BTS Jin - 'EPIPHANY' LYRICS (Eng/Rom/Han/가사)

  • Ajoutée 9 août 2018
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    • Artist: Jin (BTS)
    • Song: Intro: Epiphany
    • Album: LOVE YOURSELF 結 'Answer'
    Kor & Eng: doolsetbangtan
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Commentaires • 9 948

  • Tram Pham
    Tram Pham Il y a 8 mois +9618

    watch the official MV here please

    • Sola Rosa Larsen
      Sola Rosa Larsen Il y a 2 mois

      The person who made danish sub, thank you

    • Titi Army
      Titi Army Il y a 3 mois


    • DitiwanRefialy RefialyDitiwan
      DitiwanRefialy RefialyDitiwan Il y a 4 mois

      Laguny bgus n mnyentu hati 😍😘😘

    • jungkooksbowtie_
      jungkooksbowtie_ Il y a 5 mois

      +jkookies andcream Instead of saying "What's wrong with her" Maybe say something more polite. We ARMYs should treat each other with respect.

  • nowshin entertainer tv
    nowshin entertainer tv Il y a 18 heures

    I love "EPIPHANY"💕

  • Zunahra Reza
    Zunahra Reza Il y a jour +1

    I love Jinnnnnnnnnnn

  • Kpop Fan kanalı
    Kpop Fan kanalı Il y a 2 jours

    Kimseokjin, seni seviyorum♥♥

  • Gori Bakarmin
    Gori Bakarmin Il y a 3 jours

    هندي وانا شله اوهه 😂😂💔

  • Army Bts
    Army Bts Il y a 4 jours +1

    Omygad What the he'll😍😍

  • bts blackpink
    bts blackpink Il y a 4 jours +1

    That beautiful voice its making me want t-to sing it ........suddently sings it out loud in the shower and mum and dad shouts back saying shut uppppppp but im just like
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh what i cant hear you what yall say i was busy singing

  • Stevani Lee
    Stevani Lee Il y a 5 jours +1

    Hampir nangis gua, gara gara dengar lagu nya

  • - Dark - Darth -
    - Dark - Darth - Il y a 5 jours

    His voice....OMGGG

  • Blink Army
    Blink Army Il y a 5 jours +1

    Es tan hermoso y canta hermoso ayyyy me muero *c muere.*

  • Eri Dewi Ratnawati
    Eri Dewi Ratnawati Il y a 6 jours

    I love jin

  • Milena Andreza
    Milena Andreza Il y a 7 jours +1

    Quem ouvi bts, e é viciadaa nas mscs deles da like e comenta :D

  • Fathia Noura
    Fathia Noura Il y a 8 jours

    Omg hes voice is like a angel

  • Dimaria Illinois
    Dimaria Illinois Il y a 9 jours

    i want to at least watch jin or bts recording in the studio myself before i die even it looks impossible

  • Nae Not Janae
    Nae Not Janae Il y a 10 jours

    how I love Jimin 💜

  • drop in the ohJin
    drop in the ohJin Il y a 11 jours

    who's here after boy with love?!

  • Charlotte B.
    Charlotte B. Il y a 14 jours

    mi Jin hermoso. gracias por enseñarme a amarme💜

  • • T a e T a e •
    • T a e T a e • Il y a 14 jours

    ME hating myself: NONONONONO

  • sis
    sis Il y a 17 jours

    *listens to song*

    *2 seconds later.*
    holy flying wigs, It’s like jins vocals have been blessed and praised by Jesus himself, *I need a man like him.*

  • ANGEL Vazquez
    ANGEL Vazquez Il y a 17 jours +1

    Un parpadeo= UN LIKE 👀

  • Arzoo Kumari
    Arzoo Kumari Il y a 18 jours +4


  • Ah leak Leak
    Ah leak Leak Il y a 18 jours +1


    K-ARMY XXXTENTACION Il y a 19 jours +2

    Every Jin stan like me go to 1:12 and read the line "I'm beautiful". THATS TOTALLY WRONG CUZ JIN IS THE WORLDWIDE HANDSOME *ibighit* PLZ FIX THIS

  • mimiy dira
    mimiy dira Il y a 21 jour +1

    kim seokjin ❤

  • Symphonys Epiphany
    Symphonys Epiphany Il y a 21 jour +2

    Who the hell is cutting onions!?


    All jokes aside, this song has a powerful message and I love it! Once again bias wrecked by Jin.

