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  • The music in the "BTS LOVE YOURSELF highlights reel '承' " is really beautiful, so I edited this video in case you wanted to listen to the song without the sounds from the video etc.
    Disclaimer: This edit is in no way perfect. I'm not a musician, unfortunately. I took the audio from the highlights reel, and edited out most of the sound effects and played with the audio a bit. I also slowed it down slightly, changing the pitch. Some people have already done violin/piano etc. covers of the song so I recommend that you listen to those for a 'clearer' sound. But if you wanted to listen to the original percussion, then I hope this video helps.
    If you haven't already, you should watch the original video iT HURTS!
    NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. All credit goes to the original owner.
    Please don't reupload~
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  • Deathbunni XO
    Deathbunni XO  Il y a mois +6

    As some of you may know, Article 13 was passed, meaning the future of video edits, memes and other things that fandom culture involves are going to be heavily regulated and censored. I've archived the rest of my video edits, and the future of my FRclip channel is unsure. I still want to make videos, but this new law is going to ruin everything as we know it. I'm going to keep a few videos up for now, but they may not be public forever.
    Thank you for all the support and I'm sorry that my videos are no longer available to watch. I will continue stanning BTS, and I hope you all do too 😇

  • Ana Clara
    Ana Clara Il y a mois

    omg i'm crying in 2019

  • jeongguk
    jeongguk Il y a mois

    *Now that we know that BTS probably gonna leave in - 1 year for their military service, this song make me feel x10000 emotional. I just hope than 2019 is not their last year...*

  • Pujita Rao
    Pujita Rao Il y a mois

    Listening to this music, idk, it feels like someone's pulling my heart out... gods this is so beautiful and so emotional...

  • loofo tha
    loofo tha Il y a 2 mois

    1:21 sounds like..time???this part really makes me feel like i'm going through the time....

  • vorfreude lpo
    vorfreude lpo Il y a 4 mois

    this sounds more dramatic and i fucking love it

  • pompff
    pompff Il y a 4 mois

    why am I crying? Im probably just dying nvm

  • Jimin Bts
    Jimin Bts Il y a 5 mois

    This make me cry T_T

  • Anmol Kaur
    Anmol Kaur Il y a 5 mois +1


  • Anmol Kaur
    Anmol Kaur Il y a 5 mois +1

    🅹 🅸 🅽 𝟭𝟵𝟵𝟮

  • Anmol Kaur
    Anmol Kaur Il y a 5 mois +1

    ㄥ ㄖ ᐯ 乇 ㄚ ㄖ 凵 尺 丂 乇 ㄥ 千

  • Anmol Kaur
    Anmol Kaur Il y a 5 mois +1

    เ l๏שє ๒tร

  • Anmol Kaur
    Anmol Kaur Il y a 5 mois +1


  • Anmol Kaur
    Anmol Kaur Il y a 5 mois +1

    ㄥㄖᐯ乇 ㄚㄖ凵尺丂乇ㄥ千

  • Anmol Kaur
    Anmol Kaur Il y a 5 mois +1


  • niki니키
    niki니키 Il y a 6 mois

    OML I cry EVERYTIME I don know why-

  • Xfallen nirvanaX
    Xfallen nirvanaX Il y a 6 mois

    Looking for this now I found it 🥰

  • Namjoons Gorl
    Namjoons Gorl Il y a 10 mois

    Why, now i gotta buy more tissues at dollar tree.

  • Tully Mitchell
    Tully Mitchell Il y a 10 mois

    bless your soul.

  • Julia Santos
    Julia Santos Il y a 11 mois

    I really appreciate it, really thank you

  • Liana Chowdhury
    Liana Chowdhury Il y a an

    outro year brought me here

  • Tatiana Dalice
    Tatiana Dalice Il y a an

    This is so beautiful, it makes me think of my life and how far I've come TOT

  • True Love for_ BTS
    True Love for_ BTS Il y a an +1

    This is so beautiful I am crying so hard right now....thank you for making this ARMYS WORLDWIDE LOVE BTS & BTSARMYS....YOU ARE APPRECIATED....& LOVED....

  • Riku Koneko-chan 陸

    it kinda reminds me of hachiko..Does anyone know where this is from? is it a movie or commercial or something?

  • Just Me
    Just Me Il y a an +1

    Hi, can you please help me to do the same as bts intro mma 2017 performance I really need it. I want to take it as it is but Im gonna perform with it and I don't know how to remove the screams. Plssss

    • Deathbunni XO
      Deathbunni XO  Il y a an +1

      As the screams are so loud in the mma intro, I don't think it would be possible to get a clear audio from it (I'm not great at splitting sounds, unfortunately, otherwise I'd give it a go). But you're welcome to use this edit of the sound if you end up just wanting to use the music. Good luck with your performance 😊

  • Raftaar Raftaar
    Raftaar Raftaar Il y a an +2

    My tears love this song

  • Rosario Oviedo
    Rosario Oviedo Il y a an

    there is not in spotify :(

  • Adan CG
    Adan CG Il y a an +1

    que sad men borra eso

  • ProtectHobifromSnakeu
    ProtectHobifromSnakeu Il y a an +1

    This is what you call perfection....a truly amazing and emotional masterpiece

  • Meepzie
    Meepzie Il y a an +4

    I love listening to this while drawing bts except it's kinda hard to draw through wet and blurry eyes.....

