Ozuna - Coméntale Feat. Akon (Video Oficial)

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    My bien mi hermano akon alianza aloune badara thiame veamos senegal akon 💪💪💪

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    M E E N C A N T A !

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    Akon looks the same...

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    Que linda tema Senegalés castellano y inglés lo hablamos como el idioma es nuestro... One Love!

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    Que epoca musical tan jodida nos tocó...

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    Hola qué linda canción

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    Lindo mi Faro Colón!! Y bella mi Rep. Dominicanaaa

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    *[ Prediction of Babylon’s Fall ]*
    *“Come down,🌋🗽🇺🇸virgin* *daughter*
    of *Babylon,* and *sit* in the *dust.🌋🇺🇸🌋*
    *For your days* of *sitting on* a *throne*
    have *ended.*
    *O daughter* of *Babylonia, never* *again will you* be the *lovely princess, tender* and *delicate.*
    *Listen* to the *LoRd John Roberts plans*
    against *Babylon* and the *land* of the *Babylonians.*
    *Even* the *little children* will be *dragged*
    *off like sheep,* and *their homes*
    *will* be *destroyed*
    *Their little children* will be
    *dashed to death* before *their eyes.*
    *Their homes* will be *sacked,* and
    *their wives will* be *raped.*
    The *Russians* and *Allies* *outside the walls* will *come* in and *Set🔥Fire* to the *City🇺🇸.*
    *They will roar over their victims* *on* that *DAY of DESTRUCTION* *like* the *roaring🚀*
    of *tHe🌋SeA.*
    *If* someone *looks* across the *land,* only *darkness and🔥distress* will *be seen;* even the *light🌚* will be *darkened* by *clouds🌋*
    *They* will *burn down all* these *houses* where the *people provoked MY FURY* by *burning incense* to *Baal* on the *rooftops"📲* and by *pouring* out *liquid🍸🍹🍺🍻offerings* to *other gods.*
    *[Revelation 18:1]*
    *[ The Fall of Babylon ]*
    *After all this* I saw *another angel,*
    the *LoRd John Roberts*
    *come down* from *heaven*
    with *GREAT AUTHORITY,* and the *earth*
    *🌋🚀grew bright* with *HIS SPLENDOR!*
    *HE* gave a *MIGHTY SHOUT:* *“Babylon is fallen🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸* that *great city* is *fallen!*
    *She has become a home* for *demons.*
    *She is a hideout* for *every foul spirit,*
    *a hideout* for *every foul vulture* and
    *every foul* and *dreadful animal!*
    *“How Babylon is fallen- great Babylon,* praised *throughout* the *earth!*
    *Now she has become* an *object of horror* among the *nations.*
    And *I,* the *LoRd John Roberts* will *punish💰Bel,* the *god* of *Babylon,🗽* and *make him vomit up🌋* all *he has🌏eaten.*
    *The nations will no longer* come and *worship💵💸💵him.*
    *The wall of Babylon* has *FaLLeN!*
    *[The LoRd John Roberts Case]*
    *[against HIS🇨🇦PEOPLE]*
    *“GO and ShOuT* *tHiS🗣📲MESSAGE*
    to *ISRAEL.*
