Why Brexit happened -- and what to do next | Alexander Betts

  • Ajoutée 12 août 2016
  • We are embarrassingly unaware of how divided our societies are, and Brexit grew out of a deep, unexamined divide between those that fear globalization and those that embrace it, says social scientist Alexander Betts. How do we now address that fear as well as growing disillusionment with the political establishment, while refusing to give in to xenophobia and nationalism? Join Betts as he discusses four post-Brexit steps toward a more inclusive world.
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Commentaires • 8 777

  • charlieengine
    charlieengine Il y a 6 heures

    Brexit all the way what a fool

  • Wise Guy
    Wise Guy Il y a jour +1

    The future for the UK is limited.I feel sorry for the people who were lied and manipulated with their strongest fears.UK will fall apart,Scotland will gain independence and the Island of Ireland will be united once again.This is the payback of the ruthless history that England has build in the past.Many people don't realise that you can't be an isolated state and be prosper in the same time.Everyone needs to trade,even China and USA.The future of young people is doomed,is doomed because of your racism and ego,and they will make you pay in the years to come.

  • Bernard Delafontaine
    Bernard Delafontaine Il y a jour

    'I preach', he says. He'd better do something.

  • Trance_World_Artists 2014
    Trance_World_Artists 2014 Il y a 2 jours

    He's a wimpish Leftist, remoaner.
    Just look at the thumbs down!
    There's no racism in England, people are just fed up with England slowly losing its culture to plethora of cultures arriving here and growing at an alarming rate.

  • JJ H
    JJ H Il y a 3 jours

    Talks too much to say almost nothing , the title is so serious to treat it like this.
    When I click on the video I was expected a really argumented speech .... sorry I don't like it

  • phaxos khor
    phaxos khor Il y a 4 jours +1

    So for this guy, smart and educated people voted remain. If you voted for the brexit, then you are not educated and you are also not smart.
    You have to agree with him to be smart.
    Old person are also not smart.
    For him, if you vote brexit, then you are racist.
    Dont listen to him. I'm happy for UK people, you will be soon free. I hope my country France will be next.
    And no, I'm not racist. I have arab origin.
    And no I'm educated. (and educated people are not necessary smarter ... to me, this guy in the video is definitively not that smart)
    And no I dont think I'm stupid.
    By the way Switzerland, Norway and Iceland are not part of the EU, and they are fine. Even better than most country of the EU. And we dont say that Swiss people are racist because they didnt want to join EU. Did we ?

  • Game on 2019
    Game on 2019 Il y a 7 jours +2

    patronising elitist

  • musictomyears8
    musictomyears8 Il y a 8 jours

    Sovereignty is the most delusional concept ever fabricated to make ordinary people convince themselves they have actual control over their ruling elites. In case of Brexit, it comes at a heavy loss in terms of liberty (the end of the four freedoms for UK citizens) and prosperity (tariffs, business leaving etc)

  • Josie Thornton
    Josie Thornton Il y a 8 jours +1

    How patronising.

  • Ralph van der Eb
    Ralph van der Eb Il y a 8 jours

    nothing more than remainer intelectual drivel, the only thing he said right was that he lives in a liberal bubble, bang on, he has no idea what this was truly about, personal sovereignty and national sovereignty are not bad words the opposite they are our rights which globalisation would like to wipe out. and for what ? to create an amorphous sea of individuals in a world being taken over by tech, read brave new world from huxley.

  • Mel B
    Mel B Il y a 9 jours +1

    This numpty shot his arguments in the foot when he SHAMEFULLY admitted that he hadn't even visited most of the UK and yet he travels the WORLD spouting this crap. I noticed he decided to omit the fact that the towns and cities that have a negative view on immigrant temporary workers are much much poorer than the southern "tolerant" people. Why not speak about how much of taxpayers money is spent around london and the south east. Anyone who refuses to accept that using migrant SLAVES drives wages down,regardless of how 'many' there are, probably are privileged and actually receive a living wage like this guy. He should have been singing the praises of Brexit because one thing for sure, it has brought the problems of Globalisation ( and its failings) to the table and now the whole world is getting involved instead of brushing it under the carpet.

