Alisson Becker VS Marc-André ter Stegen ● Craziest Saves Ever ● Ultimate Saves Show ᴴᴰ

  • Ajoutée 17 juil. 2019
  • Alisson Becker VS Marc-André ter Stegen ● Craziest Saves Ever ● Ultimate Saves Show ᴴᴰ Who is the best goalkeeper in the world right now?!?! Alisson Becker or Marc-André ter Stegen? Leave a comment down below! I hope you enjoy their craziest saves ever! All in one place! If you enjoyed, then be sure to like, comment and subscribe to see more awesome content in the future! #alisson #terstegen #goalkeepers
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    Fareoh - Under Water
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Commentaires • 738

  • ImJabzter
    ImJabzter  Il y a 5 mois +44

    Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications to never miss a video! 💙

    • Mr Sports
      Mr Sports Il y a 3 mois

      ImJabzter who is your prefer goalkeeper?

    • Ross Smith
      Ross Smith Il y a 4 mois

      Ter stegen is the best in the world

    • ImJabzter
      ImJabzter  Il y a 4 mois +1

      Talha Jubayer I honestly think Ter Stegen makes better saves, so I added more clips of Alison to compensate. Overall from what I put into the video, I think it makes both Goalkeepers look amazing in different ways. You can really see Alisson’s amazing positioning as well as Ter Stegen’s crazy diving ability! So final answer...Ter Stegen!
      Much love, Jabzter 💙

    • Talha Jubayer
      Talha Jubayer Il y a 4 mois

      You supported Allison I am sure,your video says that

    • Guilherme Heldt
      Guilherme Heldt Il y a 4 mois +1

      Ter stegen e alisson 🔥🍃

  • Guilherme sousa
    Guilherme sousa Il y a jour

    Alisson é muito mais melhor

  • Lina Ferdousi
    Lina Ferdousi Il y a 6 jours

    Alisson is the best Goalkeeper . Nobody can deafet him.

    • Mobile G
      Mobile G Il y a 4 jours

      Me and 700 comments and millions of people disagree with your statement

  • Ian Souza
    Ian Souza Il y a 8 jours +1


  • Samuel Mputa
    Samuel Mputa Il y a 8 jours

    Ter Stegen is better

  • Ahmed Musthafa
    Ahmed Musthafa Il y a 9 jours

    A Becker because his the best keeper and won FIFA's best keeper bruh so those who thinks ter stegen is the best you all are wrong

    SAMUEL ALVES Il y a 11 jours

    Ter Stegen melhor

  • mister metaphor
    mister metaphor Il y a 12 jours

    Come on, alisson is not ter stegen/oblak level

    ENRIQUE PES2019 Il y a 20 jours

    Ter Stegen the best...

  • Almaz Nxbcbd
    Almaz Nxbcbd Il y a 22 jours

    Ter stegen

  • Sideven Subban
    Sideven Subban Il y a 22 jours


  • Sideven Subban
    Sideven Subban Il y a 22 jours

    Alisson is having a bad season because he still have not clean sheet so ter stergen

  • 치킨그라운드D
    치킨그라운드D Il y a 28 jours

    Ter stegen

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali Il y a mois

    Alisson like

  • Zueira Dos Br
    Zueira Dos Br Il y a mois

    Alisson won over having stregen Alisson is better

  • Saim Murtaza
    Saim Murtaza Il y a mois

    Ter stegen and Allison are both very good and very nice

  • Fatimzahrae Raghib
    Fatimzahrae Raghib Il y a mois +1

    Ter shtegen
    Is the best
    Goalkeper of
    The world

  • Peterson Bellerice
    Peterson Bellerice Il y a mois

    ter stegen Is the best Guardian that Barça never knew

  • David Tavares
    David Tavares Il y a mois


  • Fabricia Sonalli
    Fabricia Sonalli Il y a mois

    Ter etegen e melhor sei duvida

  • Foad Wredat
    Foad Wredat Il y a mois


  • Anas Yasser
    Anas Yasser Il y a mois

    Ter shtegn

    EL DRACULA Il y a mois


  • yousef Aboda
    yousef Aboda Il y a mois

    اكيد االيسون

  • Manny M.
    Manny M. Il y a mois

    Alisson is better at the moment. Ter Stegen makes sabes easy on the eye. All at height which is easier than low and hard shoots that dip, Alisson is much better at that. I guess different styles is makes this a hard judgement