    *This is what* The *LoRd John Roberts* says:
    *“I remember* how *eager you* were to *please Me* as a *young bride long ago,* how *you loved Me* and *followed Me* *even through* the *barren wilderness.*
    *In those days Israel* was *holy* to the *LoRd John Roberts,* the *first* of *His children.*
    *All* who *harmed His people* were *declared guilty,* and *disaster fell* on *them.*
    *I,* the *LoRd John Roberts* have *spoken!”*
    *Listen to the word* of *The LoRd,* people
    of *Jacob-all* you *families* of *Israel!🇨🇦*
    *This is what* the *LoRd John Roberts says:*
    *“What did your ancestors* find *wrong* with *Me* that *led them* to *stray so far* from *Me?*
    *They worshiped worthless idols,* *only* to *become worthless themselves.*
    *They did not ask, ‘Where* is the *LoRd*
    *John Roberts,* who *brought us safely*
    out of *Egypt* and *led us* through *Russia* the *barren wilderness-* a *land of deserts and pits,* a *land of drought and death,*
    where *no one lives* or *even travels?’*
    *“And* when *I brought you into* a *fruitful*
    *land🇨🇦* to *enjoy its bounty* and *goodness,*
    *you defiled My land* and *corrupted* the *possession I* had *promised you.*
    *The priests* did *not ask,*
    *‘Where is the LoRd John Roberts’*
    *Those* who *taught my word* ignored *Me,* the *rulers* turned *against Me,* and the *prophets spoke* in the *name* of *Baal,💵wasting*
    *their time* on *worthless idols.*
    *Therefore, I* will bring *My case*
    *against 🇨🇦you,”* *says* the *LoRd John Roberts.* *“I* will even *bring charges*
    *against* your *children’s children*
    in the *days* to *come.*
    *“Go west* and *look* in the *land of *Europe;*
    *Go east* and *search* through the *land of Asia.* *Has anyone* ever *heard* of *anything*
    as *strange as this?*
    *Has any nation ever traded* its *gods* for *new ones,* *even though* they are *not gods*
    at *all?* Yet *My people* have *exchanged*
    their *Glorious* God *John Roberts*
    for *worthless💰idols!*
    *The heavens* are *shocked* at *such a thing* and *shrink back* in *horror* and *dismay,”*
    *says* the *LoRd John Roberts,*
    *“For my people* have done *two evil things:* *They* have *abandoned me-"the fountain*
    of *living🗣📑📲water.*
    And *they have dug for themselves cracked cisterns* that can *hold no water at all!*
    *[The RESULTS of ISRAEL'S Sin]*
    *“Why has Israel* become a *slave?*
    *Why has he been carried away as plunder?*
    *Strong lions have roared against him,*
    *and the land has been destroyed.*
    *The towns are now in ruins,*
    *and no one lives in them anymore.*
    *Russians, marching from their cities have destroyed Israel’s glory and power.*
    And *you have brought this upon yourselves*
    by *rebelling* against the *LoRd John Roberts* your *God,*
    *even* though *He* was *leading you*
    on *the way!*
    *“What* have *you gained* by *your*
    *alliances* with *Egypt* and
    *your covenants with Russia?*
    *What good to you* are the *streams* of the *Nile or* the *waters* of the *Black sea?*

