[EPISODE] BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Highlight Reel’ sketch

  • Ajoutée 3 nov. 2017
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  • ميره ستار Alshaaibi

    شوقا كيوت

  • xXKawaii PotatoXx
    xXKawaii PotatoXx Il y a 7 jours

    Watched a video eithout knoeing what are they actually saying

    BTS-TXT Il y a 10 jours

    I want to see the girls i dont mind being jelous

  • cringe kween
    cringe kween Il y a 14 jours

    yoongi: *walks away from the girl*

    staff: *_OooOOOOooooOOOO_*

  • Kate Lowet
    Kate Lowet Il y a 14 jours

    My hearteu😍 why are they so handsome?¿💜

  • ims k
    ims k Il y a 19 jours +1

    Oh my god my heart is boom boom :'( 💔

  • karla kitten b
    karla kitten b Il y a 20 jours

    Ryujin ❤️

  • sky wɪnter
    sky wɪnter Il y a 28 jours

    babait na ako pag nagka english sub na ang bangtantv

  • רז צ'ים צ'ים
    רז צ'ים צ'ים Il y a mois

    park jiminie



  • R E D
    R E D Il y a mois


  • taehyung
    taehyung Il y a mois

    3:03 she made him smile like that. i'm not crying, you are--

  • Nᴀᴠᴇʀʀ Wᴏʀᴋꜱ Eɴᴛᴇʀᴛᴀɪɴᴍᴇɴᴛ

    Am I the only one who keeps watching this and reviewing if there's a Ryujin and Yuna would show up? I hope BigHit filmed them too.

  • Her Mawan
    Her Mawan Il y a mois +1

    My baby cute kookie 😘

  • Her Mawan
    Her Mawan Il y a mois +1

    My baby boy tae tae 😘😘😘😘

  • Her Mawan
    Her Mawan Il y a mois +1

    V i love you saranghae 😘😘

  • Ayumi Ibay
    Ayumi Ibay Il y a mois

    3:52 jungkook why theres a flower on your head?😂

  • agostina
    agostina Il y a mois


  • 하윤
    하윤 Il y a mois

    여성댄스님은 류진님이고 정국이랑 했던 분이 체리블렛에 유주님입니다💕

    • 하윤
      하윤 Il y a mois

      +잇진jin 김사해요 잘못 오타가 실수 ㅎㅎ

    • 잇진jin
      잇진jin Il y a mois +1

      정국님이랑 같이 하셨던분은 있지 유나예요

  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung Il y a mois

    2:30 o my ghad is that ryujin from ITZY hahahaha she very lucky cause she dance with jimin and jhope

  • ali gutierrez
    ali gutierrez Il y a mois

    when jin smelled the flowers am i the only one who thought of "SMELL"

  • saumya kishore
    saumya kishore Il y a mois

    My babies areee sooooo shy!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWW😁😁

  • Lee Jia En
    Lee Jia En Il y a mois

    i dont understand... BUT I LOVE IT

  • Linda
    Linda Il y a mois

    Jungkook appearance scared me tbh

  • Tony Stank
    Tony Stank Il y a mois


  • Im Nayeon
    Im Nayeon Il y a mois

    the camera should focus on the girls too

  • 슈밍파워
    슈밍파워 Il y a 2 mois

    걍 사랑함돠♥

  • atin indi
    atin indi Il y a 2 mois

    taehyung , jimin , jungkook 😍😍😍😍

  • Precious JIN /0T7army/2014


    YAOI GOD Il y a 2 mois

    1:10 hmm, i wish i was that girl im so jealous 😔🌝

  • OnCe AnD StAy
    OnCe AnD StAy Il y a 2 mois


  • OnCe AnD StAy
    OnCe AnD StAy Il y a 2 mois


  • 효나름
    효나름 Il y a 2 mois

    윤기 오라버니 간zi 철철~

  • Bruna Damasceno
    Bruna Damasceno Il y a 2 mois

    Não tem como não gosta deles

  • fek streamer ho liks 2 dm streamers

    the girl from jhope and jimins one is ryujin and the one in bts is yuna… theyre on a firl group called itzy and IM STILL WAITING FOR THEM TO MEET EACH OTHER AT CONCERTS
    XD DXD

