Adults React To Try Not To Feel Old Challenge #5

  • Ajoutée 9 sept. 2018
  • Try Not to Feel Old Challenge reacted to by Adults. Original links below.
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    Adults React #94 - Adults React To Try Not To Feel Old Challenge #5
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Commentaires • 3 726

  • FBE
    FBE  Il y a 7 mois +363

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    • Sarah Rutan
      Sarah Rutan Il y a 7 mois

      Do reacting to videos on This is why women live longer than men

    • Robert Lewis
      Robert Lewis Il y a 7 mois

      The face is i still watch Sabrina today

    • Dexter Johnson
      Dexter Johnson Il y a 7 mois

    • Jack Kelly
      Jack Kelly Il y a 7 mois

      I need to know if Dionte is wearing the sunglasses from trigun

    • Mike Jose
      Mike Jose Il y a 7 mois

      wow 50 years?! I was like thinking that when I try to eat one of those and someone asks me how does it simplest answer: taste like 50-year-old snack

  • Michal Kirsh
    Michal Kirsh Il y a 7 mois

    Teens react to: SimgmProductions

  • V9 ALF
    V9 ALF Il y a 7 mois +5

    Brandon acted like he isn’t white lmaoooo

  • Tylo
    Tylo Il y a 7 mois +2

    What about grandpa Abe from The Simpsons?

    • Tylo
      Tylo Il y a 7 mois +2

      Wow, 107.

  • Commandix Nostalgia
    Commandix Nostalgia Il y a 7 mois +4

    I was born in 98. I feel old now.

  • DonnaRink ASMR
    DonnaRink ASMR Il y a 7 mois +67

    Try not to feel old challenge in 2040:
    FBE: It's been 15 years since the iphone 74 came out.
    reactors: :-O

  • joaquin stamp triviño
    joaquin stamp triviño Il y a 7 mois

    Generations try to speak spanish

  • Lia Noronha
    Lia Noronha Il y a 7 mois +79

    i see someone from one direction i click
    p.s i saw harry😂

  • Jayson Lloyd
    Jayson Lloyd Il y a 7 mois +7

    Can we get a Sabrina the middle aged witch

    • Will Huey
      Will Huey Il y a 7 mois

      or a revival where she is married and with children and one of her kids has inherited her powers

  • Melynna Valdivia
    Melynna Valdivia Il y a 7 mois +3

    Hey u should do it with Jamie Foxx cause he is almost 50 yrs old pls pretty pls

  • Isa Bieber
    Isa Bieber Il y a 7 mois +3

    “Awwww this is my favourite movie!” 😍😊 that’s such a cute reaction!

  • The Walnut
    The Walnut Il y a 7 mois +5

    I want you guys to do this with elders- see what you come up with.

  • Ketsia Mfuni
    Ketsia Mfuni Il y a 7 mois +4

    This actually made me feel pretty young😂😂

  • __mydirection
    __mydirection Il y a 7 mois +5

    even i feel old when watching hakuna matata bc i grew up with lion king and grew up loving it and im only 16 oh no im getting old

  • GhoulEyed Demon
    GhoulEyed Demon Il y a 7 mois +3

    I have never heard something more related to me, 9:42

  • Khadeejatu Sesay
    Khadeejatu Sesay Il y a 7 mois +2


    JACOB SHOEMAKER Il y a 7 mois +4

    The jello Brandon talked about was and still is the best

  • Aliyah Watson
    Aliyah Watson Il y a 7 mois

    Elders react to justin bieber now

    JACOB SHOEMAKER Il y a 7 mois +1

    Im 17 and ive never seen The Lion King

  • Pansy Quinn
    Pansy Quinn Il y a 7 mois +1

    I was 2 days old when Seinfeld ended

  • Owen Sheehan
    Owen Sheehan Il y a 7 mois +1

    'You have the Big Mac, the snack pack and...' SNEAK ATTACK!

