• Ajoutée 8 avril 2018
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    Teens React to My Hero Academia! Watch to see their Reactions!
    Teens Featured in this episode:
    Jaxon, age 14
    Becca, age 16
    Carson, age 17
    Kenneth, age 17
    Zaria, age 17
    Rae, age 18
    Reina, age 18
    Bryson, age 19
    Tori, age 19
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  • FBE
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  • unordinary edits
    unordinary edits Il y a an +7


  • Sushi Roll
    Sushi Roll Il y a an +4

    Awww... no season 2 episode 10 climax. ;-;

  • abdelkarim el
    abdelkarim el Il y a an +5

    Teens React to Ultra Instinct Goku

  • Jerome Gabriel
    Jerome Gabriel Il y a an +14

    Teens react to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

  • johnlaurens
    johnlaurens Il y a an +3


  • Nearid
    Nearid Il y a an +7

    RED RIOT !!

  • cool dad
    cool dad Il y a an +1

    Tokyo ghoul re pleaseeeeee

  • DogeGod
    DogeGod Il y a an +11


  • Sahi Otero
    Sahi Otero Il y a an +1

    teens react to Food Wars! especially the Shokugeki parts lol

  • Anime Trash
    Anime Trash Il y a an +6

    I actually live for this show

  • Muhammad Haeckal
    Muhammad Haeckal Il y a an

    React to Fate Series or Nasuverse....

  • Gabriel Betancourt
    Gabriel Betancourt Il y a an +3

    Can all of you please react to One Piece

  • Gabriel Betancourt
    Gabriel Betancourt Il y a an +5


  • Suraxit joshi
    Suraxit joshi Il y a an +5

    Who want to see
    Teen React on One Piece

  • Suraxit joshi
    Suraxit joshi Il y a an +6

    React to one piece

  • D:
    D: Il y a an +5

    i know they dont want to spoil too much but im kinda sad they didnt get to see the clip where todoroki and midoriya like both uses their powers against each other during the sports festival

    • Corbin Davis
      Corbin Davis Il y a an

      D: That was pretty much the climax of season 2 part 1, it's going to be an amazing surprise

  • Nishinoya Yuu
    Nishinoya Yuu Il y a an

    Todo 💗

  • Axhyut Khanal
    Axhyut Khanal Il y a an +299

    hey FBE please do a teens react to seven deadly sins videos like if you agree

  • Nazo
    Nazo Il y a an


  • Richard Lorenzana
    Richard Lorenzana Il y a an +2

    Teens react to Ultra Instinct Son goku

  • N M
    N M Il y a an +5

    You do this... but not Steins;Gate???

  • VideoGame Master
    VideoGame Master Il y a an +4

    Best anime!

  • Hold Up
    Hold Up Il y a an


  • Margot Lee
    Margot Lee Il y a an +2

    Try watching gintama 😆😆

  • AlexandriaSubrosa
    AlexandriaSubrosa Il y a an +2

    Teens react to Highschool DxD Season 4

    • PowKung
      PowKung Il y a an +1

      DXC hell yeah!!

  • Potato chan
    Potato chan Il y a an +4

    plz watch asasination classroom or dragon ball z, kai, or super

  • spike weeky
    spike weeky Il y a an +1

    I got to go all for one

  • alpha gamer
    alpha gamer Il y a an +11

    girl: what did i just watch

    me: thats anime fir u girl

  • TheLast Taco
    TheLast Taco Il y a an +28

    That moment when you find out Deku is faster than Iida though. ;)

  • dlarge6502
    dlarge6502 Il y a an +1

    Do Teens React to Dragon Ball Z DVD releases, original 4:3 vs 16:9 release

  • i want to die
    i want to die Il y a an +2

    lol no one want bakugo

  • j smith
    j smith Il y a an +1

    the goose bumps

  • Satan
    Satan Il y a an +5

    The people who chose Midoria have *not* actually seen the show

  • Osprey Linders
    Osprey Linders Il y a an +1

    Yeeeeeeeeeesssswssssswssswsw my hero acedemia

  • Jadon Stronge
    Jadon Stronge Il y a an +5


    • SpiritWolf2K
      SpiritWolf2K Il y a an +1

      I am not sure you even know what that means

    • Dream Dragoon
      Dream Dragoon Il y a an +3

      Jadon Stronge it’s not underrated what are you smoking

  • Shoto Todoroki
    Shoto Todoroki Il y a an +2

    Woooo I love bnha

  • Nick305 X
    Nick305 X Il y a an +2

    Teens react to SAO

  • Smokey1J
    Smokey1J Il y a an +1

    Uhhh it’s 20%********************** I’m jk

  • choke player
    choke player Il y a an +2

    Crunchyroll 2018 boku no hero academia award incoming

  • PermuyA
    PermuyA Il y a an +10

    lol no one wanted bakugo's power.

