Jaboukie Young-White on Why Young People Don’t Vote | The Daily Show


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  • aventari
    aventari Il y a jour

    This smug douchebag is the worst correspondent on TDS since Olivia Munn.

  • Andrew Bastow
    Andrew Bastow Il y a 2 jours

    really...this guy blows. his jokes are not witty or funny. he thinks he's on the show representing the youth in a good way...but in reality making our generation look even dumber than we are. Especially by saying "why would i spend my day off voting?"on national television.....has to be the most un-responsible, dumbest, stupid, childish, thing to could say to "represent our age group." you JABOUKIE can die in a fire....anddddddd American Vandal sucked.

  • Epiphany Johnican
    Epiphany Johnican Il y a 3 jours

    Jaboukie is super cute ❤️❤️😍 (Idc if he's queer, I can still admire him!!! )

  • Sip Tea with Sam
    Sip Tea with Sam Il y a 4 jours

    He just made Park Chess sound fun.

  • Liz b
    Liz b Il y a 5 jours +1

    Jaboukie is hilarious intelligent and funny , true talent

  • help me
    help me Il y a 5 jours

    Uhm I've never been to oover javer

  • Nirrrina
    Nirrrina Il y a 6 jours

    If I employed people I'd let them have at least a couple of hours to go and vote. With pay.

  • Nirrrina
    Nirrrina Il y a 6 jours

    I wanted to vote but by the time I got home from doctor appointments I was in too much pain to go.
    But I have voted in each presidential election since I turned 18 in 2000. My goal is to always do so.

  • George T. Khumalo
    George T. Khumalo Il y a 7 jours

    A millennial stereotype,... Nice, lol

  • Mind YourOwn
    Mind YourOwn Il y a 7 jours

    OMG us 80s babies are considered Vintage Young! 😆

  • kjdnyhmghfvb
    kjdnyhmghfvb Il y a 10 jours

    Voting should be a National Holiday, columbus day should not. School had us going up for this man, and he was a whole ass monster...the betrayal.

  • Benjamin S.
    Benjamin S. Il y a 11 jours

    Millions are NOT voting cause the choices suck.
    #FuelTheBern #BernieSanders2020 #FeelTheBern

  • Hannah Lopez
    Hannah Lopez Il y a 14 jours

    That guest is not funny at all... Fair attempt tho

  • Hannah Lopez
    Hannah Lopez Il y a 14 jours

    Because we have better things to do... Not an American but I don't vote in Jamaica. Doesn't make much of a difference

  • Mafia bihh Haha
    Mafia bihh Haha Il y a 17 jours

    That nigga jaboukie his mama son soft ass boy

  • 'Berto O. A.
    'Berto O. A. Il y a 19 jours +1

    How old is he? 23?

  • CookiesTriedToEatMe
    CookiesTriedToEatMe Il y a 23 jours

    It’s only funny because young people always complain about how old people ruin everything but then they don’t do anything to help the matter, sometimes myself included - this week I couldn’t vote because I’m in a new state and I’m not registered to that state but still I felt really bad that I couldn’t vote.

  • q perry
    q perry Il y a 23 jours +1

    Like Toyotathon🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • LikedMyOwnComment
    LikedMyOwnComment Il y a 24 jours +1

    So the answer is pretty much that they're lazy.

  • john shoffner
    john shoffner Il y a 24 jours +1

    Jaboukie is like Trevor's little gay brother.

  • Santosh M
    Santosh M Il y a 26 jours

    Vintage? As if he is not going to age....

  • Sheen Estevez
    Sheen Estevez Il y a 27 jours

    "57% of old people's time is time off"? 100% of millennia's time is time off playing on their stupid phones trying to increase their subscriber count hoping to become an "influencer" because they are too lazy too work. I turned 18 not long ago and couldn't wait to vote.

  • Dreamer Fighting
    Dreamer Fighting Il y a mois

    Can someone tell me where their studio is please!!!! Thanks in advance.....

  • Mina C
    Mina C Il y a mois +1

    i love him

  • Lisa Bus
    Lisa Bus Il y a mois

    Is the kid fired?

