Elders React To Dolan Dark Memes Compilation (Meme Lord)

  • Ajoutée 20 déc. 2018
  • Dolan Dark memes reacted to by Elders. Original links below.
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    Elders react to Dolan Dark memes compilation (Meme Lord). Watch to see their reactions.
    Content Featured:
    gamecube intro meme but its for 12 year olds
    Uganda Knuckles: The Movie
    Memes VII
    I didn't know there was this much green in the whole galaxy again
    Memes X
    Phil Swift from Flex Tape loses his mind
    hey what's up guys it's scarce here
    The Perfect Sound
    The Perfect Flute Solo
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    Elders React To Dolan Dark Memes Compilation (Meme Lord)
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Commentaires • 3 075

  • FBE
    FBE  Il y a 8 mois +664

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    • d z
      d z Il y a 7 mois

      please react to 'EL MAL QUERER' by ROSALÍA

    • PP A
      PP A Il y a 7 mois

      Flying Kitty reaction?

    • Boom clash mine
      Boom clash mine Il y a 7 mois

      Do elders react to flyingkitty

    • Diego __
      Diego __ Il y a 7 mois

      Elders React to sad edits

    • who fan pewds sub here
      who fan pewds sub here Il y a 7 mois

      More MEME REACT!!!!!!!

  • Mr Fonseca
    Mr Fonseca Il y a 7 mois +4

    React To Flying Kitty

  • DankConfessorCabal
    DankConfessorCabal Il y a 7 mois +2

    Elders react to Ray Sipe.

  • yesididitverywell
    yesididitverywell Il y a 7 mois +11

    Don is the best

    • Duck
      Duck Il y a 7 mois +2

      Yes he is the best

  • Kinjiru731
    Kinjiru731 Il y a 7 mois +3

    I love the positive attitudes of so many of these elders.

  • Yelyah
    Yelyah Il y a 7 mois +6

    “Create something like this, you’ll be rich”

  • JX - 06KN - Tomken Road MS (1153)

    the elders dont get it D:

  • Luka Sekulic
    Luka Sekulic Il y a 7 mois +2

    I just love him

  • Name less
    Name less Il y a 7 mois +2


  • Skitungen
    Skitungen Il y a 7 mois +5

    Now do flying kitty

    GUCCI MAN ANT Il y a 7 mois +5

    the meme lord is grandayy

  • _ Sarmale _
    _ Sarmale _ Il y a 7 mois +6

    It's Granday?
    It's not Granday.

  • Joe Steigerwald
    Joe Steigerwald Il y a 7 mois

    This is spooky and frightening

  • Agent Gooby
    Agent Gooby Il y a 7 mois


  • Sawyer
    Sawyer Il y a 7 mois +3

    Give us FlyingKitty n o w come on FBE p l e a s e

  • casey hennigan
    casey hennigan Il y a 7 mois +3

    There wasn’t a single shitpost in this

  • FluffyFluffsteroni
    FluffyFluffsteroni Il y a 7 mois +10

    React to Flying Kitty MEME LORD

  • Aleesha raza
    Aleesha raza Il y a 7 mois

    2:20 haha, there’s some irony in that.

  • Aleesha raza
    Aleesha raza Il y a 7 mois +1

    Ahhhhhhhh Dolan why

  • Dogaojuiz
    Dogaojuiz Il y a 7 mois +6


  • Twice Rankz
    Twice Rankz Il y a 7 mois +4

    Elders React To FlyingKitty & MuchDank (Meme GODS)

  • Jan Håvard Eidem
    Jan Håvard Eidem Il y a 7 mois +1

    Elders react to Cannibal Corpse!

  • Fernando Cisneros
    Fernando Cisneros Il y a 7 mois

    Make Elders React to MuchDank

  • Kelly -Boi
    Kelly -Boi Il y a 7 mois +8

    Do flying kitty

  • Shard 4.0
    Shard 4.0 Il y a 7 mois +2

    Yes we need more Meme Lord reactions.

  • No No
    No No Il y a 7 mois +2

    Elders react to Start A Riot

  • Doge God
    Doge God Il y a 7 mois +13

    Do flyingkitty

  • Drakken dog
    Drakken dog Il y a 7 mois +3

    New Godzilla 2 trailer!!!!

