D&D: Bad Dice

  • Ajoutée 3 sept. 2018
  • One bad die can spoil the bunch. They must be cleansed. It is the way.
    Starring Ian and Kyle
    "Living Forever" by JP De Ovando:
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Commentaires • 2 332

  • Kuro DCupu
    Kuro DCupu Il y a 6 minutes +1

    A giant yawning chasm splits the landscape before you and the goblin you've been chasing scrambles to the end of a dead tree branch that hangs out over the edge of a ravine.
    You swing the sword perfectly into the goblin's empty sheath and the sword is now his.
    As you maneuver to reclaim your rightful property, you manage to step on the tree branch in just such a way that it launches the goblins sky-high and your sword goes with him.
    You fall in the ravine and you fall in it real hard.
    You try to break your fall but instead you break both arms.
    You somehow kick sand into your own face.
    The goblin is back. He falls out of the sky, does not break both arms, and stabs you with your own sword.
    Your grasp of goblinese is so pitiful that your pleas for mercy are taken as threats against his children.
    You die.

  • Eric Johannson
    Eric Johannson Il y a jour

    First - this is HILARIOUS! LMAO! Wow.
    I don't think I've run into a bad series like this...but I did encounter a nearly opposite run. [Okay, not d20s but d100.]

    While running in a [redacted system] scenario, where percentile dice were used and it was based on open-ended rolls, with 1's and 100's going to extremes - I rolled two results of 100% followed by an 86%. The odds of doing this were 1/100 * 1/100 * 1/7 or roughly 1 in 70,000. Just yikes.
    My reaction at the time was "[blink] [blink] WTF just happened?!?" This had been an attack roll.
    >> Expected result: One hell of a hit against this [okay, I'll actually tell you what this was] Dragon. Oh, and it was an invisible dragon at that. He would next turn around and clean the clock of this low-level character or just leave and kill me another day. But it gets better...or worse, depending on whose perspective you are using.

    This system has defense rolls followed by 'armor' rolls. My [huge] opponent had no way of seeing the approach of my attack, so no defense roll. His armor roll 'fumbled'. I think the actual roll was 04%. Just ow. [& wow].
    >> Actual result: One arrow kill of a dragon with otherwise full hit points. Right through a gap in his scales and right through his heart. Just >twang< >thunk< >dead

  • Noah Embry
    Noah Embry Il y a 2 jours

    how many dice rolls for this video is the question

  • Mark Cooper
    Mark Cooper Il y a 4 jours

    I don’t play D&D, but I laughed so hard at this. When he rolled all the dice at one time I had to pause the video.

  • VerumAdPotentia
    VerumAdPotentia Il y a 8 jours

    We play using Fantasy Grounds, and whenever we have a bad streak of rolls, we change the color of the dice.

  • Samantha Bond
    Samantha Bond Il y a 9 jours

    You could just put them in time out...

    D&D IS AWESOME Il y a 11 jours

    Lol I freaking love this

  • Vera Lenora
    Vera Lenora Il y a 16 jours

    This is one of my favorites. It's a mistake so easy to make, somehow, easy; as if dice have memory. 👩‍🦰

  • Snoe Leppard
    Snoe Leppard Il y a 18 jours +1

    I saw the thumbnail and said, “Bad dice? Yes, burn them.” 😈

  • Max Dooley
    Max Dooley Il y a 18 jours

    *Hopeful science dice music*

  • Rin Miraikaze
    Rin Miraikaze Il y a 18 jours

    Dice tips
    Buy loaded dice

  • DekuGames
    DekuGames Il y a 19 jours

    First time here on the shed on this video was hilarious!! You have earned yourself a new subscriber!! Keep up the amazing work!!!

  • Kali Takumi
    Kali Takumi Il y a 19 jours +2

    Here's how I chose my die set:
    Just found the only one on Amazon that didn't have a single review saying they were unbalanced

  • amendoca himself
    amendoca himself Il y a 19 jours

    Door monster goes bankrupt after buying all the dice needed for this video

  • shadowyeager
    shadowyeager Il y a 20 jours +4

    Some space marine

  • the triforce charmander
    the triforce charmander Il y a 20 jours

    2:20 what’s the music playing in the background

  • Loveylyy
    Loveylyy Il y a 26 jours

    Once I rolled a 1 on persuasion while trying to bargain with a shopkeeper. I panicked and rolled again for charisma in order to try to play off my horrific mistake. It was another 1. The shopkeeper started laughing, and he laughed so hard he got a heart attack and died. We legally owned all the stuff in his shop.

  • Kendi Braxton
    Kendi Braxton Il y a 26 jours

    At least that guy accepted after a while, unlike certain characters.
    Personally, I’d be pretty weirded out after just a couple sequential 1-rolls.

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P Il y a mois

    That's a lot of... not D20s in that box of D20s.

  • ccampbell7 jr
    ccampbell7 jr Il y a mois

    So literally my entire D&D career, I've always had below average rolls, but it's been getting REALLY bad the past year. I kid you not last session I rolled 3 natural 1's in the session when I made only about 5ish rolls that entire session because we weren't doing any combat that session and it was mostly talking. (Oh and btw, the natural ones were all on different dice.). So the party has made up a "curse" that my D20 rolls will forever be crap.

  • Tim Nur
    Tim Nur Il y a mois

    Those "bad dice" you speak of should be gifted to the dm

  • honeybeeproductions
    honeybeeproductions Il y a mois +1

    has will wheaton touched this poor man

  • A Dragons Channel
    A Dragons Channel Il y a mois

    Seeing the death's of so many die's, breaks my heart

  • Master_Keyblade
    Master_Keyblade Il y a mois

    ‘Yep, I got my limits and these have to go’
    XD I love it

  • TheDisarminghinkle
    TheDisarminghinkle Il y a mois

    This video has made me think about the fact that every person must have a limit. There must be a point for each person where absurd probability instead becomes something else in their eyes.

