Mark Ronson - Find U Again (Official Video) ft. Camila Cabello

  • Ajoutée 9 juil. 2019
  • Mark Ronson feat. Camila Cabello - Find U Again
    ft. Miley Cyrus, YEBBA, Alicia Keys, King Princess + more.
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    Directed by Bradley & Pablo
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Commentaires • 10 372

  • Kuba 3x9
    Kuba 3x9 Il y a 21 heure

    Camila looks like Dua Lipa in this video :)

  • Bryan Lopez
    Bryan Lopez Il y a 22 heures +1

    Is anyone gonna say anything about that she never has any of collaborations on her channel like on señorita too. Like it would be fair since she had in her channel because they had “I Know What You Did Last Summer” on his channel. The thing with this one is that she did everything. Like he did some acting but she did more. Like he didn’t even sing! This deserves to be on he channel! She worked so much hard and if it was on her channel it would be so much bigger!

  • Anonyme User
    Anonyme User Il y a 22 heures +1

    *Blond hair looks good on her* 😍😘

  • Anonyme User
    Anonyme User Il y a 22 heures +1

    *Only watching this for the video. Not the song.*

  • Mary Nicole Theodosopoulou
    Mary Nicole Theodosopoulou Il y a 23 heures

    She has so good voice .

  • Sheila Albuquerque
    Sheila Albuquerque Il y a 23 heures +1

    #muitocalor com Ozuna e Anitta 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ana Fernandes
    Ana Fernandes Il y a 23 heures

    Fvv. T vrfv fv vfcv v v v v. V. F fvf

  • Kylian Mbappe
    Kylian Mbappe Il y a jour +1

    I am here before this song becomes famous and a #1 hit!

  • Sari Weizman
    Sari Weizman Il y a jour

    this song should be on the top of the billboard list.!!!

  • Shashank Kank
    Shashank Kank Il y a jour

    Shawn - Senorita is Camila's best song
    People - yes
    Camila - Hold my Mendes

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl Il y a jour

    Camila paso de llorar en el club a trabajar en el club.. me encanta 😂💕

  • Itz_ kriistella
    Itz_ kriistella Il y a jour

    Why does her hair look like Miley Cyrus in the thumbnail

  • Francineide Nogueira
    Francineide Nogueira Il y a jour

    Anitta e ozuna saio muito calor

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl Il y a jour

      Who's still not over Senorita?

  • Irizarry
    Irizarry Il y a jour

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    Step 3. Enjoy!

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  • Sofina Jagirdar
    Sofina Jagirdar Il y a jour

    How comes mark ronson didnt sing

  • Nina Dayl
    Nina Dayl Il y a jour +1

    For some weird reason I find mark ronson really attractive in this video

  • strawberry
    strawberry Il y a jour +1

    this song really does camila's voice justice

  • joao Teixeira
    joao Teixeira Il y a jour

    Genteeeeeee,vejam vídeo de Anitta é ozuna "muito calor" 💖

  • Anna Larice
    Anna Larice Il y a jour

    Vea el video "Muito Calor" por Ozuna feat Anitta.
    Watch “MUITO CALOR” Ozuna feat Anitta 🔥

  • Yani Popo
    Yani Popo Il y a jour

    is it just me or they boosted the vocals for the music video? Sounds lovely!

  • Egipher Mutinta Manengu

    Parts of these scenes are exactly like those from Spencer's song. Can't remember which one.

  • Jalil Bouhentals
    Jalil Bouhentals Il y a jour

    *i'm in love with her voice...*

  • Anthony Vega
    Anthony Vega Il y a jour

    He didn't put on those sun glasses in the middle of heat, thus putting it on before entering the club. Lol

  • Yllas Rodavlas
    Yllas Rodavlas Il y a jour

    Mark looks a bit of Shawn. 😍

  • Marcello Saymmon
    Marcello Saymmon Il y a jour


  • Majestic Casual
    Majestic Casual Il y a jour

    vintage vibes 🙌

  • Bigredd426
    Bigredd426 Il y a jour

    Does anybody realize that this video has the same plot as an up and coming Netflix film called "Love Shot"...check it out!

  • Wesley Dahlin
    Wesley Dahlin Il y a jour


  • Aristotle Artist
    Aristotle Artist Il y a jour

    who is here after Ed shareen?

  • A. R. M. Y Treasure
    A. R. M. Y Treasure Il y a jour +2

    Who's still not over *Senorita?*

  • Flor Romero
    Flor Romero Il y a jour +1

    Camila paso de llorar en el club a trabajar en el club.. me encanta 😂💕

  • Shabauab Bsuabw
    Shabauab Bsuabw Il y a jour

    The greatest song to listen always😎🎶

  • Kariana Sierra
    Kariana Sierra Il y a jour +1

    Camila se va con todo tipo de premios este año de seguro 😅❤️💕me encanta esta canción

  • Daves Reality
    Daves Reality Il y a jour

    Anyone else feel this is unfinished ? It just seems like they could add a bit more ?

