New MacBook Pro 2018: Unboxing and Review! (15-inch Setup)

  • Ajoutée 14 juil. 2018
  • Apple’s 2018 MacBook Pro Unboxing Setup and MacBook Pro 15" Reviewed in this video. Purchase the New Laptop with Touch Bar and Specs HERE: 👈
    Quick Specs (15" Unboxed Model)
    CPU: 2.2GHz 6-core Intel Core i7
    RAM: 16GB of 2400MHz DDR4
    Storage: 256GB PCIe-based SSD
    GPU: Radeon Pro 555x with 4GB of GDDR5
    ▶️ LATEST iPhone X Unboxing + Review:éo.html
    ▶️ NEW MacBook Unboxing:éo.html
    Stay tuned for more updates on the new 2018 MacBook Pro series, as well as any future updates to the MacBook and MacBook Air lineups.
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  • iCrackUriDevice
    iCrackUriDevice  Il y a an +23

    Check out the NEW MacBook Pro 2018... It actually has some HIDDEN updates that are pretty cool. (haven't done one of these in-depth unboxings in years). *I hope you enjoy!* 💻📲

    • Slicer 2.0
      Slicer 2.0 Il y a an

      iCrackUriDevice can you do a vide on tweaks not showing up in settings

    • shalom96
      shalom96 Il y a an

      iCrackUriDevice Can you please put the brand new stock wallpapers up for download please

      ROCKET TESLA Il y a an

      iCrackUriDevice could you please make a video on Best configuration for the money on this laptop!

      TYOPSUH Il y a an +1

      Been waiting for 1 hour for this vid to watch this

  • Nicholas Brigden-Rene de Cotret

    Touch ID has been around since iPhone 5S

  • yu Sizzle
    yu Sizzle Il y a mois

    Full Sail

  • Khabib Musashaykhov
    Khabib Musashaykhov Il y a mois

    Very organized unboxing and an awesome review, thanks!

  • Charles lee Ray
    Charles lee Ray Il y a 2 mois

    It cost around $2,399.99 dollars and still it has Intel hd graphics and it is weak and not really advanced. Mac is just a cry baby loser windows is a lot better it's graphics are amazing not like mac go and cry like a little baby girl you idiot mac hahahaha lol🤣

  • valak demon
    valak demon Il y a 3 mois

    Laptop for future not for current time

  • james chapa
    james chapa Il y a 3 mois +1

    pulling the lid off, slicing the box wrap with my knife, scratching my nuts, lifting the macbok pro up,.... goodness my guy we can see what ur doing

    • noone nooo
      noone nooo Il y a mois

      james chapa lol go easy he’s new

  • Hideki R.
    Hideki R. Il y a 3 mois

    7 plus has Touch ID too (just pointing out you said iPhone 8 or older 👀)

  • Giovanni Boutin
    Giovanni Boutin Il y a 3 mois

    Bruh I would not buy that is has like no storage and if u want to make it 1tb then its $400 more

  • Giovanni Boutin
    Giovanni Boutin Il y a 4 mois +6

    I saw ur face in the reflection

    • noone nooo
      noone nooo Il y a mois +1

      Giovanni Boutin no shit Sherlock

  • dj core_ corey
    dj core_ corey Il y a 4 mois

    When he said “hay Siri” that frightened the shit out of me because the cunt went off

  • Foodie world
    Foodie world Il y a 5 mois +2

    Bro when is the right time to buy MacBook pro in 2019 . When will the discount's start

    • Jose Cruz
      Jose Cruz Il y a 4 mois

      Just recently it was $500 off at Best Buy, it was a one day sale :/. From $2,399 to $1,899

    • Naaish Ibrahim
      Naaish Ibrahim Il y a 5 mois

      You can buy a 2018 Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch 16GB Ram 512 SSD 560X graphics along with Apple Care+ for $ 2100 bucks from
      Mint condition , New or used even available. You'll just have to check now and then .. 560X is better than 555X