  • Mama Qiannisa
    Mama Qiannisa Il y a 2 mois

    Jungkook,Park Jimin,kim taeyung

  • balsam es-saidi
    balsam es-saidi Il y a 2 mois

    omg jiminie cuteee

  • YoonHy Min
    YoonHy Min Il y a 2 mois

    1:30 Lil Meow Meow comes back ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 알만
    알만 Il y a 2 mois

    와 대박 노래가 lost 야 ㅜㅜㅜㅠ

  • Christian Chim Chim
    Christian Chim Chim Il y a 2 mois

    1:38 jhope singing youth by Troy sivan is everything 😂 lmao❤️❤️💜💜

  • Christian Chim Chim
    Christian Chim Chim Il y a 2 mois +1

    Jungkook looks so cute in this video 😭😭😭

  • Indri Pangesti
    Indri Pangesti Il y a 2 mois

    Jimin my bias and BTS my inspiration

  • Haria Mangondato
    Haria Mangondato Il y a 2 mois


  • lusiana putri
    lusiana putri Il y a 2 mois +1


  • Soso Dodo
    Soso Dodo Il y a 2 mois +1

    Rm is so cute

  • natsu
    natsu Il y a 2 mois +1

    i want to see the girls:(

  • Lenarmy
    Lenarmy Il y a 2 mois

    I wouldn’t need to act to do the job of the two girls, just saying lmao

  • [BTS]율빈ᄏ
    [BTS]율빈ᄏ Il y a 2 mois +2

    진짜 연기 너무 잘하는듯 울 오빠들💜💜

  • Jaro Kinn
    Jaro Kinn Il y a 2 mois +15

    1:08 Suga's acting though. But seriously, I know V was in a drama before (Hwarang), but I can see all of them acting in a drama show or something. Their acting in the highlight reel and the acting in the whole storyline work are proof of that.

  • 젠니
    젠니 Il y a 2 mois +4


  • Elisyaa Putrii
    Elisyaa Putrii Il y a 2 mois +1

    still here in 2K19??

  • Yeonki Min
    Yeonki Min Il y a 2 mois

    Yoongi's part is the cause of my euphoria

  • Grace Patricia
    Grace Patricia Il y a 2 mois +2


  • hallo arie
    hallo arie Il y a 2 mois

    ah my suga when he mads look nice

  • 망슙
    망슙 Il y a 3 mois

    1:10에 윤기오빠 아기배~~!!!!

  • Yasmen Nicole
    Yasmen Nicole Il y a 3 mois

    1:56 Jimin’s crooked teeth😍

  • soekjin's girlfriend
    soekjin's girlfriend Il y a 3 mois

    1:30 😂😂😂😂

  • soekjin's girlfriend
    soekjin's girlfriend Il y a 3 mois


  • 태태
    태태 Il y a 3 mois

    저 여자분 부럽다..

  • Scarlett Orozco
    Scarlett Orozco Il y a 3 mois +2

    Ryujin and Yuna= ITZY

  • ᄋ ᄋ
    ᄋ ᄋ Il y a 3 mois


  • i stan BTS bish
    i stan BTS bish Il y a 3 mois

    I want to see their interactions to the girls hays

  • 꼬마동쟈
    꼬마동쟈 Il y a 3 mois

    방탄은 이 심오한 스토리 의미 다 알고는 있을까ㅋㅋㅋ아미들은 골머리를 앓지만 정작 우리 애들은 관심도 없을듯ㅋㅋㅋ

  • amber loves to cry for her idols, bye

    Ryujin is just so talented

  • Gina Wells
    Gina Wells Il y a 3 mois

    1:38 we need him to cover that beautiful song 😭❤️❤️❤️

  • Sabina Kim
    Sabina Kim Il y a 3 mois


  • 수혀니suhyun
    수혀니suhyun Il y a 3 mois

    잘생겼어 ㅠㅠㅠ

  • only jeonguk
    only jeonguk Il y a 3 mois

    3:01 i'll faint if i be that girl

  • PonkA PonkA
    PonkA PonkA Il y a 3 mois

    20190131 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🇺🇦🇵🇱

  • 구오구오구
    구오구오구 Il y a 3 mois

    부러우면 지는거다.

