How to Download Facebook Videos on Android Devices Without any App Software Directly in the Gallery

  • Ajoutée 3 déc. 2018
  • Simple guide on how to download Facebook videos on Android phones and tablets without any app
    Steps to download Facebook videos on Android devices:
    1. Find the Facebook video you want to download and tap on the 3 dots menu.
    2. Tap on the Copy Link option
    3. Open your favorite web browser and paste the link
    4. Instead of m.facebook replace it with mbasic.facebook
    5. Tap on the video to open it then Tap and hold on the video and tap Download Video.
    Now the video will be saved to your Gallery folder.
    If you want to download & save Facebook videos on iPhone or iPad you can follow this step by step guide
    If you want to download videos from Facebook on your Windows PC or Mac you can use this website
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