  • Anh Tú Vũ
    Anh Tú Vũ Il y a 5 mois

    Love this color. Looks sick

  • TheHottestOoferBoi
    TheHottestOoferBoi Il y a 5 mois

    Stop talking soo muuchhhh

  • Maggs
    Maggs Il y a 6 mois

    If you want the talking and advertisements to stop 4:34éo.html

  • the simeon
    the simeon Il y a 6 mois

    So boring

  • Amiga Wolf
    Amiga Wolf Il y a 6 mois

    This PC with iOS cost WAY to much, you ONLY get a Radeon Pro 555x 4GB and ONLY 256GB PCIe SSD, the Dell XPS 15 9570 (CNX97003) that has the same CPU and memory, BUT has a much faster Geforce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB and a MUCH bigger SSD a 512GB PCIe SSD, it only have a 1920x1080 screen and not a 2880x1800, but why do you want such a resolution screen on a Laptop with not a fast GPU and on a screen that is only 15,4" and the Apple MacBook Pro 2018 15,4 cost MORE then €500,- and you get half of the SSD storage and slower GPU, and you even cannot upgrade remove the PCIe SSD and Memory, becouse it's soldered to the MB, why do people still accept that, from a product that cost about €2400,- that is just crazy.
    For me it's gone be a no-brainer with a MUCH bigger PCIe SSD and much faster GPU, can upgrade/remove PCIe SSD and Memory and is €500,- cheaper, sorry Apple products still cost WAY to much for what you get.éo.html

  • ★ ilivill ★
    ★ ilivill ★ Il y a 6 mois +1

    novabench? PLAY CRYSIS!

  • Unix Undertaker
    Unix Undertaker Il y a 6 mois

    Inspiring work

  • valak demon
    valak demon Il y a 6 mois

    No shit

  • valak demon
    valak demon Il y a 6 mois

    It’s like second hand car price.. Apple what the fuck !!

  • TheBestMapper
    TheBestMapper Il y a 7 mois

    Can someone please help me donating too me so I can get a MacBook Pro and start coding apps and games. Thank you!

  • JustCube
    JustCube Il y a 7 mois +2

    I got this laptop for school, and I'm not happy for the performance but I am happy for people calling me "rich boiii"

  • Paragon
    Paragon Il y a 7 mois

    What cost this macbook?

  • Grzegorz Mirosław
    Grzegorz Mirosław Il y a 7 mois

    Check this amazing macbook here!

  • E Corp
    E Corp Il y a 7 mois

    16 min vid with 6 adverts in it. Lol why do people still watch this guy....

  • review&unboxing
    review&unboxing Il y a 7 mois

    Buy 15" MacBook Pro on Amazon:

  • Louise Sheene
    Louise Sheene Il y a 7 mois

    I get mine on Tuesday

  • Goran Mruckovski
    Goran Mruckovski Il y a 8 mois

    I have one 2017 Mac book Pro 15".5 for one year and I needed it for my job. After 13 months of moderate- couple hours a day , use, screen started to flicker and I was unable to do anything about it. To add insult to injury apple store is asking $750 to fix that. Please do yourself favor and avoid this expensive peace of trash that would cost you much more than you are paying right now.
    Also while in apple store another customer brought in identical Mac book pro 2017 15”.5 retina laptop with identical problem and it was told same thing. They want $750 to repair it. Well done Apple, be ashamed of yourself

    • Goran Mruckovski
      Goran Mruckovski Il y a 7 mois

      For $2800 dollar laptop, after 1 year?
      I know that spending additional $400 at purchase would alleviate issue but that brings price to 3200 do you really need item that would break after one year of use for that price. I just want to warn everyone not to expect much from their

    • CptHuggyFace
      CptHuggyFace Il y a 7 mois

      Should've bought AppleCare, or sent it to Rossmann repair group.