  • Paige Hart
    Paige Hart Il y a an +21

    Nobody wanted bakugos power. Just like how no one wants to be around him long enough in the anime because he's pissed all th time

  • flying potato
    flying potato Il y a an +2

    5:06 me right now

  • Momentum
    Momentum Il y a an +3


  • Dr_pocky
    Dr_pocky Il y a an +7

    You watched an art

    • flying potato
      flying potato Il y a an +3

      Dr_pocky it's not art it's a masterpiece

  • Faylesty !
    Faylesty ! Il y a an +1

    Look the season 3!!

  • Maya Smiley
    Maya Smiley Il y a an +112

    Honestly this show makes me giddy like a five year old again. I love it so much and it's brought me so much joy

  • Aidan Galpin
    Aidan Galpin Il y a an +8

    Yes watched season 1-2 in one evening

  • Amih
    Amih Il y a an

    Boku no cofcofPicocofcof

  • Luffy Nation
    Luffy Nation Il y a an +3

    I was so excited when the premier came out for season 3

  • spicy ramen
    spicy ramen Il y a an +8

    react to tokyo ghoul re

  • TheNeerdCrew
    TheNeerdCrew Il y a an +1

    I took like 3 test and i got explosion

  • Latte Llama
    Latte Llama Il y a an +7

    Next... Boku No Pico

  • Eric animated
    Eric animated Il y a an +3

    20 percent does not have quirks

  • kyle avallone
    kyle avallone Il y a an +15

    Its actually 20% of the world that don't have quirks

  • Stanak
    Stanak Il y a an +3


    • Tamsmit Sam
      Tamsmit Sam Il y a an

      Stanak no, it doesn't spoil the main plot

  • CosmoNutHead
    CosmoNutHead Il y a an +1

    teens react to Shigatsu wa kimi no uso please or include it on a try not to cry challenge

  • Dionisis Kanina
    Dionisis Kanina Il y a an +8

    Teens react 7 deadly sins (Nanatsu No Taizai😍)💜❤

  • Gökhan A.
    Gökhan A. Il y a an +606

    Teens react to Tokyo Ghoul:Touka vs Gourmet

  • Super Miner Bilal
    Super Miner Bilal Il y a an +4

    Teens react to Tokyo Ghoul!

  • Hope I think
    Hope I think Il y a an +200


  • heimdall1706
    heimdall1706 Il y a an +26

    Thing is, Midorya doesn't have the quirk of enhanced strength and speed but rather... well, read the manga ;)

    • Maya Smiley
      Maya Smiley Il y a an +7

      His original quick is waterfall tears

    • Stanak
      Stanak Il y a an +5


    • Gökhan A.
      Gökhan A. Il y a an

      heimdall1706 10000008#6#;*29@&'dpnci% 😂?

  • TraSh_Legend
    TraSh_Legend Il y a an +2

    Let them react to JoJo

  • Kamauri Wade
    Kamauri Wade Il y a an +1021

    they just dont understand bakugou's quirk

    • ultimatenormie69
      ultimatenormie69 Il y a an +20

      Kamauri Wade wdym..? their explanation is the closest we could get to a logical one

  • Lydi
    Lydi Il y a an

    REACT to Devilman Crybaby

  • Yugioh 4kf beymaster
    Yugioh 4kf beymaster Il y a an +1

    Can you do teens react to Tokyo Ghoul

  • Jirenai G
    Jirenai G Il y a an

    *So DramAtiC*

  • Jelsa 101
    Jelsa 101 Il y a an +2

    Could you do teens react to Fairy Tail please

  • Hamzah Jaouni
    Hamzah Jaouni Il y a an +4

    Do one peice

  • Lil Nel
    Lil Nel Il y a an +5

    Oof, Bakugou must be in a rage for finally losing at something haha. You know how much he loves his quirk XD

  • ProjectZuel
    ProjectZuel Il y a an +24

    Teens React to Pop Team Epic.

  • james w
    james w Il y a an +2

    You don't need crunchy roll when you can download jp anime or my anime and watch anime for free

  • Typical Mains
    Typical Mains Il y a an +1

    ok im fan boying and i dont care for the fire and ice quirk its called hot and cold not fire and ice...sorry

    • Typical Mains
      Typical Mains Il y a an

      darkslifer #27 nah I think hot and cold sounds fun and a little under welling until you see it in action

    • darkslifer #27
      darkslifer #27 Il y a an

      blade bionicle it being hot and cold instead of fire and ice makes it so much more useful tho

  • Mixer
    Mixer Il y a an +1

    You watched the best anime ever!

  • Felix Vilmond
    Felix Vilmond Il y a an +3

    Season 3 is a BLAZE!!!!