  • amber deylon
    amber deylon Il y a mois

    All the yes! Congrats Jaboukie. Get it boo. Congrats Daily Show. Y’all scored. I’m 32 a “vintage millennial”. WTF?!
    My 21 yr. old actual millennial, programmer, brother JUST got a DL. I made him. Now I get it! I’m old 👵🏾

  • nurikoinsane
    nurikoinsane Il y a mois

    USA is weird. As flawed as it may be, elections in Argentina are in a Sunday, and all citizens over 16 (which is ridiculous, should be back to 18) MUST VOTE. Our candidates are crap most of the time, but it's our duty, and our right

  • DylanTheSmylan
    DylanTheSmylan Il y a mois

    Dont vote because it doesnt matter, because no matter who wins nothing will change. Only people bring change, not rich narcissistic politicians. "If voting could change things it would be illegal."

  • Kaitlyn Almonte
    Kaitlyn Almonte Il y a mois +1


  • Angeltwin Otakustyle
    Angeltwin Otakustyle Il y a mois

    I love this guy. It is a little true.

  • Twirble
    Twirble Il y a mois

    Has he been on again? I have not seen him in a clip since; not sure if FRclip shows the hole show. This clip shows he is popular; they should take advantage of him.

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina Il y a mois

    I'm happy Trevor's immediate note was "people don't want to talk to some creepo" at the beginning. Funny there, but I think it actually does point out an issue with any of these polls. Sometimes, people just don't want to share their thoughts or talk to random people.

  • Kathleen Romage
    Kathleen Romage Il y a mois +1

    Love me some young white thou 😍😍😍

  • D I
    D I Il y a mois +2


  • Ocasio newborn
    Ocasio newborn Il y a mois

    This is kid is to funny. I love that I heard of him a month ago. I wish he had more material on FRclip

  • Paulina Bringas
    Paulina Bringas Il y a mois

    Its the gay character from big mouth

  • Milk Cara
    Milk Cara Il y a mois +1

    He didn't answer anything

  • J Flack
    J Flack Il y a mois

    Why do men have hyphenated last names? Are they taking their spouses name with their maiden name?

  • 민윤기
    민윤기 Il y a mois

    If I could vote through an app or something then I would tbh lol

  • Monica Musee
    Monica Musee Il y a mois

    Wait, election day isn't a public holiday in the U.S.? 😂😂😂 mahn that sucks for them😂😂

  • anna dela prochnow
    anna dela prochnow Il y a mois +1

    More of this please🤞🤞🤞

  • Claudia Manana
    Claudia Manana Il y a mois

    so I'm a vintage millennial...not sure how to feel about this

  • Apenisa Naitini
    Apenisa Naitini Il y a mois +1

    ‘Noah’ ‘boat’ it’s an ark stupid face. 🤣🤣🤜🏽

  • Apenisa Naitini
    Apenisa Naitini Il y a mois

    I felt he just made young people look lazy, stupid and not a care in the world. #ulukau

  • Arij Nanji
    Arij Nanji Il y a mois

    I knew he was gonna say something about Trevor being old 😂😂😂 like in my head I was like “he gon have to stop saying we” and jaboukies opening like was the same thing!!

  • Alicia Lewis
    Alicia Lewis Il y a mois

    Tbh its a little hard to vote, if ur in college and dont live near your house, its a pain to go back to your county and vote🤷🏽‍♀️ and then when you do some of those line are long af! Had to travel a hour home then stand in line for another hour and a half.

  • Victoria Daniela Sami Camia

    He fine

  • Basically Kai
    Basically Kai Il y a mois

    Am I bugging or is this kehlani’s brother? 😭

  • Kagiso Kagiso17
    Kagiso Kagiso17 Il y a mois

    Young for a bright future 😂😂😂

  • K. T.
    K. T. Il y a mois

    Making election day as a national holiday is actually a really GREAT IDEA. I mean most people have to work and hey cannot take time off, so making this would make it easier for young voters to participate! GREAT IDEA!! still funny AF!!

