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  • My roommates decided to pull a prank on me 😳 I can't believe he was actually in there; I was wondering why the teddy bear was so big! 😂
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Commentaires • 100

  • Macky Rakin
    Macky Rakin Il y a 12 jours


  • Lello Balda25
    Lello Balda25 Il y a 21 jour


  • Zac Graham
    Zac Graham Il y a mois


  • fei song
    fei song Il y a mois

    You know you could get them in Costco for $200 right

  • Kayden Chan
    Kayden Chan Il y a 3 mois

    0:32 I had the same reaction as Cizzorz. Holy shit my ears hurt now.

  • R1993D Roxas
    R1993D Roxas Il y a 10 mois +1


  • HiddenLegacy
    HiddenLegacy Il y a 11 mois


  • Shicken Banana
    Shicken Banana Il y a an +1

    Ya yeet!! Then screams her head off hahahahahahah

  • Hard Trejo43
    Hard Trejo43 Il y a an +1

    0:30 look at her reaction❤️😂😂😂❤️ but still she is so cute❤️😍😍😍❤️ idk why her screams are so cute❤️🤔🤔🤔❤️❤️😍😍😍❤️

  • Mainak
    Mainak Il y a an

    Why so freaking cute

  • Ebanks Studios
    Ebanks Studios Il y a an +1

    Banjo Kazooie playing over Sicko Mode

  • morty _as
    morty _as Il y a an


  • Dankes S
    Dankes S Il y a an


  • Rusty Torch
    Rusty Torch Il y a an

    where do i get a teddy bear that big XD

  • Filip Angel
    Filip Angel Il y a an

    01:40 FBI OPEN UP!

  • Feven Castulo
    Feven Castulo Il y a an

    hahhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! f****** ❤️

  • HB Vlogs T.V
    HB Vlogs T.V Il y a an

    That doki doki music in the beginning of the vid😂

  • Pure
    Pure Il y a an

    At 1:24 if you put captions on it says I'm easily abused

  • shogun 45
    shogun 45 Il y a an

    Why everyone is saying thicc keep it to your self yall dont have to say that

  • bence guraly
    bence guraly Il y a an

    Pokimanes bear is bigger the Cizzorz's

  • ZeroDarknezz
    ZeroDarknezz Il y a an

    Damn, all those donos went straight up her ass, didn't they?? me like dat boody thicc

  • Smokedship
    Smokedship Il y a an

    Why does she screech about everything? 😐

  • NateAnimates
    NateAnimates Il y a an

    Poor bear.... 😭

    JOllEY CLAPS Il y a an

    Pokimane is hot

  • Josh_Hunnie__
    Josh_Hunnie__ Il y a an

    The moving mouth is copied from gta

  • Scicool Gamique
    Scicool Gamique Il y a an

    I'll buy a teddy

  • Issa Kamara
    Issa Kamara Il y a an

    Hide pokimaine from pedo bear!!!

  • Mini Mango
    Mini Mango Il y a an

    Pokimanes hot

  • Game Life
    Game Life Il y a an

    Even poki it's 70% better then me 😯

  • TTV.Jdrakesanto16
    TTV.Jdrakesanto16 Il y a an

    Goo likes you

  • Deblado
    Deblado Il y a an

    *T H I C C*

  • Lutidze
    Lutidze Il y a an

    never play fortnite with corriz play with myth

  • Christian Montoya
    Christian Montoya Il y a an

    Feds new name is fedophile😂

  • Ash
    Ash Il y a an


  • Aphyxia Gaming
    Aphyxia Gaming Il y a an

    why pokimane is so pretty?

  • Andrew Cortez-Flores

    How old are you😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

  • Flipp Kingz
    Flipp Kingz Il y a an

    I am happy for I not Get u scream in my ear

  • Maria Tellez
    Maria Tellez Il y a an


  • Beast Hunt
    Beast Hunt Il y a an

    Happy default December XD

  • Beast Hunt
    Beast Hunt Il y a an

    You already know

  • Shinebayar Gantulga

    wait cizzorz called you Ivana at 4:16

  • Jocelyn Viscara
    Jocelyn Viscara Il y a an

    hi pokimane i'am lourenze this is my grandma's phone i'm using can you add friend me in facebook my name in facebook is lourenze claude viscara

  • Noobz
    Noobz Il y a an

    I love the paarst where she saud ehy are the legs syill so loooooong

  • RandomArtist
    RandomArtist Il y a an

    Lol she was FED up

  • Cannonfire01
    Cannonfire01 Il y a an

    Polo do you save 15% or more on car insurance?

  • Harry Dineros
    Harry Dineros Il y a an

    I just watched this vid to see pokimane's armpits

  • boi
    boi Il y a an

    7:43 sooo close

  • Witcher Geralt
    Witcher Geralt Il y a an +1

    poki please play Just Cause 4 please

  • Kameron Mitchell
    Kameron Mitchell Il y a an +2

    Me too

  • b1tch fück
    b1tch fück Il y a an

    Ear rape 81726393936/10

  • Supbro gaming
    Supbro gaming Il y a an


  • Supbro gaming
    Supbro gaming Il y a an


  • Supbro gaming
    Supbro gaming Il y a an

    Give me a beae

  • Supbro gaming
    Supbro gaming Il y a an


  • Supbro gaming
    Supbro gaming Il y a an


  • Supbro gaming
    Supbro gaming Il y a an

    I want a bear poki

  • Axel Lansang
    Axel Lansang Il y a an


  • Lara Soylemez
    Lara Soylemez Il y a an

    Love your videos they are really funny and entertaining keep going with great content. Love yaaaaaa!!!