  • Amelie Legalle
    Amelie Legalle Il y a 9 jours


  • John Bogoff
    John Bogoff Il y a 9 jours +1

    Brexit happened because the EU is a non-democratic, expansionist empire and redistributes wealth away from Britain to poorer countries (just like in Orwell's 1984)

  • Chris Dal Din
    Chris Dal Din Il y a 10 jours

    @10:40 great point which made me think about the ideas for civic education, truth and evidence are diluted with lies and misinformation. twisting facts to the agenda is really interesting here, how o we encourage the self research to understand these statistics?

    • Pip Yorkie
      Pip Yorkie Il y a 10 jours

      No need for research for what we've seen happen to our home towns thanks to "social scientist"

  • 1963MAN
    1963MAN Il y a 10 jours +1

    What to do next?.....Stop "Globalist" twats like this teaching in our universities.

  • Nick Rudd
    Nick Rudd Il y a 10 jours +1

    Brexit happened because the real people can see whats going on. We dont live in a gated community, We dont have spikey topped railings securing our property and flood lights Alarms and a direct link to the police station (thas shut down due to cut backs) Our children deserve better than how we've been given. WAKE UP IN OUR SHOES.

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones Il y a 11 jours

    Good points, but you missed key reasons for brexit other than migration.
    The English were fed with being bullied by the EU non elected politicians ie Junker. We chose Westminster over Brussels. This has nothing to do with Migration.

  • SHANE O' Maolmhuaidh
    SHANE O' Maolmhuaidh Il y a 11 jours

    It is not a border between Northern Ireland and Ireland. Ireland is the whole island. Its a British border imposed in Ireland after an ignored democratic election of 1918 led to the Irish War of Independence. The British as part of the treaty negotiations with the Irish after the Irish War of Independence agreed to have a "Boundary Commission" set up in 1925. This was to review the border which split the 6 counties in the north east of Ireland and left a large part of the population of Nationalists trapped behind a new border that never existed before. That Boundary Commission never happened as successive British Governments never kept their word after agreeing in 1925. Northern Ireland was set up as a gerrymandered so that the native Irish would be always outnumbered by the planted settlers state but demographics will eventually change that !

  • Jatin Khandodiya
    Jatin Khandodiya Il y a 11 jours

    This guy is going to be man of his words.

  • Max Brod
    Max Brod Il y a 11 jours +1

    Well..workers in Sunderland Nissan factory can listen why they will loose the job. There won't be not a single good thing coming from your Brexit. Future will mark my words. Not a single thing.

  • Mikey Tyson
    Mikey Tyson Il y a 11 jours

    If Singapore, a tiny country with little natural resources, a former British colony, is able to survive and thrive after leaving the the Federation of Malaya (formerly Malayan Union), it is an insult to the capability of the citizens that UK cannot survive independently after leaving the EU. Perhaps being enslaved by the EU is a retribution for UK's earlier heinous colonization acts. Do count your blessings that you are finally free.

  • Ally Shepherd
    Ally Shepherd Il y a 12 jours

    How Brexit could affect Brits living in the EU frclip.com/video/9oge6isqtsc/vidéo.html&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=iwar0wnwk664in9eqm71gihgxt-n4zpjonzrhcdkarltu-bylodpm-rusgsyk

  • Leon Strauss
    Leon Strauss Il y a 12 jours

    I never knew that democracy was exclusively for the educated. silly me, I thought it was about listening to the sentiment of the nation. No wonder this guy was shocked by the result. He clearly wasn't listening - yet he still has the audacity to to keep talking????

  • Lord Christmas
    Lord Christmas Il y a 12 jours

    If remain had won would you be happy with voting again knowing your vote and opinion had been ignored ? . No you would not .

    MARK SOUTHALL Il y a 12 jours

    Comments should wait until he’s got 5 minutes in. He confesses he only spent 4 days of his life in the Brexit voting areas. I’m in Wales, very leave, we get a lot from the EU here. Ironic eh?

  • Janice Lee
    Janice Lee Il y a 12 jours

    This was extremely condescending and naïve about international monetary policy.

  • Diana Schmitt
    Diana Schmitt Il y a 13 jours

    Putin was behind the Brexit decision.

  • mohammed salim
    mohammed salim Il y a 13 jours

    Great Britain is so scared that is why they have left the E U.
    Britain will be alone and will only have Trump as their friend.
    The start of divisions and seclusions in the world mean that it will be a Victorian England again and the start of many world war 3.
    immigration and peopel who dont see how the uk is only running at its best with foreign people who are willing to work longer hours and live away from their families. APPRECIATE AND RESPECT ALL NOT THE FEW.