  • zyipa cudin
    zyipa cudin Il y a jour

    That R6🔥

  • senia Lopez
    senia Lopez Il y a jour +1

    I'm so in love with this song💙💙😵💯🔥

  • camilizer 147
    camilizer 147 Il y a jour


  • CODY men
    CODY men Il y a jour

    She looks lile bebe

  • User Name
    User Name Il y a jour

    No ... Stay away boo. U made the right choice!! Wasn't u. Don't agree. Better is coming 4 u senorita. 1st luvs r always hard 2 forget, but u will. ❤️😘

  • Kasey Vogl
    Kasey Vogl Il y a jour +1

    No hate but the blind wig is a no from me sis

  • Rina Marapao
    Rina Marapao Il y a jour

    Hi guys! i made a cover of this song^ please check it outéo.html

  • Andressa Viera Machado

    Camila Loira é minha morte .!

  • Jessica Carter
    Jessica Carter Il y a jour

    It’s just that I think all the FH girls could have been just as famous as Camila. I’m sorry but that’s just my opinion

    • Claire Chami
      Claire Chami Il y a jour

      No not at all from the beginning they weren't

  • Glória Santos
    Glória Santos Il y a jour +3

    New song 🇧🇷
    Muito Calor - Ozuna & Anitta 🔥🔥

  • Kleber Paródias
    Kleber Paródias Il y a jour +2

    Assista "☀️Muito 🔥calor de ozuna feat anitta☀️" 💚🇧🇷🌤🔥

  • Nermac cc
    Nermac cc Il y a jour +3

    Keep streaming and south of the border too! 👀 #camilizers

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug Il y a jour

      Hey! I loved the video!!

  • Violet Kito
    Violet Kito Il y a jour

    Love this video, would have been a little better without all the flashing though? I could barely see what the heck was going on lol

  • Hi I'm That Cat Music
    Hi I'm That Cat Music Il y a jour

    2018: Dua Lipa blonde in Electricity
    2019: Camila Cabello blonde in Find U Again
    I love Camila and Dua, they two should make a collab together 💓

  • Zero
    Zero Il y a jour

    Ok but does anyone else wants like the disco heart thing as like an actual charm for like a necklace or to hang on the rearview mirror or something lmao

  • Ralph Mascardo
    Ralph Mascardo Il y a jour +1

    Did he literally eat up 2 parking spaces @ 0:50 😒😑

  • Andrea Chelsea
    Andrea Chelsea Il y a jour

    Got Kpop vibes, love it!

  • Lugh4Life
    Lugh4Life Il y a jour

    Then when Mark puts his guard down, Camila kills him, takes the car, robs banks and becomes a world wanted criminal mastermind.

  • Lugh4Life
    Lugh4Life Il y a jour

    They both have similar music video styles.

  • Carolina Zuñiga
    Carolina Zuñiga Il y a jour

    Y en donde canto mark ronson??

  • I called Zainab
    I called Zainab Il y a jour +2

    Ok let’s talk about mark in this video 😍

  • Haris Bokhari
    Haris Bokhari Il y a jour

    honestly .. wasnt a fan of camila before.. but this song changed that. fire

  • Amirah Chowdhury
    Amirah Chowdhury Il y a jour

    She sounds like a mii singing in tomodachi life

  • Fhernando campos ayon
    Fhernando campos ayon Il y a jour

    Santa banana que estas en el cielo ruega por nosotros los bananescos ahora y en la hora de nuestra banana muerte CHOCOBANANA

  • Mohamed Karim
    Mohamed Karim Il y a jour

    Now that’s how you do a music video

  • Matt Parr
    Matt Parr Il y a jour +1

    Why does all Mark Ronson videos make no sense to the song lyrics?

  • bryiana salez
    bryiana salez Il y a jour

    fada ❤

  • bryiana salez
    bryiana salez Il y a jour

    o flop meu pai

    • StrangeR ThingS
      StrangeR ThingS Il y a jour

      @bryiana salez uhum, mas cara, a música flopou mas e daí? A música é muito boa velho!!

    • bryiana salez
      bryiana salez Il y a jour

      @StrangeR ThingS Eu nao to falando da camz ate pq sou camilizer mais q ta flopada essa musica nao podemos dizer q nao, uma pena pq e um hino e injustiçado ainda

    • StrangeR ThingS
      StrangeR ThingS Il y a jour

      Mark Ronson tá flopado no FRclip mas ele é muito mais famoso em outros aplicativos como Spotify, e outra, Camila não é flopada, olha señorita e a música dela com o Ed Sheeran pra vc ver

  • DeogratiusJR vlogs
    DeogratiusJR vlogs Il y a 2 jours

    Dear friend

    You are loved..❤❤
    You are beautiful..😍😍
    Whatever you are going through in are not alone..

  • LU MA
    LU MA Il y a 2 jours


  • karuna srinivas
    karuna srinivas Il y a 2 jours +2

    Mark 😍This crush is kind of crushing me 💔

  • Patricio Estrella
    Patricio Estrella Il y a 2 jours +1

    The stripper feels:'(

    ZULIAKA Il y a 2 jours

    te amo camila entenda

  • Timothy Rinaldi
    Timothy Rinaldi Il y a 2 jours +1

    Mark is worse at parking ever

  • Shana Cayce
    Shana Cayce Il y a 2 jours

    I'm obsessed..

  • Rojacia Campbell
    Rojacia Campbell Il y a 2 jours

    I thought Ariana Grande was doing the humming