Can Twitch Chat Survive A SINGLE NIGHT of FNAF?

  • Ajoutée 1 oct. 2022
  • I set up a program to allow chat to play the original FNAF, and we spent hours trying to beat just the first couple nights.
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Commentaires • 1 566

  • HD aNimates

    good to know chat never changes when they're given a task, they willingly fail to torture the streamer until they get split into teams

  • HD aNimates

    I think the camera obsession is actually smart, it keeps them occupied from using anything that'll hurt the run

  • Stephanie Slayton

    absolutely love chat's coordination to open the Barbie game after the insanity of night one lmao

  • Dylan
    Dylan  +1

    Watching spiff guide chat is like watching him trying to guide a team of preschoolers and I love it

  • wild caffeine

    only a matter of time until Spiff's Twitch channel is managed by chat itself

  • Tonicxz
    Tonicxz  +3

    This reminds me a lot of how DougDoug plays Peggle, Mario Party and other games with his Twitch chat. Always super fun to watch and take part in live. Also, not sure how exactly you have things set right now, but it can be a good idea to only let certain commands go through if enough people use that command in a certain amount of time.

  • Crypt1x
    Crypt1x  +2

    imagine being bonnie or chica and just seeing the guard spamming the door button as it slams open and shut on your face

  • Crypt1x
    Crypt1x  +6

    watching spiff lose his mind over chat door spamming is brilliant

  • Spy Crab

    I'd like to see how chat handles a more complicated fnaf game

  • Reverie Collection

    i fucking love the dramatic shift between the absolute chaos and griefing in night 1 vs chat and spiff getting genuinely really invested and celebrating victory after night 2

  • ReBuff
    ReBuff  +793

    Watching chat play is like watching a neural network slowly get better at the game

  • StarkMaximum

    In this version of the game, the security guard is freaking out mashing the doors and causing a lot of noise, and the animatronics aren't malicious, they're wandering around going "what is that RACKET CUT IT OUT" and they kill you JUST to make the noise stop.

  • jnd
    jnd  +1

    This is the bestest thing that’s ever happened to humanity, even though I just sit back and enjoy every single moment of madness on stream, but IT’S WORTH EVERY SECOND

  • Predator 20357

    I like how Spiff puts it properly, it’s not that Chat are all idiots, it’s just that they have no unity and are on different wave lengths.

  • PointsofData

    This feels like a good representation of how Ennard would work

  • Yetr
    Yetr  +342

    This is like a Star Trek episode with Spiff in the command chair, but the entire ship crew is comprised of pre-schoolers and I'm here for it

  • FrickenDweeb

    I love how this adds a personal touch to the Twitch Plays format. It's not random twitch users just screwing around with zero commentary, it's Spiff learning how to rangle his chaotic good community into a semi functioning hivemind and sharing in the resulting triumphs and stumbles.

  • RCL
    RCL  +729

    In a alternate reality:

  • prince-sivler

    the amount of times somebody was caught on the light and chat refused to close the door... immaculate