    내가 졌다

  • Vg Cf
    Vg Cf Il y a 3 mois


  • Pauline Novera
    Pauline Novera Il y a 3 mois +1

    Is it just me or Namjoonie looks extra handsome here?

  • Hilyah Mukhtamah CN
    Hilyah Mukhtamah CN Il y a 3 mois

    Hi... u love Ring from Ariana and Bts as rolemodel come on to watching frclip.com/video/zSMh1Zf5AB8/vidéo.html it on my channel. Nice to meet you today ❤

  • 루비히
    루비히 Il y a 3 mois

    Jin makes me confused with Worldwidehandsome

  • Ali Vocaloid Neko 04
    Ali Vocaloid Neko 04 Il y a 4 mois

    *TXT* are the girls?

  • Huijin Han
    Huijin Han Il y a 4 mois

    이때 v 얼굴 넘 좋음

  • Mia Rasmiati
    Mia Rasmiati Il y a 4 mois

    I'm so so jeoulsy😭😭😭 but I love u bgtn

  • なな
    なな Il y a 4 mois


  • 세상사람들모두
    세상사람들모두 Il y a 4 mois +1

    깐진 너무 조아

  • Fitry Anggraeny Saputri
    Fitry Anggraeny Saputri Il y a 4 mois

    Park Jimin saranghae 💕💕💕

  • 아미
    아미 Il y a 4 mois

    3:00 그렇게 웃지마 여자분 반한다고 ㅜ 같이 있어도 부러운데 ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  • Que dian ?!
    Que dian ?! Il y a 4 mois

    2:48 soo handsome OMG!!😻💖💖💞

  • Que dian ?!
    Que dian ?! Il y a 4 mois

    2:24 this is very "actor"!😄💖💘 undestanders will understand!😄

  • 윤기나는삶
    윤기나는삶 Il y a 4 mois +1


  • 스북
    스북 Il y a 4 mois

    꾹이 웃을때 심장 박살날것 같다ㅠㅠ

  • 임서영
    임서영 Il y a 4 mois +1

    광고가 뷔여서 넘기기 불가

  • Aye aye
    Aye aye Il y a 4 mois +1

    Language :Korea
    Bruhhh u BETTER STOP !

  • ThisIsMe Decee
    ThisIsMe Decee Il y a 4 mois

    Okay! There's no EngSub😢😢

  • Tzuyoda 995'
    Tzuyoda 995' Il y a 5 mois

    Min Yoongi

  • Bts - Born To Slay
    Bts - Born To Slay Il y a 5 mois

    3:52 this man.....😂😂Jungkook so adorable

  • S Hi
    S Hi Il y a 5 mois


  • Wariya Suha
    Wariya Suha Il y a 5 mois +1

    Where are the girls???

    • Zero two
      Zero two Il y a 2 mois

      Shin ryujin y yuna from itzy xd

  • BTS #BoywithLove #Persona
    BTS #BoywithLove #Persona Il y a 5 mois +1

    3:25 Jin should do a K-drama.. Rich heir roll will be perfect for him!!! 💜💜👍

  • foreal emma
    foreal emma Il y a 5 mois

    Awww!! V IN THE BEGINNING IS SOOO CUTE!! Uwu!!😩😩❤️❤️

  • Iriannys Flores
    Iriannys Flores Il y a 6 mois

    Una de las mejores épocas, 2018?

  • 보검복지부
    보검복지부 Il y a 6 mois


  • Darlyn Mendoza
    Darlyn Mendoza Il y a 6 mois

    Jhope: ayut ayut ith yours 😍 cutieeeee

  • TheGoldenBird
    TheGoldenBird Il y a 6 mois


  • dharani soundarapandian
    dharani soundarapandian Il y a 6 mois

    *Just waiting for a kind Korean army to translate the video in the comments*