Cardi B & Offset In FIRE “Clout” & “Press” Performance At The BET Awards! | BET Awards 2019

  • Ajoutée 24 juin 2019
  • Cardi B & Offset open the show with a BANG while performing “Press” and “Clout” at the 2019 BET Awards! #CardiB #Offset #BETAwards
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Commentaires • 15 463

  • Adny Desronvil
    Adny Desronvil Il y a heure


  • Adriana Sipsey
    Adriana Sipsey Il y a heure

    Cardi and offset dancing‼️👏🏾👏🏾

  • Ariana corpening
    Ariana corpening Il y a heure

    95%-> offset
    4% -> cardi
    1% -> me screaming at how cardi hit the woah during press

  • Louis Pindura
    Louis Pindura Il y a heure

    Best performance ever no cappppp

  • bigbooty life
    bigbooty life Il y a heure +1

    look at my recent for a huge ass

  • Soulless Senpai
    Soulless Senpai Il y a heure +1

    So that's what he sounds like with no autotune

  • 《Herminoy 》
    《Herminoy 》 Il y a heure

    I can't lie, that outfit slays on her!

  • DJ Kharizzma
    DJ Kharizzma Il y a heure

    Offset KILLED his choreography. Cardi B couldn't top him. He showed off and showed out!

    VOLAIRE Il y a heure +1

    Someone call the fire department because this is 🔥

  • Wesley Ross
    Wesley Ross Il y a heure

    y’all she out here really just lip syncing...

  • Oscar Ramirez
    Oscar Ramirez Il y a heure

    I’m not impressed at all

  • •gáçhàçráp•
    •gáçhàçráp• Il y a heure


  • Jitt Soulja
    Jitt Soulja Il y a heureéo.html

  • Kate Chamomile
    Kate Chamomile Il y a heure

    We have been Entertained, y'all

  • 43227nv
    43227nv Il y a heure

    Come thru Bond twins 💕

  • Jala Robinson
    Jala Robinson Il y a heure

    Cardi killed that performance 😍

  • Your Own Empire
    Your Own Empire Il y a heure

    Omg, I saw the same bra online!
    Was doing some shopping this morning and now I really want it, lol.
    Thought I'd share for the other ladies too, lol

  • EghxsaB13 _
    EghxsaB13 _ Il y a heure +1

    Rappers need to dance more wtf 🔥🔥

  • Season Sports
    Season Sports Il y a heure

    I'm not even a Cardi B fan, but I have to admit, this was liiiit!

  • Starr Berry
    Starr Berry Il y a heure

    lol I know dj self salty asf

  • Michael Rolf
    Michael Rolf Il y a heure

    Couples Choreography and raping at the same time triple threat sindrum

  • Heny Mary
    Heny Mary Il y a heure +1

    Cardy B

    • Heny Mary
      Heny Mary Il y a heure +1

      Diminican Repúblic🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🌴🌴🌴

  • Yes Man
    Yes Man Il y a heure +1


  • Moni Diaz Hernandez
    Moni Diaz Hernandez Il y a heure

    I loved it!!!!

  • JazzNation
    JazzNation Il y a heure

    Any small FRcliprs want to help each other grow?

  • Raisa
    Raisa Il y a heure

    Lol kulture growing to see her mum giving a lap dance to her dad

  • Nameless _ Nameless
    Nameless _ Nameless Il y a heure

    Cardi B sucks.

  • Krešimir Klaudio Peran

    Cosa canti tribali ?

  • Myselg Myselg
    Myselg Myselg Il y a heure +1

    I love it in specially cardi b part

  • mixed by DRE
    mixed by DRE Il y a heure

    Offset and cardi 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    JASMINE GONZALEZ Il y a heure

    Bro offset can dance 🔥💯 and cardi b is lookin like a queen like always❤🔥

  • imani mitchell
    imani mitchell Il y a heure

    I love cardi baby girl

  • Sac Kings
    Sac Kings Il y a heure

    How is this bitch #1 trending

  • 1xoirc
    1xoirc Il y a heure

    I didn't even watch the video,just paused it quick to see how"black"folks in the comment section fall for the same garbage every year.🙄🤔#wakeup!