  • K. T.
    K. T. Il y a mois


  • Yamilet Rivera
    Yamilet Rivera Il y a mois +2

    I need to see more of Jaboukie!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mari Embair
    Mari Embair Il y a mois

    No lie tho I'm 18 and would love to vote but I don't have an ID LOL

  • Rachel Lesel
    Rachel Lesel Il y a mois

    btw Israel officially made election day a national holiday

  • Nigel Mutepfa
    Nigel Mutepfa Il y a mois

    KWAAAAAA Vintage millennial

  • Zachary Klieman
    Zachary Klieman Il y a mois

    THEY HIRED JABOUKI YOUNG-WHITE!!! I've seen his standup and I'm so excited!! Congratulations Jaboukie!!!!

  • Abbs Tube
    Abbs Tube Il y a mois

    I agree with the digital voting

  • ImPerfectlyTwitta
    ImPerfectlyTwitta Il y a mois

    I have “young” in my name....your first name is ALSO Jaboukie bruh 😂

  • Neeraj kumar
    Neeraj kumar Il y a mois

    The perfect teenager.

  • MySassyPantsAreTight
    MySassyPantsAreTight Il y a mois

    I agree, we can do almost anything on an app so why is voting not one of them? What's the worst that can happen? We get hacked by the Russians?

  • Zdena Gabaľová
    Zdena Gabaľová Il y a mois

    Having to take time off and go to a place to vote on paper IS a major issue for people who are busy with work and school, often both. If we're able to identify, authenticate, and secure people enough to allow online financial transactions, we should be able to do the same with online voting, making it an easy process.

  • Allie Smith
    Allie Smith Il y a mois

    this kid is so fucking funny

  • swe ِ
    swe ِ Il y a mois

    hes amazing i stan a funny young man

  • SunRai
    SunRai Il y a mois

    I ADORE Jaboukie 😍 keep 👏 him 👏

  • thenewjord50
    thenewjord50 Il y a mois

    And another reason you got much older politicians campaigning and not enough young fresh faced politicians in their 20s or 30s (35 for presidential election) because the older politicians can't relate to everyday Americans especially the young ones and the young voters probably don't care about voting because why vote on someone that's old enough to be my grandparents and out of touch with their own country that they are governing. Now if the older politicians got some pop culture appeal to themselves like joe biden, bernie sanders, and even bill clinton or hilary as will as donald trump then the young voters will be comfortable voting them. But regardless everyone should vote and do homework on the candidates before heading to the ballot

  • Karyn Schy
    Karyn Schy Il y a mois

    he’s funnn

  • habsa colad
    habsa colad Il y a mois


  • Unicorn Coffee
    Unicorn Coffee Il y a mois

    Jaboukie is so much funnier than Trevor.. and I like that 84 are Vintage Millennial lol

  • deidre kirkem
    deidre kirkem Il y a mois

    I love the addition to tds! Jaboukie u r amazing🤗 perfect fit💙

  • joo ni
    joo ni Il y a mois

    Uh.. can I ask something? Do you Americans have ID other than licence? Is that the only ID you got?

  • smileyy777
    smileyy777 Il y a mois

    Is he really going to be a regular?! So proud 😁

  • Sutton M
    Sutton M Il y a mois

    It’s LA QUA

  • Sam Cavalcanti
    Sam Cavalcanti Il y a mois


  • RapidObsessor
    RapidObsessor Il y a mois

    omg I am so happy that he's gotten this job!!!! good luck b!!!

  • twistedblktrekie
    twistedblktrekie Il y a mois

    Jaboukie is coming up! I came across him by accident a while back. He is naturally funny.

  • Abby Turner
    Abby Turner Il y a mois

    Another reason why old people vote because they have been registered and voting at the same place for 20+ years. Young people have to figure out all that stuff on the fly every time they move (which happens a lot because most of them are renting because they can't afford to buy a house) and that takes a lot of time, which they are spending on things that actually keep food on the table and the bills paid in the short term.

  • Malerie Maxine
    Malerie Maxine Il y a mois


  • shotmeindaface
    shotmeindaface Il y a mois

    I didn't like that guy's act. It felt forced, over-rehearsed and he was obviously nervous. Tryin' to articulate words carrefully.

  • Authentic Life Now
    Authentic Life Now Il y a mois

    This kid is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nya Thich
    Nya Thich Il y a mois

    He’s not being a jerk to Trevor people, it’s scripted! They’re doing a show!!!!

