College Kids React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Disney Edition)

  • Ajoutée 8 déc. 2018
  • Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Disney Edition) played by the College Kids. Original links below.
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    College Kids take on the Try Not to Sing Along Challenge (Disney Edition). Watch to see their Reactions.
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    College Kids Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Disney Edition)
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Commentaires • 7 026

    REACT Il y a 2 mois +199

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    • Sandrix Hozart
      Sandrix Hozart Il y a 10 jours

      As long my favorite disney isn't in here I'm good but really Raven,'s too much

    • Brandon Lewis
      Brandon Lewis Il y a 17 jours

      90s disney music

  • Kaise Syltie
    Kaise Syltie Il y a heure +2

    That's so raven would be Exermly hard

  • Ivan Marquez
    Ivan Marquez Il y a 8 heures

    Once again I have succeeded. It was difficult but I must triumph. The hardest choices require the strongest wills.

  • Phoenix Firestorm
    Phoenix Firestorm Il y a 10 heures +1

    Dr. Faciliar friends on the other side

  • WWE Fan
    WWE Fan Il y a 14 heures +6

    It's Really Cool How Sheila Knows Both English and Spanish:)

  • callmeLiyah 21
    callmeLiyah 21 Il y a 19 heures +2

    Luis is lowkey cute tho

  • GamingTDs
    GamingTDs Il y a 20 heures +5

    No Kim Possible theme?

  • Joy Okwuonu
    Joy Okwuonu Il y a jour +5

    The guy @4:18 is Absolutely correct!!...
    The 90's really was Disney's prime.

  • Munazil
    Munazil Il y a jour +4

    Gotta give props to Dionte, seeing how he was really excited the moment he hears that so raven theme plays, but then suppressing the urge to jam to it. Takes huuuge self restraint.

  • Gary Garcia
    Gary Garcia Il y a jour +2

    The 90s were the best times

  • Alizabeth Artist
    Alizabeth Artist Il y a jour +4

    2:15 so pure, i love this part!

  • Mish Dormido
    Mish Dormido Il y a jour +3

    I wonder what they’re gonna do for the live action of simba

  • Jesa Burgoyne
    Jesa Burgoyne Il y a jour +1

    I won!

  • Myrna Tovar
    Myrna Tovar Il y a jour +6

    I wish I saw him at his musical.Brandon would be awesome Mushu!!!!!!!!!!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

  • Lucario007
    Lucario007 Il y a jour +13

    Who wants to see Sheila do the Disney songs she knows in Spanish? It would be awesome!

  • Kafay Aweys
    Kafay Aweys Il y a jour +4

    Tom and Brandon were absolute highlights in this video. Love them!

  • Kafay Aweys
    Kafay Aweys Il y a jour +8

    I love how Michelle just didn’t even try to win. She out here living her best life. I would’ve done exactly what she did.

    SARAH AL-OTAIBI Il y a 2 jours +1

    i just reliesd arial (i dont care to spell right) weres make up in the sea HOW

  • epijunky
    epijunky Il y a 2 jours +1

    I lost at a minute and 45 AND JUST LOST AGAIN.

  • Diego Meneses
    Diego Meneses Il y a 2 jours +4

    Sheila, I know exactly what you're talking about, some of Disney songs I prefer to hear in portuguese haha

  • rizka vanka
    rizka vanka Il y a 2 jours +7


  • Matilda Moore
    Matilda Moore Il y a 2 jours +1

    These r ligit easy

  • Lucy Fotu
    Lucy Fotu Il y a 2 jours +5

    4:53 - lol I feel ya Dionte

  • NocturnalOwnage
    NocturnalOwnage Il y a 2 jours +2


  • A. R.
    A. R. Il y a 2 jours +8

    I also watched all the classics in Spanish Sheila (y las sigo viendo en español)

  • Sergio Ramses
    Sergio Ramses Il y a 2 jours +6

    you people never said that they can't dance ?

  • Leslie R.
    Leslie R. Il y a 2 jours +2

    I definitely could nottt win that one!

  • No Pe
    No Pe Il y a 3 jours +8

    We get it Sheila.

  • No Pe
    No Pe Il y a 3 jours +13

    I want to fight Geneva.
    Her: *I have never seen Mulan*
    Her: *I dont even though the words but it was catchy*

  • Wayne Smith
    Wayne Smith Il y a 3 jours +2

    I would've lost to Raven! I would've been twerking on the table!

  • Myles Lee
    Myles Lee Il y a 3 jours +2

    I like the Thomas sanders version better

  • Sunshine
    Sunshine Il y a 3 jours +16

    Bruh can Sheila not tell us that she sings everything in Spanish again

  • Lara Adhmann
    Lara Adhmann Il y a 3 jours +9

    So Geneva has never seen Mulan or Lion King... God

  • Moonlight Fox
    Moonlight Fox Il y a 4 jours +10

    Little Mermaid appears
    Matthew: This is my Favorite Disney movie
    Me: You are my favorite

  • Kaileigh Muniz
    Kaileigh Muniz Il y a 4 jours +1

    I survived everything except that's so raven oh my gosh I was singing it to the top of my lungs

  • Sweetness gaming :3 :3
    Sweetness gaming :3 :3 Il y a 4 jours +13

    If you didn’t sing you’ve failed life

    • Cylon J
      Cylon J Il y a 3 jours +1

      Sweetness gaming :3 :3
      or you’re a kid with not that great parents i can promise you if i put my niece in here she will not know any of them.
      but she’ll fail horribly if Let it go played.