    • Pip Yorkie
      Pip Yorkie Il y a 10 jours

      A terrorist against brexit, shocker

  • b nf
    b nf Il y a 14 jours

    I respect english people. You're willing to take a risk and change your country better.
    I wonder when japanese people will be like you. We're too passive and conservative.

  • Ieda DaSilva
    Ieda DaSilva Il y a 14 jours

    To understand globalization you must have to understand the colonization. And the sad nature of human kind to do not appreciated the idea of sharing the bread. Unlikely the colonialism exploitation the globalism mandates through human rights and information speed the sharing of the bread.

  • Nick W
    Nick W Il y a 14 jours +1

    I don't want to 'embrace globalization' . He wants to re education for the masses. Arrogant man

  • Williams Okwudiri
    Williams Okwudiri Il y a 14 jours

    Thank you for the video! You touch-based some of the unconscious reasons why Brexit happened. This is hard to take I know and why some experts understand how the unconscious mind mediates our anxieties through a system of "Defence Mechanism.". This fits perfectly with a social science understanding of THE TAKEN FOR GRANTED

  • a3xloser
    a3xloser Il y a 14 jours

    I I live in an estate 1 square mile in area with people from 120 countries living here on the last count and I can say people get on well and mix people here didn't vote leave because of resist views it was the effect on our lives. how many in your audience wait for a call each day to see if they have work the next day? many of us have to rent off your audience with there buy to let portfolio's keeping house prices so high they will never own, not while they are on zero hour contracts. you say the facts are that immigration has been good for the country but the last government report says that's untrue, maybe its not the leavers that need educating, maybe its the Liberal middle class that need to stop thinking they are so better and look how things really are. but well done not mentioning the "M" problem lol. but to be fare you have a better understanding than most of your ilk.

  • Eamonn Doyle
    Eamonn Doyle Il y a 15 jours +2

    A social scientist who doesn't know what he's talking about

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace Il y a 16 jours +1

    What a load of BS

  • Trevor Henry
    Trevor Henry Il y a 16 jours +2

    This guys makes me wish I voted leave

  • John Connors
    John Connors Il y a 16 jours +1

    Brexit to an Irish person represents 800 years of revenge. Let’s hope the place breaks apart. Best of luck England.

  • andrew tones
    andrew tones Il y a 17 jours

    the rich want as many peopke in as possible.

  • andrew tones
    andrew tones Il y a 17 jours

    its a shame the rich dont start building some homes, that would have fixed it, lol

  • uglygeek11
    uglygeek11 Il y a 19 jours

    About the advantages of increasing the interaction with people we don't know, I'd like to quote Douglas Adams: "“Meanwhile, the poor Babel fish, by effectively removing all barriers to communication between different races and cultures, has caused more and bloodier wars than anything else in the history of creation.”"

  • uglygeek11
    uglygeek11 Il y a 19 jours

    The point about the fact that the regions of England that are more tolerant with immigrants have the highest number of immigrants is not very smart. People who don't feel at ease in a cosmopolitan, multicultural city don't move to London, and vice-versa.

  • Anthony R
    Anthony R Il y a 19 jours

    Guy thinks we’re uninformed, but he’s actually just brainwashed in those “liberal bubble cities.”

  • Bruno Gaudencio
    Bruno Gaudencio Il y a 20 jours

    What a liar.. 17 min o BS..

  • Lee Hadfield
    Lee Hadfield Il y a 20 jours

    Vote Lib Dem and bring back world peace lol when he is talking about bigotry and arrogance why dont they ask a Mexican on the stage?? Im sure we could fit another 10,000 willing to live in California for free? I actually like Americans Mexicans and Europeans in real life its just people like this man make my blood boil. People don't hate people they just want to be left alone to live their lives the way they have been brought up and don't like change thrust in their faces.

  • MrMadVideo
    MrMadVideo Il y a 20 jours

    1950s floating theme park hahahaha!! No we have the opportunity to become a global player and get a better deal! If certain foods are inaccessible, then we'll be forced to do trade deals all over the world. Look at the ECJ getting upset because we offered 0% VAT for trading certain things. Because they can't control the monopoly and makes the UK more competitive :) people like this guy are very unhelpful to the UKs success

  • Michael Tandy
    Michael Tandy Il y a 20 jours

    Jesus Christ can't this guy think of anything original to say? What is with these lame TED talks.

