daniel larusso and johnny lawrence scenepack!

  • Ajoutée 20 sept. 2020
  • hey! i decided to do a scenepack of some moments between daniel and johnny in karate kid 1 and 2. i hope you guys like it ♡
    if you want an individual, here it is:
    johnny: frclip.com/video/OvT9gEU8I2E/vidéo.html
    daniel: frclip.com/video/WlgfuL8fios/vidéo.html
    (second movie: frclip.com/video/XGdom9KI-IU/vidéo.html )

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  • brackets
    brackets  Il y a an +355

    hey!! i would just like to wish everyone who is seeing this a great new year, and the new season of cobra kai came out today (01/01/21)! so go watch it <3

  • Jshredz
    Jshredz Il y a an +2

    Funny how both dudes didn’t get the girl they fought over ☠️

  • WizyFactory
    WizyFactory Il y a an +1

    To be honest, they are both flawed, and even similar in personality which is what makes it so damn good. They're both hot-headed guys with a rebellious streak, the only difference is that Daniel ended up with a support system that Johnny didn't have. The way their lives played out differently after high school just shows us how much of a difference it makes to constantly be around people who support you in a healthy manner.

  • Karan
    Karan Il y a an +1

    When you're kids you root for the hero, but it's adulthood when you start understanding the villain

  • Mad
    Mad Il y a an +2

    Kids: I loved Daniel

  • Catch Kingz
    Catch Kingz Il y a an +1

    All I can think is how Johnny might feel hearing Ali cheer for the guy he’s fighting

  • Piyo
    Piyo Il y a an +623

    Lol I just find it so funny how Johnny is always able to immediately just sense Daniel and make eye contact with him (and the tension!). Thanks for the scenepack!

  • JDraco
    JDraco Il y a an +1

    They always made johnny seem like the bad guy ... PAIN.

  • Browns Dubs
    Browns Dubs Il y a an +442

    I understand johnny way more after watching cobra kai. It wasn't his fault he turned into a bully in karate kid, it was Kreese who manipulated he and his friends.

  • tsg J
    tsg J Il y a an +377

    I like how Johnny went to being a bully/ savage to a guy who is a father figure to Miguel and robby.

  • Big Mean Squeeze
    Big Mean Squeeze Il y a an +1

    johnny respected him in the end, cobra kai just retcons that lmao

  • Johan Smallberries
    Johan Smallberries Il y a an +279

    Rewatching this, you can see the seeds of how these two could’ve become friends. I could at least see Daniel getting in his crew, he was a little wise ass with balls and Johnny could’ve liked having that around if it weren’t for Ali.

  • Nick Troisi
    Nick Troisi Il y a an +366


  • Casha F
    Casha F Il y a an +260

    “Your little friend can come to if it’s ok with his mommy”

  • Eesa
    Eesa Il y a an +110


  • La Maison d'Éliza
    La Maison d'Éliza Il y a an +27

    I just can't stop watching those scenes, everything is so great and magical

  • Original Zikko
    Original Zikko Il y a an +342

    In 1984 : They love Daniel

  • FincKel
    FincKel  +20

    It's good to know that they are together now. In fact, they always were. Since the screen tests started, Ralph and William befriended each other quickly.

  • Skies
    Skies Il y a an +464

    To be fair, if someone dropped water on me while I was rolling a joint I’d be pissed off too

  • A.r tomboy
    A.r tomboy Il y a an +931

    Why does Johnny and his friends looks like Luke Skywalker?