  • PDE Gonzalo
    PDE Gonzalo Il y a 8 mois

    Would this be good for music production

  • Greg Sutton
    Greg Sutton Il y a 9 mois +1

    No picture or mention of the bottom and cooling vents. Pictures of info on your iPhone when you have an entire screen? Come on think before you make this time consuming incomplete youtube.

    STEPHEN BEATTY Il y a 9 mois

    Turns out they are updating week! Glad I waited.

  • ivan blagoev
    ivan blagoev Il y a 9 mois +1

    14:06 did he just say i9 gpu lmao

  • Bogdan Niculeasa
    Bogdan Niculeasa Il y a 9 mois

    What I find disturbing in most of the recent videos on youtube is that you are begging for Likes, Subscription, etc.... Rest assured, if you deserve one, you will get it without all this hassle.

  • Thomas Shelby
    Thomas Shelby Il y a 9 mois

    I never understood why some students need a 3k laptop ( unless you want to stick with 'final cut' lmao' and dont give me mac os bullshit)
    All you do is look up information on the web and write documents lol
    and there are windows laptops out there performing 100 times better for a cheaper price

    • CptHuggyFace
      CptHuggyFace Il y a 7 mois

      But how long do those windows laptops last? Cheaper doesn't always mean better.

  • Ariella Stoltman
    Ariella Stoltman Il y a 10 mois +1

    I got my new Macbook Pro 13" Very much worth the upgrade from my Macbook air

  • CLAY 18
    CLAY 18 Il y a 10 mois

    WTF i7 or i9????

  • Ed Kama
    Ed Kama Il y a 10 mois

    Thank you best video and true information about Mac

  • Ed Kama
    Ed Kama Il y a 10 mois +1

    How in gaming and show some high graphic gaming on Mac book pro 15

    • Punjabi Channel
      Punjabi Channel Il y a 16 jours

      It's A very useful For me. I use it in my office and university work. I know this is some cheap but relaxing thing. If you want buy can buy from here.

    NICKYSTACKZ Il y a 10 mois

    Link for cheap macbook pro "15" 256gb on amazon

  • PissedOffHoneyBadger
    PissedOffHoneyBadger Il y a 10 mois

    Would you recommend this laptop for college?

  • ravi mehra
    ravi mehra Il y a 10 mois

    Unboxing MacBook Pro 15'' 2018 w/ Touch Bar from PayTM Malléo.html

  • John’s Vlogs
    John’s Vlogs Il y a 11 mois

    Who came here just to check out the Touchbar?

  • Justin M.
    Justin M. Il y a 11 mois

    Idk if I should get the 13 or 15 inch for University 🤔

    • i K.
      i K. Il y a 11 mois

      15 inch, the screen is unbelievably gorgeous

  • TaylorGang 44
    TaylorGang 44 Il y a 11 mois +112

    Unboxing starts at 4:33 😒

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus Il y a 11 mois

    apple needs to remove the word PRO and just call it the macbook. plus that new macbook can almost cook an egg on it.

    • g U m Ꙅ
      g U m Ꙅ Il y a 10 mois

      They already have a laptop named simply MacBook.

  • Tid75 Channel
    Tid75 Channel Il y a 11 mois

    if i think that i'll have this beast in 3 days... i bacame crazy.. (sorry for my English i'm 14, from Italy)

    • Tid75 Channel
      Tid75 Channel Il y a 11 mois

      Ma tanto hai sempre ragione.. oh asp torno in camera mia! Ciao

    • Tid75 Channel
      Tid75 Channel Il y a 11 mois

      Jeremy Clarkson senti come ho già detto, se non ci credi davvero, non è un mio problema.. io sono felice.. se tu non lo sei.. non è un mio problema.