  • Dean Bolton
    Dean Bolton Il y a 20 jours

    No, to much immigration to quick is the problem, what was once home became a place of different language, you feel like you have been invaded and the opposing part does not really bother, it is going to happen, i'm all up for immigration of course, but in a country you have your way and if you move here please try and make it your way too or as much as you can.

  • Gary Lake
    Gary Lake Il y a 20 jours +2

    Why would someone on the minimum wage 'welcome Globalisation'?
    Why would someone on £25,000k per year living alone 'welcome Globalisation'?
    Why would someone living in a decaying working class city, where property is cheap, and immigrants from inside and outside the EU are flooding their home turf, 'welcome Globalisation'?
    Why would an older person who has lived through the vote to join the Common Market and see it morph into today's EU entity, without any say in the process, 'welcome Globalisation'?
    The bottom line Alexander Betts, is that democracy is our methodology of determining who serves us best.
    I can see that democracy has not had a chance to speak until Brexit.
    As a businessman, I dont want Brexit, as a person who believes in democracy, I get why it happened, and I will go with the flow, as I respect other peoples choices.
    If I could wave my magic wand, the one where the world revolves around me, I would want another Referendum, this time, No Deal or Remain, as I want to see how strong this 'welcome Globalisation' rebellion actually is.......

  • Steve Novakovic
    Steve Novakovic Il y a 21 jour

    An elitist liar who readily admits that he lives in his Liberal bubble.. whose answer is to explain better to those disenfranchised.. what a fool, a complete fool.. the REAL impact of his, admitted, Liberal internationalism has been our children being worse off than their parents for the first time ever, except perhaps in his bubble. Wages down, jobs lost, house prices down, all the while keeping open the door to more and more and more cheap labour whilst global corporations who have a vested interest in driving down labour costs as low as they can before a backlash fund these Liberal foot-soldiers to push back against the democratic voice that said ENOUGH.. this is Deja-Vu.. in the 30's the Weimar bourgeoisie was, imo, a mirror image of today's Liberal elite.. look what happened back in the 30s in Germany.. this fool and his Liberal chums will make it all just a little bit of history repeating itself.. we never learn.. congratulations Liberals on what happens next.. I feel for all our children and grandchildren... Disgusting..

  • Peter Edwards
    Peter Edwards Il y a 21 jour

    Mass uncontrolled immigration is a disaster for all concerned.

  • Robby Khullar
    Robby Khullar Il y a 21 jour +1

    Brilliant talk!

  • Guenter Lohnert
    Guenter Lohnert Il y a 22 jours +3

    Absolutely brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. Thank you so much Alexander Betts. “What oft was thought, but ne’er so well express’d”.

  • jcrequity
    jcrequity Il y a 22 jours

    I like your speech about being open, inclusive and tolerant. Unforgivably you are simply too naive. London no longer looks like London. It looks like Pakistan with a blend of Africa. With less than 45% original inhabitants,and rising Shariah courts etc, you are essentially overrun

    • Robby Khullar
      Robby Khullar Il y a 21 jour

      +jcrequity Gosh! A remainer and leaver agree on something! So, what's the solution?

    • jcrequity
      jcrequity Il y a 21 jour

      Robby Khullar fully agree with you

    • Robby Khullar
      Robby Khullar Il y a 21 jour

      +jcrequity I don't dispute that but some of the reasons for Brexit are control of our borders; we have 100% control of non EU immigration but we still let in 100's of thousands! Also, there's been a backlash in Europe against globalisation; another reason for Brexit is that we can strike up global trade deals.! Can't you see how non sensical this is!

    • jcrequity
      jcrequity Il y a 21 jour

      Robby Khullar maybe. But some parts of England now looks like a dump ... nothing British about Burkhas and Hijiab

    • Robby Khullar
      Robby Khullar Il y a 21 jour +1

      The people you're talking about aren't from Europe; Brexit won't stop them coming. EU immigration has significantly been reduced but the numbers have been made up with people from India...

  • Gavin FreedomLover
    Gavin FreedomLover Il y a 23 jours

    These Ted talks are new age brainwashing especially SJW friendly.