  • Sanjay Shrestha
    Sanjay Shrestha Il y a 22 jours +1

    i am samjhana from Nepal iam big fan of jin i love jin very much i think he kill me with his sound iam so happy because i am become a fan of jin i love you jin🐥🐄🐀🐓

  • Rapidgirl 3221
    Rapidgirl 3221 Il y a 22 jours


  • Indian ARMY
    Indian ARMY Il y a 22 jours

    😭Its better than taehyung,jimin,jangkook song who agree

  • alice paulino silva
    alice paulino silva Il y a 23 jours +1

    Te amo 😘😘🙃

  • Asia Figas
    Asia Figas Il y a 24 jours


  • Brenda Dcruz
    Brenda Dcruz Il y a 24 jours +1

    The door sounds like guns re-loading

  • 김지우,
    김지우, Il y a 25 jours +2

    진짜 갓띵곡이다. 팬 아닌 이상 눈에 보이면 듣는데 그냥 찾아서 듣게 되는 노래

  • Demilia
    Demilia Il y a 26 jours

    *start of song/vid*
    I won't cry
    *reads lyrics and thinks of how i hated myself before BTS*

  • lina cristine
    lina cristine Il y a 26 jours

    I have a question what is the title referring to? Cos epiphany is related to one of christians day or does it have another meaning here?

  • Sarah Amjad
    Sarah Amjad Il y a 26 jours +1

    Army's str**m epiphany and lets soon reach 50M vi**s .

  • Lubna Lulu
    Lubna Lulu Il y a 27 jours

    مستحيل امل منهة 😭💔👌🏻
    كلشي بيهة بيرفكت

  • sweet sweetie
    sweet sweetie Il y a 27 jours

    1:43 this part ... so touching

  • Lorenza Diaz
    Lorenza Diaz Il y a 29 jours

    His voies is so so sweet💝💕💕💕🌷

  • ??
    ?? Il y a mois

    I will never forgot you jin

  • Saba Mansoor
    Saba Mansoor Il y a mois

    Who in the world could dislike this song...💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜bts

    KM-MXSXC Il y a mois +1

    1:50 Saranghago sipeo in *thit* world

  • Wiwit Novela
    Wiwit Novela Il y a mois

    I really love this songgggggg, 😩❤❤

  • Army Mochi
    Army Mochi Il y a mois

    Biurifol !

  • BTS Army lover
    BTS Army lover Il y a mois

    why in the world when im listening to this in korean and not paying to attention the the subtitles my eys get watery i'm finally reading the subtitles plus jins le'jin'dary voice and 33 seconds in tears are strolling down

  • Féerine C
    Féerine C Il y a mois

    Bangtan publicity just before this song 😍😍👌

  • Abbigayle Philippe
    Abbigayle Philippe Il y a mois

    This song is so beautiful ❤

  • Keen Gumera
    Keen Gumera Il y a mois

    jin have a very beautiful voice thats why i love him my world wide handsome

  • Emily Chan
    Emily Chan Il y a mois

  • Ivy Shadow.
    Ivy Shadow. Il y a mois

    He’s so good.

  • cuo hri
    cuo hri Il y a mois

    i love jin

  • akemy nayara ramirez murrieta

    I love you Kim Seok Jin

  • Jeon Jungkook 200
    Jeon Jungkook 200 Il y a mois

    I love youd jin and BTS 💑❤💪👍😇💏😘😍💗 👏😍😍💑💑💑❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💪💪💪💪💪😇😇😇😇😇💏💏💏💏💏💏😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍💗💗

  • •Delicious Tae•
    •Delicious Tae• Il y a mois

    Brb crying.

  • •Delicious Tae•
    •Delicious Tae• Il y a mois

    Brb crying.

  • Omma Jin- chan
    Omma Jin- chan Il y a mois

    Jiiin♡ algum br ai?

  • Riptika Basak
    Riptika Basak Il y a mois

    wesome song whenever I heard it I always cry ❤❤❤

  • kara max
    kara max Il y a mois

    Feels right in the feels 😭😭

  • Lavinia Bejar.
    Lavinia Bejar. Il y a mois

    Não parece que é ele!😱😱😱😱😱😱💖💖💖💖

  • N O
    N O Il y a mois


  • Isabela Guzzon Becker
    Isabela Guzzon Becker Il y a mois

    Música perfeita!!! Amo!!! 😍😍😍

  • Emily Ferreira
    Emily Ferreira Il y a mois

    Btsssssss jin amo essa música

  • lil sun
    lil sun Il y a mois

    our anthem 💜

  • Kanokrada Tientong
    Kanokrada Tientong Il y a mois

    Epiphany ~ Cancion de Melt

  • diy crafts for everyone
    diy crafts for everyone Il y a mois +1

    How much ever I try to love other songs but........