  • Kiersten Harris
    Kiersten Harris Il y a heure


    THAT_NCR_RANGER Il y a heure

    How many people did she drug and rape before the show?

  • Mazzyda Grizzy
    Mazzyda Grizzy Il y a heure

    I guess EVERYBODY forgot about pop loccin offset

  • Leslie Ceja
    Leslie Ceja Il y a heure

    This whole performance fire asff 😍🔥🔥

  • Jason Morrison
    Jason Morrison Il y a heure

    I want to see you

  • Nae Maafala
    Nae Maafala Il y a heure

    l like when cardi hit the woah😃

  • Jason Morrison
    Jason Morrison Il y a heure

    Hey cardi you my friend and you my fan

  • D Omar
    D Omar Il y a heure

    This was a bomb ass performance!!!!!

  • Matthew Buehler
    Matthew Buehler Il y a heure +1

    I’m just here because it’s the #1 trending video on FRclip.

  • Paul Kucherka
    Paul Kucherka Il y a heure


  • I Love JVOPranks
    I Love JVOPranks Il y a heure

    Daily reminder that Cardi literally drugged and robbed multiple men and got away with it

  • enjoy life
    enjoy life Il y a heure +1


  • 2Coop 4U
    2Coop 4U Il y a heure

    Etika died and we got this faker in trending

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez Il y a heure +1

    Cardi B can’t sing live. Always lip syncs

  • Slim Machado
    Slim Machado Il y a heure


  • Mrs Recendez
    Mrs Recendez Il y a heure


  • Stefan Brooker
    Stefan Brooker Il y a heure +1

    2:00 the crowd looks so bored honestly 😂

  • 09msapon
    09msapon Il y a heure +1

    Fuk BET mest up my Monday shows on tv land 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Crystal Cuffee
    Crystal Cuffee Il y a heure

    I love it. Period. #PowerCouple2020 💯

  • Spooky_Muphen
    Spooky_Muphen Il y a heure

  • Art Gaming
    Art Gaming Il y a heure

    Go look at this fight video that was just posted it has over 2k views already 😭😂 (must watch)éo.html

  • Alex LoRax
    Alex LoRax Il y a heure +1

    Offsets dancingg, damn cardi’s drugs are working

  • Drewskie
    Drewskie Il y a heure

    How gay.

  • kyree washington
    kyree washington Il y a heure +1

    Cardi can dance

  • coolman5242
    coolman5242 Il y a heure

    Man, Rap is really dead...

  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel Jones Il y a heure +1

    You not a fan if u ain't know offset could dance

  • Shanya Wilson
    Shanya Wilson Il y a heure

    She’ll never top nicki sorry

    • Jalen Stephens
      Jalen Stephens Il y a heure

      Shanya Wilson she already did . Numbers don't lie

  • ThatsHot B
    ThatsHot B Il y a heure

    Cardi has that IT factor, her performances Give Me Life

  • Vikingshadow
    Vikingshadow Il y a heure

    This video smells like skank

  • Scofields1828
    Scofields1828 Il y a heure +2

    Offset and Cardi really resuscitated the BET Awards

  • Chris Stamps
    Chris Stamps Il y a heure

    Offset Fucked Me Up With The Dance Moves 😂. Real Talk 💯

  • Scout Moran
    Scout Moran Il y a heure

    I just started crying, I'm so proud of cardi, she really come a long way

  • Mark Honny
    Mark Honny Il y a heure

    Offset just gave me fifty more reasons to like him. A DANCER!!!!!!!😮

  • HeyItsOcean
    HeyItsOcean Il y a heure

    To be honest, Etika should be Trending.

  • Ashley Ament
    Ashley Ament Il y a heure

    Cinematography is shit! Why am I seeing a whole ass camera man at 1:10? And why can’t I see Cardi at 1:50?