  • xavier spillman
    xavier spillman Il y a an

    your are so hot

  • dieski
    dieski Il y a an

    rip greasy

  • Cutie 4over
    Cutie 4over Il y a an

    Can't stop replaying 0:29

  • Elias Mitchell
    Elias Mitchell Il y a an

    Your so hooooot

  • Minino647
    Minino647 Il y a an

    Do a geico commercial with the lizard pls

  • TheNarwhalKing
    TheNarwhalKing Il y a an

    I was listening to delta rune before this ironic

  • Jeffrey Cano
    Jeffrey Cano Il y a an

    Nice basketball

  • Krv
    Krv Il y a an

    Poki and Myth

  • Chris Solis
    Chris Solis Il y a an

    Smacks rocket launcher on the ground 4: 16

  • Chris Solis
    Chris Solis Il y a an

    Your so cute and yes im a boy

  • Ginei Morioka
    Ginei Morioka Il y a an

    Lol xD

  • Solar Elimz
    Solar Elimz Il y a an

    One v one me

  • Fiesty YT
    Fiesty YT Il y a an

    Could i get a shoutout please.I would like a support for my channel and try to support you in any way possible:)

  • Ramy Hamdy
    Ramy Hamdy Il y a an

    Poki i miss our league of legends pokiiii

  • Lil_Beaner .2k
    Lil_Beaner .2k Il y a an

    Hay poki big fan, but can u plz stop screaming that s**t hurts my ears👌

  • Cosmic Hydra
    Cosmic Hydra Il y a an +5

    Jesus spelled backwards is pronounced sausage...

    • Witcher Geralt
      Witcher Geralt Il y a an

      Why would God comment FRclip is not a very holy place because FRcliprs say "OMG". phones and eny other device has numbers put in like 666

    • Cosmic Hydra
      Cosmic Hydra Il y a an

      @Witcher Geralt what if God commented😂

    • Witcher Geralt
      Witcher Geralt Il y a an +1

      I dont whant to see you end up in hell and if you know there is a God why not repent. FYI not sensetiv gust trying to see more people in Hevan than in hell

    • Cosmic Hydra
      Cosmic Hydra Il y a an

      @Witcher Geralt it's just a joke dude, I believe in God but I'm not religious, why do you take things so seriously, you're so sensitive, just shut up

    • Witcher Geralt
      Witcher Geralt Il y a an +1

      what the friek bro you know there are people out there That believs in God, wel I know people that dont believ is hard heded there is no way I can make you repent and believ
      in God

  • Poli W3S
    Poli W3S Il y a an

    I ship you and Cizzorz

  • Xyon Xap
    Xyon Xap Il y a an +1

    1:37 Yeet

  • Ibo Rexhaj
    Ibo Rexhaj Il y a an

    Rip headphone users

  • Mini Pekka
    Mini Pekka Il y a an

    Pokimain always playing with streamers surprising,what’s not surprising is you can save 15% or more on car insurance if you switch to geico . Make the switch

  • Scayreee
    Scayreee Il y a an

    Well that was click bait

  • Matthew Teox
    Matthew Teox Il y a an

    Fed is backkk

  • Naruto Olah
    Naruto Olah Il y a an

    Roses are red pumps are blue 9 damage this game is doo doo

  • Saurabh Kumar
    Saurabh Kumar Il y a an

    Are you single

  • Saurabh Kumar
    Saurabh Kumar Il y a an

    Your hot

  • virginia
    virginia Il y a an

    My favorite duo tbh

    XKYNE YEET Il y a an

    4:05 hahahah

  • yuhhh 9997
    yuhhh 9997 Il y a an

    Gets a sponsore just to hit the 10 minute mark😂jk

  • Alex Sanchez
    Alex Sanchez Il y a an

    Can you add me in fortnite please my name is Angelgustavo1717

  • Shadowplagu3
    Shadowplagu3 Il y a an

    Now that's an intro

  • psyco tfl
    psyco tfl Il y a an

    fuck you☺

  • Jorge Casanova
    Jorge Casanova Il y a an

    Me acuerdo de el Ded

  • Queen Tati 123
    Queen Tati 123 Il y a an

    Bitch don’t play with me st all that is my man

  • Breaky
    Breaky Il y a an

    and .. the prank?

  • Weirdo
    Weirdo Il y a an

    I Love This Channel (Because Poki❤ Is Pro)

  • Exo_HevoX
    Exo_HevoX Il y a an

    Tu parle toujours aussi bien français

  • The Lost Noob
    The Lost Noob Il y a an

    Still a good troll tho xD😂😂


    I MISS POKI PLAYING league of legend again😔

  • Fallin’Rose
    Fallin’Rose Il y a an

    Can I friend you

  • W Λ S T Ξ D
    W Λ S T Ξ D Il y a an

    So cute #Pokimane #Lololol

    SENTINEL 79 Il y a an

    I can carry you

  • PuzzleHead
    PuzzleHead Il y a an

    Teddy is that you