  • Jetztwirdsluschdig
    Jetztwirdsluschdig Il y a 23 jours

    frclip.com/video/nh2p_pvze6s/vidéo.html Because in 20 Yrs... London is an Exclave of China... and Peking is holding Canterbury for 99 yrs...

  • Austin Chandra
    Austin Chandra Il y a 24 jours

    this guy is a perfect snowflake

  • 2001 perseus
    2001 perseus Il y a 24 jours

    It's amazing how every pontificator on how Brexit happened, ignores one of the major causes. Government signing treaties on political and fiscal union without consent or a mandate. Then holding a referendum where if people voted remain, they would continue to sign more treaties on political and fiscal union without consent, or a mandate. What kind of fools expect to do that in a democracy without a major reaction? Liberal internationalists apparently.

  • jhiv3945
    jhiv3945 Il y a 24 jours

    Globalisation is NOT a good thing. Individual nation states, governing their own affairs and having good relationships with other nations is as it should be. The European project is a total failure, simply because it attempts to make us all the same, meekly bowing down to a hierarchy that does not even have the word 'DEMOCRACY' in their dictionary. Beware, the EU is 'Germany' orientated! To continue in the EU would lead to progrssive slavery to a German ideal. For our good and the good of our children, GET OUT AT ANY COST!

  • manjrajput a
    manjrajput a Il y a 24 jours

    Blame Game Brexit to Blue
    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern

  • Penny Mills
    Penny Mills Il y a 24 jours +1

    This bloke is the living embodiment of why Remain lost the Brexit referendum. He doesn't understand a shred of why we voted leave, and should get out of his University ivory tower and try living a normal life if he genuinely wants to understand, and hence give an accurate TED talk.This lecture would be more accurate if he re-entitled it ' My personal theory of why Brexit happened'

  • Russ Stentiford
    Russ Stentiford Il y a 24 jours +1

    Surely by leaving the EU single market confinements and joining the larger world's trade'we're being more global?

  • Stefano F.
    Stefano F. Il y a 24 jours

    What a pile of well spoken BS

  • Tony Mawdesley
    Tony Mawdesley Il y a 25 jours

    Brexit Song

  • Mr Fawcett
    Mr Fawcett Il y a 26 jours

    Experts.. Eveerryywheeerree....

  • martinbarry30
    martinbarry30 Il y a 27 jours


  • Love London
    Love London Il y a 27 jours

    LEAVE MEANS LEAVE - we the people voted to leave, not a deal but to leave.

    • japascho
      japascho Il y a 27 jours

      didnt many people vote to leave caus they thaught there will be a deal? you think there is a majorety for "leave without deal"?

    ARA SHADAREVIAN Il y a 28 jours

    what a loser

  • Mayank Parmar
    Mayank Parmar Il y a 28 jours

    They fear coz they are fucking weak.

  • Paul Crispin
    Paul Crispin Il y a 29 jours

    I'm actually surprised at some of the comments below. All he has said are the facts. His mistake, as a Brit, is that he uses the word Liberal a lot. The Americans among us have only 2 divides: left and right. We in the UK have a middle ground that we call liberal. The socialists (Labour) are the left and The Conservatives are the right. The problem at the moment is that the liberals appear to be fuddyduddy, on the fence. Churchill used to be in the Liberal Party.

  • Lantos Daniel
    Lantos Daniel Il y a 29 jours

    good luck with the Romanian gipsies thanking you. lol

  • James R M
    James R M Il y a mois

    He's ugly as sin both inside and out.
    4 days in leave areas... WOW.
    So much for this well traveled citizen of the world, he's barely travelled across Britain.

  • ivan schafeldt
    ivan schafeldt Il y a mois

    'everybody was blaming everyone else'
    how far from the truth can a 'professional' be?
    the only people blaming anyone were the losers, and they were less than half of everybody.
    i actually didnt vote, so im one of those people that the remain campaign seem to want to count into their own tally for obscure and bizarre reasons.
    the reason i didnt vote was because i didnt trust the establishment to honour a leave result, and so far i have been proven correct.
    but should the result be sabotaged by a second referendum i shall certainly vote, and i WILL vote leave.

    • Pip Yorkie
      Pip Yorkie Il y a 27 jours

      +japascho have you noticed it's only remain voters saying we didn't know downsides or what we were voting for. Yes we did actually, so clearly it's only the remain side that didn't know and just did whatever the media and celebs told them to do instead of doing what we dis which was make our own mind up!

