• Ajoutée 20 oct. 2019
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Commentaires • 427

  • usman cheema
    usman cheema Il y a 22 jours

    i packed a totw and a scream player

  • Mathias Lerche
    Mathias Lerche Il y a 26 jours

    I swear I would be furious if that was what I've gotten after 100packs. You are so patient man, I don't get it. I would uninstall instantly after xD

  • Paul Gough
    Paul Gough Il y a 28 jours +1

    Big flair is top 9 nations

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson Il y a 28 jours

    Stop saying let’s go! Your not that American guy who does the other Fifa channel it’s so annoying when you say it!

  • Jude Griggs
    Jude Griggs Il y a mois

    Anyone know why there are sometimes big flashes?

  • yllieR ekuL
    yllieR ekuL Il y a mois +1


  • Ya boi Big penis
    Ya boi Big penis Il y a mois

    I thought big flares were if it was 82 or above

  • Robert Tilsley
    Robert Tilsley Il y a mois

    Big flare is for duplicate card

  • Ben Goddard
    Ben Goddard Il y a mois +1

    I got Hazard

  • Jack Hegarty
    Jack Hegarty Il y a mois

    I got Guerro 85 Scream on a 7.5k pack

  • Darren Davidson
    Darren Davidson Il y a mois

    Is the big flair maybe for a major league and/or nation

  • Daniel McNeill
    Daniel McNeill Il y a mois

    I just wanna see the flare , fucking sap

  • Brian Payne Jr
    Brian Payne Jr Il y a mois

    8:21.....thats it bruh RIP

  • Anas Ammar
    Anas Ammar Il y a mois

    Massive respect ✊🏼

  • Fjellers
    Fjellers Il y a mois

    Boards/walkout, u can see it on the door and on the flares.
    Big flares is also board or walkout!

  • Benjamin P Lamarre
    Benjamin P Lamarre Il y a mois +1

    Big flair means top 9 nations player

  • Sam Rogers
    Sam Rogers Il y a mois

    Big flair means a player in the top 5 leagues

  • TheHairyPolak
    TheHairyPolak Il y a mois

    this man opened 3 packs and got a board in 2 player pack...i open my rewards for SB and rivals and dont even get an 82 in the past 2 weeks...love life

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith Il y a mois

    There’s no icons in two players packs!?

  • liron lelah
    liron lelah Il y a mois

    Took me 4 packs to get a scream card

  • Justin Drayton
    Justin Drayton Il y a mois

    But credit for doin 100 2 player packs though

  • A Nigerian Child
    A Nigerian Child Il y a mois

    How do you get those packs

  • Justin Drayton
    Justin Drayton Il y a mois

    I stop watching you as much bc you can be boring

  • Bloodhound Toxic
    Bloodhound Toxic Il y a mois

    Highlights 8:30

  • ZAK Sheldrake
    ZAK Sheldrake Il y a mois

    I packed Halloween Bernard and his dribbling is insane z

  • The Sebster
    The Sebster Il y a mois

    Big flair means board or higher

  • Giorgi Zarbos
    Giorgi Zarbos Il y a mois

    big flair could mean multiple players over 80 rated in the pack?

  • highppw
    highppw Il y a mois

    how do you get these packs?

  • Irrouda92 aka SunPistache

    In 25 packs I got Son, modric and dejong

  • 908 Pennies
    908 Pennies Il y a mois

    I got salah in a 2 player pck

  • Ramazan Polat
    Ramazan Polat Il y a mois

    Just got neymar today out of this pack

  • Johannes Hemnes
    Johannes Hemnes Il y a mois

    How do u tell if its a board or just a rare?

  • Mahmoud Essam
    Mahmoud Essam Il y a mois

    How to know boards guys ?

  • Domie
    Domie Il y a mois +2

    your nan eats pancakes bruv you piece of toast.

    • tubs dudel
      tubs dudel Il y a mois +1

      @Domie nanana you wouldn't dare, I'd clap him like I clapped your mum in fortnite

    • Domie
      Domie Il y a mois

      @tubs dudel EEEE don't call me out like that ya know, man might have to get my wilkos manager on you fam

    • tubs dudel
      tubs dudel Il y a mois +1

      @Domie you know you work 27 hours a day for 18.50 pounds

    • Domie
      Domie Il y a mois +1

      @tubs dudel bro you smell like a mackerel you know

    • tubs dudel
      tubs dudel Il y a mois +1

      @Domie nanana do not even

  • Howard Hastings
    Howard Hastings Il y a mois +1

    8:30 for the Scream Card

  • callum wilce
    callum wilce Il y a mois

    I did my first two players pack and got máne

  • RBZ
    RBZ Il y a mois

    whats up guys nepenthez here

  • Tiger
    Tiger Il y a mois +1

    "Lets gooww"
    Shutup you Gimp

  • William Magnus son
    William Magnus son Il y a mois

    how do you get this 2 players pack and how can you get 100?

