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Commentaires • 520

  • Joao Figueiredo

    The classic " is he in a treadmill? " reaction never fails!!

  • Raj Kumar
    Raj Kumar  +470

    Fun fact: Till Lindemann is a professional pyrotechnician. Using fireworks was banned in any concert without the consultation and supervision of pyrotechnician... So he studied and got his certificate so that his band (Rammstein) could perform live fireworks in their concert. Legend

  • Annie Maes

    French audience singing in German... you, as Americans, may not understand but this is huge!!!

  • Jason Car
    Jason Car  +367

    This is a German band, singing in German going on in France with a bunch of French speaking individuals singing along in German. Music transcends language.

  • Ray Tull
    Ray Tull  +249

    This is one of the greatest "Get Your Blood Pumping" songs ever. You need to check out their performance of "Ich Tu Dir Weh" at Madison Square Garden. Mind blowing!!!

  • Mark Alibozek

    Seeing them live is something I’ll never forget! I feel bad for those who will only experience it through video. I should add that it gets really hot at the front!

  • Jacques De Lange

    If you haven’t seen Rammstein live, you have not been to “the best concert I’ve ever seen” They are unmatched live.

  • Michael Finck

    Best live band on earh by far!! Rammstein Shows are a lifetime experience you will never forget. The Masters of fire and pyro and industrial metal (fusion heavy metal and electronic music). One of the most famous metal bands in the world with the same line up since over 25 years.

  • chris werth

    The best live performances in the whole wide world. Nothing comes even close to a Rammstein concert 🤟

  • Jennifer Hurlburt

    Innovative, original, powerful & amazing pyrotechnics!! I love their style! The treadmill & keyboard with lightening is so tasty! Doesn't matter if ya know German or not - you can feel the music & energy! I'd love to go to a Rammstein concert! They are LIT! ✌️🎵❤

  • carrie q

    i love hearing the "pop" that this song gets at Rammsteins shows, this is a badass song❤️

  • SinzPet
    SinzPet  +55

    There isnt anything else quite like a rammstein concert 😎

  • Alan Foster

    French crowd singing back in German to a German band. I love music.

  • Marius Lapugean

    When Rammstein has a concert in Europe, there are 70 trucks carrying their equipment, the routes of the planes are diverted from that area, and the sound can be heard from a few kilometers. Till is completely dedicated to his music and if you see blood in the concert, it is usually real blood. His "sweat" is actually thermal protection because the heat from the flames is so great that he would have burns if he were not protected. Even the spectators who sit in the first 2-3 rows feel the warmth released by the flames. Flake, the one on the keyboard, asked at one point to have a treadmill during the concert so that he could consume his extra energy. Since then, he uses it in almost all concerts. The visual effects on the keyboard are added later to the post-editing but there were moments, including in this concert in which they used Tesla coils for effects, and those are really real. Anyway, a Rammstein concert is an event that will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

  • Steve Austin

    All of their live performances are great. Especially live in Paris or Madison Square Garden

  • Owen Thomas

    Stuff like this warms my heart. How different generations can appreciate each others music.

  • El Bruce

    Flake (the keyboardist), has ADHD and used to wander around the stage a lot. But given how much they use pyrotechnics, it's

  • Josh Brown

    Saw them live with Slipknot. They are amazing live

  • Jason Car

    These guys are absolutely insane live...the lead singer is a pyrotechnics specialist.. their show is truly a "Show" along with the awesome music.

  • stephen miller

    Best live band you will ever see, thanks guys