    • ivan schafeldt
      ivan schafeldt Il y a 27 jours

      +japascho that is based on absolutely nothing concrete, you cannot say what is in the minds of those that voted differently to you because you do not know, nobody knows exactly why they voted the way they did, i know for certain nobody voted for exactly the same reasons as the next person, everybody voted based upon their own interpretation of what was laid before them, but most people i know wanted to leave long before the referendum was even an apple in camerons eye, so their vote was nothing to do with either the leave or remain party line.
      leaving without a deal doesnt need a vote article 50 states the leave date with or without a deal, it doesnt require a vote.
      leavers didnt vote in the referendum with a deal in mind, they voted leave because they wanted leave, doors shut.
      im happy to leave without a deal and i didnt even vote in the referendum, i didnt vote because i didnt trust the establishment to honour a leave vote and so far ive been right.
      what i expected in the case of a leave vote was them to fudge the books to show a remain victory, maybe they did fudge the books anyway but it just wasnt enough due to errors in their opinion polls.
      if it came to a second referendum i would vote and i would vote leave

    • japascho
      japascho Il y a 27 jours

      i think that many people feel diferent, caus they were promissed that leaving the eu would just be good, and didnt knew about potential downsides. fact ist that the only "plan" at this point that is clear and that could be set to vote on is to leave without a deal.
      and you think if you ask the people to either leave without a deal or stay.
      you still get a clear answer to leave?
      i'm realy not sure about that.
      yes, there is a majorety to leave the eu
      but, there is no majorety for the only thing coming close to a plan.
      there is no other plan, and there will be no untill the deadline.
      so you dont have to worry, you will have your brexit, but it will be without a deal.
      so why are so many people complaining?

  • Raúl
    Raúl Il y a mois

    All the comments promoted when you watch the video are pro-Brexit.

  • sreeyou100
    sreeyou100 Il y a mois

    London still have a queen ,but british believe they are the most democratic country in the world .Are they not spending tax money for their queen? Elections by elections brits got May .May may end up in May.

    • japascho
      japascho Il y a 27 jours

      well they pay for the queen caus the majorety of people whants it this way, istn that the definition of a democatie?
      what happend there is a example of direct democracy, a systhem that has its ups and downs,
      on the one hand the people who make the decision may no all have all information and maybe not decide for the greater god. on the other hand it is the purest form of demicracy were the people can make clear decisions. the idea is god, but it has some duficultis. but if this is what the people whant than there is noone to blame.

  • henryk peterschein
    henryk peterschein Il y a mois

    DUMP EU+ UN. NWO MIGRATION COMPACT + CARBON ( mass migration welfare) TAX . Will make any COUNTRY A SHITHOLE.

  • Aušrinė Apanavičiūtė

    Music video with some highlights of UK's road to Brexit frclip.com/video/k2mcjhydkby/vidéo.html

  • ras9 lop
    ras9 lop Il y a mois

    Definitely vegan low iron levels.

  • Serap Kaya
    Serap Kaya Il y a mois

    Being a part of the European Union is just an ordinary case.

  • HelenMay Crochet
    HelenMay Crochet Il y a mois

    If only people would listen and learn from what Alexander is saying. The real problem is the creation of class distinctions. The poverty class grows and they become the forgotten. The middle class is being decimated. "Real" jobs are lost, corporations move out of communities and only think about the bottom line, which is money. People, who don't understand the real problem, think it is about race/immigration, when the real problem is poverty. People can't support their families. People can't afford adequate housing. Children can't escape "skid row." Drugs and Gangs start to take over vulnerable communities. War-torn countries create vicious gangs; members of which then move to cities and impoverished neighborhoods and teach, and form, even more vicious gangs. Poverty is getting worse, and it can't be ignored. It will affect everyone, whether directly or indirectly. The impoverished will begin knocking on your border walls even harder; If they haven't already. Corporations need to start thinking of the "other" Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!"

    • japascho
      japascho Il y a 27 jours +1

      sure you are right but sadly this is not how reality workes. this IS a gole we have to accomplish but the society is just not there. its just not that simple aslong people hate, betray and act selfish to themselfs or people neer by. and that seems to be groudet deep in our human spirit no easy way to change it

  • DEE Kurtains
    DEE Kurtains Il y a mois

    oh dear, nice ideas but unfortunately a pipe dream

  • White Stag
    White Stag Il y a mois

    Globalist shill. He’s right about one thing it’s not between left and right anymore, it’s between the forces of globalisation and the those that oppose it.