  • Phil Hazlewood
    Phil Hazlewood Il y a mois

    Nice fresh trim dude

    DAVID Il y a mois +1

    Any one know what the blue and white stripe collar shirt kit is called and how to get it? It has black suspenders as well. Saw it in a squad battles match. Thanks

  • Smell YerMaw
    Smell YerMaw Il y a mois

    People that say "let's go" are so fuckin douchey

  • kacper babynko
    kacper babynko Il y a mois

    How in hell can u tell if it's a board or whether it's not a board from the start?? Explain plz

  • Aarodd Ad
    Aarodd Ad Il y a mois

    why are the dynamic images always misaligned its agonising

  • CoysArmy
    CoysArmy Il y a mois +3

    Someone explain how u tell if it’s board walkout or normal

    • CoysArmy
      CoysArmy Il y a mois

      Aifjbg Ksnbd thanks

    • CoysArmy
      CoysArmy Il y a mois

      Calvin Johnson thanks

    • Aifjbg Ksnbd
      Aifjbg Ksnbd Il y a mois +1

      CoysArmy the two lines at the sides flashing at the beginning means a rare player. if the left flare at the top flashes by itself, that means it’s a walkout. If they both flash at the top, it means it’s normal.

    • Calvin Johnson
      Calvin Johnson Il y a mois +1

      CoysArmy to tell if it’s a walkout, the 2 flashing lights at the top of the pack flash and then the left one flashes alone but idk about a board

  • phillyb444
    phillyb444 Il y a mois

    Hey nep. I respect what you are doing and understand that you make your content the way you want. But lay off the moaning dude. You've turned into a right moaner lately. But today was the worst. A no look pack is for the kids. Is very childish but how old do you expect half your viewers to be? The kid just wanted to make a comment. Dont call him out on it. Just ignore it. Peace out.

  • gethhin
    gethhin Il y a mois

    Next time you do a pack opening, could you not skip the boards, because it become really boring by the end as we were essentially watching the same 5 sec clip over and over again.

  • Around There
    Around There Il y a mois

    , ,::

  • XsmudgerX1 1
    XsmudgerX1 1 Il y a mois

    Goal keepers are absolute broken on this Fifa. Have de gea in goal on 10 Chem and feels like he can’t make simple saves, coming up against the likes of Leno or kepa and they save ridiculous shots, wtf doing my head in

  • Wouter Dobro
    Wouter Dobro Il y a mois

    how do u know so quickly if it is a board, and not just a rare?

  • SJ Schaeffer
    SJ Schaeffer Il y a mois +6

    8:37 is where you should look

  • Wille Nybakk
    Wille Nybakk Il y a mois +1

    i don't understand, how do people get good players in these packs? I have don 80 of them and the and the best rating i got was 82. this is bullshit!!!

  • Sam Exell
    Sam Exell Il y a mois

    Big flair means new card btw

  • Michael Hartley
    Michael Hartley Il y a mois +21

    Who else saw it wasn’t a board and skipped 10 seconds forward

  • Alessio Di Tullio
    Alessio Di Tullio Il y a mois

    Nep you’re looking good and in shape, keep up the grind 👍🏻

    BLUE PIG Il y a mois

    Like to pack scream zlatan

  • Mateo Solf
    Mateo Solf Il y a mois

    I think the big flare means there’s a stat in the face of the card over 85

  • Synyster Gaming
    Synyster Gaming Il y a mois

    I should be getting Elite 1 SB rewards tomorrow and I'm really hoping for something good as I never get anything, just untradeable Rashford

    • Synyster Gaming
      Synyster Gaming Il y a mois

      @Lfc LoPeR II I have 49,000 points with 6 games left, hopefully I won't have to play them. 30,000 coins and 2 rare mega packs are good rewards at face value but we all know I'm getting Oscar as my best pull lmao

    • Lfc LoPeR II
      Lfc LoPeR II Il y a mois

      Squad battle good rewards elite 1 haha u wish

  • Brighton Shanji
    Brighton Shanji Il y a mois

    how can you tell if it is a board or walkout before the door opens?

  • Jamie Wilson
    Jamie Wilson Il y a mois

    my opinion worst fifa ea have made, passing, pace, player switching and gameplay are awful, if ea fixed these the game would be enjoyable