    Cant really do it...I became a addict of this song....not only jin becauz am already an addict of bts

  • Lorelle VM
    Lorelle VM Il y a mois

    I am so sad rn listening to this as he’s enrolling next year for South Korea army 😭love you Jin

  • Anabeatriz
    Anabeatriz Il y a mois

    amo essa musica

  • bts yoonmin vkook namjin j-hope

    Love it

  • I love BTS
    I love BTS Il y a mois

    Cadê as fãs brasileiras??? 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • Justin Campbell
    Justin Campbell Il y a mois

    I'm in love with his voice

  • Triana Lutfita
    Triana Lutfita Il y a mois

    진 사랑후 ♡♡♡ :) (신디) :)

  • Park Mochi
    Park Mochi Il y a mois

    Your voice😍😍

  • Miss Kpop
    Miss Kpop Il y a mois

    յíղ ҽօʍʍɑ !!!

  • Queen Chungha
    Queen Chungha Il y a mois +1

    Why I am feeling like this
    When Jin saying "In this world" and I think Jin saying is "Hindiii"

  • Hye Bin Kwak
    Hye Bin Kwak Il y a mois

    깨어나서 깨닫기까지..

  • Namakau Mary Mundia
    Namakau Mary Mundia Il y a mois

    Bighit please give this guy more lines...Jin is really talented

  • army _bts_straykids.
    army _bts_straykids. Il y a mois

    Kim s
    Kim se
    Kim seo
    Kim seok
    Kim seok j
    Kim seok ji
    Kim seok jin

  • 권세은
    권세은 Il y a mois +1

    한국사람 찾고있는 사람 조용히 손...

  • Fantasma 100% real no fake :D

    Hermoso ❤️
    Canta increíble mi bb 💖

  • Veena Raggoo
    Veena Raggoo Il y a mois

    Superb voice quality. . Jin is indeed a jin

  • BTS A.R.M.Y
    BTS A.R.M.Y Il y a mois +1

    Everybody loves from their eyes....but i am different i love you from my heart
    My wish is to go to your consert and go in a fan meeting but I can't! Because i live in another country ......and if i will live in Korea i still can't meet you because ,i cant tell my dad because if i told him about....i want to meet BTS.....but he will say no
    I always find BTS in my dream and when i woke up BTS is not there ....
    My friends is going to start hating me because i love BTS and they don't
    And i have lost my best friend just for BTS .....and it hurts my heart i am leaving my friends just for BTS because i am a strong army
    When i didn't know who is BTS i always hate BTS when i was small But when i watch The Song of BTS it was like i am seeing the sunsine I didn't believe that BTS can be so beautiful so from that day I became a strong Army
    But i think that i am not a real Army because I can't see you in Real Life
    And my biggest Wish is to Meet You BTS and specially You Jin ❤️💛💚💙💜💗

  • Aram s
    Aram s Il y a mois


  • Lorenza Diaz
    Lorenza Diaz Il y a mois +1

    Jin is cute and jimin and suga and v

  • Sundus Mohamed
    Sundus Mohamed Il y a mois

    Wow wow wow I’m crying right now. He as a Beautiful voice.

  • Lilian Silveira
    Lilian Silveira Il y a mois

    Amo essamusica

  • Jeon Kookie
    Jeon Kookie Il y a 2 mois

    this made me cry...luv u Jin... :')

    YOUTOPS BTS Il y a 2 mois

    I love you, you are the best From the world you are the most perfect man I will always remember this beautiful music and I love you, I can not stand it anymore ❤️😫😫👌

  • •user hyung•
    •user hyung• Il y a 2 mois +1

    Awake: who are you?
    Epiphany: I'm you but I learned how to fly
    Awake: so I'll be able to fly one day?
    Epiphany: Yea! See you!

  • Nevaeh Marsh
    Nevaeh Marsh Il y a 2 mois

    I cried so much 😭😭😭😭😭😫😫😫😫🥺🥺🥺😫😫😫

  • Lety Aguilar
    Lety Aguilar Il y a 2 mois


    AIRMARK PROJECTS Il y a 2 mois

    Give Jin more lines .

  • raju dass
    raju dass Il y a 2 mois +1

    Jin's voice is the most beautiful in this whole Kpop.

  • Kim Seok-jin
    Kim Seok-jin Il y a 2 mois

    Jin Bear

  • Emily Ferreira
    Emily Ferreira Il y a 2 mois +1

    Te amo 😘😢❤❤❤❤❤

  • Emily Ferreira
    Emily Ferreira Il y a 2 mois +1

    Love jin

  • Maria Baun
    Maria Baun Il y a 2 mois

    Yes jin love jin

  • Jasmine Pang
    Jasmine Pang Il y a 2 mois


  • Mariami Narimanidze
    Mariami Narimanidze Il y a 2 mois

    jin you are you so much💜my seokjini

  • Ximena Saez
    Ximena Saez Il y a 2 mois

    No soy perfecto pero soy bello

  • Lani Illu
    Lani Illu Il y a 2 mois

    I love jin❤
    You perfect

  • Uma Loka Por BTS
    Uma Loka Por BTS Il y a 2 mois

    Que lindo cara😭😭😭