  • Lezy De Meyer
    Lezy De Meyer Il y a 4 jours +2

    I'd like to see adults/teens/kids do this challenge and try not to sing/dance to the following songs:
    Shake Senore (ft T-Pain & Sean Paul) - Pitbull
    Geronimo - Sheppard
    Queen of Hearts - Juice Newton
    Honey I'm Good - Andy Grammar
    Coming Along - Sunset Sweatshop
    A girl Named Paris - Kahn
    This would be nice to see I think...

  • Sanika Kothari
    Sanika Kothari Il y a 4 jours +7


  • Stormy1z1 Family
    Stormy1z1 Family Il y a 4 jours +1

    Only if it was villains

  • Makayla Kuras
    Makayla Kuras Il y a 4 jours +2

    Brandon, same. I was a mother in the middle school musical edition!

  • Ashley Guarino
    Ashley Guarino Il y a 5 jours +15

    If they had done “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” from Hercules or “You’ll be in My Heart” from Tarzan I would have 100% lost.

  • Silvia A.R
    Silvia A.R Il y a 5 jours +3

    Como puede decir qué nunca ha visto Mulan? Es la mejor película de Disney (Es mi opinión)

  • Archie Comics
    Archie Comics Il y a 5 jours +4

    Michelle is wearing a Freddy Krueger sweater

  • romi
    romi Il y a 5 jours +1


  • detorie wyn
    detorie wyn Il y a 5 jours +1

    I lost

  • mayra juarez
    mayra juarez Il y a 5 jours

    On the ones i lost was lion king,little mermaid.😖😧😡

  • James Milhous
    James Milhous Il y a 5 jours +3

    Do Nickelodeon shows

  • Swasome58
    Swasome58 Il y a 5 jours +2

    I really, truly, understand singing to the second one.

  • Bethany Wallis
    Bethany Wallis Il y a 5 jours +6

    I had to take a loss to Mulan

  • Clementine Atitsogbui
    Clementine Atitsogbui Il y a 5 jours +2

    If I did this challenge I would probably sing to all of them but I wish I was on this

  • Mordius m
    Mordius m Il y a 5 jours +8

    If there were more villain songs, I might have lost...

  • Lucas Eales
    Lucas Eales Il y a 6 jours +1

    Does anyone notice that Michelle is wearing a freddy shirt

  • DrewFC 1601
    DrewFC 1601 Il y a 6 jours +5

    If you played “friend like me”instead of “whole new world” I would of lost. I’m not a huge fan of “whole new world”.

  • Zoe Wright
    Zoe Wright Il y a 6 jours +4

    Has the girl in the stripy top seen anything ! LOL

  • Evelyn rosales
    Evelyn rosales Il y a 6 jours +9

    never saw Mulan WHAT!!!

  • Alex Painter
    Alex Painter Il y a 6 jours +17

    I’d LOVE to see Brandon as Mushu in a Mulan musical

  • PixieFeatherShow
    PixieFeatherShow Il y a 6 jours +4

    1:01 Ella es de las mias

  • Merry Reynoso
    Merry Reynoso Il y a 6 jours +4

    The other girl doesn't seen Mulan!!!

  • Seth TheChosenOne
    Seth TheChosenOne Il y a 7 jours +14

    What You Never Seen Mulan?

  • Matthew Pappas
    Matthew Pappas Il y a 7 jours +18

    I was expecting them to play the Kim possible theme music. That was super catchy for me.

  • Daisy Heide
    Daisy Heide Il y a 7 jours +4

    I love these videos Tom is my favorite ❤️

  • Jorge Neri
    Jorge Neri Il y a 7 jours +4

    Michelle is so perfect... great video haha. I lost to all of them.

    PICKSIXGOD PICKSIXGOD Il y a 7 jours +3

    I lost a minute and 37 seconds in

  • Amanda V
    Amanda V Il y a 7 jours +5

    I have the same willpower as Elise😂

  • Shellsea Ramos
    Shellsea Ramos Il y a 7 jours +5

    Can u do try not to cry

    MUHD IZZ MUQRI TITAN Il y a 7 jours +10

    Brandon play as Mushu!!!!Omaigod

  • Jada Phelps
    Jada Phelps Il y a 7 jours +1


  • LeviAndz
    LeviAndz Il y a 8 jours +11

    N-ne-never seen MULAN ?!?!?

