Reaction to Rammstein - Zeit

  • Ajoutée 24 mai 2022
  • Incredible video. This was a pure work of art. I was just hypnotised by this video.. the colours, the effects, the light, the scenes, the story telling.
    Just wow.
    A great visual for the theme of death and time coming. I get more and more respect and love for Rammstein the more I see from them.
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Commentaires • 297

  • Katharina K

    I cry everytime i hear that song. I am normaly not that emotional but the meaning behind the song is just so deep it always catches me off guard

  • Sjoerd Willemsen

    Thanks to the pandemic Rammstein were unable to tour so they went into a studio and gave us "Zeit" and just wow.😲 The entire album is a rollercoaster of energy and emotions.😋 Been to their concert 2 weeks ago and it was just awesome to hear nearly 60.000 people sing the first chorus of this song while the band itself was silent, a fairly relaxed and emotional moment for a normally rather energetic and powerful band.🥲 Im still getting goosebumps thinking back on it. 😂

  • SEKonerDE
    SEKonerDE  +39

    It is not the Death you see in the Video. These are Timekeepers. In german "Bewahrer der Zeit", which accompany the beginning and end of life. You can see their faces like a flow of time (Der Fluss der Zeit). Every person have to live consciously enjoy every beuatiful moment. Because each of us is here and now only for a limited TIME. This is my interpretation to this masterpiece of an "music video".

  • Lozza
    Lozza  +56

    It’s probably the most emotional video of theirs I can ever recall seeing. I never have a dry eye after having watched this, especially the scene with the father who runs after his sick daughter, only to hold her in his arms after she passes. Really intense.

  • Arno Dobler

    this song hit me in the core

  • Bas de Bruin

    Goosebumps again and again and again and again etc etc etc. Unbelievable intense. So pure and undone from all false sentiments. A huge tender roughness with razor sharp beauty. The biggest Bullseye ever…. Beethoven would have been so proud and touched by this!!!!

  • Prime Flux

    Rammstein have really up their game with the videos. This and Deutschland is both amazing and in perfect sync with the song.

  • Der Brandmeister

    I love the birth scene. It just shows something that we've all been through. This moment in the video also describes what is probably the greatest heroic saga of women in general. We men fight great battles and defend our families with our lives if necessary. This is our hero saga. The moment of birth, in great pain and in danger of death, is women's greatest heroic story. It was really beautifully captured in the video and teaches me respect for this act that women have been doing for thousands of years. Every day of the year. Every person you'll ever meet is a witness to this story.

  • Jeppe
    Jeppe  +4

    This is so Deep.

  • 19*AFDFCH*65

    the song "ZEIT" is currently my absolute favorite Rammstein song. It is so emotional, powerful, moving and soulful at the same time. With this song, you really realize how short life is........... the new song "DICKE TITTEN" came out. And it got almost 1 million clicks in just under 4 hours🤟😉😏

  • dporschke

    perfect combination of lyrics and pictures.... perfect song.... one of the best songs in the world.... greetings from germany

  • Harry Sample

    Well, I thought the video " Deutschland " was the best music video I had ever seen but after watching " Zeit " my opinion changed. Rammstein proved again they are not only musicians but also actors and creative minds. Pure Art !!!

  • Ralf Meyer

    In my opinon, this Video and the Music, Lyrics are a Masterpiece. Pure Art. 🤘

  • CavHD eu
    CavHD eu  +11

    There's an interesting effect with this song because it can emphasize your current emotional state. Just watch it in different moods. I haven't experienced anything like this before with a song.

  • Galina Petkova

    It's one of my favourite Rammstein videos. So blowing my mind when I watched it for the very first time. Also I watched it hundreds time after first time. And I feel the same.

  • Bluepixel
    Bluepixel Il y a jour +1

    They really nailed this album.

  • Jürgen Gliewe

    Rammstein werden in ihren Texten immer besser. Sie berühren die Seele ! : ,,Meine Tränen,, /// ,,Schwarz,, Das sind Lieder die an das Herz ❤️ gehen.

  • Charlie Clark

    This song hits hard because i lost my mom to cancer at the age of 52 almost 3 years ago. She died right before covid started, it's been a rough few years. This song helps me grieve her and also remind myself that we are only here for a little while.

  • CharlesBronson
    CharlesBronson Il y a jour +2

    I really like this style of react. You don't interrupt the video, you just make comments with text. So much better than those 30 min react videos.

  • jan van velzen

    rammstein is art, so much more than muziek