  • Ale Díaz
    Ale Díaz Il y a 7 mois +2

    Lyric breakdown with Elders: The Killers :)

  • C.T.M.
    C.T.M. Il y a 7 mois +4

    Do grandayy

  • Beyonceuponatime
    Beyonceuponatime Il y a 7 mois

    Please do an elders react to major lazer (specifically pon de floor video)

  • H 4 haz 111
    H 4 haz 111 Il y a 7 mois +11

    Please do idubbzz

  • manko eater
    manko eater Il y a 7 mois +12

    Do filthy Frank

  • 12 Bit
    12 Bit Il y a 7 mois +10

    React to memeulous

  • Andrew Jammo
    Andrew Jammo Il y a 7 mois +18

    Do flyingkitty next

    FBI AGENT Il y a 7 mois +6

    Wanna sprite cranberry

  • Appelspelers Roblox en meer


  • lemon
    lemon Il y a 7 mois +2

    *hes all the musicians himself*

  • DJalbzor
    DJalbzor Il y a 7 mois +1

    7:10 - 7:15 100% true :D

  • Terry Brown
    Terry Brown Il y a 7 mois

    Darude Sandstorm

  • maximilian servant
    maximilian servant Il y a 7 mois


  • Shimmy Ya
    Shimmy Ya Il y a 7 mois +11

    Why she so mean

    • barbara
      barbara Il y a 7 mois

      Fr it's not like there's anything else to do

  • PP A
    PP A Il y a 7 mois +7

    Can we get a flying kitty reaction vid?

  • Jacob Thompson
    Jacob Thompson Il y a 7 mois +8

    *aM i In ThE mAtRiX*

  • Ryguy 7
    Ryguy 7 Il y a 7 mois +17

    Only our young generation will understand this god holy humor...

  • HollowShadow
    HollowShadow Il y a 7 mois +15

    Elders react to FlyingKitty

  • ecchisan
    ecchisan Il y a 7 mois +23

    There's only one meme lord, our destroyer, and he is PewDiePie. Please react to him.

  • prajyot sharma
    prajyot sharma Il y a 7 mois +1

    @fbe elders play mafia 3

  • anoja31
    anoja31 Il y a 7 mois +7

    Can't wait for Dolan to make memes out of this lol

  • The Gaming Bandit
    The Gaming Bandit Il y a 7 mois +12

    They kinda need some context

  • Chess of Confusion
    Chess of Confusion Il y a 7 mois +46

    a lot of the elders were more open minded at one point i guess everyone keeps changing even the elders.

  • Kevin Jabs
    Kevin Jabs Il y a 7 mois +1

    Can you do an elders rect o King Lil G

  • YaBoi Nate
    YaBoi Nate Il y a 7 mois +3

    Flyingkitty or Kadz

  • RedGaming
    RedGaming Il y a 7 mois +6

    Flyingkitty Next ok?

  • XxKawaiiQueenxX
    XxKawaiiQueenxX Il y a 7 mois +6

    Flying kitty next !

    TOPUR Il y a 7 mois +7

    Now they need to react to Flyingkitty

  • Yuri Florece
    Yuri Florece Il y a 7 mois +7

    Elders react to FlyingKittyy

  • colin smith
    colin smith Il y a 7 mois +1

    I think she meant bob ross LOL

  • Potato VEVO
    Potato VEVO Il y a 7 mois +6

    Can't wait for Dolan to see this...! Also can't wait for the meme...

  • juan h
    juan h Il y a 7 mois +6

    Elders react to flying kitty

  • Alex
    Alex Il y a 7 mois +12

    Guess meme lord is now an official terminology lmao

  • Goran Brodanac
    Goran Brodanac Il y a 7 mois +11

    React to memeulous

  • Andaman Production
    Andaman Production Il y a 7 mois +6

    I’m sorry but 7:09 couldn’t be more tru

  • Vidhu Kota
    Vidhu Kota Il y a 7 mois +19

    aM i iN ThE MaTrIx??!?!?!

  • Der Krazy Kraut
    Der Krazy Kraut Il y a 7 mois +5

    Elder's React to Jordan Peterson

  • Flynn Flake
    Flynn Flake Il y a 7 mois +19

    Elders react to big chungus memes.

  • Matlock Crowl
    Matlock Crowl Il y a 7 mois +8

    Don is the best he reminds me of my grandfather XD

  • Moomi Momo
    Moomi Momo Il y a 7 mois

    Reacting to Aldo Jones.

  • Nico Cueto
    Nico Cueto Il y a 7 mois +9

    Elders play big chungus for ps4

  • Wizard Pooypants
    Wizard Pooypants Il y a 7 mois +21

    Teens react to big chungus memes

  • Jules Brags
    Jules Brags Il y a 7 mois +16

    That struck my mind right back to reality. Couldn't agree more.

  • Jepoy Kulangot
    Jepoy Kulangot Il y a 7 mois +7

    Elders react to nirvana

  • Yoram Bracquiné
    Yoram Bracquiné Il y a 7 mois +11

    5:40 that face tho

  • Crazy_clay 78
    Crazy_clay 78 Il y a 7 mois +6

    paul wil slap u memes

  • Makeup Mess
    Makeup Mess Il y a 7 mois +7

    Can u make teens react to Dolandark