WizKid - Ghetto Love (Official Video)

  • Ajoutée 13 sept. 2019
  • “Ghetto Love” Out Now! smarturl.it/GhettoLove
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  • Mercie Chelimo
    Mercie Chelimo Il y a 4 heures


  • Sunday Dumaka
    Sunday Dumaka Il y a 12 heures

    My favourite singer in the whole world wizzy lion 🦁 Luv you forever brother man 🔥🔥🔥

  • Hunter Monzon
    Hunter Monzon Il y a 21 heure

    Slaps harder than Nate Diaz lol

  • Cheick abdul karim Karamoko
    Cheick abdul karim Karamoko Il y a 23 heures

    Super musique depuis Abidjan 🇨🇮

  • Dave Campbell
    Dave Campbell Il y a 23 heures


  • 3 Almighty Love
    3 Almighty Love Il y a jour


  • Demba Dansoko
    Demba Dansoko Il y a jour

    Cool vraiment numéro 1 wiiiiiizi😀😀😀👍🤙

  • Demba Dansoko
    Demba Dansoko Il y a jour

    J'aime trop le son wizkid

  • Rihama eduwad
    Rihama eduwad Il y a jour

    Nzuri sana

  • Golden_ Terence
    Golden_ Terence Il y a jour


    WINNE ANA Il y a jour


  • Inah A's
    Inah A's Il y a jour


  • L amour Ange
    L amour Ange Il y a 2 jours

  • Aimé Attoumgbré
    Aimé Attoumgbré Il y a 2 jours +2

    The best singer of Africa, and best young singer of the word !

  • ozey miles
    ozey miles Il y a 2 jours


  • Frankline Nyagucha
    Frankline Nyagucha Il y a 2 jours

    if you reading this, I was here in 2019

  • Kelvin Shakur Henrix
    Kelvin Shakur Henrix Il y a 2 jours +1


  • Yinka Ologo
    Yinka Ologo Il y a 2 jours

    Star ⭐️ boi 4life💪❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Janet Lankeu
    Janet Lankeu Il y a 3 jours

    if you are watching this anywhere in the world ,may God bless you infront of your enemies

  • brenda kosgei
    brenda kosgei Il y a 3 jours

    I love WizKids songs,,,,dope bro

    CHRIS JOB Il y a 3 jours

    Did wizkid actually curse Killer Tunez in this track?

  • rilwan oguntoye
    rilwan oguntoye Il y a 3 jours

    Good rhythm but lacks the intensity

  • selt comedian
    selt comedian Il y a 3 jours +4

    If your in Rwanda and you love our girls and wizkid hit me a like !!!!!

  • hassan tanimu
    hassan tanimu Il y a 3 jours

    Wizkid Fc comment below

  • Kay Em Soundgod
    Kay Em Soundgod Il y a 3 jours


  • Michaella Jones
    Michaella Jones Il y a 3 jours +1

    been a fan since day one! Wizzy!

  • antikz anticipated
    antikz anticipated Il y a 4 jours +3

    Made in Lagos 🤙🏾💯

  • Joanne Benjamin-Oderinde
    Joanne Benjamin-Oderinde Il y a 4 jours +3

    Nigerian music to the world. American artist go sit down somewhere. LMAO

  • Baroque Walker
    Baroque Walker Il y a 4 jours

    🌟 starboy

  • Mary Barac - Mother Of 3
    Mary Barac - Mother Of 3 Il y a 4 jours +3

    ❤️❤️❤️ from South Sudanese

  • Alex Bundi
    Alex Bundi Il y a 4 jours

    Wakenya kujeni hapa...

  • Dini Vicj
    Dini Vicj Il y a 4 jours


  • Yo papson
    Yo papson Il y a 4 jours

    You are a real talent and your art talks for itself

  • Yo papson
    Yo papson Il y a 4 jours

    I just wanted to take the time to thanks you for your good music. Your work has not only brought Joy to million people but it has highly contributed to the enhancement of Africa’s image globally.

  • Pepper Smith
    Pepper Smith Il y a 4 jours

    Giving me an old Jamaican reggae vibes💣

  • Shayne Aldradge
    Shayne Aldradge Il y a 5 jours

    South Africans are we here!

  • Key Hardwell
    Key Hardwell Il y a 5 jours +1


  • Moizana Maiga
    Moizana Maiga Il y a 5 jours


  • AMA - African Music Awards Australia AfriEMI

    Starboy live in Sydney Australia 2019 frclip.com/video/eeCFHat2mh8/vidéo.html

  • Linah Nyagathu
    Linah Nyagathu Il y a 5 jours

    My guy all the way...100%

  • Jessica Fever
    Jessica Fever Il y a 5 jours +2

    Africa ❤️❤️❤️J aime trop ce son💞😍

  • Dickson Cadri
    Dickson Cadri Il y a 5 jours +1

    Made in Lagos, playing from the City of Kampala, 🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬🇺🇬

  • vanilla roseline
    vanilla roseline Il y a 5 jours

    Real Shit

  • Abdull Richer
    Abdull Richer Il y a 6 jours +2

    Ich komme heute mit der 🇸🇴💖💖🤘🏻

  • Marie Reine Achié
    Marie Reine Achié Il y a 6 jours


  • dallas sophia
    dallas sophia Il y a 6 jours

    I am binging to wizkids songs yo! My favourite so far

    LAYONN Il y a 6 jours

    Damn, the groove !!!!

  • taj emrit
    taj emrit Il y a 6 jours


    NG NKUNA Il y a 6 jours +7

    i love this guy man all da way from south africa

  • Beauty Waro
    Beauty Waro Il y a 6 jours +1

    Lol!! Yo FRclip just take the song of your Chanel so we know y’all serious...Kidding me???? FOH!!!

  • Abubakar Baba
    Abubakar Baba Il y a 7 jours +1

    Incase you watching in 2050 ,WIZKID is the G.O.A.T of afrobeat ..❤❤

  • Ayiko Justin
    Ayiko Justin Il y a 7 jours

    someone to tell me what "kola biko " means 😁

  • Kevin Gomes
    Kevin Gomes Il y a 7 jours +9

    this album made in Lagos will break records no cap!!!

  • Ssekimpi Michael
    Ssekimpi Michael Il y a 7 jours

    Much inspiration.....guess wiz kid shd do a collabo with rozay

  • scott isaac
    scott isaac Il y a 7 jours +1

    Sure hit

  • Ana Maria
    Ana Maria Il y a 7 jours

    I love this guy!!! ♥️💃💃💃🔊🎧🎶🎶

  • kayode ajewole
    kayode ajewole Il y a 8 jours

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  • Idoko Raphael
    Idoko Raphael Il y a 8 jours

    Starboy you are the best in Africa, keep it up.Aero

  • Lisa Mpepo
    Lisa Mpepo Il y a 8 jours +5

    This dude is making love to my ears with his voice😍😊

  • 9ja Canadian
    9ja Canadian Il y a 8 jours +1

    Made in Lagos vibez! 🎧🕺