    I mean, if I saw THAT many 1s in a row, I think I'd change my mind about a few things.

  • Leighton Petty
    Leighton Petty Il y a mois

    “ascribe agency to the polyhedron”

  • Creeper
    Creeper Il y a mois

    I have the same sword as 2:11 lol

  • BBQ2040
    BBQ2040 Il y a mois

    This hurts my should seeing all those poor dice burned

  • win  shwe
    win shwe Il y a mois

    Dm: roll perception to see the surrounding
    Player:*roll critical failure* +3modifier
    Dm: as you step out of the portal ,you trip on a rock and grass gauge your eyes out.
    (Shitty dming)

  • Kitsune's Den
    Kitsune's Den Il y a mois

    "Killing dice because user doesn't know how to rig them"

  • Fireflare 908
    Fireflare 908 Il y a mois +1

    *Laughing with a group of only nat 20 dice*

  • Beabea Arts
    Beabea Arts Il y a mois

    The dice betray you!!! Im tellin ya!

  • Tam Roberts
    Tam Roberts Il y a mois

    Think is more just bad DMing.
    You have a 5% chance on every roll to get a one. A one shouldn't be you break every bone in your body, just as a 20 isn't you instantly kill whatever you fighting.

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo Il y a mois

      Were you dropped as a baby? It’s a joke. Literally a sketch comedy video

  • Andrew Glawson'
    Andrew Glawson' Il y a mois +1

    I shall ascribe agency to the polyhedron

    USELESS PIE Il y a mois +1

    No (good) dice were harmed in the making of this video

  • fvb7
    fvb7 Il y a mois

    How many rolls did it take to get all those shots lol

  • RABNerd28
    RABNerd28 Il y a mois +1

    Did Wil Wheaton touch these dice?

  • Justin Grandmaison
    Justin Grandmaison Il y a mois +1

    So that’s how those singular dice boxes start

  • Szymon Sokoliński
    Szymon Sokoliński Il y a mois

    0:22 Kira Queen daizan, no, bakudan

  • Ryan Torres
    Ryan Torres Il y a mois

    Might need to try to launch a goblin from a twig now lol. Funny video guys.

  • Bestnickname Bro
    Bestnickname Bro Il y a mois

    Y tho

  • Chimistu '
    Chimistu ' Il y a mois

    DISCLAIMER:no dice was hurt in this video

  • sparkypi
    sparkypi Il y a mois

    1:05 Holy crap I just realized that rolled a 1. How many takes did this whole episode take for literally each and every roll to be a 1?!

  • Ranun
    Ranun Il y a mois

    I would say it's probably the table.

  • Braeden B.
    Braeden B. Il y a mois


  • møønlight edits
    møønlight edits Il y a mois


  • Artemis Byrne
    Artemis Byrne Il y a mois

    Based on the seen rolls here there is a 20 to the power of 16 chance to roll a 1 that many times or a 1 in 6.55360000E+20

  • Ajc 7575
    Ajc 7575 Il y a mois

    So when they were trying to get all 1s when making this, why didn’t they just turn the dice over to a 1 instead of rolling them all and hoping?

  • Dream Desk
    Dream Desk Il y a mois

    Remember when nerds were outcasted in the 80s??

    Yea me neither I’m gen z

  • Morgan Schodlatz
    Morgan Schodlatz Il y a mois

    Fuck, my first game this demon had a mace that made people afraid, but this wasn't any normal fear status. This stupid, fucking mace made it to where you *dashed* away from the source until you made a successful wisdom throw. My dwarf and a minus-two wisdom *and* I kept rolling low numbers. I EVEN GOT A NEGATIVE! Luckily my DM took pity on me and when I was like 120 feet away she allowed me to just stay there but not be able to attack or move towards the demon. It was so frustrating but I turned it into some really funny RP and added it to my character so it had lasting effects on him.

  • Christian Caisley
    Christian Caisley Il y a mois

    I make my dice watch this video before each quest I go on just to remind them who's boss.

  • Sephiroth Gevurah
    Sephiroth Gevurah Il y a mois

    he didn''t wash his hands after bad ones - that the case

  • GBS4893
    GBS4893 Il y a mois

    This was very painful to watch. At least, you too had "NO not the pretty red and black one!!!" in your heads.

  • fedos
    fedos Il y a mois

    Better call Rosencrantz.

  • Mr Arca9
    Mr Arca9 Il y a 2 mois

    This is why you roll all your Nat 1s before the game.
    Or get a bunch of 20s and start freaking out.

  • Skeleton king
    Skeleton king Il y a 2 mois

    I think we can all agree that bad dice are the bane of our existence

  • Ag silver Radio
    Ag silver Radio Il y a 2 mois

    Actually, dice arn't allways equal chance of each result. Even if they aren't intentionaly weghted, they can be slightly off ballance. Just enoguh to make one result more likely than the others.
    Somtimes it rolls 1s too often. Somtimes rolls 20s too often.

  • Thomas takes a toll for the dark

    Actually it’s true that there is a slight chance for certain numbers to get rolled more because at certain sides the dice is carved more so lighter and that means that the ones under those will more likely be downward

  • Wabefuhon
    Wabefuhon Il y a 2 mois

    In reality that would never happen. I got some nice special dice and I'm eager to find a group. I got metal and plastic dice.

    • Emo Imo
      Emo Imo Il y a mois

      The fuck, dumbass? No shit. It’s literally a comedy sketch.
      Do you complain about unrealistic shit every time you watch a fictional video?

  • JoshuaBuildster
    JoshuaBuildster Il y a 2 mois

    1:30 i agree