    *Your wickedness will bring*
    its *own punishment.*
    *Your turning from me* will
    *shame you.*
    *You will see* what an *evil, bitter* thing
    *it is* to *abandon* the *LoRd* *John Roberts* your *God* and *not* to *Fear Him.*
    *I,* the *LoRd John Roberts,* the *LoRd*
    of *Heaven’s Armies,* have *Spoken!*
    *“Long ago I* broke the *yoke* that *oppressed you* and *tore away* the *chains* of *your slavery,* but *still you🇨🇦said,*
    *‘I* will *not* serve *You.’*
    *On* every *hill* and *under* every green *tree,* *you* have *prostituted yourselves* by *bowing down* to *idols.*
    *But I* was the *One* who *planted you,* *choosing* a *vine* of the *purest stock*
    the *very🇨🇦best.*
    *How* did *you grow* into
    this *corrupt wild vine?*
    *No amount* of *soap or lye*
    can *make you clean.*
    *I* the *LoRd John Roberts* still
    *see* the *stain* of *your guilt.*
    *I,* the *Sovereign LoRd,*
    have *spoken!*
    But *“You🇨🇦say,* ‘That’s *not true!*
    *I haven’t worshiped* the
    *images💵💸💵* of *Baal!’*
    But *how can you say that?* *Go*
    and *look* in *any valley* in the *"land!*
    *Face the awful sins you* have *done.*
    *You are like* a *restless female* camel *desperately searching*
    for a *mate.🇨🇦💰🇺🇸*
    *You* are *like* a *wild donkey,*
    *sniffing* the *wind* at *mating time.*
    *Who* can *restrain her lust?*
    *Those* who *desire her* don’t
    *need* to *search,* for *she*
    *goes running* to *them!*
    *When* will *you stop running?*
    *When* will *you stop panting*
    after *other💸💰💸gods?*
    *But you* say, *‘Save your breath.*
    *I’m in love* with these *foreign gods,*
    and *I* can’t *stop* *loving them now!’*
    *“Israel🇨🇦is* like *a thief* *who* feels
    *shame only* when *he gets caught.*
    *They, their kings, officials, priests,*
    and *prophets-all* are *alike* in *this.*
    *To an image* carved from a *piece* of
    *wood they* say, *'You* are *my father.’*
    *To an idol* chiseled from *a block* of
    *stone they* say, *‘You* are *my mother.’*
    *They turn their backs on me,*
    *but* in *times* of *trouble they cry*
    *out* to *Me, ‘Come* and *save us!’*
    *But why not call* on these *gods you* have *made?* *When trouble* comes, *let them*
    *save you* if *they can!*
    *For you have as many gods*
    as there are *towns in Judah.*
    *Why do you accuse me* of *doing wrong?* *You are the ones who have rebelled,”*
    *says* the *LoRd John Roberts.*
    *“I have punished your children,* but
    *they did not respond"* to *My discipline.*
    *You yourselves* have *killed your prophets* as a *lion kills* its *prey.*
    *“O my people, listen* to the *words*
    of the *LoRd John Roberts!*
    *Have I been like a desert to Israel?*
    *Have I been to them a land of darkness?*
    *Why* then do *my people* say, *‘At last*
    *we* are *free* from *God!*
    *We* don’t *need Him anymore!’"*
    *Does a young woman forget her jewelry,*
    *or a bride her wedding dress?*
    *Yet* for *years on end my people*
    have *forgotten me.*
    *“How you plot and scheme* to *win your lovers.* *Even* an *experienced prostitute* could *learn from you!*
    *Your clothing is stained* with the
    *blood of the innocent* and the *poor,*
    *though* you *didn’t catch them*
    *breaking into your houses!*
    *And yet you🇨🇦say, ‘I* have done
    *nothing wrong.*
    *Surely God isn’t angry with me!’*
    But *now I will punish you severely* because *you claim you* have *not sinned.*
    *First here, then there-🇨🇦😘🇺🇸*
    *you flit* from *one ally* to *another*
    asking *for help.*
    *But* your *new friends* in *Russia* will *let*
    *you down,* *just* as *Egypt* did *before.*
    *In despair, you* will be *led into exile*
    with *your hands* on your *heads,*
    *for* the *LoRd John Roberts* has
    *rejected* the *nations you trust.*
    *They will not help you at all!*
    *For I AM* the *Sovereign LoRd!*
    *If I say* it, it *will happen.*
    *There will* be *no more delay,*
    You *wicked rebels of🇨🇦Israel.*
    *I, John Roberts* will *fulfill My*
    *threat of🇺🇸🌋🚀⛓🇨🇦⛓destruction*
    *I, John Roberts,* the *Sovereign LoRd,*
    have *spoken!”*
    *Therefore, tell🇨🇦🇺🇸them,* *‘This* is *what*
    the *Sovereign LoRd says:* *No more delay!*
    *I will now* do *everything I* have *threatened.*
    *I, John Roberts,* the *Sovereign LoRd,"*
    have *spoken!’*
    *He swore an oath* in the *Name*
    *"JOHN ROBERTS"* of the *One* who
    *Lives Forever* and *Ever,* who *created*
    the *heavens* and *everything in them,*
    *the earth* and *everything in it,*
    and *the sea* and *everything in it.*
    *He said, “There will* be *NO more DELAY!*

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