  • Mark Honny
    Mark Honny Il y a heure

    Offset just gave me fifty more reasons to like him. A DANCER!!!!!!!😮

  • Scofields1828
    Scofields1828 Il y a heure +2

    Offset was always my favorite Migos and of course he comes through with his old Whitney Houston dance moves!

  • Aniyunwiyah Kituwah Tsalagi

    The best performance

  • Georg
    Georg Il y a heure +1

    Car b

  • Troy Dean
    Troy Dean Il y a heure

    This is pure talent

  • Jaye Jonez mitchell
    Jaye Jonez mitchell Il y a heure

    This performance i must say..was liveeeee!!!!!

  • Vaughn Watley
    Vaughn Watley Il y a heure

    Cardi actually hit the woah im dead 😂

  • Teniola Igbalajobi
    Teniola Igbalajobi Il y a heure +1

    Her performances was lit and 🔥 and i love the part with her and offset it was awesome

  • Shannon Jimenez
    Shannon Jimenez Il y a heure

    They killed it 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kiya Lynn
    Kiya Lynn Il y a heure


  • Jason Trayner
    Jason Trayner Il y a heure

    Killed it

  • Jasmine Tavarez
    Jasmine Tavarez Il y a heure

    I don’t why this performance almost made me cry lmao it was so good!

  • etnodV drxp
    etnodV drxp Il y a heure +1

    *youtube is disgusting. one of their content creates recently committed suicide (etika) but instead of even acknowledging his existence, they promote a rapist who drugged and robbed men. *

  • Toaster Boy
    Toaster Boy Il y a heure

    She sounds like she is lip sinking

  • Godprettycountry
    Godprettycountry Il y a heure +1

    Some of these comments on here talking about Cardi should be in jail; you’re the one who need to be prosecuted for stalking lol 😂

    • KeatsQRST
      KeatsQRST Il y a heure +1

      First off, how is literally reading the news stalking? Second, she should be in jail! She straight up admitted to drugging men and robbing them while they were unconscious, and then suffered absolutely zero consequences. Then you also have to look at the new stories surfacing, such as her committing assault in a strip club.

  • Mhmd Salto
    Mhmd Salto Il y a heure +1

    I realy miss the days of Eminem

  • Urayoan Ruiz
    Urayoan Ruiz Il y a heure

    I see no one talking about that ass

  • KI115witch
    KI115witch Il y a heure

    This song is ass no one listens to it

    • Jalen Stephens
      Jalen Stephens Il y a heure

      KI115witch 😂😂 no alot of people listen to it

  • pivotset2
    pivotset2 Il y a heure

    Is it me or has she split her trousers

  • Klarissa Branham
    Klarissa Branham Il y a heure

    cardi is working it

  • Jillian Fish
    Jillian Fish Il y a heure +1


  • top flight security
    top flight security Il y a heure

    Offset Ben a fan of dancer way before he became rapper y'all so late just because us street thugs don't dance doesn't mean we can't lol

  • Deathdukduk
    Deathdukduk Il y a heure

    God I wish I could be this popular with my non existant talent

  • Kenia Enamorado
    Kenia Enamorado Il y a heure +1

    Thatvis my gril rigth their pooping..........I love cardi

  • Speccy Boo
    Speccy Boo Il y a heure

    People already forgot that she drugged dudes. Had it been a guy, they'd still be talking about it lol society and their double standards

  • pivotset2
    pivotset2 Il y a heure

    Surely it's Cardi double D.

  • Hannah Bratcher
    Hannah Bratcher Il y a heure

    3:00 now tell me that ain't Michelle Obama

    MARCHELO Il y a heure

    my bitch be talking to the RIght people

  • top flight security
    top flight security Il y a heure

    Lip singing for real

  • scream queens fan 28
    scream queens fan 28 Il y a heure

    Can I have a free straming link miss Sherlock? Please?

  • Jeremiah Daniel
    Jeremiah Daniel Il y a heure +1

    Wait didn’t she like drugs, rob, and allegedly rape men ✋🏼😳 and y’all still make her trend no. 1?! 🤧 yikes