  • Niamh B
    Niamh B Il y a 7 mois +7

    i see harry styles, i click

  • Ella Gacha
    Ella Gacha Il y a 7 mois +3

    I watched Lion King when I was 2
    I’m 9 now and I still watch it

  • mahoganimedia
    mahoganimedia Il y a 7 mois +4

    That Lion King section was SO funny LOL ... I cackled when he closed the laptop

  • Foxtops
    Foxtops Il y a 7 mois

    *sees jerry seinfeild*
    Thinks of bEe mOViE

  • Flower Goddess9
    Flower Goddess9 Il y a 7 mois +1

    Posted On My Birthday ❤️🎉🎁🎈 Love FBE 😌🤪😎💯

  • Andrea West
    Andrea West Il y a 7 mois +3

    Adults React To One Tree Hill Because their 15th Anniversary is Coming Up please

    • Andrea West
      Andrea West Il y a 7 mois +1

      Flower Goddess9 best CW show next to gossip girl

    • Flower Goddess9
      Flower Goddess9 Il y a 7 mois +1

      Andrea West yasssss OTH is the best ❤️😩💯🎉

  • VooDoo Wiz
    VooDoo Wiz Il y a 7 mois +2

    nice big tymers shirt brandon a gangsta

  • Rynalds Channel
    Rynalds Channel Il y a 7 mois +3

    Adults react to Sabrina (Netflix trailer)

  • Rynalds Channel
    Rynalds Channel Il y a 7 mois +2

    I'm 14 years and now I feel old

  • NeoAnt
    NeoAnt Il y a 7 mois

    Webcrawler represent!

  • Zap Rowsdower
    Zap Rowsdower Il y a 7 mois

    I'm 34 and don't feel old... well sometimes I do

  • Will Cosnahan
    Will Cosnahan Il y a 7 mois +4


  • Grace Thompson
    Grace Thompson Il y a 7 mois +10

    If anyone brings up avatar the last airbender, and that it came out 15 years ago, then I'll feel old

    • Ellen Ruehl
      Ellen Ruehl Il y a 7 mois

      I feel weird i am 14 now😕

    • Owen Sheehan
      Owen Sheehan Il y a 7 mois +1

      Bro, I need to watch that again, not the movie though, definetly not the movie

    • Grace Thompson
      Grace Thompson Il y a 7 mois +1

      god damn I feel the wrinkles

    • Stale Television
      Stale Television Il y a 7 mois +1

      “Did you know avatar the last air bender came out 15 years ago!”

  • M.ichelle
    M.ichelle Il y a 7 mois +2

    Lol I love brandon "i got gelatinas" lol

  • Shona Gillies
    Shona Gillies Il y a 7 mois +4

    35, middle aged?! What?! 😂

  • Bryan Ngalongalay
    Bryan Ngalongalay Il y a 7 mois

    Teens react to ABC TGIF lineup

  • FeelinErie
    FeelinErie Il y a 7 mois +2

    Encarta '97 anyone???

  • Johnny Skinwalker
    Johnny Skinwalker Il y a 7 mois +1

    We don't see enough of Shelby.

  • Icepick614
    Icepick614 Il y a 7 mois +5

    We're closer to the year 2030 than the year 2000

    • Little linx
      Little linx Il y a 7 mois

      +Icepick614 r/wooosh

    • Icepick614
      Icepick614 Il y a 7 mois

      +Waffles no we're not 2015 is the half way point we're in 2018 meaning 3 years past the half way point
      That came off more aggressive then I intended sorry

    • Waffles
      Waffles Il y a 7 mois

      Icepick614 We are actually closer to 2030 than 1990.

  • Eunice Yepez
    Eunice Yepez Il y a 7 mois

    They don’t make them like this no more FACTS!!!!

  • Me Miss Marie
    Me Miss Marie Il y a 7 mois +2

    I remember the internet before Google.

  • Ella-Jasmine Sings!
    Ella-Jasmine Sings! Il y a 7 mois +2

    It's weird that I always feel old but I'm literally a kid not even a teenager yet, but I guess hanging out with my baby cousins is just making me feel like that lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Trash who loves Halloween and Memes ;-;

    _50 years old!!!!_
    *_You've been polluting our oceans for 50 years_*

  • Trash who loves Halloween and Memes ;-;

    I was literally watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch a few hours ago.....

  • CarCar Gummybear
    CarCar Gummybear Il y a 7 mois +3

    Lol I’m 16 and I knew, watched, and listened to all of these things. Still do. (Except the google and the Backstreet Boys thing) lion king was my entire childhood. Also. I really wish MTV was actually music television. I’m sad that it’s not music television anymore

  • TheGamingLlama
    TheGamingLlama Il y a 7 mois +7

    Sabrina the middle aged mom

  • Datura Minaka
    Datura Minaka Il y a 7 mois +3

    The only thing that makes me feel old even was when I saw a picture of one of the characters from jet force gemini and I though "Oh woooow,I remember that!"