  • السطورة والمعلم

    تريشتغن افضل

  • mohamad frag
    mohamad frag Il y a mois


  • felipe br Sousa de Oliveira


  • abobakr mohamed
    abobakr mohamed Il y a mois


  • Aleksandr Safray
    Aleksandr Safray Il y a mois

    Beat video

  • hiarley Almeida
    hiarley Almeida Il y a mois

    Os dois goleiros são bons mas o ter estenge e melhor que o alissom vai ter estenge 😜⚽🥅

  • poker react
    poker react Il y a 2 mois

    Alisson e ter stagem e um caso de amor e odio, uma hora defende muito outra hora so franga

  • ซลันดา อินทรสุข

    Ter stegen is best goalkeeper in the world

  • Bilal Afriii
    Bilal Afriii Il y a 2 mois +1

    Ter stegen good
    But alisson is king golekeeper

  • Cheikh Deme
    Cheikh Deme Il y a 2 mois


  • fajr stars
    fajr stars Il y a 2 mois

    تير شتيغين

  • Husain Abdulmajiid
    Husain Abdulmajiid Il y a 2 mois +2


  • Avra Das
    Avra Das Il y a 2 mois

    Ter Stegen

  • Mohamed Mohamed
    Mohamed Mohamed Il y a 2 mois +1

    Ter stegen

  • avengers infinity war
    avengers infinity war Il y a 2 mois +4

    Alisson becker like

  • اخبار الرياضة

    terhtken log

  • نوماس رياكشن
    نوماس رياكشن Il y a 2 mois +1


  • merabi sexniashvili
    merabi sexniashvili Il y a 2 mois +1

    ter stegen

  • Sukanta Sannyasi
    Sukanta Sannyasi Il y a 2 mois +1

    Tear Stephen is a superman

  • hazirah Danial
    hazirah Danial Il y a 2 mois +1

    alisson is powerman

  • Eyad Ewan
    Eyad Ewan Il y a 2 mois

    Ter stagen 😎

  • Futbolayin Chelenj
    Futbolayin Chelenj Il y a 2 mois


    LUIZ FERNANDO LF7 Il y a 2 mois


  • Ajeliques Plays
    Ajeliques Plays Il y a 2 mois +2

    Alisson The Best

  • João Vitor
    João Vitor Il y a 2 mois

    Alisson é mais seguro por isso toma menos gol!
    Stegen é mais elástico e faz defesas mais bonitas!

    A você ecolhe entre tomar menos gol ou ser mais artístico

  • fifa mobile oyuncusu
    fifa mobile oyuncusu Il y a 2 mois

    Ters tegen 👌👌👌👌👌👌alisson 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Code Carlitoes
    Code Carlitoes Il y a 2 mois +1

    But alisson won the worlds best keeper price

  • Solaiman Boudoula
    Solaiman Boudoula Il y a 2 mois

    ter Stegen 😮

  • Krollex YT
    Krollex YT Il y a 2 mois

    Marc is the best he is my idol and the best goalkeeper in the world

    • Clemmy clemm
      Clemmy clemm Il y a 2 mois

      Krollex YT Alisson won three golden globes and two goalkeeper oty awards, he’s the best keeper in the world

    • Krollex YT
      Krollex YT Il y a 2 mois

      No it's not ter stegen is better

    • Clemmy clemm
      Clemmy clemm Il y a 2 mois

      Krollex YT but Alisson is better

    • Krollex YT
      Krollex YT Il y a 2 mois

      Ter Stegen is better then every goalkeeper

    • Krollex YT
      Krollex YT Il y a 2 mois

      I don't mean that

  • Eyobed Rezene
    Eyobed Rezene Il y a 2 mois +7

    Like Ter stegen
    Comment Alisson

  • dulyaj boom
    dulyaj boom Il y a 2 mois +1

    Alisson is good but ter stegen better

  • Koopi Aceh
    Koopi Aceh Il y a 2 mois

    Ter stegen will win every goal keeper award if he guarded by van dijk taa robertson

  • Diego Glez Vazq
    Diego Glez Vazq Il y a 2 mois

    not sure if i missed it but wheres the double save vs sevilla (he had 2 and this comp only had 1)

  • bryan12 el negro
    bryan12 el negro Il y a 2 mois

    Es mejor ter stegen mas expectacular sus atajadas arriesga mas el fisico
    Es mi opinion

    N10 ABDULLAH HD Il y a 2 mois +1

    كل واحد عربي لايك واشترك