  • Mica Aleacimi
    Mica Aleacimi Il y a mois

    loved the addition of Jaboukie! Keep it up guys!

  • aampudia8
    aampudia8 Il y a mois

    elections should be held on sundays so more people can go vote

    COMIC BOOK HERO Il y a mois

    Welp I can tell you, why I don't vote... It's really because the world Needs World peace ☮️🕊️why can't we have World peace well this one of them... We have a Drama Queen name Trump

  • Danni SN
    Danni SN Il y a mois

    He's not so much "young- minded" he's just bratty

  • justme2me
    justme2me Il y a mois

    so what about those young blacks meeting trump in the white house? were they paid?

  • Irish Price
    Irish Price Il y a mois

    I really dont know if the character was supposed to come off as a dicky spoilt brat.. if so? Props!!

  • John Trujillo
    John Trujillo Il y a mois

    Young people don't vote because they are uninformed. Young people are uninformed because they are not willing to spend time becoming informed. Young people are not willing to spend time to become informed because they believe that all sources of information, whether online or elsewhere, are biased and have their own agenda that they are trying to push. Those young people that you see advocating for anti-gun laws, or entangled in identity politics are just those who allowed themselves to be swayed by certain entities and their views/agends (this sentence may have sounded like I'm really cynical, but I didn't mean it in that manner). For example, the Left says that affirmative action is good because equality; the Right says affirmative action is bad because inherently racist. Both have seemingly valid points. Both can probably cite some statistic that will support their claim. Who do you trust? How much research can be done to gain an objective grasp on the situation and make a reasonable decision as to who's point holds more validity? And of the research gathered, how much can one depend on it to be unbiased/objective in nature?
    Of course they're disillusioned: young people have no experience in the real world and are asked to make decision about issues that they have not yet had to face, some of which cannot be understood through research but through entering the workforce and handling their own finances and raising a family. I am a young person that will also not be voting.

  • Arty Pickles PvP
    Arty Pickles PvP Il y a mois

    Because 'young people' have flexible minds and aren't stuck in their ways like stupid old fucks who are terrified of the paradigm shift.
    News media is gonna die too, one day.

  • Punita Karani
    Punita Karani Il y a mois

    Should teens be given voting rights

  • IShare
    IShare Il y a mois

    😂he literally Expressed all my thoughts

  • Skinnymoneyman
    Skinnymoneyman Il y a mois +4

    "Vintage millennial"

  • mkmexicotte
    mkmexicotte Il y a mois

    This is horrific

  • tdman77
    tdman77 Il y a mois +1

    Trevor is a communist!

  • 1pyroace1
    1pyroace1 Il y a mois

    Old people has nothing else to do as everyone else got to work

  • Sandra M
    Sandra M Il y a mois

    I think for me one of the barriers was how much I moved and needing to figure out how to reregister and what my addresses had been and some years figuring out absentee ballots when living abroad
    All while having all this other stuff related to college and grad school
    And my only id is my passport
    And having a proof of address when I’ve only lived there a couple months and handle almost everything digitally
    Like all of these things are new experiences so the activation energy to get over the hurdles is higher with the addition that our lives tend to be more unstable and in flux so it’s not just a matter of having lived in the same town for the last few years, or having previously gone through the similar necessary steps before.

  • Henrik Wenne
    Henrik Wenne Il y a mois

    Yes, why do the US still not vote on a weekend? It's not hard, others countries has done that for decades.

  • Electronic Wave TV
    Electronic Wave TV Il y a mois

    So good at acting like a smarmy cunt it's hard to sit back n not hate the little fucker. XD

  • Loretta Beltran
    Loretta Beltran Il y a mois


  • Anthony Moffo
    Anthony Moffo Il y a mois +1

    FUCK YOU Punk! I Hear Your LeftTard ShitLiB Democratic Communist Socialist Marxist Feminist Globalist Islamic Liberal Party BatShit Crazy BullShit! I'd Love To Beat You The Fuck Down. You UnAmerican Communists Need All Shot In The Fucking Head. All Brainwashed Traitors! Die God Guns And Donald Trump

  • Danielle Martinos
    Danielle Martinos Il y a mois

    This was the most honest segment about voting ever...