  • ILove Knawledge
    ILove Knawledge Il y a 7 mois +505

    "I know better than to comment on Eminem's daughter" 😂😂😂

  • AcM
    AcM Il y a 7 mois +3

    "Hi yeah can we order 15 big macs"

  • Kymori Noelle
    Kymori Noelle Il y a 7 mois +2

    Can't relate, 2006 baby

  • Natasha Ellison
    Natasha Ellison Il y a 7 mois +5

    The funniest part is when the oldest person is like what i'm fine I don't feel old.

  • Brianna Sargent
    Brianna Sargent Il y a 7 mois +2

    Its been 24 years since it came out, and I still haven't seen it

  • Cat
    Cat Il y a 7 mois +14

    5:45 her voice

  • SuperSaiyan Blue
    SuperSaiyan Blue Il y a 7 mois +2

    For another try not to feel old put how old dragon ball will be turning next year.

  • Kieran Palmer
    Kieran Palmer Il y a 7 mois +6

    Not only is Melissa Joan Hart 42, but Sarah Michelle Gellar is only 1 year younger at 41. Sabrina AND Buffy man! It's crazy

  • Cris Miyuki
    Cris Miyuki Il y a 7 mois +3

    I feel like Woody Harrelson now...Just realized that Joel and Emily Osment are siblings lol

  • Sarah Rutan
    Sarah Rutan Il y a 7 mois +2

    Do reacting to videos on This is why women live longer than men

  • Tasha Moore
    Tasha Moore Il y a 7 mois +2

    I didnt have access to the internet until i was like 12, Im 21 now

  • Nick The AntiClause
    Nick The AntiClause Il y a 7 mois +17

    If Sabrina makes you feel old, I still remember watching Clarissa Explains It All.

    • lasheika Jose
      lasheika Jose Il y a 7 mois +1

      OMG that was my show. Wow I forgot all about Clarissa Explains It All

    JJWILDCAT Il y a 7 mois +5

    The lion king best Disney movie

  • Me ?
    Me ? Il y a 7 mois +19

    Omg 9:29 vs 9:39 vs 9:46 😥

    DOLAN LIMELIGHT Il y a 7 mois +1

    1:58 is that the girl from x factor??

  • Alvin miser
    Alvin miser Il y a 7 mois

    mnms are 78

  • Vinindu Withanasiri
    Vinindu Withanasiri Il y a 7 mois +3

    College kids react to Kamikaze

  • Vinindu Withanasiri
    Vinindu Withanasiri Il y a 7 mois +5

    College kids react to Eminem VS. MGK

  • Hyperfire 1
    Hyperfire 1 Il y a 7 mois +1

    Like who is seeing this now

  • Ladz on tour
    Ladz on tour Il y a 7 mois


  • Kpop plus Yaoi
    Kpop plus Yaoi Il y a 7 mois +3

    Okay time to watch The Lion King for the billionth time now

  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit Il y a 7 mois +3

    Reacts to FRclip's break ups

  • Deja Vu
    Deja Vu Il y a 7 mois +105

    "You've been polluting our ocean for 50yrs" NOW that is something to think about.

  • rachel.doremi
    rachel.doremi Il y a 7 mois +1

    Rip Simba

  • Houmsterbäck
    Houmsterbäck Il y a 7 mois +3

    The Lion King is two years younger than me
    And Maggie ist older than me, too!

  • Azeisha Benjamin
    Azeisha Benjamin Il y a 7 mois +1

    React to momoland

  • Cassidy Tschida
    Cassidy Tschida Il y a 7 mois +4

    I would just like to say I have seen all seven seasons of Sabrina and the Teenage Witch and I'm 12. Also there is a reboot airing on Netflix on October 26th

    • BlackHand Plays
      BlackHand Plays Il y a 7 mois

      it's based on the Archie Horror imprints so it's markedly different. Focuses more on the horror aspect of being a witch. Pretty good, but not comparable to the main series.

    • Kemas Rafi
      Kemas Rafi Il y a 7 mois

      Is that good?

  • Chenee Thompson
    Chenee Thompson Il y a 7 mois +1

    The backstreet boys are still cute! I own one of their CDs!

  • Chenee Thompson
    Chenee Thompson Il y a 7 mois +1

    I love Sabrina!