    • Robby Khullar
      Robby Khullar Il y a 21 jour

      So, we're out of the EU leaving us free to trade with the rest of the world. Think about it idiot!

  • Stan Atsev
    Stan Atsev Il y a mois +1

    The immigration will continue whether you choose the soft or the hard brexit!

  • elvis pena
    elvis pena Il y a mois

    I'm sorry but the Brits have the right to strong borders I wouldn't even compare it to the US we have an immigration problem but we also deport ppl in high volume. And his hippie vibes are unrealistic

  • Servo Germ
    Servo Germ Il y a mois

    Liebe rechtskonservativen Briten: Die europäische Union ist eine Möglichkeit, unsere Bestrebungen nach einem dauerhaften Frieden und die Zusammenarbeit zu sichern. Der Typ hier im Video erzählt irgendwelche Sachverhalte und gibt die Quellen nicht nachvollziehbar an. Nichtsdestotrotz solltet ihr euch mal die Finanzen anschauen, welche das Vereinigte Königreich im Vergleich zu dessen Einnahmen durch der Mitgliedschaft in der EU erwirtschaftet. Da wird wohl ein ziemliches Minus im Staatshaushalt entstehen. Ich sehe da keinen positiven Aspekt, welcher logisch begründen würde, aus der EU auszuretten.

    • japascho
      japascho Il y a 27 jours

      viele briten trauern den zeiten des großen empires nach und denken wenn sie sich wieder unabhängig machen kehren sie zu der größe zurück. england war mal eine weltmacht. es ist lange her, aber das denken steckt immernoch fest. solange bei denen im parlament menschen sitzten die der meinung sind die eu sein der nächste versuch von deutschland die alleinherrschaft über europer u erlangen kannst du von normalen menschen nicht erwarten das zu verstehen. vieleicht ist es besser für england ohne uns und vieleicht fallen sie voll auf die fresse und werden einfach in ein paar jahren wieder in die eu eingegliedert. die informationen stehen allen zur verfügung und wen die menschen sich entscheiden sie zu ignorieren ist das ihr gutes recht. jeder darf glauben was er will auch wenn uns das nicht gefallen mag

  • Florence Cheung
    Florence Cheung Il y a mois

    Too idealistic, pragmatism is needed these days, you can't have everyone benefit from globalization!

  • desiree andriessen
    desiree andriessen Il y a mois

    Full of himself. Talking bla bla

  • Mickeyislowd
    Mickeyislowd Il y a mois

    This guy is a fucking wanker. He said I'm a nationalist well he's dam right about that. I look out for my nation because I love my country yet in the same sentence he's saying I am a racist or xenophobe. How dare he. During the second world war to be a nationalist was a righteous thing to be. What went wrong..? He is the reason why we have Sharia LAW in this country. In Sharia LAW you can cut a persons hands off or kill your wife for adultery! Yes i'm not represented and when David Cameron came to my city he went home to London and called us a sick society. He would not say that about London of course.

  • jules ju
    jules ju Il y a mois

    When I hear people going on about reptilians 🤣 I laugh and say that's crazy....but this guy seriously looks like he did hatch

  • David swick
    David swick Il y a mois

    For once in a seldom while the Brexit cause and effect really makes sense. This brief sum up deserved the standing round of applause it was given.👏

  • Ric
    Ric Il y a mois

    If they try to foist a second Brexit referendum on us, there will be public disorder and angry crowds at every polling station stopping people from entering.
    Things will get very, very ugly indeed, and, whatever the result, this country will be scarred forever.

    • japascho
      japascho Il y a 27 jours

      there is no way for a second referendum for some years. there will be a hard brexit as consequence of the last one. but you think the outcome of the last one would have been the same if the question was "stay or leve without a deal"
      if you are not 100% sure the outcome would have been the same what good is the referendum then?
      and if you now tell me there will be a deal i still ask you, shouldnt there be a deal BEVORE the public is asked i a referendum.

  • Highlighted reply
    Highlighted reply Il y a mois

    Globalisation caused much of this distress and globalisation will continue afterwards. only then will people will see the EU was working to protect them to a degree from globalisation.
    People with NO SKILLS or poor skills end up unemployed or unemployable. Its a no brainer, we don't need endless amounts of unskilled people. stop breeding and this issue will subside in a few generations.