  • Jenna D
    Jenna D Il y a 8 jours +21


  • Dean Lambo
    Dean Lambo Il y a 8 jours +1

    It still blows my mind that Steve from full house plays Aladdin.

    • Rachel McCann
      Rachel McCann Il y a 15 heures

      Excuse me repeat that???? Danny tenner??? Aladdin??? Whaaaaaaaaaat?????

  • heily18
    heily18 Il y a 8 jours +9

    When geneva says she doesnt know i just can’t wait to be king 😢

  • Bri L.L
    Bri L.L Il y a 8 jours +3

    I would've lost at toy story😭😢my fave've got a friend in me too Woody😔😩

  • UWI Pelican
    UWI Pelican Il y a 8 jours +1

    I won, my heart is burning and i want to cry but I won. Now to play it back over and lose

  • GamingF-8-2C00L
    GamingF-8-2C00L Il y a 8 jours +3

    sheila fine af lowkey

  • Connor Martin
    Connor Martin Il y a 8 jours +4

    Brandon is honestly so relatable

  • Jordan Goertz
    Jordan Goertz Il y a 8 jours +3

    Geneva go watch the classic Disney movies hell my nephews seen them and there 7 and 3

  • Cassey Valen
    Cassey Valen Il y a 9 jours +1

    I love Mulan cantonese version is very good
    N Kim Possible

  • Killerman 666
    Killerman 666 Il y a 10 jours +6

    3:35 alavergue :O

  • Bruce Coleman
    Bruce Coleman Il y a 10 jours +6

    Michelle and Ellen do not get the concept of this challenge.

  • Kaitlyn Pollio
    Kaitlyn Pollio Il y a 10 jours +9

    Yo Brandon I’m an currently playing mushu in my school play and I’m so excited

  • Sandrix Hozart
    Sandrix Hozart Il y a 10 jours +3

    Yas! I won one finally on my special day my bday. Sweet. But good gravy cow that was tougher than pulling Gorillaz teeth.

  • Sandrix Hozart
    Sandrix Hozart Il y a 10 jours +1

    Ikr, I still have my vhs tapes ♡♡Shang...erm agh, AL. No no no NOOOO just had to do this I will win won sniff. Oh crap but she's right just think of saddness from 3. Turkey ×5 sounds gasp. I did like demi but I grew out of it.

  • Dat Dude
    Dat Dude Il y a 10 jours +4

    Is it crazy that when Mulan came up, i wanted some of that Szechuan sauce?

    • Israr Ahmed
      Israr Ahmed Il y a 9 jours

      I want that mcnugget sauce morty!

  • ain zulikha
    ain zulikha Il y a 11 jours +4

    Tom you cutie erhhhh

  • Thomas Douglas
    Thomas Douglas Il y a 11 jours +1

    moana songs pls

  • Javier Gomezzetino
    Javier Gomezzetino Il y a 11 jours +10

    That laugh at 8:30

  • Regina Fela Adu
    Regina Fela Adu Il y a 11 jours +10

    8:30 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kayla Carpenetti
    Kayla Carpenetti Il y a 11 jours +8

    brandon is all the feels right now

  • Ludmila
    Ludmila Il y a 12 jours +9

    “I know it’s you Raven🥺”

  • Bad Kid Baby
    Bad Kid Baby Il y a 12 jours +8

    I see that’s so raven I clicked

  • My Family
    My Family Il y a 12 jours +6

    Is it weird Aladdin scared me as a child?

    • Connor Martin
      Connor Martin Il y a 8 jours

      The cave scared me every single time as a kid

    • Kayleigh Fabulous
      Kayleigh Fabulous Il y a 11 jours

      My Family very

    • Chelsea Katz
      Chelsea Katz Il y a 12 jours +3

      My Family I was in the same boat. It was the cave that got me when I was a kid.

  • Little Mouse
    Little Mouse Il y a 12 jours +4

    Shoot it's Disney no restraint here! It's my childhood! My days of happiness. I'll be damned if I'm not gonna relive them! 😄

  • Gabriel Guimarães
    Gabriel Guimarães Il y a 12 jours +4

    michelle just looks like freddie krueger

  • Coco B
    Coco B Il y a 12 jours +7

    I would have lost during Mulan and Raven

  • sammarie828
    sammarie828 Il y a 12 jours +6

    6:35 I was hoping someone would say “oh snap!”

  • the real minionboy
    the real minionboy Il y a 12 jours


  • Kaleigh Glick
    Kaleigh Glick Il y a 13 jours +2

    Once they started playing A Whole New World I woulda lost😅I got the whole female part as a solo in school😁 everyone else did Alladins part

  • Joar Villeza
    Joar Villeza Il y a 13 jours +5

    I lost the minute you played A Whole New World

  • Xtinaa94
    Xtinaa94 Il y a 13 jours +7

    This was such a nostalgic episode 😭

  • Jeanne Coit
    Jeanne Coit Il y a 13 jours +17

    Anybody else really want to see a pic or vid of Brandon as Mushu in his play? I need to see what that looks like 😂