  • Southernblonde1310
    Southernblonde1310 Il y a 7 mois +6

    Sharon needs her own comedy show. She's funnier than most of today's comedians.

  • Georgia Witt
    Georgia Witt Il y a 7 mois +3

    I'm 12 and the one about Carmen from SpyKids makes me feel old. is that weird? lmao

  • ethanicas child
    ethanicas child Il y a 7 mois +1

    I’ve never seen the lion king

    • Izell Lide
      Izell Lide Il y a 7 mois

      Watch all Disney movie in the 90

    • Owen B.
      Owen B. Il y a 7 mois

      hhaahahaha what are you waiting for?

  • Claw_PL
    Claw_PL Il y a 7 mois +4

    Why you are not reacting to Eminem ????

  • Sugar, Spice, and Sims
    Sugar, Spice, and Sims Il y a 7 mois +2

    Lmao, I have some Snack Packs in my fridge (I’m a college student)

  • Dakota
    Dakota Il y a 7 mois +16

    I saw Harry and clicked as fast as I could.

  • Juan Garrido
    Juan Garrido Il y a 7 mois +2


  • ThunderCookie21
    ThunderCookie21 Il y a 7 mois +3

    The lunch is supposed to be in a brown paper bag!!!

      ROSEMARIE RAMKISSOON Il y a 7 mois

      ThunderCookie21 They put it in Ziploc‘s because it’s as old as those snacks

  • Meg Regan
    Meg Regan Il y a 7 mois +2

    react to bts idol please !

  • Karille Cabael
    Karille Cabael Il y a 7 mois +7

    I see Harry Styles, I click

  • Luis Collazo
    Luis Collazo Il y a 7 mois +1

    Ehhh makes me feel older lol! Lion king came out the same year my kid was born! yeah I'm up there

  • Adrian GameRAD
    Adrian GameRAD Il y a 7 mois

    Here's a suggestion: The Thin Red Line came out 20 years ago, in 1998, which means that director Terrence Malick had spent the same amount of time in the film business as he did when he was not in the film business. That will make them feel old.

  • Avocado Playz
    Avocado Playz Il y a 7 mois +1

    Why dont you show them the kids from the lil rascals

  • Ken Coleman
    Ken Coleman Il y a 7 mois +2

    I see Alexa Panavega relatively often when she's starring Hallmark Channel romcoms.
    I REALLY miss Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I loved that "Melissa & Joey" had that TGIF feel, and if the Beth Broderick Halloween episode is CANON, Mel and Sabrina could actually be one in the same!!!

  • Königstiger
    Königstiger Il y a 7 mois +1

    Yes. Pudding is a white person thing. And jello is a mexican thing. (An american invented it).

    • Judy McCarthy
      Judy McCarthy Il y a 7 mois

      He never said jello was Mexican he said he had jello made in Mexico

  • ThatDevilGuy
    ThatDevilGuy Il y a 7 mois +4

    @5:45 I got chills man

  • Helena Rosno
    Helena Rosno Il y a 7 mois +4

    People used to watch music videos on tv??

    • thami
      thami Il y a 7 mois +5

      yess. come on, mtv existed!

    • Syed Fazlur Rahman
      Syed Fazlur Rahman Il y a 7 mois +6

      Yes they did. How do you not know this? Now you're making me feel old, and I'm only 21. 😟

  • Dinojgames
    Dinojgames Il y a 7 mois +7

    I love how Brandon shuts the computer

  • Anshu Saha
    Anshu Saha Il y a 7 mois +2

    Watching this a day before my day

  • Nyx_Kitt3n
    Nyx_Kitt3n Il y a 7 mois +1

    "This is my favorite movie!"
    Mine too, friend.

  • Phili
    Phili Il y a 7 mois +1

    Having no idea who the producer at the end is makes me feel old.

  • Nayeli Franco
    Nayeli Franco Il y a 7 mois +4

    Also I that the Sandlot is 25 years old 🤯

    • Nayeli Franco
      Nayeli Franco Il y a 7 mois

      ami ayres I know right and Benny is 39 has a wife and 3 kids

    • ami ayres
      ami ayres Il y a 7 mois

      Nayeli Franco the Sandlot IS WHAT NOW??

  • The Super Ninja Show
    The Super Ninja Show Il y a 7 mois +2

    I got only school lunches.