OMG I PACKED KENNY DALGLISH!!! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road To Glory #53

  • Ajoutée 6 déc. 2019
  • I PACKED KENNY DALGLISH!!! FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Road To Glory
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Commentaires • 454

  • CarrociaQ
    CarrociaQ Il y a 24 jours

    I packed Kenny dalglish in this pack too :)

  • drummondd7
    drummondd7 Il y a mois

    Lol my names kenny

  • NathanO64
    NathanO64 Il y a mois

    I don’t get it.. it’s a guaranteed icon pack ? It’s guaranteed. How is it lucky ?

  • Jp tyrannosaurus 29
    Jp tyrannosaurus 29 Il y a mois +1

    How do you do the signiture celebrations the ones from the challenges

  • Ajiroghene Ojoh
    Ajiroghene Ojoh Il y a mois

    Heyo skillz. Is that a custom beat you play in your videos??. It’s fire bro 🔥

  • Shahid Satarii
    Shahid Satarii Il y a mois

    Skillz: Yall wont watch this all the way thru
    Me wanting to watch the third game skillz played and didnt show in the vid

  • Jeremy K
    Jeremy K Il y a mois +1

    How does this guy pack an icon almost every day? Whatever

  • Elijah Essien
    Elijah Essien Il y a mois

    I opened one and got kenny😬

  • Joseph Pierce
    Joseph Pierce Il y a mois

    How do you do a drag back bc I've been tryna do it and cant figure it out

    HXWX UGK Il y a mois

    Skillzy : I don't think I wanna force-feed King Kenny
    Also AA9 tries to pass the ball to him several times inside the box to make him score

  • N. S
    N. S Il y a mois

    stop shouting into the mic

  • Dylan Sousa
    Dylan Sousa Il y a mois

    Good video

  • hhityu hjkh
    hhityu hjkh Il y a mois +1

    livecoms >>>>>>

  • Marc Waine
    Marc Waine Il y a mois

    So 4 icon packs = atleast 2.2-2.5 million of club assets.

  • Marc Waine
    Marc Waine Il y a mois

    Overall, adding up all the icon packs he's done,it's still an L. He could've bought kenny and sold him when he wanted the coins back, now hose coins are gone forever

  • DeCeptive Scopes
    DeCeptive Scopes Il y a mois

    Can you help me with my account please

  • Anthony Swaz
    Anthony Swaz Il y a mois

    Get neymar and just use kaká when you don’t play 442

  • The LaughingCow
    The LaughingCow Il y a mois

    When he sells del piero wouldn’t he have over 2 mil ?

  • Ali Hachem
    Ali Hachem Il y a mois

    I did one and got Maradona, I didnt even know how to react

  • HaychGB
    HaychGB Il y a mois +1

    Can you show us your tactics for 442?
    I play 433, switch to 41212(2) but I feel I have to rely on the two up top and I don’t have much width .
    It doesn’t help that I have Kante untradable , but also packed baby Keane in icon pack.

  • Emeka Madubuike
    Emeka Madubuike Il y a mois

    Are you playing fast build up with 442??

  • Thomas Zarras
    Thomas Zarras Il y a mois +1

    How is the music in the background named

  • Oliver Thompson
    Oliver Thompson Il y a mois

    what happened to the draft to glory😂

  • Oliver Thompson
    Oliver Thompson Il y a mois

    sell ronaldo he’s boring now

  • Tito Kareem
    Tito Kareem Il y a mois +1

    You know if team is good when someone says it looks like a draft team

  • 330 KILL3R
    330 KILL3R Il y a mois

    Why don’t you try and use the 4-4-1-1 (2) so king kenny can play cam or cf in game since you prefer him as a cam and have CR7 at ST?

  • Joshua Beart
    Joshua Beart Il y a mois

    please don't do another icon pack

  • daniel burton
    daniel burton Il y a mois

    hey bro proud

  • -DAN -DAN
    -DAN -DAN Il y a mois

    I used enjoy watching 15 minutes episode but not 25 minutes every episode video.

  • Andrew Chen
    Andrew Chen Il y a mois

    ok is it just me or does editing make this video so much better

  • tawerhana
    tawerhana Il y a mois

    Come thru y’all fun ass streams 🤣

  • David Haro
    David Haro Il y a mois

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:

    Skillz: I love your faces

  • 最大Max
    最大Max Il y a mois +2

    Whats the music name

  • Walaa Albanyan
    Walaa Albanyan Il y a mois

    Skills should be a manager

  • Mullet Tino
    Mullet Tino Il y a mois

    I really like the music

  • محمد القحطاني

    Please guys, what is the celebration on 11:25☹️💔

  • Mudassir Amin
    Mudassir Amin Il y a mois

    Who else wants skillz to continue carrer on his 2nd channel

  • Supreme Dzn
    Supreme Dzn Il y a mois

    I got king Kenny out of mine too had the same reaction 😂😂😂🤣

  • fepe999
    fepe999 Il y a mois

    Bro, please stop doing icon packs, go out on a win!

  • Jeremy Reddy
    Jeremy Reddy Il y a mois

    Has skillz shown his player instructions for the 442 ?

  • Abdullah SH
    Abdullah SH Il y a mois

    U r the best 💪🏻

  • dxnïshhh _
    dxnïshhh _ Il y a mois +1

    what is the song name on 10:30 ?

  • Three Musketeers
    Three Musketeers Il y a mois

    Bye in form mane for the left wing

  • eric pinheiro
    eric pinheiro Il y a mois


  • L A
    L A Il y a mois +1

    Everyone calls him king kenny and doesn’t know why. He’s one of the best ever.

  • H21maker
    H21maker Il y a mois

    In your record there is 749 and that’s my college ID 😂 why you remind me of that shit 🦉🤦‍♀️😂

  • Just Vending
    Just Vending Il y a mois

    You said you wanted someone quick on the other side so what about the lw tofgs sterling

  • Alfie Ayres
    Alfie Ayres Il y a mois

    AA9 is trash

  • Alfie Ayres
    Alfie Ayres Il y a mois trash

  • Alfie Ayres
    Alfie Ayres Il y a mois

    Stop editing your trash

  • Jonjo HHH
    Jonjo HHH Il y a mois

    Get scream insigne off Chem instead of kaka

  • Clop
    Clop Il y a mois

    don’t do another one!!!!!

  • daniel lavcanski
    daniel lavcanski Il y a mois +2

    Yo skills, try baby zola wide instead of kaka, I've used him and hes insane

  • Francnizzle
    Francnizzle Il y a mois +1

    His RTG account is red listed for sure. They letting him have the content we all want to see.

  • CtigirsGaming
    CtigirsGaming Il y a mois

    Don’t do another icon pack because of the team of the group stages

  • sl8tt
    sl8tt Il y a mois


  • Three Musketeers
    Three Musketeers Il y a mois

    I love these edits keep them up

  • Lynx
    Lynx Il y a mois +1

    skillz just keep your team how it is going keep it basic and you’ll get top 100!
    love the content 💓

  • GG
    GG Il y a mois

    Watching this made me do a icon pack...Sold half my team


  • Callum Boscoe
    Callum Boscoe Il y a mois

    Leave the packs now Skillz bring in Ney Ney from your coins next week. Enjoy king Kenny this weekend.