  • Boudi E J van Vlijmen
    Boudi E J van Vlijmen Il y a mois

    This dreamer completely missing out on the Gigi coefficient issues. It is not only talk! It also money!

  • Edwin Lau
    Edwin Lau Il y a mois

    He should be ashamed of being one sided, extremely bias & pro of EU. Brexit ultimately is & will be the right & wise move to free UK from EU.

    • japascho
      japascho Il y a 27 jours

      yes a brexit without a deal would be. but are you sure thats what the majorety of people whant? i cant blame anyone for having this opinion, but if there is a groupe of people that just whanted to leave with a deal shouldent they be hered?

  • Relacionamento e Sexualidade

    I really liked this talk!

    DAVID MOORE Il y a mois

    Amazing how these people have all the answers
    We never voted to be in the EU.... the common market was a fine idea but not EU with all it’s unelected bureaucrats
    So is it any surprise people voted leave... we’ve been waiting decades for a referendum... denied by previous people like tony Blair and John major.
    Brexit is like a melting pot.... it’s bought and exposed all the scum at the top... revealing there real contempt to ordinary citizens. ... yet wanting there votes
    Maybe the establishment kept pushing off a vote so those who lived before the EU died off and no one remembered anything before it.... as like Benjamin the donkey in Orwell’s Animal Farm

    • japascho
      japascho Il y a 27 jours

      the problem i see is that many people promised there would be a deal after leaving the eu.
      but there is non.
      but sure its still you right to leave the eu. but then it should have been "leving without a deal" from the verry start. you cant sell someone a new house, than buld a wooden hut and isist of the persons decision to buy it.
      if i decide to by a house and the person building it dont gets it done i dont pay. the same way people that voted for "leave" expecting a deal should be able to take there vote back. but they can not and those people have every right to be upset

  • Edward Mcloughlin
    Edward Mcloughlin Il y a mois

    Deluded homosexual !

  • Edward Mcloughlin
    Edward Mcloughlin Il y a mois

    Make a word out of the following letters - U C T N - that’s what this excuse for a human being is...I’d hazard a guess he takes it up the chocolate starfish 🤨

  • Rich LN
    Rich LN Il y a mois

    Betts is the kind of Trekkie utopian globalist diversity freak who gets himself decapitated in Mali or Iraq because he had no fear, (or, in other words, no idea.)

  • craig owensby
    craig owensby Il y a mois

    Final point: This idea that these rural, older, under educated voters needed to vote as a protest against current parties and the establishment was also manufactured by Russia. The explanation of Brexit is identical to Trump’s win. There is a reason: Russia was using exactly the same hacking program. The feeling of not being represented was based upon the truth that society can’t move backwards. They are being “forgotten” not by the establishment, but by the future that doesn’t have a meaningful role for rural, older, under educated people.
    And the ultimate solution will be a Universal Basic Income.

  • craig owensby
    craig owensby Il y a mois

    No, you’ve become another province of Russia just like the US.
    Brexit represents the degree to which under educated, older, rural people, can be hacked by a sophisticated social media program designed to make these rural, older, and under educated think differently than they naturally would. Most importantly, these voters learned how to kill their own empathy and instinct to reach out and accept that “my views aren’t always right, nor always the majority.”
    It surprises us that so many had become such people because it wasn’t there as a majority feeling just two months before. In two months, Russia altered the normal systems that keep civilization working: The normal sense of decency and empathy and belonging. In exchange, the Russians gave those voters fear, outrage, and anger. And at the core of their feelings are a key feeling of being a part of an unheard majority that is right despite what the mainstream media says. Polls show that during the entire process, a significant majority of Brits have favored staying.
    But the Russians had already identified the “stayers” and hacked them so they would not bother voting, to believe stay would easily win, so there was no need to vote. Those voters won’t be tricked again, except that unless there is a second vote, a revote, the huge damage that so benefits Russia, will happen, and the true majority, not just the voting majority, will be olive with what Russia arranged.
    So the real lesson is that civil society cannot grow complacent. We must learn to recognize the manipulation and reject it.
    Meanwhile, the “leavers” who were hacked by Russia will have a hard time going back to being their old selves. In a real sense they have been changed, in a bad way. Undoing this damage should be a critical objective.