    • Jeremy Clarkson
      Jeremy Clarkson Il y a 11 mois

      Ti ricordo che non solo stai facendo la vittima ma ti stai contraddicendo.
      Non sai più cosa dire perchè sei un cocco di mamma che sta tutto il giorno in casa chiuso a non fare un cazzo.
      Mi raccomando fai sapere al mondo tutte le tue abilità che ci crediamo tutti.
      Non preoccuparti del cappio che non neanche i bambini di 10 anni si offendono

    • Tid75 Channel
      Tid75 Channel Il y a 11 mois

      come io non conosco te, tu non conosci me... perchè, si... se vuoi farti figo dicendo che conosci internet meglio di tutti allora okay, fa pure (ognino è felice per quello che vuole)... ma io esco con i miei amici, sono uno scalatore e campione regionale di scacchi. Non sarà molto, ma faccio lo scientifico e ho degli ottimi risultati. Puoi crederci, non crederci, non mi interessa. Volevo solo chiarire, so che ho sbagliato a dire quella cosa sul cappio.. ho esagerato di gran lunga. Mi dispiace, spero che tu possa capire.

      ps. come ho già detto esco di casa, faccio sport, quindi ci terrei affinchè tu non tica più stronzate del genere.

    • Jeremy Clarkson
      Jeremy Clarkson Il y a 11 mois

      No non conosci internet meglio di me, non sai chi sono ne voglio che tu lo sappia.
      Mi spiace caro ma non puoi uscirtene cosi pesando di poter risolvere facendo le finte.
      Sei ancora piccolo, aspetta di crescere e capire come funziona il mondo e poi puoi trarre le tue conclusioni.
      Ah e invece di pensare a conoscere internet (cosa assolutamente falsa da parte tua tra l'altro perchè tu da poco lo stai usando) pensa ad uscire di casa e a stare con i tuoi amici.
      Tra l'altro io Telegram neanche lo uso ne ho intenzione di iniziare adesso solo per perdere tempo con te.

  • Hi How
    Hi How Il y a 11 mois

    ever since i saw your video to jailbreak my iphone i knew you were no click baiter

  • MultipleComet
    MultipleComet Il y a an

    Why does it say uhd graphics

    • Jeremy Clarkson
      Jeremy Clarkson Il y a 11 mois

      MultipleComet Because the CPU has an integrated GPU that is the UHD 630

  • Gathungu kellyns
    Gathungu kellyns Il y a an

    My Dell xps 15 2018 is still rocking

    • Jeremy Clarkson
      Jeremy Clarkson Il y a 11 mois

      Kelvin Gathungu One of the worst laptops ever lol.
      I would take a 10 year old Compaq over that shit

  • Anish J
    Anish J Il y a an

    these designs from macbook pro late2016 are utter failure, will suck your money once goes out of warranty and i am a victim

  • bianca1aa
    bianca1aa Il y a an

    Going to get mine Thursday

  • Tamir Golden
    Tamir Golden Il y a an

    I'm a graphic designer, looking to buy a new MacBook that can work well with Photoshop, InDesign, illustrator.....
    On the other hand, I want to save money wherever I can.
    What do you recommend? the 13" with upgrades will be enough for me?

  • Troy Graaff
    Troy Graaff Il y a an +6

    4:40 like to save s me one else’s time

  • Josef Wahlgren
    Josef Wahlgren Il y a an

    For this price it should also have 512gb SSD as standard considering you can't pick to opt out from the Touchbar which actually just drains the battery faster for those who wont use it.

  • Nolaaan
    Nolaaan Il y a an

    Is the us charger the same as a European one?asking because I'm thinking of getting a MacBook Pro in the US as it's way cheaper

    • Punjabi Channel
      Punjabi Channel Il y a 16 jours

      It's A very useful For me. I use it in my office and university work. I know this is some cheap but relaxing thing. If you want buy can buy from here.

  • Anthony Angotti
    Anthony Angotti Il y a an

    What do you do with all your other MacBooks when you get the new one?

  • RobTheKingEmoji
    RobTheKingEmoji Il y a an +42

    Bring back the Glowing Apple Logo!!

