  • My name is Tinong
    My name is Tinong Il y a 2 ans

    damn boobs

  • Marc Louis
    Marc Louis Il y a 2 ans

    and now today he is gonna be president in 2k17

  • statealchemist000
    statealchemist000 Il y a 2 ans +2

    I want him dead now, don't care how or who does it!

    • Shadex
      Shadex Il y a an +1

      then just kill him

  • m ssshakil
    m ssshakil Il y a 2 ans

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  • Pro gamer
    Pro gamer Il y a 2 ans +3

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  • Brittney Popovitch
    Brittney Popovitch Il y a 2 ans


  • Keoni Rellin
    Keoni Rellin Il y a 2 ans

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  • Adiel R
    Adiel R Il y a 2 ans

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  • Mansoør
    Mansoør Il y a 2 ans +1


  • Dylan Chapin
    Dylan Chapin Il y a 2 ans

    Trump that B

  • cheesedude82
    cheesedude82 Il y a 2 ans

    Lol america is the dumbest country ever

  • Anton Andersson
    Anton Andersson Il y a 2 ans


  • Diamond Jefferson
    Diamond Jefferson Il y a 2 ans

    She got huge titties

  • Dee Cee
    Dee Cee Il y a 2 ans

    I was genuinely surprised that they changed their minds after they thought he'd died. 😮
    I doubt that those on the other side would...

  • RoyalGamingMC5
    RoyalGamingMC5 Il y a 2 ans

    was that at Revere Beach!!!!!!?!?????!!

  • Peter Bodenham
    Peter Bodenham Il y a 2 ans

    What about all the ones who didn't change their opinion and said they were glad he was dead?

  • Peter Bodenham
    Peter Bodenham Il y a 2 ans

    I would have put my hand on my heart and would have said 'thank god such a disgusting creature has left this planet'
    Oh, btw- This is clearly fake!

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana Il y a 2 ans

    He would've died the same day as MJ.

  • DIY Dave
    DIY Dave Il y a 2 ans


  • xXCoDMoDzXx
    xXCoDMoDzXx Il y a 2 ans

    By the way America is a continent not a country!

  • Baby boomer
    Baby boomer Il y a 2 ans

    Big breasted woman needs to cover up..wh*re outfit.