  • Marlen Rodriguez
    Marlen Rodriguez Il y a an

    I had been looking for these!!!!! Really helped me to study for my finals, thanks!!!!

  • 미란김
    미란김 Il y a an

    음악 너무너무너무좋아여~♡♡

  • bor suit
    bor suit Il y a an +2

    this reminds me and my stupid life, i'm not happy either but im trying my best to say "bye" to bad things that i have to pass everyday, and I dream that one day I will be happy, I will love myself and I will not cling to the only thing I have if I later disappoint him

  • Bowie Johnson
    Bowie Johnson Il y a an

    Why is it that BTS doesn't even have to speak to say a million words? Even when they're not singing, they are still full of such hope and I can almost imagine the kind of lyrics they would write for this music.

  • u jimIN theres no JimOUT grab a suga kookie n sit

    Why does this always make me so sad

  • Carissa Lira
    Carissa Lira Il y a an

    I was listening to this while reading a fanfic and I started crying.... gosh this piece is so beautiful

  • Moonchild
    Moonchild Il y a an

    eu to bem triste

  • Quỳnh Anh Nguyễn

    Can I know what the name of this song is?

  • sora mie
    sora mie Il y a an +1

    The poster ..rapmon, suga , jungkook ,jimin,jhope, jin with the camera and the last v

  • Bisha
    Bisha Il y a an


  • ѵaŋҽɭɭɷpҽ aɷʏama

    eѕтo мe нace llorar 😭😭😭

  • Jongins Wife
    Jongins Wife Il y a an +1

    Where can i download this masterpriece?

  • egg _
    egg _ Il y a an


  • ltellybellyl
    ltellybellyl Il y a an

    Music is more than just notes. Music is basically a language itself. Music explains feelings that can not be expressed by words.

  • Ramya N
    Ramya N Il y a an

    awesome ... I feel in my heart that something reminds me

  • purplepoint_
    purplepoint_ Il y a an +177

    Fyi it is composed by Emmy-nominated composer Shin Myung Soo so that's why it's such a masterpiece ;))

    • PurplePinkBlueDragon
      PurplePinkBlueDragon Il y a 8 mois

      I would pay to hear this live

    • 뀨
       Il y a 11 mois

      how did you know that? i cant find that information anywhere...

    • Abby Park
      Abby Park Il y a 11 mois

      Amethyst Wormdoodle yes ikr! :,) but i’m glad it’s here on youtube! and also, they used it in the back for outro:tear i think, which sounded amazingg.

    • Amethyst Wormdoodle
      Amethyst Wormdoodle Il y a an +4

      Abby Park aw thats too bad. I would have liked to be able to find the song, although I can always just download it from here. Would have been nice to support the creator tho

    • Abby Park
      Abby Park Il y a an +3

      Amethyst Wormdoodle probably not. usually, music made especially for commercials/short films like this that aren’t revealed to the audience either don’t have names or aren’t available for people, sadly!! it’s so gorgeous though, i do hope it becomes available on spotify or soundcloud, etc.

  • Azie Yusof
    Azie Yusof Il y a an +2

    I'm still listening to this, why is the feeling some kind of sad when hearing this ....

  • Wafu bv
    Wafu bv Il y a an

    From wher this foto plz

  • nayeli hernandez
    nayeli hernandez Il y a an +1

    Can i use this for my project of my self showing the class who i am am since bts changed me i feel less scared and the music will calm me down so i wont be scared in ny head thinking about bts

  • artisticyoongi
    artisticyoongi Il y a an +1

    Love Yourself has SUCH A GREAT OST. I'm sorry I had to say it at least once.

  • 민수수
    민수수 Il y a an +1

    It's like soundtrack of movie😍😍😁

  • i need a Jungkookie and a Taebear

    Omg why im crying at this? 😭😭

  • Beautaeful
    Beautaeful Il y a an +1

    This reminds me of Jimin's one sided love in higlight reel 😭😭😭

  • tae_fangirl V
    tae_fangirl V Il y a an

    it's like there's something infinite love story within this Audio 😢
    oww😣it's melting my poor heart 😭

  • sutaela kim
    sutaela kim Il y a an

    This is beautiful 😭

  • sweet turtle
    sweet turtle Il y a an

    beautiful edit

  • Jose
    Jose Il y a an +1

    Thanks for this video!