  • Entertainment Hobbyist

    I hear it thermal throttles due to core i9 lol

  • Clam Chowder
    Clam Chowder Il y a an

    ph yeah pull that fucking plastic off boi

  • RJK Visuals
    RJK Visuals Il y a an

    Is it worth getting the 2.6ghz model, if that thermal throttles as well?

  • JustJackJoseph
    JustJackJoseph Il y a an +2

    I’m looking to buy a 2018 MacBook Pro Would you recommend 512gb or 1tb upgrade? This will be my only computer, I use it for video editing on Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Photoshop, Lightroom etc but don’t know whether to get a cheap external hard-drive instead?

    • Victor Ulloa
      Victor Ulloa Il y a an

      Ya I’d get the 512 save money on that and just either use an external hardrive or use a cloud service you said you will be using Lightroom and photoshop if you have the cc package you get cloud storage with that so you can use that

    • JustJackJoseph
      JustJackJoseph Il y a an +1

      marshall branin really!! Thanks for the help man!!

  • Justin Hoskins
    Justin Hoskins Il y a an

    I wanted one SOOO bad, but the horrible thermal throttling problems and the lack of 4K hdr are what turned me off enough to wait until next year

  • Zulham Syahputra
    Zulham Syahputra Il y a an

    I hate mac,,because no port rj45,,,,IT network hate

    • Jeremy Clarkson
      Jeremy Clarkson Il y a 11 mois

      Zulham S So you hate every other ultrabook and modern laptop!?

  • T K
    T K Il y a an

    Ure talking too much dude. Just calm down a bit

  • Mike C
    Mike C Il y a an

    I was going to get the 13 inch with the touch bar, but I feel like I would be getting a lot more for the upgrade with this 15 inch base model. Can you really feel the difference in weight between the 13 inch and 15 inch? Should I just do that?

    • Alaa Jradi
      Alaa Jradi Il y a an

      Mike C I have the 15 inch, it’s a light laptop. I haven’t held the 13 inch. If you’re not sure go visit the apple store and compare the two

  • Silent Assassin
    Silent Assassin Il y a an

    Did he just said i9 GPU? LOL...

  • Aaron Votan
    Aaron Votan Il y a an

    Unboxing a laptop that has the same basic design from 2009... Yeah real interesting, I'm so bored with apple products. Nothing ever changes

    • Jeremy Clarkson
      Jeremy Clarkson Il y a 11 mois +1

      Aaron Votan You know, you could say that for every high end laptop ever produced.

  • Dineshwar Balakrishnan

    Is it just me or are the bezels on the MacBook Pro smaller ?

  • DJ GQ
    DJ GQ Il y a an

    Hey man, I wanted to tell you great job on your video! I’ve been watching videos since I ordered my MBP 15” (2018) with the i9 processors and the 32g RAM. Out of all video I think you did the best displaying and explaining. Even down to little things by showing what’s on all 4 sides of the box. Nothing people “need” to see, just cool to see on what to expect. 🅰️➕➕ keep up the good work with the Apple products!

  • ThePeachPro
    ThePeachPro Il y a an +1

    Well I think that was the most detailed video I have ever watched

  • Jack Finnegan
    Jack Finnegan Il y a an +1

    I’ve watched about 10 different unboxing/reviews for the 2018 MacBook Pro and I have to say this video was by far the best, most detailed/thorough, well produced unboxing! Great video!

  • Traydellus Gaming
    Traydellus Gaming Il y a an

    i love it. definitely gonna probably purchase in two weeks. will be great for school and editing for pics and video game content

    • Punjabi Channel
      Punjabi Channel Il y a 16 jours

      It's A very useful For me. I use it in my office and university work. I know this is some cheap but relaxing thing. If you want buy can buy from here.

  • MrNosugarcoating
    MrNosugarcoating Il y a an

    You’re boring.

  • TB -
    TB - Il y a an

    I’m still disappointed about
    The new macs poor port selection as a lot of us don’t really use usb type c but mainly type A so we need dongles but anywho great channel