  • Susan 0412
    Susan 0412 Il y a an

    This is so beautifulllll 😘😘 and amazinggggg!!! Really love it 💗

  • Fia shofi
    Fia shofi Il y a an


  • Fernanda Carvalho • Palavras Mágicas

    I'm going to cry a lot with this BTS comeback. Somebody help me. 😭😢😔

  • little did you know

    I'm emo

  • P. Lama
    P. Lama Il y a an

    It sounds like a Naruto funeral song... Love it.

  • Georgiana Posirca
    Georgiana Posirca Il y a an

    The audio is something...idk I'm without word:0 make me so emotional T.T

  • TaeTaeKookie is real
    TaeTaeKookie is real Il y a an +1

    Listening This audio at night it gives me full of emotional... I'm crying now 😭😭😭

  • CryBaby Potterhead
    CryBaby Potterhead Il y a an

    Essa música me da medo '-'

  • 태진Jinno
    태진Jinno Il y a an

    Sto piangendo.

  • Kei
    Kei Il y a an +1

    yes. Before I found this video, I also found the composition very beautiful and rich in emotion and I wanted to hear more of it as one piece. So, thank u for u putting them together!

  • saltae c:
    saltae c: Il y a an


  • Lainia Linkers
    Lainia Linkers Il y a an

    Love the intro 😍😍😍👌👌

  • EtherealQueen.
    EtherealQueen. Il y a an +1

    beautiful and creepy :,)

  • Willow Nguyen
    Willow Nguyen Il y a an +1

    WOW!! Daebek! It sounds so beautiful...

  • prestigebird
    prestigebird Il y a an

    my tears flow in involuntarily...

  • ryouko misato
    ryouko misato Il y a an +1

    i miss them already and cant wait for their come back T T

  • Yamile Sandoval
    Yamile Sandoval Il y a an

    hora de llorar chau

  • YM'sHeart
    YM'sHeart Il y a an

    Esto me pone muy sad ;-;

  • Deki Yuden
    Deki Yuden Il y a an

    army from bhutan.. there are lots of armys here in bhutan i hope i get to meet them once. problem of interanational fans

  • Mia Rizqia
    Mia Rizqia Il y a an


  • Gisell MG
    Gisell MG Il y a an

    Beautiful 💜

  • siti alifah
    siti alifah Il y a an

    saranghae oppa😭😭

  • katja what
    katja what Il y a an

    im in love with the audio it i7st refelcts and displays so many emotions i cant explain goshshshd im crying real tears man is somewhat a mix of childhood memories, growing up, never giving up, having fun, cloudy rainy weather, looking out the window... And endeless more feelingsdbshd gosh make a song out of this pleaZ bts🙏🏻💓

  • mal 66_6
    mal 66_6 Il y a an


  • Amirah Husna Hata
    Amirah Husna Hata Il y a an +2

    thank you so much for doing this bless youuu

  • ETEᖇᑎITᗩE
    ETEᖇᑎITᗩE Il y a an

    So glad they released this, it's beautiful!

  • lilly Rodrigues
    lilly Rodrigues Il y a an

    i love this is beautiful😍😍😍😍

  • lilly Rodrigues
    lilly Rodrigues Il y a an

    im not ready😣😣😣😣

  • han kyung
    han kyung Il y a an

    Enak di denger ❤

  • Sean Flower
    Sean Flower Il y a an

    It's like an orchestra.

  • Susan GotJams
    Susan GotJams Il y a an

    I can't imagine how hard you've worked for this. Thank you so much for making it and bringing me to heaven lol I really appreciate that!

  • Ira Balbiran
    Ira Balbiran Il y a an

    Is it normal to cry?

  • Potater Apple
    Potater Apple Il y a an

    Someone please tell me how to make this my ringtone.

  • Ramya N
    Ramya N Il y a an

    really , magical

  • sheeba mohanlal
    sheeba mohanlal Il y a an

    Don't wanna cry🎶🎶

  • Sofiaj
    Sofiaj Il y a an


  • you know bts?
    you know bts? Il y a an

    namjoon stop cutting onions😢

  • Epic Girl
    Epic Girl Il y a an

    Que emoção 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 cada vez me apaixonando mais por esse garotos 😭 EU SOU ARMY ATÉ A MORTE❤💙💚💛💜💓💔💕💖💗💘💝💞💟

  • Suga Nii
    Suga Nii Il y a an

    It would be more sad if you added the rain sound.

  • 팬 MYBIASRM필요
    팬 MYBIASRM필요 Il y a an


  • norlizah
    norlizah Il y a an

    i tried to download this but i couldn't and instead could only download the last highlight reel :(

  • norlizah
    norlizah Il y a an

    I like the part where it goes to 1:21

  • Its KAMO
    Its KAMO Il y a an

    Oh my god what is this beautiful thing😭😭😭😭